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  • To My Guardians

    1 day ago

    kriss PA Lead Guardian

    I honestly had no idea how I was to start this journal, but I figure you guys could organize my scrambled mess and make sense of it. There are many things that I want to say and write, but for the sake of remaining neutral positive, I'm going to be very selective with my words. 

    RTX has wrapped, and this year was very difficult for a lot of us. I'm sure a great number of you have or will share your experiences in hopes of ensuring that next year will be better, and I fully encourage that you speak up. I ask that of my team, and now I ask that of the community. For some of you, this will be the best year ever, and that's fantastic. Others may see room for improvement, so I want you to say something. RTX is a forever changing event, and every year will be different, so we have to adapt and change with it so that we can grow together. 

    As volunteers of such a large event, it's easy for a lot of us to be forgotten in the mix. I know some of you will have a knee jerk reaction to that statement like "it's easy for you because you're a PA" but let me tell you a little bit of my day to day during RTX. 

    I am all over the place during the show. I'm not out on the floor all too often, and I stay behind the scenes, keeping an eye on my phone, listening to the walkie, checking in on my teammates, jumping in when unique requests pour in from out of nowhere. I helped console upset attendees and Guardians, but I also helped make their day. If someone asks "do you have a few minutes to talk?" I NEVER say no. If someone asks "can you help me?" I NEVER say no. Being a team lead, in my eyes, means that you take the brunt of a lot of the crazy and stress and you process accordingly. No matter what the situation, you deal with it. Whether you have to talk to another teammate, Head Guardian, staff, special guest, attendee, ACC staff, whoever, you do it. In my mind, I have 72 hours to help run a show smoothly, and the more I can handle in short spans of time, the more efficiently my team will run. If I don't do my job, they can't do theirs. That said, throughout these crazy hours, I've come to understand a little bit about every Guardian team. I don't have a full understanding, mind you, but I see a little bit of what every one of you do. 

    I see you, Guardian, keeping your post to make sure attendees know where to go. 

    I see you, Guardian, ensuring that vendor has everything they need. 

    I see you, Guardian, dealing with an extremely belligerent attendee. 

    I see you, Guardian, dropping everything you're doing to make sure your teammate is okay. 

    I see you, Guardian, doing what you can to make sure that attendee has all the proper info.

    I see you, Guardian, highfiving that attendee because you want them to enjoy the show.

    I see you, Guardian, watching over our belongings and keeping our safe place, well, safe. 

    I see you, Guardian, on a mission to reunite a parent with their lost child. 

    I see you, Guardian, taking a moment to yourself when things become too much of a burden.

    I see you, Guardian, keeping your cool and patience when things don't go according to plan.

    I see you, Guardian, encouraging your fellow Guardians when they had a rough of couple hours.

    I see you, Guardian, hyping the crowd to build that positive energy.

    I see you, Guardian, keeping the large crowds in order. 

    I see you, Guardian, wearing that badge proudly. 

    I don't have a lot of time to myself when Day 1 kicks off. But I see these things, and I beam with pride. I wish I could tell every single one of you who has crossed my path, thank you for doing your job and for running this show. I wish I could spend an extra five seconds with all of you to hug you or high five you. I wish I could express my gratitude because so many of you, I know, don't always get personal thanks. And I know for a fucking fact that if it were humanly possible, Mary, Chris, and Dan would shake every single one of your hands. I hope there isn't a moment that passes where you don't believe that you are not appreciated. You are. I see it every year. And I hope you bring that home with you post-RTX. 

    To my Guardians, thank you for being the heart of this show. 

  • Memories of Forums Passed

    2 days ago


    It is now two years to the day that we moved over from the old site onto this one. In those first few days and weeks, the site was almost unusable. Of course this was unknown to us in the first few hours and we were still full of life and hope:


    But this journal is about the OLD site. The TRUE Rooster Teeth community site where everyone hung out for the decade prior to the switch. I missed the early days back in the mid 2000's, but I'm glad I was there for the final three years of the old site.

    So let's go back in time:

    We had karma levels and leaderboards.


    (The top 42 highest karma levels on the old site)

    We had statistics.


    (I managed to reach 50,000 posts just three days before the site switch)

    We had awards.


    (In case newer people reading this don't know - they stopped tracking online time in 2012, so I was stuck with the "settled in" award showing that I had been online for a day. But when this screen cap was taken, I probably had a total time online of several weeks or months)

    And we had lots of other stuff, which all looked nicer than whatever we have now.


    (My karma level the day before the site switch)

    There was also a weird glitch in the site that would take you to a hidden journal that you normally couldn't see. Only a few users knew about it.


    (Those were the last few posts from the hidden Matrix journal)

    The place I hung out the most was (by far) the forums. Here they are in all their glory.


    On the last day, nostalgia journals were flooding the tabs. Meanwhile, in the Red Vs Blue Season 13 thread, we were having an apocalypse party.


    I have hundreds of screen caps of the old site, but this journal is already way too long and I'm usually not a fan of super long journals. And if you're wondering, yes, I actually did take several screen caps of a single page of a thread and then stitch them all together. And yes, I did this with dozens of pages from multiple different forum threads. No, you can't see them.

    Also if you're wondering why these forum posts from the last day of the website all say "posted 3 months ago", it's because I took those particular screen caps during a fondly remembered event known as "The Great Migration". In November 2015, three months after the launch of this new site, we were given access to a backup version of the old site for a few days. In those few days I went round the old site again and took tons more screen caps. So that's why.


    (The journal I made on the old site during The Great Migration that is now floating around in the ether somewhere).

    It's been two years. And so I have only one thing to say:


  • RT features

    1 day ago

    ninjacake Senzu Bean!!!

    I remember when a first membership was called a sponsorship. In those days we were mostly paying for social media features. These days we are paying for content without the social perks and I'm a little salty.

    The content is good but RT seriously needs to give us something on the social media end of things if they want us to stay engaged here. 

    I believe @J3ST3R31 deserves that much. I think @Laurenz explained this better than I can right now.

    You should check it out.

  • Chester

    22 hours ago

    ninjacake Senzu Bean!!!

    Tweeting or posting the suicide hotline whenever a famous person kills themself is a nice gesture, but does nothing to remove the stigma against mental illness. Only empathy and understanding can do that. Think about it... When someone dies from cancer we blame the cancer. When someone commits suicide some people will blame the victim and call that person a coward. This stigma is a big reason people won't reach out when they need to. I believe around 22 veterans commit suicide each day. Are they cowards as well?

    I'm going to use the victims who made the decision to jump when 9/11 happened as an example, but am in no way going to disrespect them. These unfortunate people had 2 options. A blazing fire and a choice to go out quickly. Given the situation I think we can all easily justify jumping and these people were anything but cowards. It's kinda the same with mental illness. Just because the "fire" in this case is a product of the brain there is no reason to believe that people suffering from severe mental illness don't feel like their options are limited as well. It's easy to stand back and judge when you don't understand enough to have basic empathy for suicide victims.

    Educate those around you that severe mental illness should be treated no differently than a physical disability or life threatening disease. It can be very serious and debilitating for some. It's certainly no laughing matter.

  • A Long Overdue RTX Post-Mortem

    1 day ago

    LadyOddDuck Call Me Duck

    Whew! I crammed way too much into these past few weeks. RTX one weekend and moving the next...would not recommend. Anywho! Time to wrap up my RTXperience!


    As many of you know (and saw), I was at Booth 642 for Retrodox Games/The Robot's Body all weekend. It was my first time as a full-time exhibitor and I absolutely loved it. I got to see peoples' reactions to the game, which were generally very positive, and see how people solve puzzles. From a psychological perspective, it was super interesting. No two people ever solved a puzzle exactly the same and you could watch them iterating to learn how to get through the various parts.

    I also love that the booth served as a vehicle to see so many of you all! I got to meet a ton of people for the first time by being the official "merch" gal for RT Radio and RT World and got a lot of lovely hugs from Guardian friends stopping by.

    I don't really have much else to say about RTX except thank you! I never feel more fully myself than when I'm at RTX and that's because I'm surrounded by the community I love. This year was my best yet precisely because so many of you approached me for a hug or a button or a wristband. Being around people, especially people I share a common bond with, invigorates me. I need to do it more often.

    And now that RTX and the move is over, it's time to unpack and plan some epic community shenanigans for Q1 2018! #teaseit ;)

    <3 Duck

  • Days 202 and 203

    16 hours ago

    SailorGirl81 Keeper Of Kittens

    Yesterday I had to drive to the city to get blood drawn for endocrinology tests. I think they took four tubes.  I have also been having some kind of allergy problem this year and the medicine I am taking is doing weird things to me-stuff like really vivid dreams and sudden tiredness. 

    Put these two together and yesterday after I got home I couldn't keep my eyes open. I lay down to take a nap and woke up four and a half hours later.  I was groggy as all get out as well. So needless to say, I did not get anything done yesterday,  at all. 

    Today I tried to make up for lost time. I did a bunch of "anonymous people" quick sketches in watercolor: kKeZTNy.jpg

    And I did another crowd scene quick painting. It's in watercolor so it's not as dark as I would like it, but these are all experiments anyways so it doesn't really matter. 


  • 008 Mini Update- Max "Explains" the Dragonheart Franchise (For the OCC)

    23 hours ago

    AgentWashingtub008 FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold Crackpot of Coffee

    A knight is sworn to valour,

    His heart knows only virtue,

    His blade defends the helpless,

    His might upholds the weak,

    His word speaks only truth,

    His wrath undoes the wicked.


    It began in the mid 90's. 


    One director and his team had a vision of a fantasy romp using the best technology and imagination they could muster from their experience with Jurassic Park and ILM.


    It is the 10th century AD in England and though dragons are dwindling and King Arthur is gone their influence is still present.  In a revolt a king is killed and his son, while pulling the crown from his father's head, is mortally wounded.  Bowen (Dennis Quaid) is a knight of the old code who takes the queen and her dying son to the lair of one of the revered dragons who can share is heart with a mortal (as dragons do) to save him.  Dennis Quaid promises to teach the prince the old code and the dragon shares his heart with the prince.  Fastforward and the Prince (played by the dude who played Lupin in Harry Potter) is a huge dick.  Obviously it’s the Dragon’s fault and Bowen swears to find and kill the dragon that corrupted the prince.  Fastforward even further and Bowen is a rugged dragonslayer for profit.  But when he meets with the last Dragon (Played by Sean Connery) what will he do with his line then?  So a deal is struck, every day the dragon “falls” at Bowen’s hand.  Every night they celebrate their con and move to the next village.  But a rebelion is rising against the Prince and loyalties are questioned as an epic standoff begins.  (There’s also a pretty red haired “warrior princess” and a sassy monk.)


    I don’t want to give away too much, because if you’re going to see any of these movies, see the first one.  There’s a scene where the ghost of King Arthur appears to Bowen on Avalon to motivate him with the Old Code.  Yes, it’s that kind of movie.


    So, if you’re not sold by that 90’s Action Fantasy Cheese, there’s no hope for you.  It’s a great entertaining movie and, as was pointed out to me by a friend a few years back, I still get choked up in the end.  (I’m a sucker for movies about “a boy and his dragon”.)


    Now, in the real world, I didn’t find out about this until the mid 00’s when I was reading an article in the paper that was along the lines of “if you like Eragon, try THIS.”  This was also around the time I was exposed to Highlander.  Good times.


    Well, after renting Dragonheart from Blockbuster a couple of times I eventually found the combo pack DVD of Dragonheart and Dragonheart 2: A New Beginning.  I was intrigued.  Draco was the last dragon after all. 




    Like Highlander (yes, this comparison comes up a lot), the sequel took the finished story and cool concepts of the first movie and expanded the lore into the future through loop holes.  Draco’s lair had a dragon egg in it.  A stable boy who dreams of becoming a knight (played by the eldest brother from Malcom in the Middle) finds the sheltered new last Dragon (played by the voice of Beast in Disney’s Beauty and the Beast) and they change eachother’s lives.  But a clearly evil advisor to the king (who needs to share Drake’s heart for reasons) and two visitors from the east also are interested in the Dragon.  Shenanigans happen.


    It was…  It was a straight-to-video 2000 sequel.  The (now) 5 typical roles (knight played by an American, dragon with an iconic British voice, monk, warrior princess, and clearly rotten villain) are present but mostly aged down. And the plot is fine but it’s also quite obviously what it is.  The story is “ended again” but on a happier note.


    I still like it. 


    Now, skip ahead a few years and it’s 2015 and the property is (for some reason) gaining steam again as a cult classic.  With Netflix and Amazon video being what they are, a direct to digital video is a no-brainer.  But if Dragonheart 2 is the kid-friendly cash-grab, then Dragonheart 3 is the movie made for the kids who loved it now that they’re in their late teens and early 20’s.  Violence, grit, and PG-13 to the farthest  point possible.


    Dragonheart 3: The Sorcerer’s Curse is a prequel to the series that reaches father back in the lore to add things.  (Oh, and fun fact, Highlander 3 was called The Final Dmension AND Highlander 3: The Sorcerer and also was a “soft” reboot with extra mature stuff.)


    So, now the Dragons, who have always been spiritually connected to the stars in both films and a specific constellation are also…  magical aliens?




    Well, let’s start over. 


    Many years before the events of Dragonheart, Druids in the north of Britain for see a falling star in a vision and know that it means Dragons are up to something.  (There haven’t been Dragons for quite a while.  In the past…)  It turns out the comet is a meteor carrying a dragon (Voiced by Sir Ben Kingsley) has come to help humanity and watch over a bunch of dragon eggs that were on his magic meteor vessel with him because the world needs Dragons.  The Dragon shares his heart with the kind but foolish young knight who defends the eggs and nearly gets himself killed by the actual aweful human being who’s also an evil Druid sorcerer curses the dragon and it’s up to the knight, a good druid, and a red haired kickass warrior princess to save everyone and stop the curse. 


    Let me show you now the difference in tone of these three movies.




    So, you all see now. 

    I love all these movies.  They follow such predictable patterns and are each a clear product of their times, but they’re also just so much fun.  I’ll take a cheesy franchise that doesn’t know when to quit any day as long as they stay fun and feature a cool idea and people passionate about it.  I called them cash-grabs, and by the studio they probably were, but there is also clear investment of something more by the people making it.  The most recent movies feature Ben Kingsley and Patrick Stuart for Draco’s sake! 


    Which reminds me where we are.  Dragonheart: The Battle for the Hearthfire.  The sequel to the prequel to the original.


    I haven’t seen it yet, but now I’m going to (probably tomorrow night).  I wanted to buy both but all I could find was 3 on bluray and the 4-pack on dvd and I already have 1 and 2.  So, I’m going to watch it on Netflix, I’ll tell you all what I think of it. 


    If you’ve got the time, why don’t you too?  I’d love to see what you think of these movies and how they touch your hearts (if they haven’t already).



    P.S. These two recent seequels are also the testing ground for a possible remake!  I also heard a rumor that the original director wanted to have a theatrical release of a movie set in our times with another dragon meteor bringing dragons back to the urf.  That would be awesome.)

    P.P.S. I put an additional note in the wrong parenthetical last night.  That is the edit.  I fixed it.

















  • Let's try this again

    1 day ago

    McDom GGG Muhahaha

    Okay, for real this time. The aim? Make one journal a week.

    This is doable, too long have I been sitting inacitve on this site, too long it has been waiting for it to get better. And you know what? After the recent journal @Laurenz put up. I'm going to try damnit! I'm going to start talking into the abyss again because why the hell not!

    Prepare for gifs, D&D, gaming stories & science.

    McDom is back!!!


  • RT Box May 2017 Impressions

    1 day ago

    gem_scheltema FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold RTBox reviews each month

    It's halfway through June and it's halfway through 2017, and I have another Double Gold Box review.

    It's probably a bit late, we had the ol' Queens Birthday public holiday yesterday. Thanks to Lizzie for delaying our mail!

    It's Summer in the northern hemisphere which, means the Summer theme has hit us too. That means one thing at Rooster Teeth, and that's the Summer of Animation. Comin' at you is camp counselor Miles Luna (come on, where's the Miles emoji!), and he's gonna make your summer great. Well, he's gonna make my WINTER...great.

    I had just thought to myself, "we need a Camp Camp item", when low and behold...but I won't spoil it just yet. And by that I mean HERE'S THE  LIST OF STUFF (AND IT'S GOT SOME CAMP CAMP):

    - one Camp Camp Space Kid shirt (white)

    - one Camp Camp tin sign with David art and the lyrics to the theme song

    - one pair of RWBY shades with Yang's literal eyes on them (yellow of course)

    - one NO WET BREAD towel (white with red)

    - one Naked Gus gus pin

    - one decal of Geoff's Gavin's nose tattoo (as seen on AH's Schooled)

    #4 of 12 of the season 1 Rooster Teeth Gold cards, featuring RWBY Chibi (about 20% are signed by someone that helped make the adorable show for us to watch)

    - update as of 26 May: emailed was one Steam code for Mr Shifty from tinyBuild Games

    Shout out to Camp Camp's Space Kid, the lovable child that constantly wears a fishbowl on their head.


    Ya know, I'm actually not sure if Space Kid is a boy or a girl or whatever y'all call genders now. Though, voiced by Lindsay Jones; I'm gonna have to admit I'm a fan no matter what. This shirt's got an 80s vibe, it's bright white with some neato blue graphic. Take your cardboard spaceship to space and make sure to give your fish a new home after you steal its fishbowl. Probably for the best since fishbowls are terrible for fish.

    If that wasn't enough to satisfy the Camp Camp thirst, have this tin sign so you can memorise the lyrics to the theme! The most lit theme of 2016 is now back for 2017!


    Before you ask, yeah, I can sing it without flubbing (if I use the sign). This is gonna help me get the last verse down so I can quietly sing it to myself when I watch the show every week. 

    The print on this looks much better in real life than in the photo I got - it has rich colour, don't be fooled! The cut of the sign is a bit wacky on the bottom as you can see, which is kind of annoying, but I can live with it. In the end, it's not actually that useful, but I really do like the show, so I can at least show it off. Maybe putting a nice wooden frame on it would spruce it up and make it hangable. Good idea, me!

    I'm gonna be brutally honest with this item. Who thought this was a good idea?


    These freak me out a little bit. They're not even real sunglasses; the dot pattern makes them block out light; while making you look like a complete FREAK! I love Yang but that doesn't mean I WANT HER EYEBALLS! 100% this could be improved if they were just RWBY themed without the eyes. The arm has the RWBY logo (pic in album). The yellow makes sense. Just. I won't be using these unless I want a creepy cosplay. Because why. First item I genuinely do not want! (if for some reason YOU do, contact me and we can work something out)

    Now, THIS one, I actually loved when I read it was in here. The towel that speaks to me on every level.


    The simplest way to put it is because I HATE WET BREAD TOO, GAVIN. Anyone familiar with Gavin Free knows wet bread (amongst other things) is GAG WORTHY. I would say this is about half an inch bigger than my 17" laptop. It's pretty soft and the print really pops. I think it'd be ideal for kitchen use. To go with the RWBY Chibi potholder from way back when. And the 30 Funhaus cups.

    The naked Gus pin is here to burn your eyes.


    I mean, it's accurate. Little nakey Gus has a bottle of alcohol and an Xbox controller and he gives no fucks. I like how you can see how is ass is sat on the chair, because details, right?Miles said "good luck explaining [it] to everyone you meet" which just about sums it up. Quality item.

    Bringing up the rear is Gavin's nose.


    I mean, Geoff's TATTOO of Gavin's nose. While the real tattoo is life sized, this decal is about (keeping up with the weird size references) just a tad smaller than your average PlayStation controller (that's the closest things I had to size, sry). The white is NOT transparent which means you won't have trouble sticking it anywhere and seeing the beauty that is Mister Free's shnoz. If you're unaware why it says 'loser' (spoiler alert I guess) it's from Achievement Hunter's season 1 of their Schooled series, where Geoff bet he could get a bunch of kids to beat his employees at games. If he lost the bet, he got a tattoo of Gavin's nose - and it happened. I grade this A+. Did you know I got graded with a range of N to HD at university? Fail [N](<50), Pass (50-59), Credit (60-69), Distinction (70-79) and High Distinction (80+). You just got SCHOOLED mate!

    Oh, but don't forget the Gold Card. This one's all about dat RWBY Chibi. Since Camp Camp and RWBY Chibi are Summer animation shows, the box has gone all out to represent. Currently, I'm enjoying both shows while I slowly die in wait for RWBY volume 5.

    Card is cute but this time it's a landscape orientation which I'm on the fence about. I hope that there's 5 other ones that are also this way so it's evenly matched with the portrait ones. This card has combat skills, shenanigans (my favourite) and cuteness, and you should probably go look at the picture in my album if you're into that. You can take a look at all this stuff again or anything that's not here in my images > RT Box [insert month/year] album.

    It's now time for me to bid you farewell again and for me to reiterate YES I CAN SING THE CAMP CAMP THEME SONG in case you had your doubts. I can even do the high paced bangers from the RWBY soundtrack like 'Caffeine' and 'I'm The One' along with the others because Jeff is a musical genius, Casey is badass, and Miles' theme song is actually pretty fuckin' good too. No, that's not hyperbole (wink). I'm gonna stop this bragfest because you probably don't care. I just love the music they do at RT! Big claps for them.

    ANYWAY BYE thanks for being here


  • RT Box June 2017 Impressions

    1 day ago

    gem_scheltema FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold RTBox reviews each month

    After a long delay, the June RT Box finally arrived yesterday.

    We were informed that it would be late, so let's move on to what was, and wasn't inside!

    Coming at ya is a vacation-themed box full of fun from mister Burnie Burns burnieHe loves traveling. If you didn't know that already. He signed off of the greeting card with, "off to the airport", which is incredibly plausible.

    So what's Burnie organised for us? Let's see...

    - one Funhaus souvenir-style shirt (gray)

    - one large packing cube and one smaller packing cube of the mock 'Burns Airlines' airline (blue)

    - one People Like Grapes shirt air freshener (purple, grape scented [DUH])

    - one Immersion protective phone pouch (clear)

    - a pack of Rooster Teeth postcards (red)

    - #5 of 12 of the Season 1 Rooster Teeth Gold Cards, featuring Camp Camp (about 20% were signed by the hard working campers, uh, I mean employees, that make that show)

    - one Steam code for Party Hard from tinyBuild Games

    As you may know, the Funhaus headquarters are in Los Angeles, CA, while Rooster Teeth is situated in Austin, TX. Burnie recommends Funhaus, California, as a great destination. He lost his platinum-plated headphones there and eventually got them back after faxing a form to the lost and found (faxing still is a thing?). But he says LA, not so much. Suck it, LA. This shirt has a nice design, it reminds me a bit of Grand Theft Auto for some reason. Maybe because Los Santos, but it's the font, too. I'd say this shirt material is a bit thicker than the previous shirts; it is a different brand than before. Nicely printed too. This brings us up two two Funhaus shirts thus far in the DG experience.

    These packing cubes are one of Burnie's favourite packing tools. You put your crap in them to keep your suitcase organised and are great for efficiency, apparently. I barely travel with significant baggage but I'm sure these'll help next time I do. There's a large one with the decal on it, and inside was a smaller one, which doesn't have a decal. They don't seem to be expensive quality, but hey, they're just organisers.

    Now a very cute and nice smelling idea is an air freshener. And by that I mean, this grape air freshener is a great gag. Just like the real shirt, this thing matches it, but it's cardboard and smells way better. It's your classic grape scent. I don't know how to describe it other than it's basically grape Hubba Bubba bubblegum. If you ever got a whiff of that stuff. I went to put it in my car, as I was going to go to the supermarket, but my car battery was d e a d. So much for that!

    Now, I've held out on pictures on this post because I want to use them to explain the next item. This is a plastic pouch for keeping your phone dry in the water.


    Look at that cute lil' Burnie! It has his emoji face burnieYes, it's intended for you to take it in water. Now, since that concept means no water gets in, you can take it in chlorinated pools; waterproof/resistant phones do not recommend chlorinated water immersion as it deteriorates the waterproof seals. If you want to have your phone with you, that is. Now, since Burnie, in classic Immersion style said it "protects your phone upon Immersion in water... or does it?", I had to test it. I'm sure that they wouldn't have included it if it didn't work, but I TESTED IT ANYWAY! That's what I'm here for.

    Here's how it works. The pouch has three, yes, three zip locks at the opening, which then fold over each other, then get Velcro'd. That adds another layer of protection. It also has a cord to keep it attached to yourself.


    I tested it with my waterproof phone, because ya never know...

    As you can see, it's in my sink. The water level is visible on my thumb so you know it's immersed. The material its made of pressed a bunch of things on my screen, so that's...that. It's not made to be used in the pouch. It tried to apply a theme to my phone. P.S. sorry for the drop in quality of the photos; my phone is my camera. I used my tablet for this process, and boy that's a hard thing to hold with one hand.


    When I removed it, I dried it off on the outside to check for any water that might have got in.


    TA DA! No water got in. If it looks like it, trust me, that water is on the outside. My phone was just as dry as when it went in. My phone is one of those that can't be guaranteed to stay waterproof if it's taken in chlorinated water, since it has a rubber seal on the SIM port. So this would help if the situation ever arose. I guess if you went to a public pool and had nowhere to put your phone without it getting stolen? There's a couple more photos of this process in my pictures album if you're interested. They're labeled with numbers so you know the order they were took in.

    Next, some postcards. Look, this is a cute idea. You don't have to buy one if you're traveling. I've never done it, but I've never gone anywhere of interest for any amount of time, so I've never used one. If I ever go somewhere, I guarantee these are comin' with me. Gotta use them somehow, right?

    And, as usual, one Rooster Teeth Gold Card. Camp Camp gets its own this month. I love the art on this one. Mine is signed! It looks like Jordan's signature to me, but feel free to tell me if I'm wrong. The card gives a shoutout to the little asshole camper that is a mock of Hitler. Man, that show and its edgy shit, I love it. Ratings are, Activities: 10; Leadership: 2; Platypus: 1.


    Lastly, the award winning game Party Hard is included. I've never played this game, but I've watched a few Let's Plays of it. It never garnered my attention like some games do, and I still haven't gotten around to playing most of the games I get from these boxes. Sigh. This reminded me that way back in May, after I'd gotten my RT Box, I got an email with a Steam code for Mr. Shifty, also from tinyBuild Games. Guess I better go add that to the May post.

    Now, for what wasn't inside. The pin.

    We were also prewarned that the pin may not have been ready for shipment with the June box. Turns out that was true, and it's not here. Rest assured, the Greetings From Stage 5 pin will be sent to us separately, or be in July's box. It has a little picture of what it's meant to look like. Basically the stage 5 sign on the outside of the hanger, just like the real thing.

    That about wraps it up. Tune in next time to see that stage 5 pin in action. And of course the July RT Box contents.


    As always, you can take a look at all this stuff again or anything that's not here in my images > RT Box [insert month/year] album. Everything's there (except the pin, but there's the 'here's what it's meant to look like card').

    By the time the July box arrives, I'll be 22 years old. What is my life?

    Until we meet again...

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