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  • Logo/Set Reveal

    1 day ago

    Ashley The Know

    Today we released a teaser trailer for Glitch Please! Partially to let the public know the show is coming, but also to unveil the logo and also the set that Marcus and the art department made for us!

    Check it out!

  • Stream of Annihilation!

    2 days ago

    OboeCrazy Freelancer

    Next week a whole bunch of talented Dungeons & Dragons DMs, players, and streamers will converge on Wizards of the Coast for 2 days of livestreaming D&D games and talking about the new storylines. I'm super excited to announce that I'm going to be joining them! Wizards are paying for me to be there, participate in all of the exciting new announcements, and just in general have a huge amount of fun.

    If you get a chance please tune into the livestream June 2&3 at twitch.tv/DnD to see all the wonderful games, hear the announcements, and see me play with some absolutely astounding D&D fans!

    This is in large part due to Dungeons & Dragons & Drunks.  So thank you to @Road_Block @Jengaship @john and @Juls for playing with me, thank you to Rooster Teeth for providing an amazing community to support the game, thank you to Sidequest for a helping us raise money year after year for charity, and thanks to @lukemckay for dealing with a crazy oboe DM.


  • Stream of Annihilation! With OboeCrazy as a guest!!!

    2 days ago

    RoadBlock DONGS

    On June 2nd and 3rd, please check out Wizards of the Coast's Stream of Annihilation!  Our own @OboeCrazy will be a guest!  That's right!  Along with Matt Mercer, Matthew Lillard, and many many others!  GAH!  I'm so proud of my DM!  I've been honored to be a part of Dungeons And Dragons And Drunks, and I'm so happy for our amazing DM Lauren to be in the spotlight!




    6 hours ago

    Kaoru27Umi Princess of Mars

    FU?? 3rd time?!?! Time for a reintroduction!


    My name is Julie.

    I compose piano music and take pretty pictures and I am RT senpai です。

    English might be native language... I'm unsure.


    I am humbled to be a part of this cockbyte community.

    I like music, smiles, anything Japanese, cute animals, and silly puns. 


    That's all you need to know.... for now.

    Also Happy America Day Weekend for Americans.

    And Happy Normal Silly Weekend for Non-Americans.


    Carry on.

  • Yo!

    2 days ago

    Fly Keeper of Blades

    It's almost the weekend! Ask me some questions! Let's get another AMA going!!! 

    Using either the questions tab or the comments in this post (I prefer the questions tab because I like to look back at your questions and my answers) ask me a question and I'll answer as soon as I get them! 

  • Days 146 and 147

    22 hours ago

    SailorGirl81 Keeper Of Kittens

    My stencil cutter: I love it but sometimes I really hate it. It didn't want to cooperate yesterday and sounded like it was on its last legs which necessitated some research on-line (again) to figure out what was wrong and if I could fix it. 

    Today I watched carefully with the lid open and determined that the little flanged knob I twist to lock the blade in place was actually catching on the gaskets on the rollers.  Seems like a design flaw that it can even do that! But, once I fiddled with it and got it out of the line of obstacles I was able to cut the stencils I need for the project. 

    Meanwhile the weather was actually nice for a little while today so I got outside to enjoy it. 

    Here are some photos of my garden: 




  • Bubble Net Feeding

    15 hours ago

    Joron093 Keeper of The Forges

    Sat down to eat some dinner tonight, after a long day at work, when I looked up and saw that I wasn't the only one having their evening meal.

    A couple of humpback whales were right out in front of the house, bubble net feeding.  They were out there for a good half hour, before making their way down the narrows.  

    This was a pleasant spectacle to witness, especially after work was such a bust, I feel a lot better after having watched this.

    Take care!

  • Introductions: Hi there!

    5 hours ago

    ailsarocks FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold Community Stylist

    Hello loves! Thanks again to all of you who were so lovely and helpful! I won't gush but things are good.  barbara

    So I started thinking again (uh oh) about the #RTCommunity. Folks come and go all the time, groups are established and others fade away. Podcasts, regional groups, general interest... there's a lot out there!

    What I would like, is an update of sorts on what is still around! Seems like people stumble upon my journals a fair bit so I'd like to help them find any active community members and their groups to join! So if you could, if you have a moment, could you introduce yourself, and talk about any projects you're working on, or any groups you run here and what folks can do to join or help! I'm genuinely curious myself to see what you lovelies are up to!  caboose

    I'll start:

    I'm Ailsa, I am kept busy with Rooster Teeth is Fashionable: a group you should join if you love to represent Rooster Teeth or any of it's branches by wearing the merch your own unique way.

    I also lend a hand however I can with RT Scotland: a group for everyone but primarily organising meet-ups for community members in Scotland. Same with the Rooster Teeth Safe Room: a group that provides a safe place and information for those who have experienced cyberbullying. It's also paired with leading charity Cybersmile, so you know the advice is sound.

    I also help "off the radar" on various other groups but the admins can talk about the groups themselves! As for current projects, I'm toying with the idea of bringing back my "Fashion Stamp of Approval" articles, which feature you, the community, and how amazing you look in your RT merch. Let me know if you'd be up for consideration by dropping me a DM!

     arrow_down arrow_down arrow_down OK, YOUR TURN!! Comment below please!  arrow_down arrow_down arrow_down

    ...while I wait I shall watch this gif of an adorable baby owl getting it's head floofed.  heart_eyes


  • And for the 2nd time in 2 months

    2 days ago

    McDom GGG Muhahaha


    Again? Somebody must really like me. Or apparently I'm classed as active here, which is really quite sad when I think about it.


    That said, if you missed Topham as FU yesterday you mightve missed the podcast we did. Check it out

    Or if you're looking for some streaming, I know Woodlehh and BeepBep have twitch channels now. Here for Woods, Here for Beep

    As for me, I've got a D&D session to run tomorrow, so I've got to get back to planning. 



  • Song Of The Day - 26th May 17

    2 days ago


    Today, Dead Men Tell No Tales. #sotd 

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