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    9 hours ago

    OboeCrazy Freelancer

    Wizards of the Coast announced the Tomb of Annihilation, the next huge adventure for D&D players. Then they had the Stream of Annihilation showing off all sorts of content creators doing Twitch streams highlighting that upcoming release. As everyone knows all good things come in threes, and so prepare for…



    10 different live play D&D podcasts have teamed up with Wizards of the Coast to bring you a week of special content all related to the Tomb of Annihilation release. Starting on September 18th with two episodes every day all week you can hear some of the best D&D podcasts creating awesome shows to celebrate the adventures we will have in Chult. These episodes will be featured on Wizard’s own Dungeon Delve podcast feed, along with bonus content and exciting crossovers!

    Dungeon Drunks is proud and honored to be one of those podcasts!

    If you are already a fan and subscriber to our podcast you’ll get our special Podcasts of Annihilation episode like normal from the Dungeon Drunks feed! But we highly recommend checking out the other podcasts participating in this event, as they are filled with wonderful, talented, creative, hysterical D&D fans who are just like us; in love with D&D and making awesome entertainment for you to enjoy. Plus you should absolutely subscribe to the Dungeon Delve feed so you can hear all of the special games.  Some Dungeon Drunks players will be showing up on other podcasts, and our DM is doing something special with all the other DMs that you won’t want to miss!

    Follow us for all the info!!!

    Our Website!

    Our Twitter!

    Our iTunes (and we'd love if you left us a review!)


  • Day 228

    16 hours ago

    SailorGirl81 Keeper Of Kittens

    After I got home from my writing group my sister and I hauled the rest of the trimmed branches from the cherry tree to the dump. 

    I finally finished the commission piece! I have sent a photo and am waiting for approval, also the ok to publish a picture. (I'm weird that way)

    AND, as promised here is a gif of the cherry trees. 

    The pictures are: as they were when I bought the place, this spring in bloom  (Before they got even bigger), and now with the massive pruning. You'll notice they are still larger than they were when I got the place!


  • Clothing Sizes Be All Like...

    1 day ago

    DiMono It's Back Baby!

    Yesterday I went to Mountain Warehouse to get some shirts and a sleeping bag. I have some tank tops from them already, and they're mediums. I got to the store, at a different location than the last time I went there, and discovered a serious lack of medium-sized shirts. I found five of them. Tons of small and XS, and lots of XL and up. 5 mediums. I was carrying them all around with me trying to choose two from them when there was only one I really wanted.

    After literally an hour and a half of trying to find more mediums, I came upon a long sleeved shirt I liked, grabbed it in a medium, and tried it on. The sleeves were too long, so I grabbed a small, which fit perfectly. So I grabbed some of the many small shirts, and they too fit me. So apparently despite owning medium tank tops I'm meant to wear small shirts from them.

    I'm 6'3"

    Clothing, man.

  • FIRST Week.....

    1 day ago

    Izayer Keeper of Stories

    This time around of FIRST Week (FW) is actually increasing (just a little) the traffic we get here in the forums. I hope it's a slow burn that'll get brighter over time but not anytime soon. Right now the site still need updates before the community side of things is able to handle the traffic or if there is a type of support system of any kind.

    But it does fill my heart with joy knowing that there are fans interested in joining the forums and taking the time to chatting with people around the world.  As this is happening this week, I hope that everyone can make friends and get to know each other. Knowing me, I'm always here to help if any of you are reading this.

    See y'all in the forums!

  • Community Feature Ideas

    9 hours ago


    I saw that RT recently brought on a new person to work on the community side of things (welcome to the family @kickme444!).  Seeing people talk more about the community site got me thinking about what improvements or innovations might be cool to see.  So, I thought I’d share some ideas.  Most of these y’all have probably seen around, here and there.  So here's a smattering of ideas (and some stinkers I'm sure).

    New Features

    Notification/Feed Customization

    Right now, notifications and the feeds kind of do the same thing.  It’d be neat if you could choose what shows up in either.  For example, let’s say after you click the “Follow” button, you get a little switch with two options: notification or feed.  Because some things I would rather see passively in my feed, but others more directly.  And if that's overkill, then just some delineation would be nice.

    Save Draft Option For Journals

    Similar to Tumblr, a feature that lets you save a draft journal or post.  I like to write up journals over a couple days, so I end up having to save word docs on my computer.

    Group Admin Alerts

    I don’t really manage any groups nowadays, but when I did, I would have to keep an eye on the forum to see if anyone created a new forum thread.  I could follow threads to get alerts on new posts, but I could not get alerts when someone created a new forum thread in a group I managed.  Perhaps that feature could be put on the admin privilege side of the group’s page. When I was in the thick of organizing for RvBTX, such a feature would have been great to have. 

    Collaboration on Albums

    For users and groups, the option to share upload privileges within individual albums would be cool.  Owners of an album could invite users to collaborate.  Useful for events and projects.

    3rd Party Auto-Post

    It could take the form of checkboxes when submitting journals or images, with icons for various social media sites.  Selecting the box enables the site to post on other social media, with a link to the post on RT.

    Share on RT Option

    Similar to the previous concept, but with the added option of reposting on RT.  Many times I see a friend’s journal, and wish I could share it on RT.  Essentially the same thing as retweet or reblog.

    Return of Old Features

    Mod History

    The ability to see who likes or +1s our posts.  Either on the post itself, or on a separate page for all of our posts.  Seeing as Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, and other popular sites let you see who likes your content, it'd be nice to see this feature return.  In addition, a breakdown of the individual mods on posts would be cool to see.  A similar example is Facebook, which shows how many thumbs, hearts, or emojis a post got.  In RT’s case, for a +45 post, it could be a mouse-over list that shows “+20 cool, +30 ditto, -5 lame”.

    User Log

    This was a feature that let you see a two-week log of all the public activity of a user, including their recent journals, photos, and forum posts.  It was a great way to gauge the activity and engagement of your friends.  The feature is similar to other forum and board-based sites, that allow you to see the history of a user.  One example is Reddit, which allows you to see the full history of a user’s public posts.

    Friends’ Likes Feed

    A feed which shows you posts and content that your friends have liked.  In the past there were many projects, artists, and events that I would not have even heard about if it wasn’t for this feature.  It’s a great way to see what’s popular among your friends and the community as a whole.

    Personal Stats & Milestones

    It was cool to be able to go to a page that showed my lifetime number of journals, mods, photos, and forum posts.  There used to be a page where you could see this.  You really got a sense of your history on the site, and how much you contributed.  Milestones were also little awards that you got for participating on the site.  Similar to Reddit's Trophy Case, it showed your achievements and history.  I had a milestone for being one of the first 10,000 people to sign up on the site.  There were also neat little awards that staff members could give you.  The staff member would see your content, and choose to bestow upon you their award.  Back in the day, everyone was on a mini-quest to get the founding fathers’ awards.  You would try to post something cool on your profile or show a cool project you completed, in the hope they would see it and give you their award.  The only award I ever got Gus’s, which was an icon of a whiskey bottle.  I think I got it for my interaction with him at RTX 2011.

    Various Post & Profile Details

    The ability to see the date and time something was posted.  This exists in some form currently, but not for all types of content and posts.  Another detail is views.  Each person’s profile had a section that listed their total views for journals and photos.  This was a great metric for seeing how much reach and engagement your content garnered.  There was also the currently online indicator.  When enabled, a profile would say “currently online”.  It would also give a user's status.  For example, in the corner it would say “currently browsing the forum” or “currently reading a journal” (or something similar to that).

    Event Galleries

    These were photo galleries that users were allowed to contribute to.  Moderation was probably a lot easier back then, but people were able to access public galleries for the various events RT was at and upload their own photos.  There were galleries for RTX and other popular conventions in which RT had a presence.

    Other Miscellaneous Suggestions

    Sort Function on Comments

    I wish we had the option to sort the comments on posts.  Newest, oldest, highest rated, etc.

    Final Confirmation on "Dismiss All Notifications"

    When "see all notifications" and "dismiss all notifications" are so close, an extra “are you sure” would be nice.

    Differentiation on Parent/Child Comment Threads

    When scrolling through comments on journals, it’d hard to spot and differentiate conversations.  A little line next to threads, similar to Reddit, would be cool.

    More Awareness of When Notifications are Disabled

    Sometimes, like during high traffic periods, notifications are disabled.  When that happens, it’s usually signaled by a small graphic near the notifications tab.  But that goes away so quick, and is very easy to miss (especially on mobile).  When this happens, I suggest something like a yellow square with “!” where the notification number is.  Clicking or mousing on that could then bring up the message.  This system could also be used when there are important site-wide alerts.

    Search Button Changed to Not Red

    The search button is a red square, as is the notification icon (when you have new stuff).  Since they’re so close, I often mistake the search button for a notification alert.  This is even more common on mobile, with such a smaller screen.

    Service Status Page

    The sheer amount “is the site down” posts on Reddit suggest this could help a lot.  Just like the XBL Service Status page, it’d be cool if there was a go-to place to see if RT is currently experiencing any disruptions in service or function.

  • Let's not be hasty...

    2 days ago

    EricHVela FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold Diciendo esas mamadas...

    Not too long ago, I mentioned how I was tired of IT work. Today, a sudden "we got a new person and need a computer" was dropped in my lap.

    I'm glad. That's strange for me for to be glad that something people knew for a month or longer was dropped upon me without any forward notice at the moment something was needed.

    I thought about my change in mood, and I believe that I sorely needed a break from "let's configure the system to punish bad people" and get back to some "someone needs help".

    IT isn't bad. It's the kind of IT that gets to me. This department's primary responsibility is enforcement, which is simply the punishment of people who break rules, which means we focus only on the worse parts of Human tendencies.

    It's nice to be needed for making something work better than making something hurt worse. It's like I can breathe again if even for just a moment.

  • Day 227

    1 day ago

    SailorGirl81 Keeper Of Kittens

    Today started out pretty good. I met with my artist friend and we went down by the bridge over the river to sketch. Then I came home, ate lunch and mowed my lawn (which took 3 hours).  

    I bought a new computer yesterday and wanted to admire how quickly it started up before I worked on the commission piece. 

    Only, it asked me for a password...after I told it NOT to do that...and I had no idea what that password was.  So, it only took about four hours on the phone with Dell, but I finally got onto my new computer (after a complete reinstall of windows 10). 

     I still have not had dinner, I'm cranky and really pissed off at microsoft right now. 

    Not one darn thing got done creatively or artistically today.  I am now going to microwave something to eat and have a good stiff drink. 

    (Pictures of trees tomorrow-I promise!)

    I hope everyone else had a much better day!

  • Huge Dragon Ball Super spoilers and some other sweet news as well.

    22 hours ago

    ninjacake Senzu Bean!!!

    Don't look at this if you don't want spoilers. Just scroll past as fast as you can.


    Goku's next form has been revealed. I'd love to hear some thoughts.

    Not only that but we are also getting 2 episodes of a Dragon Ball Super/One Piece crossover and each episode will be an hour long. Get hyped Shonen fans!

    Edit: I'll just add this pic as a link. This has some translated text as well as a better view of Goku in his new form. He is jacked, so it's probably not an evolution of the skinny god form but maybe it is? Again, would love some thoughts.

  • Platforms!

    21 hours ago

    AgentValkyrie Lich Queen

    Hey everyone!

    I took it upon myself to get some media channels for our group started as well as an email! 

    Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/rtcommunitygamers

    Twitter: https://twitter.com/RTC_Gamers

    and the email is [email protected]

    Additionally we have a discord and enough members I am open to publicly linking the invite here. 


    The link is set to never expire until we get rid of it!

    Feel free to come join us!


  • Faking It

    2 days ago

    Letan Drink Coffee, Make Games


    Well after getting stumped on implementing bounce movement the way I wanted, it's finally coming along. Most of today's work has been spent trying to fake height in a 2D setting. I've had these simple object shadows in the project for a while, but they've never been good at handling y-axis movement while also maintaining a specified height or even allowing a flexible one for something like this bounce effect. 

    Totally put way more time into this small feature than what it's actually worth, but little things like this are the level of polish I wanna hit for Cursed Seasons.

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