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  • 2018 RTX Austin Guardian applications coming up SOON

    1 day ago

    SailorTweek FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold RTX Head Guardian

    Howdy! My name is Mary McDowell. I am your co-Head Guardian. I rule with an iron fist made of silly putty. I have been in charge of the RTX Guardians since 2012

    My partners-in-crime are @sirNARVY - co-Head Guardian since 2012, my husband of 9 years, one half of the strategy hive mind, and the guy who pokes me with a broomstick when I crawl into corners

    And @mrarcys - co-Head Guardian since 2016, online training wizard, and lover of horrible movies, and the other half of the strategy hive mind.

    The three of us work closely with RTX Events staff and directly with the HUNDREDS of Guardians we will accept this year. <3 Yes, HUNDREDS. And I will be reading the THOUSANDS of Guardian applications. Yes, THOUSANDS.

    We welcome you to apply as an RTX 2018 Guardian when the applications go live SOON. How soon? We're talking about applications going live anytime between this evening to next week. 

    Yes, it's early. We want to get a jump on 2018 planning!

    **PAs are not listed as a preference on the application simply because we receive 500+ requests each year for those positions. We will be picking PAs based on how you apply (your reasons for wanting to be a Guardian, past PA work for RTX and other shows, and your preference qualifications) and you have the opportunity to check a box to be considered.

    **All returning Guardians, regardless of position, must apply if they want to be considered for 2018. 

    Pardon my bullet list-like ways of covering information, but this is going to be a long post.

    WHAT:  RTX 2018 Austin

    WHEN:  August 3 - 5  ** Guardians onsite for Thursday August 2 - Sunday August 5

    WHERE: Austin Convention Center - Austin, TX and various locations

    Wednesday August 1 is an optional work day (bag stuffing, team meetings, badge & shirt pick-up)

    So, you want to apply to be a Guardian? RTX Guardians represent The Community, the Company, and the Convention. The RT Community is pretty incredible and we aim to bring in the best (and those aspiring to be the best) community representatives into our Guardian ranks. 

    We are looking for willingness to do the tasks assigned to you, positive attitudes, customer service, patience, and a genuine desire to make the convention experience rock for everyone. We strive to make the show a safe place for all fans.

    You must be comfortable in crowds/crowded spaces, can deal with emergencies with a cool head, and willing to work with your teams. We have a variety of jobs that range from super exciting to oddly mundane...but all jobs/tasks are important and necessary so we expect everyone to put their full effort into every task.

     cabooseGuardians are VOLUNTEER. You get a crew shirt, snacks, unique job experience, and a chance to really connect with the Rooster Teeth Community <3 Guardians are responsible for their own hotel, travel, meals, and parking. 


     doc Being a Guardian is HARD WORK. I want you to say that sentence out loud and take it to heart because it is very true. You ask any past Guardian and they will tell you that very same thing. You will have lots of fun and hopefully end the weekend with a terrific sense of pride and accomplishment, but it takes a lot of hard work from the RTX Guardians to make this show successful.

     tower Applying to be a Guardian

    Please fill out the application thoroughly and seriously. A cute comment here and there is fine, but all joke applications will be disregarded - this goes for beginners and veterans of RTX. Fill out the form, please. Prove to us that you can follow directions.

    You must be willing to check the RoosterTeeth website every week. Although Guardian news comes in random bursts, we require that you check this site frequently. It is our home base for information. Team Leads will utilize email and we will continue using our private Twitter account, but RT is where the action is. We will NOT have a Tumblr, Facebook, or reddit thread/page/group. All communication will be via email, group post, or private messaging on this site. 

    Be sure to TRIPLE check your information. Names, emails, and usernames are often misspelled. it's difficult to get in touch with you if you submit an application with a misspelled name

    We do our best to honor your assignment preferences, but preferences are never a guarantee. We cannot have 124 Tech Guardians. @Adam would crucify me.

    No worries if you lack convention experience! We accept all skill levels. Y'all gotta start somewhere, right? Tell us if you have worked retail, Disney parks, summer camps, business events, child care, personal assistance, office management, scout leading, project management, extracurricular activities...EVERYTHING that involves dealing with groups of people.

    Thousands apply, hundreds are accepted. Just keep that in mind.  

     sarge What do Guardians do?

    We are the support structure of this show. We are the Oompa-Loompas of this magnificent candy factory. We make this show run from Wednesday at bag stuffing to the moment we close up on Sunday. You are all part of an award-winning, record-breaking team! Below is a list of the previous Guardian roles. The list is not exhaustive, and duties may change. It is a good reference, though.

    • Center Stage – Responsible for the operation of Center Stage located on the Expo Hall floor. Work tightly with the Tech Guardians to make sure that game consoles are up to date and working. Tech knowledge is a plus.

    • Exhibitor Services - Assigned to a group of exhibitors in the Expo Hall. Responsible for making sure their RTX experience is the best it can be. Hospitality, customer service (the exhibitors are your customers), and a little bit of line management

    • Freelancers - Freelancers are the most flexible Guardians. From guarding a door one minute to wrangling a crowd of attendees the next, these Guardians go where they're needed. Good for people who are a jack of all trades and want to move around a lot. Really. A lot.

    • Panels - Responsible for the smooth running of all the panel rooms including load in/out of attendees, counting attendees in line, manning Q&A microphones, and making sure the panel starts and ends on time. Works with tech and the convention staff to make sure panelist tech needs are met.

    • Personal Assistants - Assists an RT employee or special guest for the duration of the convention. Help staff members when they are out in the public areas of RTX. Must be able to maintain communication on a professional level with staff/crew/special guest, keep track of schedules, and know where to obtain items (food, drink, and so on)

    • Registration - Assists with attendee, staff, VIP, and exhibitor check in. Is the first face an attendee sees at RTX. Must have great customer service skills. May get reassigned during the late moments of RTX as needs arise.

    • RT Store - Help run the RT Store. Help attendees find merchandise and keep the tables stocked. Help maintain the RT Store line.

    • Response - Work with EVERY team to help with crisis management and crowd control. Must be able to forcefully/professionally tell attendees who are breaking the rules to stop. Does not get physical with attendees. Responsible for line management of the entire event. Does not carry weapons. Role is to observe, deter, and report ONLY.

    • Tech - Tech Guardians work with Center Stage, Panels, and other areas of RTX to make sure tech needs are met. Responsible for the streaming equipment, queue room A/V, game console setup at Center Stage and for select Panels. Tech is NOT responsible for theatrical rigging or sound boards.

    • Signature - Handles the designated Signature area. Line management, customer service, checking badges & signature tickets

    • Specialty Rooms - Responsible for dense collections of RT content typically in a specific space such as Double Gold sign up, RT Experience, escape and/or interactive rooms, and Achievement Hunter Lounge. Duties include being custodians of the content and company valuables, customer service for attendees visiting locations.

    • G-Spot - The literal Guardians of our quiet spaces. G-Spot is where Guardians can take a break, store their stuff, and is also a great space to call for dispatch. This team is far away from the action and chaos of the event.

    • Happy Hour / Evening Events - Much like Freelancers, they do a little bit of everything during the evening programming.

    • Team Leaders - Every department above is lead by one or more Team Leaders. All Guardians report to and receive direction from a Team Leader. They know the convention inside and out. Usually a veteran Guardian or somebody with previous convention volunteer experience.

    • Satellite Leads - The extension of Chris and Mary to head up the multiple venues.

    gusThings that Guardians DO NOT do:

    • Theater rigging

    • Sound design

    • Operate camera equipment

    • Forklift operation

    • Physical security

    • Event scheduling

    • Event content production

    • Content selection and/or placement

    • Establish event and/or attendee policies

    DO NOT ASK ME IF YOU CAN BE PLACED ON DEPARTMENTS THAT HANDLE THESE JOBS. I am not a conduit for the hiring of Freeman or Austin Convention Center personnel.

    Little Tips and Tidbits

    • Do not be concerned about submitting too much information. I enjoy reading the applications! 
    • Do take the time to provide details. One sentence answers are easily passed over.
    • This bears repeating: Do not send me a joke application and do not spend too much time being silly. Regardless of how many years you have been a Guardian, we need you to fill out the application seriously.

    If you have any questions, please reach out to me! You may privately message me here on RT, use the website "question" feature (if you are alright with the answer being posted publicly), or you may email me: sailor.tweek@gmail.com 

    (Please do not reach out to me on Twitter, Tumblr, Discord, or Facebook or even text message - consider this an exercise in following directions)

     caboose Much love and good luck! <3

  • RWBY Vol 5 Chapter 1

    1 day ago


    We back boys and girls! I mean this group and rwby in general. And we got a veeeeery long episode to talk about, there's so much going on. Oscar is in early, which I can't wait to see him interact with qrow and team rnjr. We see weiss having to deal with letting the people of that village suffer. Blake has a plan to go public about the white fang, though her life seems in danger. Yang I think is getting too in over her head. So much awesome designs as see in Haven. Lionheart is cool ( despite his dealings with Salem and watts). Other than the episode we also see the intro, we have a lot of crazy stuff going on. The girls fighting Salem, ren and nora fighting hazel. Oscar maybe kicking ass. Maybe. And the long awaited yang vs mercury rematch. No holds bar. Now I throw the torch over to all of you. What do you want to or hope to see in Volume 5? Who do you think will join up with rnjr first. I think weiss. And any new theories popping up from this episode ? Discuss now. Also #wheresneopls

  • RTXLondon. Okay Fuckers lets make a journal like in the olden days.

    1 day ago

    Erkan Take It Easy.... bitches

    Once upon a time, ROOSTER TEETH finally did an RTX in the UK. In London. You might have heard of it, you might have been there. AWESOME. It was an RTX, and I didn't need to get on a plane to get there. Thankyou thankyou THANKYOU. 

    I've been to the last 5 RTX Austin's. Last 3 as a Guardian. My 6th RTX was in London this past weekend, and I was once again a Guardian. I don't know what I expected before I got there, but once I got there, sure enough it felt like some kind of RTX. 

    Now it was the first year, there were some issues here and there, 1st day problems didn't disappear on the 2nd but they were handled better, quicker and everything ran smoother in general. All you first time guardians did good, I look forward to working with any of you again in the future. 

     I met a couple of friends from Austin RTX's, was great to see them over here for a change, met up with a bunch of people from RTUK which I finally made my way back to in August, just on the Sunday but I met a couple new people there that I also saw over RTXL and I made a bunch of new friends. NEW FRIENDS are great. Most of them even live in my country, which you know I love all you fucks that live in every corner of America and all you cunts down in Australia, don't even get me started on the Canadians and the odd other countries dotted about that I've gotten to know over the years.

    But its kinda cool that there were so many fans in my own country that are still passionate about Rooster Teeth, sometimes feels like I'm the only one. I now know that just most of you fucks don't live in or near Hull. Which you know... I can't blame any of you. 

    It was honestly really refreshing seeing so many people still giving a shit about Rooster Teeth and the various affiliated umbrella of contents that they provide, I have very little time to dedicate to any show on here on a regular basis, so I will watch the odd video every couple of weeks. Or binge a couple episodes of a series in one day off etc... seeing fans get emotional from meeting staff, you know made me get some icky emotions because they cared so much. I don't want to talk about it.

    I've honestly been volunteering as a guardian for the past 4 RTX's I've attended because of all the friends I've been able to make because of Rooster Teeth. I honestly don't think I'd have more then 1 or 2 friends in my life right now if it wasn't for Rooster Teeth. Not that I didn't make friends with attendees over the years, but it feels like Guardians honestly, care more about making sure others have a good time before themselves, and thats always something that I've admired about every other guardian, and something I aspire to portray whenever I've been chosen to represent Rooster Teeth and the community while volunteering at these conventions.

    I've made hundreds of friends many of which I'd consider life long friends at this point, many of which I'd do anything for. Thanks again Rooster Teeth for bringing RTX to the UK, where friends from the internet can actually meet each other. The best part of any RTX in my opinion, don't know where I'd be without it. 

  • Anime (re)awakening...

    2 days ago


    So you may have read that last week I purchased Cowboy Bebop on iTunes for the low low price of $15. Mostly because it was created by Shinichiro Watanabe (the same guy that helped create my favorite anime, Samurai Champloo), and the fact that I hadn't seen Cowboy Bebop since I was like 13 years old... Since then I've been up and down on anime here and there. I've watched a few series as well.

    Since RWBY is starting up again (even though some don't classify it as an anime, I do.) 

    What's your favorite anime? If you were to recommend an anime to anyone, what would it be? and why are you recommending it?

  • New Zealand!

    1 day ago

    scheree Artist

    Gonna be in New Zealand at Armageddon Expo in Auckland this weekend!

    Table 18 in the Collectors Area. Come swing by if you're in the area. I've been making cools things... like space themed enamel pins WHAT!



  • Sometimes Archie Gets Cold

    4 hours ago

    kickme444 RT Community

    And he wears a sweater!


  • Seven

    1 day ago


    As of today, I have been a member of this site for seven years.


    I cannot tell you just how much of my life has changed since then. And because of it. Becoming a member of this community was an action that led to so much more.

    I may not always agree with how the company is doing things these days. But the community will always be important to me. Even if it changes to the point that none of the old members are around anymore, my memories of the Rooster Teeth community will be coated with a layer of gratitude. 

    I was pulled out of an abusive situation by people I met on this site. I live with an artist I met here. I'm engaged to someone I met here, and someone from this site is the Best Man(well, Woman). I have actual friends that weren't vetted by someone else first. 

    It's just... amazing to think its been so long. I love you guys.


  • RTX London Guardian - My long as f*** overview and experience of RTXL

    1 day ago

    Boltaction17 Wrestling Nerd!

    I'll break this down as much as possible but it's gonna be a long one.

    Remember, this is just my view and no one elses. This was my first RTX and also first one as a Guardian so please take that into consideration! TL:DR of my experience at the bottom.

    Thank you to Team Sigs!

    To start out, I'd like to thank the Signatures team I was a part of for really being awesome. Without their experience and enthusiasm I doubt I could have done the entire weekend. They helped me learn so much about what it takes to be a guardian but also helped show me what a real team should look like so if any of them read this, thank you so much! 

    Can you be a Guardian?

    Wanting to be guardian is something I think many people can say when applying to be one. Understanding what it takes to be a guardian is another story which a number of people fail to understand. It's hard work. You don't do just one thing, you have to do several things often at once. Also if you're not ready to do the following, it's not for you:

    - Deal with stressful situations.

    - Being prepared to talk to people.

    - Being honest to attendees.

    - Actively being the source of hype to get others excited.

    - Prepared to deal with people with high anxiety and depression to make sure they have the best possible experience.

    - To work as a team.

    - Being professional, not a fan.

    - Accepting you are working at the event for the community, not for yourself.

    - Knowing this isn't how you get a job with Rooster Teeth (since it's not... at all).

    - Remembering you lost your right to be at this event as an attendee when you have been selected to be a Guardian.

    - Don't be a dick

    - Enjoy being a Guardian knowing the above.

    If you are ready to do all of the above (And then some) then you already have already done better then alot of past. You should then have a decent chance of being selected.

    Going to link Eli's copied Guardian Application Summary here if you're interested to apply in the future: http://roosterteeth.com/post/51292271

    What is it like being a 1st time Guardian?

    It is hard but something you can grow into, especially if this is your first volunteering role at an event. If you really are ready to accept you will make mistakes and learn from them then you will be fine. I can not emphasis this enough but you need to make sure you ask questions to the vets of your team if you are unsure about anything. You don't want to be stuck on what to do when you have 100 people in a queue asking the same questions over and over, giving them the wrong or 30% sure answer. You can possibly ruin or harm the experience for the attendees! Always, always, always ask questions to Guardian Vets and if the vets don't know, find out that answer yourself! That to me is key.

    My experience in a nutshell from RTXL (Highlights)

    It was amazing. Honestly the experience I had has changed my mindset on how to approach certain things. I honestly can't recommend this enough, it's definitely something I will remember for a long time to come.

    Day 0 (Friday) 

    It was awesome. Firstly, packing bags for the attendees was surprisingly fun. Chatting to the other guardians while doing this was great but then when people started to do the traditional sing along while packing bags, it made it so much better and I loved it. Later on in the day, met the team and learned who everyone was! We were then briefed on what the signatures team would be doing and the task at hand. After that, got something to eat with the team then that was it! Day 0 over.

    Day 1 (Saturday) 

    This was when it all kicked off. Got in early and helped with the prep work (Setting up queue lines, tables etc.). After that, our line queue Alpha got into position and wait for the day to begin. Let me tell you, once that first queue came in for the first signings I realised what I was in for! Instantly letting people know what they were allowed, to make sure their ticket (Which we supplied, not the QR code ticket) was ready in their hand and also to have fun. We repeated this literally every 5 minutes. We did this for every signing session. To highlight the best moments from the 4 I helped with:

    Gus/Geoff (Middle Ticket Check Man) - A girl with high anxiety was literally crying with joy that she was going to meet them! Our Alpha lead was noticed this and we quickly became her best friends for the duration of the queue along with a few attendees helping out! Seeing her hug Gus and Geoff literally made my day, that was beautiful to see and set a tone for the rest of the day

    Adam / Bruce (Scanner Man) - Went A-Ok! Nothing really special for this one as I was scanning tickets but still, was a cool experience. After though, our Sig Team lead said I was never allowed to touch them scanners again due to my "Anti Technology" touch because of the really short battery life. I'd be lying if I wasn't agreeing with our Sig team lead since these scanners sure as hell ran out of battery fast!  However I did found out later that day when trying to fix my Anti Technology mishap that the chargers for the scanners were very poor! We did manage to get some charged scanners later so I hopefully made it all ok for the next signing!  smile

    Michael / Lindsay (Guardian Bowl Man) - This one went over by quite a bit! Mostly due to late coming VIP's but it was really cool since I was at the front for this one so I was able to work with the awesome PA's. Seriously, the PA's for the talent were the best. I love them all. Also saw one of the most excited huggers in the world just constantly bouncing up and down excited to meet Michael. Thought she was the real MVP of that signing!

    Burnie / Matt (Guardian Bowl Man) - Only had 5 minutes to prepare for this one and also this went way over, like almost 1 hour over. I learned why the team warned me of Matt and Burnie doing what ever they want! Literally, they talk so damn long to attendees which is fantastic for the attendees who are near the front, not for the others at the back or us guardians who've been standing up all day!  laughing Still though, never going to forget the fact I was a guardian for their signing queue. It holds a special place in my RTX memories!

    Day 2 (Sunday)

    I was ready for Sunday. I knew what I had to do. Everything I learned from yesterday made me ready for what was to come. Based off my at the front of the queue work, I was asked again to work at the front for the last two! I'd be lying if I wasn't super proud of myself hearing that. Also heard from a team mate that the scanners had faulty batteries so that made me feel a bit better about the previous days mishap! Here were the best moments for the final days signings:

    Joel (Middle Ticket Check Man) - Was my poorest performance of the weekend I'd though but I managed to recover during the signing. Being middle man and introverted sometimes isn't a problem but being tired definitely made it a problem. Rocky start but I recovered! Not to shabby of a performance!

    Gus / Barb (Guardian Bowl Man) - Immediately just going to give a shout out to the incredible work of Sole (Our Sig Team leader) for her prompt intervention during one of the attendees fainting in our queue. She got help ASAP to the attendee. Very stressful situation but thankful was resolved with no one being hurt or injured. Before this, I was the front man again talking to people making sure they were excited and ready to meet Gus and Barb. When this happened and when I noticed it, instantly became my task to make sure the attendees experience was not hampered. Simply put, I just kept doing what I was doing while receiving additional instructions on what we had to tell the attendees and what we had to do (E.g. Alternative exit points). Our team absolutely owned it and that signing was by far the best of the weekend. Literally went perfectly considering what happened. Kudos to the PA's too, you guys were fun to work with!

    Michael / Lindsay 2 (Guardian Bowl Man) - This one went absolutely fantastic. The PA's were on point with the Camera's and making sure everyone was ready with their items and camera's went perfectly. Got to say, when I apply to be guardian and if I get it again with the signature team, this is the type of thing I will be aiming to beat. We beat yesterdays signing by a good 30 minutes. Gave us a break which we really did need!

    Burnie / Matt 2 (Guardian Bowl Man + Marcarena Dance Teacher)  - This one was hilarious right from the start. Matt rolled up by himself with these sweets called "Camel Balls" which are these small sour chewing gums which honestly tasted like camel balls. Just started chucking them into the crowd. Along with this, Matt started to get everyone to do the Macarena so I joined in (Which was a bad idea from myself who didn't fully know how it went), and then Matt said "He's got it! Luke (Me) show them how it's done!". Ever have that instant regret feeling, that was it. Went in front of everyone, and started to do the botched version of the Macarena. Next time, if I happen to be the front man for one of their signings, I need to ace that! Oh yeah, the signing itself went ok although towards the end, we unfortunately had to get 20 people to only get one item and one photo along with a quick chat due to the time of prior interactions between attendees and the talent.

    After that, it was over! I did! I freaking did it! I did a full RTX as a guardian! It felt amazing! Afterwards, I literally hugged everyone I could see. After that, got my bags and went over to the guardian de-briefing. It did feel awesome to see every other guardian there and it was hard to hold back the emotions I felt since what a journey RTX was. We freakin' killed it. On the way out of the de-briefing I literally didn't want to say bye to anyone from my team but I had to go. Literally, could have not asked for a better team. I love each and every one of them.

    After RTXL thoughts about being a Guardian

    I would do it again in a heartbeat. I haven't felt such an accomplishment in a long time. Being able to learn as much as I did from my team and then being able to apply that newly found knowledge to enhance the experience for others so I was, in a sense, able to give back to a community that has given me so much was just incredible, almost hard to really put into words. I honestly couldn't of had a smoother, more amazing experience as a Guardian. Please for the love of christ, bring back RTX to London. It's improved me as a character and has brought together so many people. I love the fact that for the 1st RTXL, I could help it become something special. Can't wait to become a guardian again in the future.

    Final thank you to the following...

    - My wonderful team mates in signatures!

    Sole and Pockets, the two leads in our signature team.

    - The PA's I worked with. You all were awesome.

    - The RT Talent.

    - Matt Hullum for making me realize I need to learn the Macarena properly.

    - The RT Events team

    - Eli and Jason for keeping everything running

    - All the Guardians at RTXL

    - My friends at RTX who helped me relax after RTX

    - Finally to my wonderful Girlfriend Hannah. Thank you for being there for me. It means everything to me.

    TL:DR = Guardian ain't easy, you better be ready. It was awesome for me, it was hard af though. 10/10 would do again.

  • Politics

    3 hours ago

    ninjacake Senzu Bean!!!

    I'm pretty sure that during my time on this site that I have had both left and right wing folks praising what I have to say when I take the time to say it. So long as it suited them anyway. That's not stroking myself, it means my identity doesn't revolve around politics. I don't even need to bring politics into it when talking about the Donald. His personality and characteristics (over time) have done plenty of talking for him. He campaigned on more glorious ideals than Bernie Sanders, yet now we see no follow-through? Which is unfortunate because his follow-through should be ace by now considering how much golf he is playing. (jokes don't count as opinions)

    I am fed the fuck up with people basing their identity on politics! Some call it identity politics and it's pretty cancerous in the long run. Well, it's cancerous to me because I choose to study both right and left media. I have moderate political beliefs. It is getting to the point where moderate folks have to pick a side or be deemed as the opposition. I am legitimately seeing totalitarianism from both the far left and far right!

    Let me talk about Antifa for a sec. I won't make a political statement in support or opposition, I will just tell you what I have seen from Antifa. Fascism is bad and any sensible person should probably get on board with that. When you start expanding the umbrella that covers who is a fascist or not and resort to punching people that attend a "free speech" rally at a university... Don't you think that kinda becomes fascist in itself? You are trying to control free speech with your free speech!!! This is a cycle that only benefits a few in the long run.

    I love counter protests, but dislike violence. Call it unrealistic if you want. Call it Kumbaya bullshit if you want.  All I can do is call out the bullshit where I see bullshit and most of that bullshit stems from hypocrisy. Don't pretend to value free speech when actively trying to stop free speech. I can say that for both sides with zero bias because I guess that's the sort of time we live in.

    The modern political climate can somewhat be summed up like this:

    An eye for an eye versus 2 wrongs don't make a right.

    Think about it...

    Edit: I would just like to say that my roommate is a conservative protestant and I'm and Atheist Liberal. We never fight and we prefer to discuss why we have come to our conclusions rather than point fingers. It's a great arrangement to be honest! That couldn't happen if we weren't both moderate in our beliefs. Is moderation just a nice word for being too pussy to pick a side? Perhaps its just being sensible... All I know is both sides are wearing me thin with their generalizations and I'm beginning to feel like a rare breed of sane human being.

  • So RTXLondon was great....

    1 day ago


    and sunday was the happiest day of my life. I got to meet Michael and Lindsay and they were just the sweetest people I've ever met. I just love this photo. 


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