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  • Heavy Metal Gamer Plays: Slither.io - Episode 1

    15 hours ago


    To start out the week of content, I have a let's play here of Slither.io, a browser game you can play on your PC for free. I hope you enjoy this video, thanks for watching.





    2 hours ago


    Hi guys Team JKRZ here Im new here by the way so i hope we all be friends ( Add me XD)

    PS. anyone wants some Neo's Neo just place your orders here XDDDD

  • RvB 15.08 [FIRST SPOILERS]

    18 hours ago

    anneapocalypse Shine bright like a Lina

    I was so busy last week, I flaked on making a real episode post, but I'm back!

    So we’ve met the imposters, and transitioned into what I’d call the third chapter of this storyline.

    And I’m really not sure yet how I feel about these new characters. We’ve learned a few things about them, but everything we learned really raised more questions than it answered.

    So Church is supposedly in UNSC hands, and the imposters are supposedly responsible for relaying his message to Chorus. Mm. I still don’t like it, nor do I necessarily believe it, but those are really two separate things.

    A bigger question in my mind, though, is: the imposters have identified themselves as other sim troopers, and they claim to have reasons for their actions, namely someone within the UNSC trying to mop up all traces of Project Freelancer. But to me, that still doesn’t really explain what they stood to gain by blowing up buildings and stealing supplies, when the UNSC already had it out for them. Are they going to claim they were just preparing to defend themselves? It feel not just unnecessarily violent, but unnecessarily complicated. The raids have only raised their profile and made it more difficult for them to hide.

    But perhaps the biggest question mark for me is this: I’m not sure at present whether the way they mimic the Blood Gulch troops–in color, in voice and mannerism, even down to the absence of Grif and Doc figures–is just for shits, or is meant to indicate that they are still, despite their claims, deliberately imitating. I’d honestly prefer the second. I’d rather have it actually be plot-meaningful in some way, because if it’s purely a gag and yet one we have to read as canon, then it becomes vaguely uncomfortable without being useful or meaningful. It’s coincidence for the sake of a gag that, honestly, isn’t particularly funny. Sure, we all still get a good chuckle out of the Blood Gulchers’ characteristic quirks, but I don’t particularly find them funnier just because they’re happening in stereo.

    Cooperating with these duplicates, too, raises the question of stakes for me, since not only do I not have any emotional investment in these new characters, but the dissonance of their similarity to the main cast sort of actively discourages me from caring about them–and this is coming from me, who gets interested in new characters pretty quickly. I’m easier than most. But it’s hard to sell even me on characters who feel like throwaways–characters who, in fact, feel like they need to be removed for things to be set right, like the Tuvix episode of Voyager or the two John Crichtons in Farscape. Their presence creates a constant low-level sense of wrongness in the viewer, that will need to resolve somehow for a satisfying conclusion.

    Some minor notes:

     - “Four-star bureaucrat sweeping us under the rug before he runs for office?” That sounds like Hargrove, except as far as we know, Hargrove was captured, but hmm.

     - I am enjoying the little documentary-esque segments at the beginning of the episodes! I hope those continue.

     - I particularly enjoy Simmons pretending to have no feelings about Grif while continuing to talk about Grif constantly. 

     - Okay, there’ve been some travel jump-cuts in RvB but this one takes the cake. I have absolutely no clue where this underwater base is in proximity to the desert gulch, and it’s… kind of disorienting. Like way more than usual.

    I’m by no means unhappy, per se, just eager to see where this all goes and how it resolves. Looking forward to next week, and hoping to see Carolina and Wash again soon.


    5 hours ago


    I have a friend IRL and we would like to add each other but neither of us can figure out how to search for anyone specifically or how to actually add them as friends instead of following them. And what if we eventually would like to add other people? We have no idea how to do this.

    Please, can anyone help? Any advice? I see nothing indicating that I can send a friend request to anyone.

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