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  • Team KEPL: Plāṭināma “Pan” Emem (RWBY OC)

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    Name: Plāṭināma“Pan” Emem 

    Name Etymology: Plāṭināma =Titanium in certain North African Dialects.

    Emem = Peace in Igbo

    Gender: Male

    Age: 27

    Race: PangolinFaunus (Vacuo Descent)

    Symbol: A Rust or Sand coloured shield made up of rock and scales. Rather simplistic but recognisable. 


    Prominent Colours In Design: White. Sand. Rust/Bronze.

    Aura: A gold and bronze coloured sand particle effect across his skin.

    Basic Description: Pan is the largest member of the team, being slightly taller and with bulkier muscle than Ed. He has a very muscular chest and long powerful arms. Tan skin. Soil brown eyes. Long hair the colour of spinifex grass, which is just as stringy and tangled. Swirling designs have been cut into the shorter sides of his hair with a razor. Strong chin, Aquiline nose and slightly pointed ears. His back, shoulders and upper arms are almost completely covered in large, yellow, triangular scales made of keratin that act as protection. His chest and the rest of his body are less frequently dotted with similar scales. Sun bronzed skin.

    Personality: At peace with himself and has an incredibly strong, clear and unwavering moral compass, which leads to problems with team KEPL’s leader who, while good, makes morally questionable decisions when the situation calls for it. Is also introspective and much more okay with solitary behaviour than Ed and Languild are. 

    Heavily spiritual and follows a belief system similar to Buddhism that accepts the possibility of gods. Respectful of all life and comforting to those who need comfort despite a rather stoic demeanour. Intelligent in the fields of philosophy, literature and Grimm. Seeks the redemption of his enemies rather than their deaths. 

    Gear/Clothing: Pan wears large Sand coloured cargo pants with multiple pockets and his symbol in bronze on his left side near the knee. Rust coloured greaves and rounded knee guards lie over the top of his pants and his feet are covered in brown sandals. Pan is always shirtless. Thin rust coloured metal gauntlets cover his arms but leave the fingers free. Covering his body is a large hooded cloak made of thick white fabric with his symbol in pale sand yellow on the back.

    Weapons: “The Isanti”

    Twin sand coloured metal shields mounted on his gauntlets using magnetism. Completely circular and have three settings; Blunt (No extended blades), Sharpened (Circular blade extended along the rim of the shield adding a sharp edge) and Fully Extended (Circular blade is fully extended, adding almost double the surface area and a larger blade) The Shields can be thrown and can easily rebound of surfaces in the Blunt or Sharpened settings and stabbing into those surfaces when fully extended, these throws are accelerated and even controlled with the dauntless that are magnetically linked to the shields and can pull them back to Pan and alter their trajectory. The shields are incredibly durable and can tank incredible amounts of damage and force. 

    Semblance: “Rebound”

    Pan’s semblance allows him to charge objects or people with a powerful kinetic rebound effect via touch or close proximity. He imbues his shields with this effect to allow the to bounce off surfaces with greater velocity and efficiency. He can use it on himself to allow greater jumps and to survive hard impacts and blow away attackers, as well as send said attackers flying with his own strikes. His semblance give Pan a greater sense of the physics behind this power naturally so he can use it with greater skill.

    Fighting Style/Role: In the team Pan plays the role of a Support or Tank. He puts himself between an opponent and his teammates and holds their focus, taking the pressure of his teammates by withstanding the brunt of the attack. His incredible strength makes him a force to be reckoned with and he can outmuscle even some species of larger grimm. 

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