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  • Timeshift: Doctor Who Extermis

    18 hours ago


    Time to log in, boot up and download into another adventure with the Doctor and the Timeshift, it is strangely popular with drum and bass people for some reason (going of last episode's comments at least)!

    This week the Doctor and the Pope are in a crash course for wackiness with a strange book that once you read it it makes you want to kill yourself! Just like INSERTJOKETOPOPULARBOOKHERE!!


    As always if you have any comments about this week's episode of Doctor Who then leave a message below and you will be read out on the show!

  • Images

    2 hours ago



  • Lazy writing

    1 day ago


    How fucking lazy has the writing gotten for red vs blue.  I haven't watched an episode since 'season' 7.  This last episode seems like it was written by a retarded monkey trying to drink milk from the alien's tail.

  • 20 hours ago

    criticalmuffin SPACESHIP!
  • Is DC Universe Online Dead?

    1 day ago


    Do you play DC Universe Online? Coo, this MAY be for you

    The answer is, No. No not really, to be more exact.

    DC Universe Online's been going for what, seven years now? Maybe eight if you want to add the Beta and Alpha phases. In those years, we've seen S.O.E create content that keeps us busy and keep on playing, though some of their methods were a bit...hrm, how do I say worthless in a nice way? Anywho, the question of "is DCUO dead" comes from the current status of the game. No DLC, no real story, and nothing new to add besides base items and styles.

    I don't know about you, but I'm not here to make my character look good and pimp out my crib...yo. My job is to keep fighting the forces of evil, while killing a couple innocent civilians. For the past few months, DayBreak Games have been releasing anniversary missions which pit both Heroes and Villains against some of the DC Universe's greatest threats. In the past, an anniversary was setup as a side quest type mission where we get involved to stop small time crimes from going on.

    Why does this make players feel DCUO is dead? Because this is pretty much all there seems to be. You fight these legends with little story other than them being there, and the missions that take place in an instance stat-clamps you. For those not into the lingo, stat-clamp is basically where they raise, or in this case drastically lowers your CR so that everyone is in some way equal. There was a time they stat-clamped us about a year or two ago for everything....it was horrible.

    Put everything together and DCUO has wasted villains, stat-clamp, lack of stories, little reason other than feats to keep going, no big updates or additions like WATER POWERS, and the missions take a day to do. Yea, DCUO seems pretty dead...but it's not. It's wounded, or in downtime, or whatever you want to call it, but it's not dead or dying. As sad as it is, this is not the first time DCUO has gone through a phase like this and returned stronger than ever. I'm not really sure what DayBreak has planned, and won't b.s to say I can't really care unless it's league oriented, but they've made a habit of surviving by the skin of their teeth, so have faith...Unless they're doing this by the end of Summer, which for me is August, which in that case, they're dead, Prince levels.

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