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  • Fact of The Day:

    2 days ago

    IronBridge Flibbity Jibbit

    Despite Americans owning more than 78 million dogs as pets, only about 30 deaths per year are attributed to dog attacks, fewer than bees.

    Raise the dog well, treat it with respect and care, and the dog will return it tenfold.

    Further Info: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fatal_dog_attacks_in_the_United_States


  • RSWU 277: Manic Monday

    9 hours ago

    DaCuban Rooster Speak

    Another week, another missed Sunday. Hello folks, and welcome to the RSWU! We've got a fairly full week this week, so buckle up! 

    First up, we've got Movie Night on Tuesday, April 25th, at 8 PM CT! We're watching Johnny Dangerously!


    Next up, on Saturday, April 29th at 8 PM CT, @Giries is hosting an Open Mic Night! Toto's Africa, Bet On It, etc etc. 


    Aaaaaand finally, this Sunday, April 30th, at 7 PM CT, we've got a Watch-A-Mania event! We're watching WWE Payback! Contact @Newbs, Adam Davis, and definitely not Mr. Cheese for more details! Don't talk to Cheese. Don't even think about it. 


    That's it for us this week! Next week, we've got your May Birthday Shoutouts, so stay tuned! Tip your wait staff! 

  • So a thing happened

    11 hours ago


    I totally got engaged and stuff. I thought I should tell you guys despite this website being awful because I love you all. And I tried to upload a photo but it appeared twice, and sideways, so so much for that. 


  • Day 1208: Back On It

    10 hours ago

    topham DHYB

    Today I'm back at work, and on with all the things I left off. There's a whole bunch of things to do, so much stuff to plan and work on before I go away again. 

    But, I'm also back at TKD tonight, and I'm looking forward to it, hopefully, it will be a fair paced class so that I can push and get better. I'm aiming to train 3 times a week, I would say for the next few weeks, but next weekend is a long weekend again, so I'll only get 2 training sessions in, then the week after I'm away. After that though, I'll be right on it. 

    I'm slowly getting better about not using my phone, and looking at any social media. Actually, last week I barely touched my phone or looked at anything. Continuing that I feel like I'm slowly stripping off all of the extraneous things, and I'm finding more time to just chill out and get stuff done. I would like to do the same with some other things too, but I'd really like to find some other games to work through and keep myself entertained. I need to get better at Necrodancer, so I might play that a bit, and I have Steep to play also. 

    It's certainly interesting but also boring times in my world. 

    Have an excellent day! You're all my favourites! 

    Peace -x-

  • Fact of The Day:

    19 hours ago

    IronBridge Flibbity Jibbit

    Fugu, the infamous sashimi made from the deadly Japanese puffer fish, is not allowed to be eaten by the emperor, just in case the chef should make a mistake in preparing the fish.

    It is so deadly that in order to prepare wild fugu a chef must have a government approved license to even prepare the fish.

    Personally I prefer my food not have the ability to fight back from beyond the grave so I'll stick with pizza, thanks.

    Further Info: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fugu


  • Testing....

    1 day ago


    I haven't updated anything in about 2 years. A lot of shit has changed, art has improved a whole HELL of a lot, and so on.

    Also, our studio's game comes out in about two weeks and I'm excited/nervous. 

    Hopefully the people like Prey.

    Anyways, might start using this a bit more and start streaming again. 



  • What's been up man? How's the daughter?

    2 days ago

    Benchmark Be Happy

    I started the year with a goal: 365 happy thoughts. The idea was to get my mind programmed to naturally start looking for happiness instead of what it usually does, defaulting to cynicism and bitterness. 

    I started the year with a second goal: Be more patient. If you really sit down at look at it, almost any attribute you could want for yourself starts with patience. Do you want to be a really good pianist? You need a lot of patience to practice over a long period of time. Want to have a successful relationship? You need to be patient with the other person. Want to train a dog? They don't learn overnight, patience. It's at the core of almost everything. Instead of "It's not here" it becomes "It not here yet

    I started the year with a third goal; Love. I'm not talking romantically, I just mean loving the people you come across. Be nicer to people, try to be patient try to show them the same forgiveness we give ourselves, try to just connect with people and lift them up. Even if it's only by a few millimeters, you've still helped. 

    What I found was about day 60 things were going so well with happy thoughts I was losing track of it. By day 70 I almost entirely lost track, and by 83 I felt like it would be a waste of time to point out a happy thing that happened today because there were far far too many to choose from. I started looking for happiness and it turns out it's a lot more places than I thought it was. 

    I tried to focus on being patient, because I wanted to love, and one cannot love without patience. What I found was that once you start giving love it's amazing how much love you get back out of it. I've been feeling very isolated in my first year in this state, away from all my friends and family, and I've never felt comfortable here. The semester I started to actually look for happy things and love other people, and just try to bring a happy and positive perspective to things my world entirely changed. 

    I have a friend group here that I absolutely adore and love to pieces and they make me feel almost more at home than I do when I'm in the bay. I've never been more excited to be here than I am now. The world feels so different and so fresh and so new. It makes me sad it took me 20 years to figure this out, but you really do get back what you put in. When I started putting in effort and love and positivity I found those same things being given to me very quickly. I don't feel I deserve them but I am immensely thankful they're here. I don't know how I've been able to function without these people and their tremendous influence on me for so long. 

    I wanted to break a month long silence to just encourage you to start looking for the happy things. They might seem small at first, but they're there, and they'll get bigger as you learn to look for and appreciate them. Take a moment to breathe and just let things pass, learn how to be patient with yourself and others and default to love a few times. Maybe spare a rant at a loved one, hold  a passive aggressive comment back and realize that when you're hurting it's hard to love but it's probably the best time to. If your significant other is having a bad day and is pissing you off, don't get snippy back, just be patient and understanding, and love on them a bit. It's very hard to hold your tongue when someone is making you upset, and even harder to try and make them feel better despite the fact you just  want them to feel like you do, but I promise you if you just make a genuine effort you will be surprised at what you get back out of it. If a giant asshole like me can do it, you can as well. 

    Ultimately, the seed you plant is the seed you sow. It would be foolish to plant an orange tree and expect apples, much so it would be foolish to plant cynicism, anger, and solitude and expect a full and happy life. 

  • So...

    1 day ago


    I had this dream where I was playing this Rwby Chibi platforming game (that I kinda wish was a thing now) then a giant javelin came through my roof and absolutely skewered my dog. I dropped to my knees and cried then the ceiling started to crack and the whole roof was torn off and started floating away, then everything in my room started going with it, so I looked up and saw a space ship of some kind, then I started floating away and the next thing I knew I was in this glass tube in some laboratory. I looked around and saw my dog strapped to an operating table, but it wasn't dead, it was a cyborg. I began to panic when the doors to the lab slid open, releasing a torrent of steam, and a tall silhouetted figure started walking forward, until it reached my pod. The steam slowly cleared and the figure began to take shape: it was non-other than David Bowie. He stared at me for a little while, then we sang a duet version of space oddity for whatever reason. That's when my cyborg dog broke out of their restraints and used their robot eye to laser David Bowie  vertically in half, and freed me from my tube. I then hopped on my dogs back, who then proceeded to cut a hole in the ship and fly us both out into space. Unfortunately there was no air in space, and I began suffocating, then I woke up face down in my own pillow, struggling to breath, so I pulled back and gasped for air x3

    Anyways, how did you sleep?      

  • *Insert cliched, I haven't been here in forever opening here*

    13 hours ago

    glaberge LaBear

    Yeah yeah, it's been awhile, blah blah, I keep with damn near all of you in other ways so I hardly see the point in journals anymore. Only reason why I'm doing this here is that it's built for long form, and I wanted to type this up in detail.

    Also fuck Facebook. I'm done with that shithole.

    So anyways, what's your D&D character? We've all been playing it, I know y'all love it, so hit me with it. If you were a character, and you were stuck as it for the rest of your life, who do you want to be?

    Me? I'm a Halfling Paladin. (But Greg, you're a giant!) Yeah I know I'm a huge dude, but there's just something about Hobbits Halflings that I love. For me, the ultimate in existence would just be dipping my feet in some pond, fishing all day, then heading down to the pub to drink with my neighbors and friends and chat the night away. If I were to win the lottery today, the rest of my days would be spent sitting around, reading, fishing, and buying all my friends round after round at the bar. (Seriously, I ain't giving nobody money if I win the lottery, but you damn well better expect me to buy you many, many drinks, and probably even a vacation or two.)

    So why a Paladin you ask? Well it's definitely not a religious thing, as I'm far, far from holy, but I do have a code, and I will follow it. The idea of the Dunedain Rangers protecting The Shire in Middle Earth always captured my attention, and they were my first real fantasy heroes. While in real life, I never had much drive to become a policeman (mainly due to my own dealings with them, and want to become a Firefighter instead,) I could see myself doing the medieval equivalent. As long as I live in a quiet place, so my fishing and reading is rarely interrupted. And if I do have to suit up to defend my little town, I might have a hard time getting my breastplate over my tummy. Really, I'm more in love with the idea of community, and serving it, whether that be through protection, or help.

    So that's me. I just want to be that happy, probably fat halfling, that sits around and fishes all day, until the wolves come prowling and I start swinging with some probably over-sized sword.

    How about you?

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