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  • Fact of The Day:

    1 day ago

    IronBridge Keeper of Knowledge

    Octopuses have individual miniature brains for each of their tentacle, as well as genitals at the end of each tentacle.

    I've heard of men thinking with their dicks but this is just bizarre...

    Further Info: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Octopus


  • Send me good vibes, please?

    1 day ago

    Tudor RTUK Fireteam

    Currently waiting to here on a promotion at work I've been chomping at the bit for since I started four and a half years ago. It would be a major step up, hopefully open more doors for me and put my family in a much better financial situation.


    Also, my current boss keeps hinting that it's a done deal. So now I'm also worried I've got my hopes up only to not get it.


  • I Don't Even Know You Anymore

    1 day ago

    TinaBobina Wubba Lubba Dub Dub

    She put Heinz 57 steak sauce on chicken fried steak.

    She says, "What was I supposed to put on it?"


  • DDR..... Sorta

    23 hours ago

    Izayer Keeper of Stories

    If you guys and gals really want me too. I will learn to dance like this and we can have a flashdance in the convention hall.

  • Catchy AF

    2 days ago

    ninjacake Senzu Bean!!!

    My jam of the day!

    I can confirm that Hillary and Obama smell like sulfur. 

  • Giries's Mentor Profile (Temporary Version)

    2 days ago

    Giries RS/RTX Guardian 2017

    ((This is from the Version 1.1 Questionnaire, as always any feedback helps.))

    1) What is your RT screenname and First/Familiar Name?

                @Giries, and my first name is Giries. 


    2) What are some of your favorite Rooster Teeth Productions productions?

                Red vs. Blue will always have a place in my heart. RT's live action stuff is always entertaining, and I'm partial to content made by Funhaus and Sugar Pine 7.


    3) How do you interact with the RT community on the site (forums, chatrooms. blogs, fan-works, video comments, games, &c.)?  Which of these would you say a newbie or mentor with questions could come to you about for particular help (your specialites)?

          Forums, DMs, and journal comments are usually how I chat with peeps. You can often find me in the RT Radio chat room during one of their shows.


    4) How do you interact with the RT community off of this site?  Do you participate in a local Community Group?  Do you often go to meet-ups?

                I help out with RT California from time to time. I also help out as an admin on an RTX-centric Discord known as the Bang Bus. I'm a regular on the Rooster Speak Teamspeak server. As for different outlets, I use Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, and Twitch.


    5) Other than messages on the RT Site, is there a way you would be fine with your newbies contacting you (twitter, facebook, email, &c.)?  Are there specific times that newbies can expect responses?

                You can contact me through any of the outlets I mentioned above. Please DM me to find out my exact account info. Depending on our rapport, I might also be inclined to give out my phone number or email.

    6) How long have you been a part of the RT Community Site?

               I have used the site/been a fan for 10 years, but my actual account is only 5 years old.


    7) What are some of your interests and/or hobbies?

                I love going to shooting ranges, listening to music, playing my fiddle and guitar, gaming, and going to concerts. 


    8) What would you say is your favorite aspect of the RT Community?

                The friendships I've made here are ones that I will cherish for a long time, and I'm eternally grateful for that. 


    9) Are there any other forum threads, groups, or pages you are a part of you would like to mention?

                Three words: OXFORD. COMMA. CAFE.

    10) Is there anything else about yourself you’d like to mention?

                I love Guinness, Jameson, and good Scotch with a passion.

    11) What time zone do you live in and do you have particular hours when you’d prefer to be contacted?

                I live in Pacific Standard Time.

  • Dork souls

    2 days ago


    Can I coin a new term called "Dork Souls"¿?

    the definition being "comparing a game to dark soul just because its hard regardless of game genre" 

    These news headlines are are childish contrivance now.

  • New Snake Same Pattern

    2 days ago

    Tropes I Am What I Am

    Sometimes I wonder if the same Joe that arrives at an RTX will ever be the same one to leave.

    For now, I can hope not.

    This yearly cycle of new men has always been for the good

    The Austin sun burned my old self away

    Now my skin sheds

    Like a snake

    "The pattern is the same

    but the serpent is new"

    Once upon a time

    A youth naive and wide-eyed

    Arrived in the heart of the Southwest

    Unbeknownst carrying a divine spark 

    Shackled and bound to the will of another

    He returned with a mindful of adventure and a homesickness in his heart

    One year later

    Wounded by betrayal

    The divine spark was smothered among the ashes of its chains

    Cold, aloof and sad

    Barely alive inside

    A revitalized man returned

    Then the homesick man 

    Arrived and wandered

    Until his home was secured

    The reluctant heart came next,

    He knew he would soon leave his home behind

    Far too soon, too soon

    Last the one who worked

    Hands to bone, soul to powder

    Nothing left to give, he drank 

    Until friends dragged him from the pit

    Dug by the first man. 

    Divine spark awakened and unchained

    By true friends new and old

    The new man sheds his skin

    Physical, mental, emotional

    The same pattern

    But a new snake

    Eager to meet his successor

    Inheritor to the best

    Of all the people I have been

  • My RTXperience/Story Time.....

    1 day ago

    Izayer Keeper of Stories

    A double feature? Ok.

    Day 1

    So guys and gals. RTX (My third) happened this month that I so happily had the privilege to go to. So as is tradition, I fly out to RTX a day before the convention starts. I awoke at 2 a.m. to start making my way to Reagan national airport down in D.C. On the way to the airport I get a call from American Airlines saying that my flight got delayed until 11:55. I was suppose to fly out at 5:30 and get to DFW by 7:30 and arrive at 9:30. I had gotten to the airport at 3:30 and waited over 8 hours until takeoff. So my plane gets there and we had to wait another 45min until we actually took off. With the delay it changed where my layover would be. So I layedover in Charolette, North Carolina where I met a group of fans. We all congregated at this one gate because 1) This was the only gate to Austin at the moment and 2) We saw each others RT merch and flocked to each other. From there I made some friends whom I shared a cab with. Now with the delay I didn't touch down till 5pm. So me and my new friends are waiting for this UberX that we called and didn't arrive for 15min. We try to get to the ACC but we all got the tweet that the line got capped to pick up tickets. So great, fucking great. After I got dropped off I walked to my hotel on 11th. Checked in, dropped off my shit, and went to Fado's to meet with the famous OCC. While I was there I had met @Lamkia @RWBimbie @Kikyobutt kikyobutt's dad @Ratatoskr @teflyingninja and @Treanomaly . So after we drank and talked a bit, kyb's dad took us all to the Driskoll hotel for more drinks even though we were suppose to hunt down some food. While we were there, we met up with @MrWartburg @Joron093 @Jaron097 after the Side Quest charity gala. After a bit, we hit 6th street for some food, which by the way has insane expensive pizza by the slice. 5$ for a single slice. Than we head to Pete's Dueling Piano bar which was awesome and funny. I don't know their names but those two guys killed it and were funny. Stood there till 1 am then shot to my hotel to prepare for the next day.

    I'm going to break all this up just so that I don't have problems posting pics and tagging others.

    See y'all later.

  • My Room Smells Like A Hotspring..

    1 day ago


    Well its been awhile since I've made an update, but that's primarily because I'm an incredibly boring person, but I might as well let people know I'm still alive. I've pretty much just been writing and watching youtube. The past couple of days I've been going with my niece to the hotsprings for her swimming lessons so I can get a little swimming done myself (also absorb some sun because I'm pale as hell.) When I came back yesterday, my shorts were already pretty dry, so I figured I'd just leave them in my room. Bad Idea. 

    Anyways writing is going well, I've put my Rwby fic to the side for a bit so I can work on another one of my stories though, so it might be awhile before I post it. Anyways, hows everyone been?

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