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  • Switch Up, Kinda of

    1 day ago

    PrinceVenn Dead

    Ok, so some stuff has changed since my last post (it has been around 11 months, almost a whole year). I am now living in San Francisco, and I also have 2 jobs, both of which I am looking forward to. One of my jobs allows to get free housing which is great, because the housing situation out here is SEVERE to say the least. I live for free, get paid in 2 large sums throughout the year, and I have another job with really flexible hours that wants me to work all the time. That mixed with my classes is going to create an interesting year. 

    My classes are all in SF this year, and I have single (albeit tiny) room in an apartment style quad. I don't know my suite mates, but I'm just a floor above some of my friends so ill live.

    I'm hoping to save up to get a really good bike so I don't have to use the shitty one I have now (I will def need a bike to get from my dorm to campus so wish me luck with that) and I also want to be able to enjoy myself a little this year. If Clipping has an more concerts in the Bay I will try to go, and I want to take some fun classes, like dancing or working out or pole-dancing (which i like to think of as a mix of them both)

    The only other thing that I can think of is the fact that I ordered some things from the RT Store and they ended up sending me 2 of the same shirt when I only ordered 1, so that was great. I'm saving for my only RT- In Real Life friend I have and it have Micheal on it so I know they will love it.


  • Introductions

    23 hours ago


    Hello, I am a Amateur Writer (10-ish years, Unpublished), Game Designer (College Dropout), Philosopher (according to some), Well-versed Game Master (~7+ years), and generally abrasive. I love fantasy and forging narratives, constructing worlds and weaving histories, developing cultures and designing new races. I also have a compulsion to create concepts. 

    Otherwise, I'm just another youth forging a direction in life through the dark.

    I've loved watching Rooster Teeth for all these years. I still remember watching their original Machinima on Youtube (Red vs. Blue) when it was first coming out - never could keep up on it as the years went on. Now I find they produce the best content on Youtube (and much of any digital platform I suppose). 

    Not much more else to mention I suppose.

  • Testing my RT Profile. Wait for news about my artwork.

    1 day ago


    Hello, Aloha para Usted... 

    I'm using this profile to arrive so close to Rooster Teeth.
    Be ready to open space to my artworks... 

  • My evil plan for school

    2 days ago

    GworbsGavichal Gavichal of Gworb

    I'm trying to work on my 504 plan at school in a way that will allow me to listen to podcasts (which they'll think is music) I'll update when my mission is accomplished! *Mad King maniacal laugh*

  • At the Screwvies: Episode 89

    1 day ago



    STICKMAN: Heeyyyyy everyoooonee, it's time for another episode of At the Screw-Wait...wait...that's not my line...uhh....oh no....OH NO, MAD'S NOT HERE. MAD'S NOT HERE, WE'RE ALL FUUUCKKEEDDD!!!


    STICKMAN: Wellllll, he's gone for just this episode, but we'll have to make do with my sex appeal and your.....being here.

    LARRY: I like to think I add the intellect.

    STICKMAN: Well I certainly don't. ALRIGHT, let's do some news, we sure have s o m e.




    So, I think it's safe to say that the majority of the world now Netfilx and Chills...or at least does the Netflix part of that arrangement, right? One thing people love about Netflix, at least in the US? On demand DISNEY. You got the Disneys, the Marvels, the Pixars and even the Star Wa-Oh ...oh never mind. Now you don't, or at least you won't soon. Yep, you've probably already heard and had a panic attack about it, but the House of Mouse shocked a lot of people by suddenly announcing the end of their licensing agreement with Netflix in 2019, with the intention of launching their own Disney-centric, family friendly streaming service in the same year. That means that, for sure, any Disney/Pixar cartoons are going to be leaving the Netflix service within the coming months, and as for Star Wars and Marvel, that's still yet to be full decided. It also leaves into doubt the future of the Marvel/Netflix TV deal, with numerous shows in active production, and a large level of success, it seems unlikely that they'll cancel them, but this is Disney, and they've scrapped beloved shows over licensing related wants before, so who knows.

    In other, probably connected Netflix news, the company made its first major acquisition merely a day before the big Disney announcement. Millarworld, the comics publisher known for works such as Kick-Ass and The Kingsman, among a whole host of other superhero/action based properties was fully bought out by Netflix, in the same vein to Marvel's purchase by Disney, although obviously on a much smaller scale. This means Netflix basically own the rights to all their properties, presumably with the exception of the previously mentioned  Kick-Ass and Kingsman, given their rights are already owned by other studios (Similar to X-Men and Spider-Man with the Disney/Marvel thing). What it does mean is that Netflix are clearly going to take advantage of the unused properties, and no doubt want to build a share comic book universe/franchise that is entirely their own, and not subject to tenuous agreements with other agencies. Perhaps a sign that the Netfix MCU series won't be going on much longer? Who knows, all I know is there's a lot going on at Netflix right now, and not all of it is good for the consumer.

    LARRY: Man, what a week. Disney's doing some dealin, it looks.

    STICKMAN: Is somewhat the drawback with Netflix as a service, if they don't outright own it, it can be taken away at any moment. Licensing deals and whatnot.

    LARRY: Yeah I remember like two or three years ago they lost one specific contract with a film distributor and half of their good library basically vanished. It's something that may make Netflix obsolete if they're not careful.

    STICKMAN: I think we're definitely starting to see a focus on Netflix's behalf on their own original output, over licensed properties. There was a recent, potentially false report saying they're billions of dollars in debt due to working on their own productions at a loss, but I suppose once it's there, it's there, unlike with say, Disney films.

    LARRY: Yes. They have so many god damn shows that they could make a killing off of those alone.

    STICKMAN: Millarworld's not the juiciest property right now, but they could certainly turn it into oooone...I'd like to see a version of Kick-Ass and Wanted that didn't suck, personally.

    LARRY: Honestly, the Netflix brand is becoming something much more varied in recent years. Seeing the ol' Netflix seal of approval marketing something out of Millarworld is almost surreal, but then again, they made Santa Clarita Diet, so…

    STICKMAN: Netflix is all about the original content now, and I think the buy-out was likely cuz of the Disney situation. STILL, DON'T TAKE MY DAREDEVIL AWAY FROM ME, PLEAAASE.

    LARRY: To be fair, whatever they got from Daredevil they could certainly find in a Millarworld story. The dark, gritty violence.






    So, STAR WARS fans are rejoicing over the news that an Obi-Wan Kenobi origin film is officially in development over at Lucasfilm. Stephen Daldry, known for "Billy Elliot" and "Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close" (bleh), is currently in talks to direct the film, but he has not confirmed his involvement. Many are speculating that Ewan McGregor, who portrayed the character in the prequel trilogy and has openly stated he would be willing to return, will join in the fun as well. This is another effort into the Star Wars anthology series, which includes last year's "Rogue One" and the upcoming Han Solo origin film. Rumors are also circulating that Yoda and Boba Fett origin films are also in development. Hell, Lucasfilm has even considered a Jabba film...but I think we can all agree, nobody wants that. I'm more interested in my SALACIOUS B CRUMB MOVIE--oh wait I'm not Mad and also not stupid. With no script and currently no official director, be on the lookout for more news on this story in the coming months.

    STICKMAN: I think we can all agree that Crumb is a fucking ugly skank, now. It's unanimous.

    LARRY: Oh, absolutely. I think we can both agree that the recycling characters for origin stories may be getting out of hand.

    STICKMAN: I think what makes Star Wars so special is that the films are rarities that don't come out very often, and making it an annual franchise bloated with spin-offs and prequels is just going to ruin the brand completely. But hey, that's just me.

    LARRY: Agreed, especially if the stories are just retreading shit we already know. Forgive me for wanting new, original stories.

    STICKMAN: Rogue One was well made but at the end of the day it told a story of no consequence to the wider narrative. And thrived on tie-ins and cameos.

    LARRY: It also arguably takes away from A New Hope. I always found it cool that the rebellion was able to find the vent and like quickly come up with a plan and work fast. Rouge One was like "nah this was planted for a while so"

    STICKMAN: The Star Wars EXTENDED UNIVERSE has thrived for some time on the gap between the prequels and the original trilogy, and now it seems like Disney want to milk that timespan for all its worth in the main series too.

    LARRY: Part of me hopes that this Obi-Wan films takes place BEFORE the prequels. Let's buff out that timeline. Maybe then we'll get some KOTOR stuff. Him being trained by Qui-Gon could be fun!

    STICKMAN: Obi-Wan's inbetween story I would think just involves being a hermit in a little sand house, not exactly thrilling stuff. Anything before that and he'd have no experience because he was a rookie in the first episode. It's like...either way it's going to be forced. FORCED. Also that director choice sucks so weeeee.

    LARRY: Oh yeah, for sure. Just another director who can be a pawn for Lucasfilm. Also Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close is utter pretentious shit.

    STICKMAN: Pretty much, avoid creatives and go for the controllable.



    If you've been following movie news without our guiding hand in the last month, you'll know there's been a couple big Bond related tidbits. First up, back in late July, we got word that Bond 25 (Yes, there's been 24 Bond films so far) is officially in production, and was scheduled to release in the US on the 8th November 2019. At the time of that announcement, there was no word on just who'd be playing James Bond himself, the internet aflame with speculation after the release of the iffy Spectre, with Daniel Craig suggesting he'd rather slit his wrists than do it again (at the time), and rumours since then suggesting the studio heads were offering him upwards of $200 Million to do another couple films, they were that desperate. But still, no word from anyone about his role, or who'd replace him. But this week we finally got confirmation, courtesy of Craig himself on Late Night with Stephen Colbert, that he'll be back for his 5th, as of now untitled outing , and this will apparently be his final one, for sure. Hopefully it can succeed where Spectre failed and provide a satisfying send-off to one of the most loved actors to play the Bond part.

    LARRY: God he was so cold in "Spectre". And not like the cunning, collected cold. Like, god I wish I wasn't here cold. Even in "Quantum", he wasn't like that.


    STICKMAN: He had some problematic behavior in Spectre, yeah. Somewhat back to the old, creepy ways. James Bond is a character based on emotional detachment but in Spectre he was downright unpleasant towards women.

    LARRY: Something about the way he discussed it on Colbert, where he announced it, makes me smell bullshit.

    STICKMAN: This is a solely financially motivated role for him now, that's for sure.

    LARRY: I'm sorry, I just want to give Bond to someone new. Even if Bond 25 is good, which it may be, it'll just feel like retreading ground. There's no way you can simply dismantle the kinda bullshit they pulled in Spectre.

    STICKMAN: Well he's good as Bond and if the film is good, then great. I'd of been interested to see who'd take his place, by 2022 or whenever Bond 26 comes, the field of acting talent being considered will be drastically different then what it is now.

    LARRY: Yeah, there's already a laundry list of talent. And now that we're 50 years in with the same template, a white British guy, maybe it's time to change things up. Maybe a woman. Maybe a black guy. Maybe an American. Something NEW.

    STICKMAN: Black guy would be fine, other than that, no. If you're making James Bond an American or female, you may as well just do a different franchise.

    LARRY: True, but it's harder to do that without as much of a backbone. An established brand behind you in helpful.

    STICKMAN: Let's make Captain America British next time, eh? That'll really shake things up. He's one of the worlds most well known British characters. I think that's fucking stoopid.

    LARRY: If Doctor Who can be a woman, why can't James Bond?

    STICKMAN: Because Doctor Who is a regenerating alien with no fixed form. And Bond is a white man. End of that story.

    LARRY: I think it could put some life into the franchise. Bond 25 is most likely gonna take a Star Trek Beyond approach and make some episodic adventure as opposed to some all-encompasing thing (or at least that's what they should do). After this, it's time to really stir the pot. And for fuck's sake, CAST IDRIS ELBA PLEASE.

    STICKMAN: Bond films have always been episodic rather than connected, it was only Spectre that tried to tie them all together majorly, and that went REALLY WELL HUH. YOU GOT DANIEL CRAIG, MOVING ON.





    NAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH SEEEEEEEVENNNNYAAAAAAAAAAA It’s that time, folks. Let’s talk about “The Lion King”, specifically some more excellent casting news. We all know that, in lieu of “The Jungle Book” being a success, Jon Favreau is back to direct another CGI safari, and several intriguing casting announcements have made headlines as of late. Recently, it was revealed that Chiwetel Ejiofor will portray the deliciously dangerous Scar, and John Oliver will voice the arrogant and orderly Zazu. Now, Alfre Woodard will portray Sarabi, Simba’s mother, and John Kani (Black Panther’s dad in Civil War) will portray Rafiki, the spiritual mandrill. I think we can all agree that these are excellent decisions, two actors who have proven their skill. But what makes this interesting is that, akin to Marvel’s “Black Panther”, it looks like Favreau has decided to portray the lions with dark skinned actors. You can see this in the largely popular stage adaptation as well. The real question is, with side characters now largely being played by white people (Timon and Pumbaa will be portrayed by Billy Eichner and Seth Rogan respectively, and John Oliver as Zazu), where does this leave us regarding the hyenas, who were seen as slightly controversial given their portrayal as a minority group in the original film didn’t work so well. We’ll have to wait to find out…

    STICKMAN: Oh boy oh boy, another day, another Live Action Disney Casting news I simply DO NOT CAAAAARE ABOUT. I can't even escape it when I'mmmmm running the shooow.

    LARRY: You have to admit that the casting is great.

    STICKMAN: The casting is great, yes. Don't meaaaan I want to see a "live action" Lion King.

    LARRY: Well according to audience reactions from D23, where they showed some "Circle of Life" footage, it's apparently amazing.

    STICKMAN: Disney fans at a Disney Convention getting excited over Disney nostalgia is not news. Anyhow, cool cast.

    LARRY: Yeah. I'm so ready to see John Oliver channel his inner Rowan Atkinson.

    STICKMAN: I can't wait to not have to talk about it any more in a couple years.  WOO.

    LARRY: 2019, yeah. Seems a while off but it'll come in due time. Don't be surprised if, by then, we have plans up until 2045 for more live-action Disney remakes. THE ENTIRE CATALOGUE. FRONT TO BACK. AND THEN WE'LL REMAKE THEM AGAIN IN ANIMATION AGAIN.

    STICKMAN: Can't wait for the hyper-realistic Zootopia remake. Those tiggers. HooOOOOOO.



    Y'know what I like? Some GOOD OOLLLL HORROR, and you can't really get much older in the horror movie genre than 1922's Nosferatu, a surreal German adaptation/rip-off of Dracula that's become a thing of its very own since that original film, being remade in the 70s by Werner Herzog. Now it's time for another remake, and it's seeming pretty likely that the surrealism at least will be pretty intact, as Robert Eggers, most well known for the recent, dark and visually striking horror film 'The Witch' , is on directing duties, reuniting with the star of that film (No, not Black Phillip, sadly), rising star Anya Taylor-Joy who will star in the lead...not Nosferatu role, I guess? If you're wondering what the premise of Nosferatu is...well...it's basically Dracula, it's a rip-off of Dracula that the filmmakers in the 20s wanted to make without needing to pay for the rights to make an official film. It varies slightly but that's more or less what it is, except more...weird and German. Seems like a good choice of director for a weird, visual heavy horror film...but HEY, we'll see.

    LARRY: Horror? Bye. Oh shit. Wait. I can't leave.

    STICKMAN: It'd just be me, you CANNOT ESCAPE. Why you gotta SHIT ON HORROR. Don't you like artistic gothic visuals and creepy shadows?

    LARRY: I do with good measure. Admittedly though I have seen Nosferatu and do like it, but its not particularly scary.

    STICKMAN: Well don't be a BIAAATCH then. It would've been in the 20s, I'd imagine.

    LARRY: And I haven't seen the remake, so I can deal with this. Sadly I didn't see the VVitch either so

    STICKMAN: It's the goat to film for Black Phillip. I'm not a huge fan of The Witch as a film, it's got some good moments, but it's very downbeat and slow. Will be interesting to see how this one works out.

    LARRY: I do like Taylor-Joy though. She was very good in Split.

    STICKMAN: God damn was Split garbage. Dunno what y'all were smoking watching that one.

    LARRY: She had a very unique presence in that film, which I liked. I think she could add a lot to her future roles.

    STICKMAN: She's good in The Witch, so I think she's got potential, Split wasn't a good showcase of that, IN MY OPINION. Anyway, spoopy times ahead, what fun.



    In a story that is almost too good to be true, one Leonardo will officially play another Leonardo. After a seven-figure bidding war between Paramount and Universal (Jesus…), it is official that Paramount will produce and distribute a biopic about famous painter and scientist Leonardo da Vinci, a role to be portrayed by everyone’s favorite Oscar golden boy Leonardo DiCaprio. Apparently, when in his mother’s stomach, Leo kicked for the first time where his mother was looking at one of Da Vinci’s paintings. Truly, it is destiny. The bidding war itself was over the rights to a Da Vinci biography written by Walter Issacson, the man behind such acclaimed best sellers on Steve Jobs (which became the Fassbender-starring “Steve Jobs”) and Albert Einstein (basis for the series “Genius” from National Geographic). DiCaprio will be producing, along with Jennifer Davisson, under his production company Appian Way, who are responsible for many of LeoCap’s previous smash hits (“Shutter Island”, “Wolf of Wall Street”, “The Revenant”). Overall… yeah this surely is a thing. Let’s hope it doesn’t go south like “J. Edgar”.

    STICKMAN: Now he just needs to play a  Ninja Turtle and we're set.

    LARRY: First the painter, then the Ninja Turtle, THEN THE WORLD MWWAHAHAHAHAHAH

    STICKMAN: Well, he already got that Oscar, he can do whatever he fuckin wants now. Play a Poop Emoji, maybe.

    LARRY: This seems like a fun project for him. I bet you he's gonna really put his all into it. Though I always preferred clean-cut DiCaprio over beard DiCaprio.

    STICKMAN: I dunno, feels like he wouldn't be great for the role, but we'll see. Seems more like a stunt casting based on name as of now.

    LARRY: Well he's a talented guy. I didn't imagine him doing anything like The Revenant. So who knows, he may kill it.

    STICKMAN: He may kill it, he may be killed by it. WHO KNOOOWS. Personally I'm more interested in 'Being Vincent', another biopic, but this one is an animated film done in an oil painting similar to the artists own work.

    LARRY: Yeah something tells me this recent buyout may be in lieu of that. Riding the wave I suppose.

    STICKMAN: By 2020 we'll be sick of painter biopics. By 2022, we'll all be dead.

    LARRY: Sounds about right.


    STICKMAN: So HHEYYYY, time for some MOOOVIES...we got...uhhh....some.

    LARRY: Yeah, some... Not a lot, which might be a blessing.

    STICKMAN: We got four COUNT 'EM, four whole movies this week! We better waste no tiiiime!



    DIRECTOR: Patrick Hughes (Red Hill, The Expendables 3)

    STARRING: Ryan Reynolds, Samuel L. Jackson, Gary Oldman, Elodie Yung, Salma Hayek

    SYNOPSIS: The world's top bodyguard (Reynolds) gets a new client, a hitman (Jackson) who must testify at the International Court of Justice.

    STICKMAN: When two great talents team up to make...a mediocre action film?

    LARRY: Looks like it. Maybe even less than mediocre.

    STICKMAN: Some people have been loving it, but the general consensus is not good, which is a shame, these two are both great in comedy roles.

    LARRY: Yeah, they both seem to be great in it. And they look like they're having a lot of fun. But the surrounding plot seems to hold it back.

    STICKMAN: Sometimes the fact they're having fun making it isn't a good thing for the audience.

    LARRY: Yeah, it doesn't always translate well.

    STICKMAN: Ryan Reynolds seems to have defaulted back to somewhat middle of the road films after the success of Deadpool. He did this with Buried also.

    LARRY: I don't think he, as a talent, has the momentum to always knock it out of the park. For every Deadpool, you'll get a R.I.P.D.

    STICKMAN: Oof. But hey, inoffensive action comedy might work out well if you can overlook a lot of flaws, mmmm?

    LARRY: I hear Salma Hayek steals the show though. So that's cool.


    DIRECTOR: Steven Soderbergh (Oceans trilogy, Behind the Candelabra)

    STARRING: Channing Tatum, Adam Driver, Daniel Craig, Seth McFarlane, Riley Keough, Katie Holmes, Katherine Waterston,

    SYNOPSIS: Two brothers (Tatum, Driver) attempt to pull off a heist during a NASCAR race in North Carolina.

    LARRY: THIS I'm way more excited for. A redneck Ocean's Eleven? Sign me up.

    STICKMAN: This looks pretty waacckky. Action  Comedies with great lead casts seem like the order of the week, this one's actually good though apparently.

    LARRY: Also, speaking of Daniel Craig. Apparently this is one of his best performances. Like, ever.

    STICKMAN: Into a werewolf? Cool.

    LARRY: No, a southern psychopath!!?!!?

    STICKMAN: Werewolf. I can't say I'm Steven Soderbergh's biggest fan, not sure I've seen a film of his, acclaimed or not, that I've enjoyed especially.

    LARRY: Really? Not even the Ocean's films? Or Side Effects?

    STICKMAN: Haven't seen Side Effects, can't stand the Oceans films.

    LARRY: Geez.

    STICKMAN: WELLLLLL Maybe this one will break that streak. When I watch it...on DVD...maybe...y'knoooow?

    LARRY: Yeah it looks a tad more upbeat and crazy. And like less polished. Might be up your alley.

    STICKMAN: As long as it isn't Solaris.


    DIRECTOR: Eric Summer and Eric Warin (animators of Triplets of Belleville)

    STARRING: Elle Fanning, Nat Wolff, Maddie Ziegler, Carly Rae Jespen, Mel Brooks, Kate McKinnon

    SYNOPSIS: An orphan girl (Fanning) dreams of becoming a ballerina and flees her rural Brittany for Paris, where she passes for someone else and accedes to the position of pupil at the Grand Opera house.

    LARRY: Pass. Passity pass pass.

    STICKMAN: Is it LEAP the 2017 American film, or is it Ballerina, the 2016 European animation? BOTH.

    LARRY: Por que no los dos? Nah but seriously this looks like shit.

    STICKMAN: It's been getting a decent reception, looks pretty bland and this growing tide of 'International Co-Production' iffy and uninspired CGI films we've been getting lately needs to STOP. America makes enough iffy and uninspired CGI films by itself, we don't need MOOORE.

    LARRY: True. Yeah, just looks bland and uninspired. Which can easily be just as bad as an actually bad film.

    STICKMAN: Also, final nail in the coffin, at least for me? It's a musical. Better luck next time, ANIMATION.


    DIRECTOR: Adam Wingerd (The Guest, Blair Witch)

    STARRING: Nat Wolff, Willem Dafoe, Margaret Quailey, Keith Stanfield, Shea Whigham,

    SYNOPSIS: Light Turner (Wolff) stumbles across a mystical notebook that has the power to kill any person whose name he writes in it. Soon, the student-turned-vigilante finds himself pursued by a famous detective known only by the alias L (Stanfield).

    STICKMAN: OOoh..hmm...mm...ehhnn....hrmm.

    LARRY: Oooooooooooh boy. Here it comes.

    STICKMAN: Adam Wingard, mah boi...but this film, I really don't know what to feel about.

    LARRY : Me neither. I like the anime, but I never LOVED it, y'know? So like my feelings aren't super deep into it.

    STICKMAN: I've never seen the anime, but I have a friend who desperately wants me too. But, I haven't. Sorry, friend.

    LARRY: It's good. Very stylized like most anime.

    STICKMAN: Skimming over the by now, standard practice UUGHGGN WHITEWASHINNG NNNnNNNn fiasco that all these sorta films collide with, it just doesn't look that interesting? At least from the trailers. It being a Netflix film means I can just watch it for no additional costs, which is nice.

    LARRY: Yes, but it really looks to be toning down the hyperstylized nature of the show. And yeah, the whitewashing sucks.

    STICKMAN: It's like...I dunno, not whitewashing so much as readjusting the film for a different region, it has a diverse cast, so...ehh. Probably shouldn't open up that can of ol'worms, though. Willem Dafoe is perfect casting for a creepy demon boy, I'm sure we can agree.

    LARRY: Oh yeah, that's probably the only reason I'd watch it.

    STICKMAN: I'm gonna watch it because it'll just pop up on Netflix and I can do so without exerting any effort.  HOW SwEEEET IT ISSSS.

    LARRY: HoooOOOORayyyYYY for Netflixxxxxx


    STICKMAN: Soooo that's the end of the Movies out this week, I know, you're spoiled for choice...but hey, looking for some other  recommendations? It's time for... MomOmOmOmoOOOVIE OF THE WEEEEK.

    LARRY: Huzzah!

    STICKMAN: AOOWAAHOOWOhh, that's the thing I usually do when I'm phoning it in. We got a couple flicks either recently out in the Cinema, or recently out/coming soon on DVD/Online/Streaming and WHATNOT. So, why not go ahead and talk about your thing first, Larrrrrry?


    LARRY: We all like film, right? Yeah, I think that’s about right. Well, so does BRIGSBY BEAR, the latest film to be a movie about movies, but in a way that is far less pretentious than you’d expect when hearing that.

    BRIGSBY is an indie film from Kyle Mooney, a recent SNL favorite and overall cooky sketch comedian, that tells the story of James, a young adult obsessed with a children’s show entitled “Brigsby Bear”, his only solace whilst living in an underground bunker with his parents. But then, everything changes when the police show up at his front door, and reveal to James that he was abducted when he was young, and that the show was made by his father exclusively for him. So, at a loss for ideas, he sets off to make a movie finale for his favorite show, and the result is a heartwarming, hilarious, and insightful look at the creative process, as well as the positive aspects of the current age in television and film fandom. Most would be ready to point out the flaws in the world’s obsession with thorough lore-filled shows and movies, but BRIGSBY embraces it by showing how it brings people together, and allows people to find fulfillment. Add that to a great performance from Mooney, a solid pace, and a slew of creative ideas regarding the titular show itself, and you have a lovely film that is bound to go unnoticed. Don’t let it slip from your radar.

    STICKMAN: A movie about movies? What will they think of next.

    LARRY: Yes, I know, but it's not like that. If anything, it shows the greatness of making movies without the masturbatory nature of it all. This isn't some Hollywood jerkoff session.

    STICKMAN: The idea of a twisted childrens TV show that didn't actually exist, and is only known about by scarred children, reminds me quite a bit of Channel Zero: Candle Cove, a horror TV show that was  RATHER GOOD ACTUALLY. Does this one have spooky pirate puppets.

    LARRY: ...no. But it does have bears!

    STICKMAN: Shit. Welll....Are they leather bears?

    LARRY: The suit is! Partially.

    STICKMAN: I'll take what I can get.

    LARRY: And it has wizards! And Mark Hamill!

    STICKMAN: In leather? Orrr?

    LARRY: Oh, no.

    STICKMAN: Ah. Shame. Still, this sounds like an interesting and quirky little indie film. Might be hard to track down but maybe worth a look if you caaaan? Still, cool to hear about a smaller film on here. Not me though, I'm only going for the biggest, most well known....French cannibal dramas.

    LARRY: Looks like we're both going indie this week. Give me the details, Stix.

    STICKMAN: Baby, I was BORN Indie...except when like, a Marvel film comes out. Anyway, my turn. My pick for this week is RAW, a French/Belgian cannibal horror...veterinarian school...drama. Yes.

    Here we go. So, this film is pretty 18 rated, I must say, I wasn't super messed up by it, but for a point of reference, at its premiere at Toronto IFF, paramedics had to be called because people fainted, and other people threw up , so that's always fun.  I went in a bit weary, both because of that legacy, and also just because these sorta films can end up pretty nonsensical and pretentious. What I got? Was a surprisingly fun, visceral and colourful quirky drama that maybe doesn't end as strongly as I'd of liked, but on a whole is just a great, fun and rather unique film. Yes, it's pretty gross, but I dunno, I've seen worse, y'know? If you're in the mood for a grotesque, vaguely horror-based quirky, vibrant slice of world cinema, can't go wrong with RAW.

    LARRY: Cannibalism? Gross? Nah son. I've sat through Only God Forgives. Now that's truly disgusting.

    STICKMAN: You think that's bad? I  sat through The Neon Demon, which is as bad as Only God Forgives, but actually about cannibalism...AND necrophilia. Now that's a hard pill to swallow.

    LARRY: Oh shit. You win.

    STICKMAN: But yeah, this is rather fun, actually. I don't think you should take it too seriously for maximum enjoyment.

    LARRY: I've been meaning to check this one out for sure.

    STICKMAN: It's beautifully filmed and has a rather fun score too. It's just...I dunno, fun? It's a fun little...disgusting cannibal nightmare. But hey, so's every freshers week, AMIRITE FOLKS? AHA. AHAHAHAH. AHAHHAHAHAHAHAHA


    STICKMAN: Anyway, that'll about do it for this trainwreck of a Screwvies episode, how d'you think we managed without our Team Leader, Larry?

    LARRY: I'd say fairly well. We agreed, disagreed, and didn't kill each other! I'd call that a success.

    STICKMAN: That's true. What you're saying is, I should overthrow Mad and take over. A new, Lizard-led leadership, for today's, dictator heavy society.

    LARRY: Uhhhhh not exactlyyyyyy

    STICKMAN: Oh. Well, okay, we'll be back next week, and back to normal, I'd assummmme.

    LARRY: I think our threeway (heh) partnership is working quite well.

    STICKMAN: I like a good threeway, but sometimes one on one can be just the ticket. So, let's get to that right away. Goodbye everyone, shut the door on your way out.

    LARRY: Lemme throw a sock on the door. Bye everyone.

    STICKMAN: Where we're going,we don't need socks! OR ANY CLOTHES...BECAAAUSE WE'RE GONNA HAVE SEX. BYEEEE.

  • Stream! 21st August, 8:00pm BST

    5 hours ago


    Hello! Sorry for no streams the past couple times, things were busy but Callum's back! 
    We are going to Space again...and its pretty Dead too...

    The stream will start about 8:00pm BST and it will be on Callum's Twitch.

    Mic will be on, so come join us in chat! Not that anyone has been, but don't be rude in chat.
    Just come along, enjoy the game, have a chat (We get lonely when no one is there) and just have a good time.

    ~Stream Schedule~
    Saturday is the day for Panda and Friends! at around about 8pm BST every time, unless stated otherwise!
    Callum's streams will be every Monday 8pm-12pm BST and Wednesday 8pm-11pm BST

  • She promised that she was, in fact, not a serial killer...

    2 days ago


    I just now realized that I have absolutely no friends via this website...looks like things will need to be taken care of...

    Wait, that sounded oddly serial killer-esque...that's not - er - I'm not a serial killer, I swear.

    Oh, god, please accept my friend request despite the prior faux paux.

  • Update for the Week of 8/20/17

    22 hours ago

    GRatFinn RTNY Guardian

    Meetups and Events


    Bear Mountain State Park 8/26

    This Saturday meeting up at Bear Mountain State Park for a day of hiking, swimming, picnicking, etc. Those of us that get there early will secure us some picnic table as a center meeting point, we'll post exactly where we are when we get there. Please RSVP via the Facebook Event Page so we know who to expect. We'll be spending the whole day there so meet up with us whenever you can. If you have any questions please let us know.


    September Meetup

    Last Fall we went paintballing and we're thinking about doing again next month. Are people interested going again? Last time we went to High Velocity in Coram, it was $30 for admission & complete equipment rental for a minimum group of 20, plus the cost of paint. Would you like to go there again? or does someone have another recommendation? Please let us know.

    Game Nights


    Smite XBox One 8pm 8/22

    On Tuesday night we'll be playing some Smite. Smite is a free to play MOBA that supports up to 10 players in matches of 5v5. All are welcome to join even if you've need played before, this is a great opportunity to jump in a get to know the game. Add Evil Angel2020 or GRat Finn on XBL and let us know if you'd like to play.


    Friday the 13th Xbox One 8pm 8/24

    On Thursday we'll be playing Friday the 13th. So join us Thursday night as we run for live from Jason, add Evil Angel2020 on XBL and let us know if you'd like to join.


    RTNY MVP is a program where we look to spotlight members of the community who do exceptional work to help foster and grow this group. If you know some who you feel goes above and beyond in their contributions to RTNY please let us know and check this forum thread for all details and to submit your nominations.

    Video of The Week

    Check out this week's Video Of the Week and let us know if you have a nomination for next weeks

    Twitch Channel  | Youtube Channel | Mixer Page

    RTNY Discord Server

    Gamertag/Usernames Thread 

    XBox Club Page

    Game Night Suggestion Thread

    Meetup/Event Suggestion Thread 


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