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  • Day 1268: it was a week...

    8 hours ago

    topham DHYB

    Today I did very little. I Woke up early, looked to see whether I'd been paid, and got on with things. Work wasn't particularly productive, I did a good majority of the QC work, but my other responsibilities felt like they lacked urgency, so I didn't pick up many of the other issues that need to be progressed. Surely next week that'll occur, but today, the motivation was not to be found. 

    I have played a whole load of Final Fantasy X, and I'm making solid progress, but I really forget the scale of the game, and so I thought I was about half way through, but there's no way it's only a 40-hour game. 

    This week has been strange. It was super hot, and I was super concerned about going into the exam I had on Wednesday, I did the exam and the super hot weather went away. Interesting. 

    I continued my exploration through new music, and it's been a good time,  found some new albums, but nothing that's caught me as in previous weeks. 

    Anyway, have an excellent day! You're all my favourites! 

    Peace -x-

  • Final Saturday Update!

    14 hours ago

    savstan RT AL Founder and Admin

    Hello everyone! So final update to Saturday Meetup: 7 pm at Vestavia Bowl. We hope to see someone there! And sorry again for the change!

  • DEATH ANALYSIS: The Tragic Heroine With The Power to Kill a God!

    1 day ago



    1. Name: Noel Vermillion
    2. Birth Name: Mu-12
    3. Age:  5 Years Old (Chronology), Unknown (Physically) 
    4. Height: (Noel) - 157 cm (5'1.8"), (Mu-12) - 157 cm (5'2")
    5. Weight: (Noel) - 48 kg (105.8 lbs), (Mu-12) - 48 kg (106 lbs)
    6. Blood Type: A
    7. B/W/H: 73 cm (29) / 59 cm (23) / 93 cm (36)
    8. Former First Lieutenant of the NOL
    9. Founder of Pretty Detective Team: Remix Heart
    10. Eye of the Azure
    11. Also known as The Origin and Saya
    12. Professional Gunslinger
    13. Early Graduate by 6 months from the Military Academy
    14. Likes Really Cute Things Like Pandas
    15. Has A Fear of Bugs Especially Ones With Lots of Legs
    16. Future Occupation: A nun at Celica A Mercury's Church with Lambda-11


    Born as Dimensional Boundary Contact Medium No. 12 in the 5th Hierarchical City of Ibukido in The Ikaruga Federation on December 25th 2194 by Sector Seven, Mu-12 was being tested by the scientists in order to access the power of the Azure deep within the Boundary as they couldn't survive on the other side of it and that's why Mu and the Murakumo Units were created because they can only survive in the Boundary.

    But with all scientific discoveries it has backfired horribly as the Takamagahara System, a group of AIs created by man to manage the world, launched a powerful beam that came from the Nox Nyctores, Gigant: Takemikazuchi which destroyed the lab and everyone in it because it was revealed that the experiment was an attempt to create a monster known as The Black Beast and they were planning on using Mu to create the monster to win against the Novus Orbis Librarium during the Ikaruga Civil War. Now normally in some timelines, this act would kill Mu but in the other ones including the one in which the BlazBlue series is set in, Mu survived inside her cocoon in which The Origin basically the Girl who first made contact with the Master Unit, Amaterasu had used the blast cause by Takemikazuchi as a catalyst since she was waiting for an opportunity to recreate herself in Mu but unfortunately, Mu doesn't remember anything that's happened before she was finished being created or The Origin's involvement with her creation. So with no memory of who and what she is, Mu was then later discovered by Edgar and Claire Vermillion who then processed to adopted and renamed her, “Noel Vermillion" to raise as their own child. (Gee she's like Superman and Goku except they're aliens from dying planets and not artificial humans.)

    A few years later after her adoption into the Vermillion household, Noel's parents were being shun out by the NOL, it was then that she joined the Military Academy to help out her parents and keep them within the NOL. (Yeah just sign up for a school being run by the same people who's planning on banishing your family in the first place.) When she arrived at the Military Academy, Noel became best friends with her classmates, Makoto Nanaya, Tsubaki Yayoi and Carl Clover and after graduating 6 months before her fellow classmates, Noel was listed in the NOL as a lieutenant to Major Jin Kisaragi but he didn't like Noel that much or he'd treated her like dirt because she reminded him of his own sister, Saya.

    Not soon after on New Year's Eve in the year 2199, Jin went to go after the “Grim Reaper" (Otherwise known as Ragna The Bloodedge) in the 13th Hierarchical City of Kagatsuchi (Wow what a way to leave your job on New Year's Eve just to chase a criminal in another city.) With her heart heavy with worry, Noel was assigned by the NOL to return Jin back to his post.


    Noel's weapons of choice are twin handguns called the Nox Nyctores, Arcus Diabolus: Bolverk (Translated as Demon Guns: Bolverk) and they've appeared to her when she was attacked by a monster in the forest that she always played in when she was a child. Bolverk is even powerful enough to shoot through a solid wall plus Noel can even transform Bolverk into Thor which is a missile launcher with a shark's face on the missile and even into Fenrir which is a powerful mini gun. (Damn a chick holding a mini gun and a missile launcher. Now that's freaking awesome!)


    Noel is classified as a speed character in the BlazBlue series as she can get around very quickly on the battlefield as she shoots her bullets from Bolverk. (Also she can see into a person's memories just by touching them.) As the “Eye of The Azure", Noel can also see the distant and recent memories of a person just by having someone touch her or if she touches someone else just like she did with Tsubaki, Carl, Hazama and Lambda-11 in BlazBlue Continuum Shift (Wait which version of that game since there's been three versions of the same game put together?) It was all of them. (Ok thanks since Continuum Shift had two more remakes after the original game was released.) 

    Also Noel can create an artificial landscape called The Realm which can take the form of the 13th Hierarchical City of Kagutsuchi and Noel's managed to do it while she was sleeping plus Noel being a replica of Saya, has shown that she has inherited some of Saya's memories from her childhood, although the memories appear to be far more prominent in her than any of the 11 Murakumo Units known thus far but as it turns out that after regaining her memories after refusing with Mu-12 during the events of BlazBlue Central Fiction, it was revealed that Noel actually has half of Saya's soul while the other half was inside of Hades Izanami because Noel is also known as the girl who first contacted The Master Unit, Amaterasu aka The Origin herself and because of this, Noel gained the ability to fuse with the other pieces of The Origin's Soul and essentially become reborn as Saya herself once all of the fragments are within Noel which included Mu-12, Hades Izanami and The Girl inside of the Master Unit well except for Lambda-11 and Nu-13 because both of them became their own identities and Noel couldn't fuse with either of them. In other words, it's kinda like in Red vs. Blue and how the AI fragment, Sigma wanted to gather his fellow AI fragments to become a perfect AI but in order to do that, Sigma brainwashed and manipulated Agent Maine which turned him into the cold murdering psychopath known as The Meta and he went to hunt down his fellow Freelancers and stealing their AIs and Armor Enhancements but in Noel's case, it was just recovering her memories.


    Bolverk can use a raw energy source called Seithr (which was the remains of the Black Beast) which Noel can use very powerful attacks like her Distortion Drives, Zero-Gun: Fenrir and Bullet Storm ⇒ Zero-Gun: Thor as well as her Astral Heat, Valkyrie Veil.

    Fighting Style

    Noel's fighting style is a very unique martial art called the Gun Fu which focuses on close-quarters gunplay which is very popular in Hong Kong action films and western films are influenced by this fighting style. Just look at Dante from Devil May Cry since he uses this fighting style as well.

    Move Set

    Noel's a master gunslinger and she is fairly fast plus she has good range when she fights her opponents in the BlazBlue series like her unique Drive, The Chain Revolver aka "The Extremely Spamable Attack In The History of Fighting Games!" which she's capable of pulling extremely high-damaging combos plus her Overdrive, The Chain Quasar can increase the speed of her attacks like her famous Optic Barrel which can shoot though a solid wall. Her Revolver Blast shoots four bullets as she twirls in midair. The Silencer can shoot a downed opponent and can be repeated and the Spring Raid allows her to kick her opponent into the air. She can even cross over her opponents with Assault Though, the Muzzle Filler allows her to flip forward and catch a standing opponent with her legs and she can use a large energy blast from Bolverk with the Bloom Trigger. Plus Bolverk can also turn into a shotgun when she uses her Chamber Shot and it's the closest attack Noel has to Ragna's Hell's Fang plus it's really good for knocking back an opponent. 

    But if Noel wants to kick it up a notch then she can use her Zero-Gun: Sleipnir, an Exceed Accel that after she uses when she's in her Overdrive state which she uses her Zero-Gun: Thor on her opponent before transforming Bolverk into a huge Railgun that she can fire to chase down her foe being rocketed by the recently fired Thor or she can combo it with her Chamber Shot and Zero-Gun: Fenrir along with the moves that I mentioned before to deal massive damage to her foe but only if she's in her Active Flow. Now here's a video that showcases Noel's moveset from Chrono Phantasma.


    Now you all think that I've told you everything that Noel has on the battlefield right? Nope! After Hazama aka Yuki Terumi told her that she wasn't human to begin with as he called her a puppet and a doll, Noel's emotions ran berserk and broke Bolverk since he revealed to her that they were limiters just suppressing her emotions thus allowing Terumi to smelt Noel into the Cauldron or in other words, Terumi pretty much mind-raped Noel as she transformed into her True Form, Mu-12 aka The Sword of the Godslayer, Kusanagi with the simple goal for Terumi to destroy the Master Unit, Amaterasu (which is pretty much the Goddess of the Sun and Universe in Japanese legend.) and end the world.

    This form is deadly on the battlefield and if you're the unlucky fool to face Noel in her true form then you can kiss your life goodbye as she can kill a god single-handedly (Damn I don't think that a young and sweet innocent girl would be able to kill powerful deities and immortals like the Elder Gods from Mortal Kombat) and with the help of Rachel Alucard, she can now control and transform into Mu-12 at her own will during the events of BlazBlue Chrono Phantasma as she wanted to save her best friend Tsubaki from Izanami. (Well you got to do what you got to do to save your friends even resorting to facing your true self in order to accomplish that goal.) Also Mu's armor is made up of a special metal called the Hihirokane which is lighter than gold but harder than diamonds and yet she can move and jump in it despite Mu showing off a lot of her skin when she enters her Battle Mode. Also fun fact this legendary alloy of Japanese folklore was once wielded by Jubei's brother, Tomonori who used it when he fought against Terumi in the manga, BlazBlue Phase Shift 1 and it was used to create the armors during the smeltings for Mu-12 and her successor unit, Nu-13 and the golden crest on Hakumen's chest. Mu also wields the Nox Nyctores, Lux Sanctus: Murakumo (translated as God Bright: Gathering Clouds) which can allow her to summon 8 telepathic swords which she can defend against attacks or just send them out to chase after her foes and is the most common weapon of the Murakumo Units.

    As Noel transforms into her true form, Mu's got some unique abilities that she couldn't normally do when she was originally Noel like her Drive, Steins Gunner which Mu can summon small orbs that she can place anywhere on the battlefield to plan out her strategy. Her Overdrive, Steins Geiser can make the lasers that fire out of her gunners become stronger. In addition Mu's attacks can be deadly if you're not too careful. She can launch a laser at her opponents with Totsuka Blade and if she has her gunners out on the field she use this laser to bounce off them and hits her opponents. Mu can even use a speedy projectile with Arrows of Heaven. Her Origins allows Mu form a powerful barrier and can even knock her opponents back. Not to mention my favorite move that Mu can do is none other than Sword of Decimation which she can use her blades to summon a giant sword from underneath her opponent's feet. Mu can use Ikutachi Blade which she does a forward diagonal leap and slashes behind her foe with her eight blades and can even kick them into the air vertically skyward and she can even make her gunners self-destruct with Divine Wrath of the Heavens. But that's not the only thing that Mu-12 can do because her Distortion Drives are very powerful like her Blessed Mirror which can draw power from the Totsuka Blade and it can be amplified depending on how many Steins have been placed. Her Wisdom of the Divines can bind her opponent as she gets above then to launch 8 swords to strike down at her foe at once but if Mu wants to get serious, then her Exceed Accel, Pillar of Light, which after entering her Overdrive allows her to slash at her foe before having her blades circling around them before being blasted by a pillar of light right underneath their feet.

    But Mu's ultimate attack is her Astral Heat, Sword of the Godslayer which she can trap her opponent in a barrier as she flies up and transforms her eight blades into eight giant swords as they strike down into the ground and makes a huge explosion that engulfs the opponent or she can transform into a giant sword herself and slash at her opponent. Now just like i did with Noel's move set I'm going to put a video that shows Mu-12's moveset.


    As the Eye of the Azure, Noel has some flaws to her character as she has the smallest breast size out of the starting female cast of the BlazBlue series and she's not that fond of it as in a few scenes in Calamity Trigger as she's been called a young man or a boy by Bang Shishigami and Lacking Lady by previous Death Battle champion, Taokaka. (Well that's just mean just saying that to a girl.)

    Also if Bolverk is taken away from her, Noel will be completely and utterly helpless when striped of her weapons. Plus she's not that good of a cook as seen in her Gag Ending in Continuum Shift as she pretty much kills everyone who tastes her cooking well except Hazama and Mai Natsume in the magna, BlazBlue Remix Heart (Well the first time because Mai's tongue is super sensitive that allowed her to eat Noel's cooking but she couldn't eat normal food.)

    Noel's also the definition of the "shrinking violet" archetype as she is also shy, clumsy and gets worked up over the smallest things like her very small breasts for example and at one time during her time at the Military Academy, Noel accidentally swallowed a watermelon seed as she got Tsubaki, Makoto, Mai and Kajun all lost at the eighth level of the Academy due to her inability to read a map but not soon after, the watermelon seed that Noel swallowed grew out of her belly button after inhaling a large amount of Seithr as the sprout attacked the group and it went looking for the Evolution Grimoire while using Noel as it's host which is strangely weird now that I think about it but it actually happened during Chapter 3 of BlazBlue: Remix Heart. She also apologizes for every thing that she does even if it's not necessary and also Noel has a major bad case of identity crisis as she was told by Terumi that she's a doll before smelting her in the Cauldron to become Mu-12. Plus she does have that habit of being the Damsel in Distress as she gets kidnapped or ambushed by someone a few times, once was when she battled Hazama, who told her that she wasn't human as her emotions went berserk which broke Bolverk, which gave him the opportunity to smelt her into the Cauldron to become Mu in Continuum Shift while in Chrono Phantasma, she was ambushed by Relius Clover and Nu-13 in which she was forcefully synchronized with Nu, an act which transforms Nu into a second Successor of the Azure, albeit in status only and then in Central Fiction, she was kidnapped once again by Terumi, who just reclaimed the Susano'o Unit because it was actually Terumi's original body as the god, Susano'o in Japanese legend as he choked Noel into unconsciousness and then processed to absorb her into himself and in doing so renders Terumi completely immune to Phenomenon Intervention, rendering him almost completely invincible.

    But you could ask yourself "Could anything kill Noel?" actually yes but only by special means because she's immortal after getting the power of the Eye and because normal weapons could just go right though her as in Central Fiction, Hibiki and Hakumen tried to cut her down but it didn't work even though Hibiki kept trying to do it even after Kokonoe told him that he could not be able to do it which I kinda question Hibiki's sanity. There's only two things that can fully kill her. The first thing that can kill Noel would have to be....The Sealed Weapon: Izayoi and it's ability to use the Immortal Breaker which of course can kill any being outside of Logic so you could say that the Sword is like a Kryptonite weapon that Lex Luthor can use in his Warsuit when he battles Superman but the second thing is destroying her vessel with Kushinada's Lynchpin, which is a large nail that is able to shut the entrance to the Boundary.


    Well even with all of her tragic moments in the BlazBlue series, Noel has accomplished a lot of impressive feats on her own.

    1. Having the highest of synchronization rates with Armagus ever recorded at her entrance exam to the Military Academy.

    2. She fought against Nu-13 to a standstill

    3. She saved Ragna from being killed by Nu at the climax of Calamity Trigger thus shattering the endless time loops.

    4. She saved Tsubaki with the help of Makoto and Jin.

    5. She even fought against the Nox Nyctores Gigant: Take-Mikazuchi with the help of both Ragna and Jin in the climax of Chrono Phantasma.

    6. She managed to fight off both Hakumen and Jin when she was Mu-12 in the climax of Continuum Shift.

    7. She also managed to survive a fight against Ragna when he was turned into a Black Beast-like state by Hades Izanami only escaping with minor wounds when she transformed into Mu-12.

    8. Also managed to not die when she was swallowed by the Black Beast when she was in her Mu-12 state and Jin fought against Berserk Ragna between Chrono Phantasma and Central Fiction.

    9. Killed Hades Izanami as Mu-12 during the events of Central Fiction.

    10. Absorbed the Souls of Mu-12, Hades Izanami and The Origin to be fully reborn as Saya.

    But if that's not crazy enough for you, she's even helped saved the multiverse with previous Death Battle combatants Mai Shiranui and Ivy Valentine in the Japanese only RPG for the PSP, Queen's Gate Spiral Chaos and all the experiences that Noel has gone though with her life even after accepting Mu-12 as herself, she has developed a new level of self-confidence and determination to protect her friends.

    Potential Opponents

    Aigis (Persona 3 and Persona 4 Arena)

    Fiora (Xenoblade Chronicles)

    Well I hope you enjoy my first Death Battle blog and I hope I can make another one in the future.

  • {~}

    2 days ago

    Nathan The Dark

    Seven months later and I'm a plumber now. Huzzah!

  • Going to RTX this Year

    1 day ago


    And I'm excited! Or nervous. I can't tell. I should probably go into it with low expectations, given that I did start planning for this as late as the beginning of this summer.

    I kinda missed the opportunity to sign up for a signing, since they're all sold out except for people I have no idea who they are. So I'm just going to take some advice I saw and plan to go to about a panel a day and plan around those. 

    Anyways, see you all there.

  • Collabs?

    1 day ago


    Howdy guys and gals!

    Long time no post, I know, but I've been busy with a full time job and all that nonsense. Now I've quit that. I'm going back to school, so I've got time to do what I want with my dreams, and with my buddy Larcher we're reviving the old Youtube we used to work on together: Select Start Network.

    We've got huge, lofty goals for this baby, and one of those involves finding collaborators (AKA new friends)! We can always use more people to play games with in vids and streams! If it's something you're interested in, hit me up here or @ me on twitter with @maliciousduck. 

    To view some old content go here: https://www.youtube.com/user/LiveSelectStart/

    We have been recently recording more stuff, so expect new things within the next week or so. We're also going live with a website of our own, so exciting stuff is in store for the future! 

    Again, you can hit me up if you're interested in being a part of this by messaging me here or on Twitter @maliciousduck

  • Log Horizon Season 2 Episode 19

    1 day ago


    Hello everybody and welcome to our next exciting episode of Log Horizon, where the locals only know forty two songs and they can be attacked by a swarm of wyverns at any minute. Fun times all around.

    Now, I know what you're thinking. "Cabs, you unfunny Transformers addict, why are you posting a new entry a day early?" The reason for that is simply. My Friday schedule is, as of now, currently unknown. I don't know if I could do an episode that day, so instead of pushing it back a day, I decided to do it a day early since I know what my scheduled for Thursday is. And it's basically the same thing I do every night. Have my Transformers battle for the fate of the universe!

    But that's neither here nor there. We have an anime watch. So, what happened last time? Well, the Log Horizon Rock your EXP tour made it to Saphir Village, where the band put on a wonderful performance that night, but to the admiration of the crowd. Including Rudy, who made sure to get his card labeled as fan number one. He gives nothing but praise to Isuzu, calling her a Goddess of the Forty Two. And what, does that mean? Well, it's revealed that the People of the Land only know forty two songs, just enough to fill out a two disc cd set if you really want to push for money.

    This shocking revelation leads Isuzu to try and come up with a new song, because she is the daughter of a musician, dammit, and she's going to do her father proud! Meanwhile, Minori and Serara have some girl talk and find that they're having issues using the telepathic link. With the Odyssey Knights in town they suspect their shrine is related to it and go to ask about it. Not much else happens with them that episode.

    What is happening is that Toya and Dariella have a heart to heart. Toya, for reasons that may be related to him being in a wheelchair at some point, knows that Dariella is faking her smile, as if keeping her guard up. When called on this, she lowers her guard a bit. It's because clear recently that Toya seems smitten with the girl, but don't let her NPC status fool you, for she is really Nureha, Princess of Minami, and she only has eyes for Shiroe. Though in this case, they have a bit of a problem, for you see, a swarm of wyverns appears, heading for the village. Looks like the kids are going to be in the fight for their lives. Luckily, help may not be so far away as Nyan-ta, sent out on a secret scouting mission, sees the swarm coming.

    How will the kids deal with this impending attack? Will the Odyssey Knights come to their aid? Will Dariella reveal who she really is? Let's tune in and find out.

    -Our episode begins with the always smiling Nyan-ta running through the forest, but he isn't smiling this time. Reaching a cliff, he sees the swarm of wyverns in the distance. He suspects that even Shiroe, capable of working in dimensions that no mere mortal can possibly hope to reach, wouldn't see this one coming. Given the number of creatures involved, Nyan-ta can't stay out of this one, and instead, will intervene directly. He calls for his griffin and he rides off into battle. And really, a cat acting like Shaft, dressed like a gentleman scholar, riding off to battle on a griffin? Can you picture a more perfect image than that?

    -After the opening, we cut to Shiroe turning to the camera and saying that it's the only way to do it right. I'm glad he agrees with me about Nyan-ta. Actually, he's giving a lecture to Minori, his apprentice, and Akatsuki, his ninja, telling them that if they're in the mild of a town or village when a conflict breaks out, get it away from the population as quickly as they can. Akatsuki understands. If you want to fight for your home, you want it standing once the fighting is done. Leaving the structures intact only makes sense. Minori writes this all down diligently as we return to the present to see the swarm of wyverns within the village. You think they'll keep the structures intact?

    -We soon see that Toya has regrouped with Minori and Serara. The Druid tells Rudy that since they can't use the telepathic link, leave the party chat on while he and Isuzu go to join them. Rudy then looks up to Isuzu's room, but runs off. Why? Because it looks like the Bard is looking a bit depressed. She must have ended up writing Justin Bieber songs by mistake.

    -Tonight's episode is titled Red Night. Even though the battle looks like it'll take place during the day. We soon see one of the civilians banging on a bell, though you certainly took your time to warn the town. Minori comments that none of the wyverns are all that powerful, it's just that it's a numbers game, and in the end, the numbers win out. Still, just because they're horribly out numbered doesn't mean Minori isn't going to try and help. As she, Serara, and Toya continue to run through the now empty streets, the Druids asks if Roe2 is okay back there. Toya tells them not to worry about her, since she could probably take on the swarm by herself with little effort. They hear people shouting, but it's an evacuation that's taking place. Toya notices Serara is acting off and asks if she's okay. She comments on how the People of the Land are acting so calm. Minori agrees. It's like they've practiced for such an emergency multiple times!

    -They soon look down the street and see the Odyssey Knights pass by, shrine in hand. Looks like they will be joining the fight after all, which may explain why the villagers aren't panicking in the slightest. Not one for saying in the back lines, Toya tells the others that they need to keep moving as another group of Odyssey Knights pass them, including one that Toya saw before that looked like he was a step or two away from full rage induced insanity. Only that isn't the case here. Just as he puts on his helmet, he looks positively overjoyed. Toya sees this look and has no idea what to think of it. Oh, to be young and naive once more.

    -Anyway, looks like Rudy went back to get Isuzu after all. We see him knocking on her door, saying he needs to talk to her. It's pretty important. It's about this contract you need to sign. Oh, and the village is in imminent danger, but you don't have to worry about that for now. Still, he recalls her crying face from the night before, but before he can make a decision, Isuzu appears, leaving Rudy at a loss for words. And he's so talkative, too.

    -Outside, Isuzu is dressed for battle, but wonders if it's already started? If so, she'll go back to her room and get back to writing her songs. Rudy sees her acting demoralized, so he decides the best thing to do is to pick up her spirits. And he does so in his usual, over the top fashion. Have no fear, Rundellhaus Code is here! And there's a picture of a puppy behind him. Do not worry, for this village, as well as she and Minori and Serara are safe with his passionate Orb of Lava protecting them from harm! And he gets punched in the head for mentioning other ladies besides Isuzu. Oh, and for goofing off. Now is not the time for your usual, overly dramatic speeches. There are wyverns to hunt.

    -Still, this is what Rudy wanted and decides to show off another trick of his. As his staff glows, Isuzu stares at him with confusion until, suddenly, she's floating off the ground. What kind of witchcraft is this? Rudy says the spell is called Bird Shoe. While she won't fly like a bird, but she will notice that she'll be able to get around the battlefield much more quickly. Isuzu likes this and tries it out for a bit, hopping around the area. See, Rudy told you he was a genius! Yeah, yeah, whatever. Anyway, weren't we suppose to be doing something? Oh, right, the wyverns. Lots of killing to be done.

    -As Isuzu and Rudy run off to join the battle, we see it already in progress, and the other junior members do not like the sight they're seeing. That is, the Odyssey Knights running full speed ahead into the battle, looking to die. They taunt the creatures until one flies down, unhappy about how they insulted it's mother, and soon battle is joined. The trio can only watch on in horror as one the wyvern kills one of the knights, who dies laughing. The survivors continue to taunt the creature, including one knight activating Anchor Howl. The others call him out for using such an obvious skill and go to join him, hoping to be killed in the process. One wyvern comes in and plays a little bowling for Adventurers, hitting a strike in the process. Wow, that's a bit of a dark joke.

    -Minori comments on how the Odyssey Knights are not using any form of strategy or teamwork while Toya is in disbelief. The knights are making the wyverns attack them. Though isn't that the whole point, to draw enemy fire away from the civilian population? I suspect there's another line in there, or suppose to be in there, about how they're making the wyverns attack and are doing nothing to defend themselves. Serara doesn't understand what they, the knights, are doing out there, as we see the lead knight get run over by a dying wyvern. We then cut to the knights re spawning at the portable shrine, comment on how quick it was, and then go to rejoin the battle. They're treating it more as a carnival ride, and I think that's what I find the most disturbing about the whole thing.

    -Toya doesn't want to admit it, but he was right. The knights really do want to die. Roe2 appears and says that it's an interesting strategy, if you ask her. She comments on the shrine, acting like a Cathedral, respawning the knights, only without the usual wait time. She seems more curious, wondering what kind of inventor would come up with that? She's impressed by it. The kids are looking at her with disbelief, but she continues, asking them if they're interested? Yeah, no, they aren't interested. Toya calls the machine disgusting and totally wrong. Roe2 begs to differ. It's just an invention that uses the laws of this world. Toya, still in angry, shouty mode, claims that wasn't what he meant, but Roe2 continues, saying that the knights are giving up their empathium to the system freely enough. Was that word used before? I don't recognize it.

    -Roe2 keeps going, saying the the harvesting rate is excellent, considering all the dying the Odyssey Knights are doing. The geniuses, I assume the investors, are definitely benefitting from it. Toya is confused and says they have to stop this, but Roe2 says they don't know what they can do, since it looks like the knights are trying to die out there. According to Roe2, they're addicted to dying, mainly to see their lives during the respawn period. Of course, she's never experienced it for herself. Apparently the moon doesn't have to worry about pesky respawns like that.

    -We then cut to a really bad CGI train, cutting through the forest, as Londark scouts ahead. No hostile contacts have been seen. The magic rails appear to be running splendidly. Oh, and our former Susukino resident is now a level ninety-two Sorcerer. The report is passed to Mizpha, commenting on him leaving Susukino "like a whipped dog" and still gets treated like nobility because he's an Adventurer. Of course, she says this just in case you haven't figured that she's one of the People of the Land. Anyway, one of the drivers reports that the Odyssey Knights have engaged a flight of wyverns in Saphir Village, but she rather just let them die like the fools they are. She then orders them to release half the servants.

    -We quickly cut to another car on the train filled with people laying down next to machines plugged into them as the sorcerers work on them. Kazuhiko is there observing, though I wonder why he would actually go through with this. I imagine we'll find out more later. Suddenly, most ghosts appear, looking very similar to the ones Log Horizon engaged in a couple of episodes ago. Oh, and my comment about Kazuhiko? He has the look of a man he's only here for his own reasons but is clearly not happy with the practices the guild is engaged in. Again, I imagine we'll get a proper reason later, but I suspect the reason he hasn't bailed is either because he wants to help Nureha somehow or he's trying to keep Intix in check. Doing a bang up job, either way.

    -Looks like we get a flashback to an experiment. Nakarunard can't believe it actually worked as Zeldeus says he was able to summon a nightshade servant. And the person being used? It's a Person of the Land. Apparently they're using the People of the Land to become the Nightshade creatures. Mizpha comments that any experience the Nightshade gains is used to level up the Person of the Land. Sounds like a horrible experiment. So what happens to the Person of the Land if the servant dies? Nothing. They stay safe. Well, at least somebody is following proper protocol here. Though Jared's comment about them being safe "in a way" probably means that there's a lasting side effect. As he laughs his evil, old man laugh, Kuong calls him creepy. He's just trying to live up his role as the mad scientist. Let him have a little fun.

    -Jared then attacks Kuong, because nobody makes fun of his mad scientist role! Kazuhiko, watching from afar, calls it a power-up technique. Nakarunard corrects him. It's a fast power-up technique. Were you not paying attention to the lecture a moment ago? Mizpha finds it fascinating as Jared says that, once perfected, they'll have as many Land People in their army as they need. He says this while beating on Kuong. Apparently he's great at multitasking. Kazuhiko, back in the present, here's one of the minions talk about giving one of the People of the Land an experience potion, so he stops them right away, saying it's too dangerous. This report makes it to Mizpha, calling him a hypocrite. After all, he's an Adventurer and they are People of the Land. Immortals have no stake whatsoever in their war. Well, I know Minami's cold war with Akihabara, but what other war is there? Between Eastal and the country Minami is in? Or is Mizpha just trying to stir up trouble because she's a Warlord and it's what she does?

    -Mizpha goes on, saying that they, the People of the Land, are the ones who truly make sacrifices. We return to the village to see the knights continuously respawning, but it looks like it's starting to take it's toll on them. Nearby, Roe2 admits that she doesn't understand the society they're developing, calling it quite inefficient. Suddenly, in the lull of battle, we see some of the Nightshade Servants attacking the shrine. This causes an immediate reaction from the Odyssey Knights, who rush to protect the shrine. Of course, because they're addicted, they're going to protect the source of that addiction. That being said, protecting the shrine that allows for an instant revival makes since, especially if it's portable. Of course, that means they turn their backs to the wyverns, who take objection to being ignored.

    -Roe2 continues her comment, telling the kids to remember that the world they don't see is bigger than the world they do see. Their realm of understanding is incredibly small and inconsequential, so the fact that she can't wrap her head around any of this isn't surprising. Toya, however, doesn't like to think that hard about the philosophical stuff like that. He just understands fighting and protecting the rear, so he goes off to battle. Serara calls back to him, saying that he needs a healer and chases after him, sending her familiar to help, but Wolfy sees that there are some People of the Land trapped in the battle. So she's going to go help them instead of providing backup for Toya. Well, I can't be too harsh on her for wanting to help them out, but still, Toya, who's main job is to draw damage, is going to go out there without a healer.

    -And we see Toya going out there, attacking the Nightshade Servants, without a healer. I'm sure it'll work so much better than last time. Roe2 pushes Minori to join the fight, but the Shrine Maiden decides that she's had enough of this charade. She asks just who in the hell is Roe2? Where did she come from? Where is she going? Look, I know you need to ask these questions at some point, but wouldn't it be better to wait until the battle has ended before asking these questions that are going to have very long answers? Roe2 just gives a half-laugh in response. Well, at least it was short.

    -Our eyecatch for this episode is the Log Horizon Rock your EXP group, with Roe2, with a Nightshade Servant appearing in a red circle behind them, which is then crossed out. Oh, I know what they're reference here... I think. It's something about ghosts that are being busted in New York. I think it was called... Ghosts of New York.

    -When we return, Roe2 is laughing because that's the second time Minori asked those specific questions of her. Minori, however, is going to stand her ground here. She will demand answers or she will beat it out of her, even if the Summoner is double her level. I'm sure Minori would end up winning that fight, though.

    -Meanwhile, away from the battle, Isuzu and Rudy are making their way through the city but are attacked by Nightshade Servants, who they dispatch with ease. After an unusual cut that seems out of place, we see the two in a nearby building, wondering what those creatures were that attacked them. What's worse is that she didn't see any yin dispersal when they were beaten. Rudy asks if she's okay, making sure she's not wearing herself out, wink. We also get this status screen, showing off some of the buffs he has on. Isuzu replies that she's fine and is ready for more. You get to kill ghosts and wyverns! What fun!

    -Back on the front, we see Serara healing up a Person of the Land. Wolfy calls out to another Person of the Land on the ground. It's okay, dear. She'll be there in a minute after taking care of this guy. Dogs can be so impatient sometimes. Nearby we see the Odyssey Knights group up as Shunichi, their leader, orders them to fall back to the city limits. Toya turns to look at them after finishing off a Nightshade Servant, which is why the knights are pulling back. But they aren't running, no. They're going to murder every single one of the servants. And when they've been dealt with, they'll go back to murdering the wyverns. The plan is to have them follow one of the knights into the structures where they can't move, then strike. Leave none alive! And while you're at it, go get yourselves killed! Hooray for murder!

    -Toya, listening to this "uplifting" speech, gives one of his own and punches Shunichi. This action draws the attention of the rest of the party, including Isuzu and Rudy, who still have their party chat going. When we return to Toya, he's punching Shunichi in the back. I imagine, if he was taller, he'd try punching the knight in his face, but he'll make do with what he can. When Shunichi finally acknowledges him, Toya demands to know what his problem is. Instead, he gets the typical "stay out of this, boy" response. Toya calls them out on supposedly having the job of protecting the People of the Land, but he take issue with them destroying the city in the process. People live in those buildings and they aren't cheap to replace.

    -Shunichi does not give a damn about that. Toya is confused, saying that there was to be another way to kill the wyverns without destroying the city in the process. If they want to get themselves killed, fine, go nuts, but don't destroy the lives of other people in the process. You know, I don't think you should encourage them to go repeatedly kill themselves. What happens if they lose all of their memory of their real world selves? What would be next?

    -Despite being told this, Shunichi tells Toya he couldn't possibly understand. And instead of trying to make him understand, he just walks off. But Toya isn't going to have any of this and gets in the knight's way. Shunichi goes into murderous rage mode, but Toya stands his ground. He's a braver kid than me. This piques Shunichi's curiosity, promising him to ask the Samurai why he's worried about them anyway? After all, Adventurers can't really die here. They couldn't even commit suicide, if they wanted to. Toya tries to argue his case but Shunichi won't let him get a word in. He, and the rest of the knights, want to get out of here. They are going to get back home. And this turned rather tragic all of a sudden, didn't it?

    -The reason why Shunichi and the rest of the knights go off to die in battle is because they get to see their families when they respawn. They get to see the world they left behind every single time, even if it's just for a moment. For them, it's proof that the two worlds are connected in some way. Proof, he says! So he'll die and keep dying, as many times as it takes! Nobody is going to stop him from going back to their world. Toya argues that this isn't the way, but the hits keep coming. Shunichi says that he was supposed to get married this summer. And he was going to give up this game for good. And he was serious, because they went apartment shopping and everything! Which is why he's fighting to get out of the game. He wants to return to her, to pack up and getting a new place with his wife. Though she does keep putting on the pressure overtime they meet. He promises to her that he'll make it happen, but apparently, she can't handle it anymore, so dammit, he's going to get her out!

    -Shunichi then hits Toya with an armored piercing question of his own. Doesn't he have someone back home? Don't even try to deny it! Toya won't, but says that there are people in his life here, in the game, who are important to him. No matter what he and the rest of the Odyssey Knights think. This world is real, and not just to him, but to everybody here, including the People of the Land. Sadly, this doesn't have the effect Toya wants, as Shunichi responds by attacking Toya with his weapon. Then, in a rather impressive move, while Toya is in the air, lands a second hit that sends him to the ground. He tells the young Samurai that he doesn't know anything, and as Toya hangs on the edge, Shunichi tells him that this place has nothing, not even death! They are not in some fantasy land! They're not even hell! Do you not get it, boy? I think smacking him around like that won't help your case, either, but that's just me.

    -Though, of course, everything Shunichi says is being transmitted on the party chat, so Rudy, a Person of the Land turned Adventurer, is listening in. This leads me to a question that I'll ask later. Anyway, Shunichi picks up Toya, but only to continue his rant, saying that the only thing that is keeping them here are vermin like Toya clinging to life. Yeah, how dare these people want to actually life instead of dying constantly in the hopes that one of those deaths is actually going to send them home. Clearly, those people are insane.

    -Shunichi throws Toya to the ground, continuing his rant about wanting to escape, but getting tossed around like a rag doll doesn't affect Toya's resolve. He tells the knight that there's more to it than that, and he's got to be able to see that. Minori and Roe2, meanwhile, have just been watching on, not doing much of anything, as Toya continues to plead his case to Shunichi, that he needs to be able to see what's right in front of him. We then get an unusual sound effect, which makes me think it's part of a flashback. The captions indicate that it's a car screeching and crashing. Looks like we're getting some more backstory here.

    -In this flashback, it's in a blur and in black and white, with a man leaning down, asking if he, likely Toya, is okay? Uh, if somebody was hit by a car, chances are they are not okay. Luckily, a person nearby knows this, gets on the phone and calls for help. Of course, it's Toya who was hit. The scene fades to a light in the ceiling as a girl, Minori, calls out to him. He's seen, lying in bed, as the doctor is explaining the situation to the parents... in front of the kids. You'd think he'd take the parents aside, but I suspect this doctor has terrible bedside manners.

    -We then cut to Toya in the wheelchair as the doctor is explaining the extent of the damage. From the picture, I'm suspecting damage to Toya's spine, leading to possible permanent paralysis in his lower body. Which is devastating for Toya because, as we see in his room, he's a major soccer fan. While lying in his bed, present day Toya tells Shunichi that lives is what you make of it. One can be alive, but dead inside, even back in their old world. We can see that Toya has taken all of this rather poorly, with his soccer cleats in the garbage, alone with I believe origami cranes and I suspect get well cards. We then cut to him on the soccer field with Minori, watching other people play, as he continues to talk to Shunichi. He tells the knight that, sure, you can walk around and live your life, but it's meaningless if you don't care anymore. And dammit, they know it's true!

    -However, I suspect Shunichi is too far gone as he just laughs in response to Toya's heartfelt speech. He tells the young Samurai that if he has a problem with the knight, then take it up with the system operator. You'd think he was mocking Toya, but no, really, he wants Toya to contact the system operator so that he can be booted from the server and be free. At this point, it seems like Shunichi doesn't care how he gets out, he just wants out, period.

    -In the village, Isuzu tells Rudy that he understands how Shunichi feels. She understands that he wants to go home, but still, she has problems with how they're going about it. Rudy, however, understands what Shunichi meant. Isuzu nods to the Sorcerer, but tells him that the knight isn't right. She recalls all those times she played for the People of the Land, saying that they're all real.

    -Near the front, Roe2 and Minori stand in silence, but the Shrine Maiden is thinking to herself. She comments that Toya is always smiling, even though he was stuck in that wheelchair. Maybe it was because he understood that the world around him changed, and there was nothing he could do about it anymore. To him, Minori suspects, the world got so big and unfair. And there wasn't any hope to fight against it. But he kept going, and doing what he could with what he had. He accepted his fate. This is with flashbacks to their past lives, as well as in the present. And now he's doing the same thing. We then see Toya fighting Shunichi, but it's a horrible mismatch as the young Samurai is kicked into a nearby guard rail.

    -Roe2, a bit confused, comments that Toya is protesting fate. Serara herself is casting Heartbeat healing on all the People of the Land after she dresses their wounds. Isuzu and Rudy are busy defending the villagers as their making their way here, to shelter. We see more of the battle, including a wyvern crashing into a nearby building, causing it to collapse. Roe2 states that, though as hard as they're fighting, it's not enough. She says that, considering everything that's going on, Minori already knows the answer. I mean, she could stand here and ask the Shrine Maiden the same questions, couldn't she? Where did she come from? Where is she going? Yeah, not fun when somebody throws those questions back at you, isn't it?

    -After a cut to commercial, we return to Isuzu and Rudy. The Bards tells her little puppy dog that there's something that's been on her mind ever since yesterday. As she tunes her lute, she's been thinking and thinking, but she didn't really figure it all out until just now. She had to fight her own insecurities, and she just couldn't find her inspiration. Rudy is confused, but Isuzu continues, saying that she really did have it good before. She had a great dad, who loved and cared for her, and her life was full of music, which is shown in a room that was filled with instruments. Really, I think Isuzu's dad was really smart with his money to have a room like that. Anyway, Isuzu says that, when she was sad or upset, there were so many different types of songs she could listen to. Music always help her through, no matter what. Which explains why she went with the Bard class.

    -But all the fighting and damage to the city? It's terrible. Or she's talking about the lack of a proper song selection for the People of the Land. She says that forty two songs aren't enough, calling it awful that they can't sing whenever they're sad or whenever they're happy. Which is why she's going to rock this battle and get all the experience points! We see them running along the streets, because they're going to pick a fight. Not with the wyverns or the Nightshade Servants, or even the Odyssey Knights. Nope, they're going to pick a fight with the gods who only created forty two songs for this world. And she isn't going to stop until they start signing along. Geez, and I thought I was making a joke about the name of the world tour, too. She really is going to rock their EXP.

    -Meanwhile, at the front, Minori comments on how there's something different about Roe2. But she isn't sure if she wants to know what it is. Though she tells her self that shouldn't change anything. No matter who this vampire is, she is here with her, and she is a dear friend. And in the end, that's all she can ask. Because, in the end, who is Minori, really? Where is she going? Roe2 makes her ask, and she says out loud, what does she want to be? Suddenly, music starts playing. Sounds like an epic fight is about to begin with the background music is kicking in.

    -Unless that background music is actually Isuzu, though, and she's singing her heart out as she and Rudy engage the Nightshade Servants. Sounds like it's the first season ending song. And here I was thinking she'd actually try to pull off the main theme. Still, this gets Minori to comment that this is Isuzu's dream. It's what she does. And she has a dream, too. She wants to be like Shiroe, to make a difference. Or to be another super villain in training. Either one works.

    -Minori takes a breath and gives herself a good slap before declaring herself as the apprentice of Shiroe, Leader of Log Horizon, Chancellor of the Round Table Conference, and all around Evil Mastermind. That's actually a job description the RTC forced on him. As for Roe2, she's the big sister, obviously. She came from nowhere and she'll be going back there, but for right now, you're with them, and she is their friend. After an awkward moment, Roe2 laughs, but it's a genuine, heartfelt laugh. She's flabbergasted that Minori found her answer in the middle of battle. Minori says as much. When Roe2 asks even if their in a situation that the can't change anything, Minori responds that they can always make a different if they're willing to try. After all, Shiroe changed the rules of the game when he made Rudy an Adventurer, way not her?

    -Roe2 accepts this, then asks if maybe Minori should be helping out her little brother. Nah, Toya will be fine. That's great, but he's not hearing a word she's saying. Well, there is the party chat, but the Shrine Maiden says she has other things to do. Roe2 smiles, then tells Minori that, if she wants to, she'll be happy to help her. And now, it's time to join the fray. With that, Roe2 summons a giant flaming horse, because if you're going to ride into battle, you need to do it in style. On top her mount, Roe2 tells Minori that being a traveler does come with certain responsibilities. She tells the young girl that if'd be a shame if she said no to her right now, especially after she asked so nicely. She offers a ride to Minori, saying that she will be there to help her little sister when she needs her. Hooray for friendship!

    -Meanwhile, the Odyssey Knights are busy fighting the Nightshade Servants in the village as Roe2 rides into battle. She say that the stability of the converging factors directly correlates with the increasing scale of the battle. However, this leads to rank determinism. Small fragments are unnecessarily lost during the course of the event. Not that there's anything wrong with that, everybody wants to be happy, it's normal. But she tells Minori to think about it. All those desires are leading everyone to immense sorrows! Is Minori lost? Yup. I'm in the same boat, too. What are you talking about, lady? Well, Roe2 is doing the best she can. It's their language and she's still trying to learn it, after all. Though Roe2 says that their language is the only thing keeping her from expressing her conclusions properly. Moonspeak does not translate well into the Terran languages.

    -Roe2 asks Minori if they can really endure this unreasonable solitude while living like they're stuck in the stone age? For her, it's too much to bear. But their compassion, which is what she calls empathium, it makes them care for people, right? Minori is still confused because Roe2 is going off on her own little tangent. Really, those Moon people have a weird way of expressing their thoughts.

    -Meanwhile, we get a brief shot of Nyan-ta disembarking his griffin and fighting the thousands of Nightshade Servants in the forest. It's going to be a massacre for those ghosts. Londark reports this to Mizpha, who demands to know who is attacking her forces now? It's a foe that Londark is very familiar with, and suddenly, he's got a sense of deja vu. It means there's a glitch in the system and you should really get that looked at. Cue credits!

    -In our next episode preview, Akatsuki states that Landmark stands in defiance. The feelings he has for this world have grown warped and twisted. He wonders why everyone was brought to this world and why no one was given a choice. Nyan-ta has no answers. Toya, Isuzu, and the other junior members continue their struggle as they seek to find their own answers. All this and more in our next episode, Birthday Song. Shiroe's comrades are always beside him, and they ain't afraid of no ghosts!

    So, the question I had before, and it's about Rudy. It's pretty obvious he knows that the Adventurers are not of this world, but how much does he really know? Is he read in, knowing that they come from another Earth, or did they tell him enough to not blow his mind anymore than it already has? It'd be interesting to see what direction they went with him.

    As for the episode proper, with all the talking, you'd think this would be nothing but filler. It isn't. It's an episode that takes three characters and has them do a little soul searching. Toya, who tries to express his own concerns with Shunichi, and about the life he had and lost. Minori, trying to find a purpose with her own life. And Isuzu, coming to terms with the life she had and the life she has now. All three, who were conflicted for a long time, have found answers to some of the questions they seek, and for now, it is enough to push forward.

    With Toya, we at least get an answer to his condition. He was in an accident that left him in a wheelchair, and it seemed pretty bad. This is why he knows when somebody is giving a fake smile, for he has experience with it, both giving one and seeing one. He's also an interesting counterpoint to Shunichi. Though this is actually a perfect time to discuss this.

    It was mentioned at one point but never touched upon is that some people weren't happy with being stuck in the game. With Shunichi and the Odyssey Knights, we know that there are people who consider being trapped in the game a nightmare for one reason or another. Perhaps they have loved ones waiting for them, or perhaps there were just causal players and would never dream of wanting to be in the game. Or maybe this is another form of hell for them. In either case, they won't be happy until they're free by any means necessary. They do not care about politics or the system rules or anything like that. They're only concern is the freedom to escape the game and to never look back.

    But Toya isn't like that. If anything, he'd probably want to stay in the game because it gives back to him what was lost in the real world. The chance to run, the chance to play, the chance to smile once more. For him, if anything, this is a dream come true! And while I imagine he'd miss his parents, he probably wouldn't mind too much about being stuck in the game.

    As for Minori and Isuzu, they were basically stuck trying to find their own path. This came up with Minori last season, when she took on the Apprentice subclass, but it's more prominent here. Though it isn't as prominent as with isuzu, who was happy with playing music, but it wasn't really a driving force for her. But hearing Shunichi's rant, as well as all those concerts, gave her a different mindset, and thus, screw forty two songs, let's go see about doubling that! After they deal with the wyvern issue, that is.

    As for the battle itself, it's become increasingly clear that whatever Minami is up to, it isn't any good. Kazuhiko is basically the Token Good Teammate at this point who's probably only there for one specific reason and, once it's gone, he'd bail on them. But this leads me to a question. It's pretty obvious now that Shiroe knew about the train and he sent Nyan-ta to investigate and scout, but how did he know? It's obviously not something he would have predicted, and it seems like getting spies in Minami would be hard, so could it be that the Evil Ominous Council of Evil has a leak? My first thought would be Kazuhiko, but I suspect it isn't him. I'm betting it's KR who's the leak. But we'll see if that comes up later.

    It looks like the battle is heating up as Nyan-ta joins the fray. Will he be able to derail the train? Will the kids be able to successfully complete their battle? Tune in on Sunday to find out.

    Until next time, remember, if there's something strange in your neighborhood, make sure to call on the Odyssey Knights! They'll bust some ghosts real good.

  • and a bit of good news...

    19 hours ago

    CoffeeNut78 FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold PUC the Lunatic

    My bad cholesterol is down to normal levels.  Doc said come back in a year and keep doing what I have been doing to get it down.

    It was something like 230 and now it is down to 97.  Not sure what unit of measurement is used but lower numbers are good and higher are bad.

    So,  cool I guess. 

    Now all I have to do is stop smoking.

    Please look for headline in the paper a few months from now.

    Nicotine deprived man flips out and destroys whole town with sledge hammer and a banana!

  • Is this thing still on?

    16 hours ago

    Zack Zatch

    Alrighty then! It's been 11 months since we posted and I feel like it's about time to reunite at the Buffalo Tap like old times!

    I even looked up what time we met there the last time. It was August 15 of last year, at noon. So we're meeting at noon again to stay consistent!

    And I'm setting the date for July 15th to give all you RTXers some time to recover before we get together. And that happens to be Community Day!

    Anyone up for it? Please let me know in the comments by July 13th. Put it on your calendar so you don't forget! If the date doesn't work, we can definitely change it, let me know! If you need my phone number for any reason, let me know and I can message you it. Hopefully people still come to the site and see this before then...


    You! I hope.


    RT MN Reunion for Community Day post-RTX.


    Saturday, July 15 at NOON CST


    Buffalo Tap

    4990 W 123rd St

    Savage, MN


    Why not?

  • welp...

    6 hours ago

    deerdruh FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold oh deir

    I guess I should fill out my profile here, considering I've been a member since 2015, and a fan since RVB first started.

    Basically I'm an asshole who likes documentaries, horror, makeup, fashion, and antagonizing people. I eat, sleep, and breathe politics. I've been working in the field in some way or another since I was 15. My academic pedigree is all over the map, and I like all kinds of weird shit.

    Say hi. Or don't. Your call.

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