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  • RSWU 281: That's Classified

    7 hours ago

    James Volume III

    Imma be straight with you all, I've got a gnarly headache that isn't really an excuse for this being a day late but you're still getting a weekly dose of Update!


    This Tuesday at 8 PM CT, we'll have our Movie Night watching Top Secret! I have no idea if any of the gifs I found are actually from the movie, so here's a baboon eating a piece of paper.


    That's all we have for you this week. If you're ever interested in hosting any sort of event, be it a Game Night or Music Night, feel free to reach out to any of the Admins you see on the server!

    Have a lovely week, everyone.


  • White Hat Hacker Red

    1 day ago


    So remember how I said some techs were looking into the 'Permissions Error' business with my journals? Well as it turns out, I found a bug in the system.

    While it wasn't something that was going to take down the whole website, it was impacting some users who made journals. A patch was created and hopefully by the time of me writing this has been pushed, meaning no more barriers preventing you guys from inundating my journal with comments on how my reviews are perfect and I am a super great guy.

    Update: Problem still isn't fixed. Oh well.


  • g1 Gamedays (May 24-28)

    1 day ago



    This week we have TWO games, you can play with us and spend zero moneys! So there's no excuse not to join! (aslongasyouhavetheconsoleorpcthatcanplaythegamesIwillmentionlaterinthisblog)

    Prominence Poker (XB1) -  Wednesday - May 24th at 9pm EST


    What: Prominence Poker (XB1) - FREE GAME

    When: Wednesday, May 24th at 9pm EST

    Who is Running It@A_Red_Robe

    How to Join: Contact @A_Red_Robe or @g1_Gamedays on Twitter

    Where to WatchTwitch.tv/g1_gamedays

    Notes: The game is 100% FREE! If you have an XB1 YOU CAN JOIN!

    Overwatch (PC) - Saturday - May 27th at 9pm EST


    What: Overwatch (PC)

    When: Saturday, May 27th at 9pm EST

    Who is Running It@JohnnyLChase

    How to Join: Contact @JohnnyLChase or @g1_Gamedays on Twitter.

    Where to WatchTwitch.tv/g1_gamedays

    Notes: We held a poll, and the PC version won! PLEASE join us for some fun. The game will also be FREE TO PLAY for the weekend, so if your PC can handle it, YOU CAN JOIN!!!

    Injustice 2 (XB1) - Sunday - May 28th at 10pm EST


    What: Injustice 2 (XB1)

    When: Sunday, May 28th at 10pm EST

    Who is Running It@ResetPatrick

    How to Join: Contact @ResetPatrick or @g1_Gamedays on Twitter.

    Where to WatchTwitch.tv/g1_gamedays

  • Grateful

    1 day ago

    Archaic_Spirit The Rookie

    A little over a year ago, I made a decision. One that I would both dread and enjoy. Dread because a lot of the freedom I had would soon be diminished, but joyful because of the chances of learning I will receive and the benefits from it. With this decision came and introduction to a whole new world, and a lot of new friends. If I could go back and change it, I would only make the decision earlier in life. Im excited for what lies ahead. Even with all the craziness happening in the world. 

  • Legends Come And Legends Go

    1 day ago


    Did you guys know that the 2015 King's Quest game was not a Telltale game? You know, the episodic game that told the rise and fall of Graham; the original King's Quest protagonist. Because I for one did not know this, even while I was playing the game. Everything about this series felt like a Telltale game, including the simplistic controls, the dialogue choices, and the fact the game adapts to choices you make along the way. Heck, the ending even got me as emotional as the ending of Telltale's first season of The Walking Dead.

    Looking back on it though, the game also plays out just like most other King's Quest titles. The very first episode tasking you with making a name for yourself as a knight hopeful to Daventry, playing as a quirky and hapless Graham who seeks to become king. If you're a fan of the original series then you should know that this follows the story of those games pretty closely, expanding upon plot that is already set in stone and giving us a look into the origins of some of the biggest baddies in the King's Quest series. Since I enjoyed Game Grumps' Dan and Ross playing the original games together, I was spurred to download the entire "season" of King's Quest when it went on an Xbox Gold Member discount. Probably why I thought it was a Telltale game too, since it went on sale with the other completed Telltale games.

    Now the game is a bit unbalanced, as that first episode I mentioned felt like a full game. After you successfully become Daventry's next king, the next episode has you confront the goblins who have kidnapped your townspeople. This episode is more focused on you deciding the fate of everyone captured, balancing who you give food to and who you decide to escape with. The third episode then tells the tale of Graham meeting his future wife for the first time, as you rescue one of two princesses trapped in a magical tower. Technically one of the two is a canon decision, but it all is up to whose personality you enjoy more. The fourth episode is about Graham meeting his son, who had been kidnapped as a baby by the evil wizard Manannan. This was pretty cool as it take place after King's Quest III, where you play as Gwydion, Graham's son, escaping from Manannan. Of the episodes, this one was by far the most puzzle heavy of the bunch.

    But the fifth episode, oh the fifth episode. See, all of these episodes are the stories that an aging Graham is telling to his grandchild Gwendolyn. As such there are times you cut back to reality, where Graham has really started to show his age. These moments, which there is a big reason for, one that is covered in the fifth episode, brought up some rather unpleasant memories of my grandmother. A woman I looked up to as one of the strongest individuals I knew, whose mere presence brought an air of respect. Everyone would stop talking if she said something, and no one doubted that she was the glue that held my family together. But as she got older she got hurt, falling down and not being able to get up just like what happens to Graham. The fifth episode is extremely emotionally powerful for those who had such a person in their life, and I fully admit I had a silent cry as the game switched to controlling Gwendolyn and finding Graham's room empty.

    If the game's score was based solely on emotional impact, it'd be at least a 9 out of 10, but given how 'Telltale' the game did and did not feel at the same time it misses the mark. The dialogue didn't really feel fulfilling, yet if you didn't constantly speak to characters you might miss out on some funny joke or amusing dialogue. Exploring is key, yet the decisions you make progress you in a liner direction. The sheer number of references to the original King's Quest games is pretty substantial, but anyone who has never seen a King's Quest game before will likely miss out on them. The first episode feels like a full game, but every episode afterwards felt shorter and faster. In the end, the game has its moments but they come at the beginning and the end.

    King's Quest (2015) gets an 8.4 out of 10


  • Life update

    1 day ago


    the Doc told me that my back is totally **** up L5 S1 are bad and I have arthritis but I'm going to have to get a CT scan to see why I'm in so much pain and I'll have to go to physical therapy **** me that's going to hurt!

    Tied a Cambridge knot today for church


    Also someone buy me this truck!!!!!!!!! M715



  • Elizabeth Maxell

    1 day ago


    ....is one of the best VAs I've ever heard and her Ymir is seriously grabbing me by the heartstrings this season!


  • It's been a while...again...

    2 days ago


    I seem to log in every month or so, but now I see that there is a Rooster Teeth shirt that I want. I have not watched Red Vs. Blue in ages. I feel like I should watch it again. 

    There isn't really anything new with me besides the usual freelance stuff. I'm attending a march in Long Beach tomorrow morning which should be really fun! I'm going to march as Napoleon Dynamite.

    How have you all been?

  • A little thing came to mind

    1 day ago


    I never been one to show my true nature in front of anyone. I never really understood why but I guess to me shows weakness and I'm not ready to admit that I'm still in the dark though I'm no longer depressed I still been in this state of pondering of what or who I am. I'm afraid that I let my heart guides me too much. So there for I battle emotions with logic and love with pain. I should go to Hollywood and try my luck acting with how well I act fine but I'm secretly falling apart how I hide my true feelings under so many faces I can't even look at myself because I know I am not doing well. I tell you all these things not because I want to be accepted but more of as the record sits kinda per say. I love you all goodnight good morning and good day

  • Plexit 10: Planet Exit

    9 hours ago

    Jalnor Teal Ranger

    Woops, I forgot to post this here on Saturday! But here it is, a pun ten episodes in the making...


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