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  • Howard the Duck

    1 day ago

    samta A doctor of trumpets

    I was reminded today that I have a big gay heart boner for Lea Thompson. Also that Howard the Duck was a shit movie, & George Lucas should've been dick-punched for the creepy romance scenes.

  • Will Drake - Concept Art

    2 days ago

    ragusa33 Goose Master

    The main protagonist of my sci-fi anime project. This is close to being the final design. Sword may change though. 

    Drawing was sketched by hand, then colored & edited on Photoshop.


  • Garden Inn Update

    1 day ago


    I mentioned before that after I gave my feedback someone from the Garden Inn contacted me offering me a full refund. I would like to make it very clear that I did not request one, because it's ridiculous to think a hotel would ever give somebody a refund after their full stay. 

    They said the refund would be going back to the card on file, I didn't need to do anything about it. Normally it takes 3 days for my card to process any sort of transaction. It's been 12 days. 13 in a coulple more hours. And there's nothing back from them, not even a pending transaction. I said before I didn't want it, but now it's a moment of "why would you lie about that and make someone think you care and solved the issue?" I would've preferred being flat out ignored over a false solution. 

    For the past 4 days I've tried contacting the person that reached out to me. No response. Whenever I call they ask who's calling and why then tell me the person isn't there. They haven't responded to a couple emails going "hey, just wondering about this. Should I call accounting or just wait it out?" 

    I contacted guest services yesterday and today they responded asking me to send them a screenshot of my bank account statement or credit card statement to prove what I'm saying is true. That is how they phrased it too. So aside from false promises to guests, they accuse guests of lying. Nice. 

    Plus everyone always said not to send anything through email because it's not really safe. I just responded saying I didn't feel comfortable sending a screenshot showing my bank account number or my credit card number and noted it should still be on file, I also pointed out I was told it would be going to the card on file. They said without that, they can't do anything for me. I think it's more of a "we don't want to do anything. That's why we jumped to offering a refund, we never planned on issuing, to apologize. 

    Such a dishonest and disgusting practice. Why offer me a refund? Why not just leave it at "we're sorry for the issues"? That's honestly all I expected. I never expected "sorry, here's your money back." I expected when I went "check in was rough. Also, can you explain this unauthorized $200 charge?" For them to go "yea that's just a thing. Sorry about check in. Have a good day." And we'd both move on. 

  • Big Bang

    22 hours ago

    PasvSmkng Worst ever, of all time

    Did a bit more work on this drawing, as I've left it alone for a while and I felt more like working on it tonight than I did writing.  



    Did some further sausage-finger reduction work (The redraw line feature in Clip Studio is super awesome, by the way), but as you can see the main thing I've been doing is making a start on shading layers and the like.  

    Oh, and on the basis of a very helpful comment I also repositioned the eyes (and re-drew one of them).  Thanks for pointing that out!

    More later as I make further progress.  Until next time, space cowboys.

  • What have they NOT done?

    1 day ago

    EricHVela FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold I caught a Bigshoes.

    Rooster Teeth has attempted many, many genres of visual media.

    Comedy. Slapstick. Action. Romantic Comedy. Porn. Experimental. Animation. Musical. CGI Animation. Horror. Suspense. Contest. Live. Gore/Violent. Drama. Sci-Fi. Provocative. Fantasy. Historical. Documentary. Charity. Advertisment. Music Video. Stand-up. Short film. Feature length movie. Many of them being comedy mixes or other mixed genres.

    What haven't they done?

  • UPDATE- The 25th Documents Are Posted for Review

    17 hours ago

    AgentWashingtub008 FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold Crackpot of Coffee

    Hello, Admins and members of the dummy Rooster Teeth Community Site Mentor Program!

    That was a mouthful, and yes, we're working on the name and other terminology.

    We are now entering the final stage of phase 2, which is to discus and make solid our plans for moving forward.

    The following linked journals are all proposal forms of important documents to be utilized in the group proper.  For the following week or so we ask that you review them and comment upon them in the journal posts or the appropriate thread of the subforum suggesting alterations, asking questions, or otherwise providing constructive conversation.  Now is the time we begin refining our plans and the pieces of our eventual launch page.  Please do this on the site as a way of practicing our goal of bringing people and activity back through education and activity.

    Mission Statement - Thread

    Group "Bio"/Welcome - Thread

    Place/Space of Learning Protocol - Thread

    Mentor Nomination/Vetting - Thread

    Mentor Responsibilities - Thread

    Sidebar Format/Content - Thread

    As a reminder, you should @(username) people you are responding to in a journal comment to ensure they see it.

    Thank you for your support and cooperation in this process!

    -AgentWashingtub008 (Max)

    P.S. All the edit was was this note to kick it back to our first entry you see on the page.

  • A transition in life

    1 day ago


    I'm ready to move forward into my next phase of life and i hope college is ready for me too.

  • Splatoon 2

    8 hours ago

    mattyou Kingdom Hearts freak

    The games been out for almost a week now and I'm having a blast with it. There's not too much diff rend from the original besides some new weapons, maps , a horde mode and a new story but its enough for me . Plust the addicting gameplay present in 1 still has me hooked here in 2.


    There are some things I don't like. For one that Salmon run (horde mode) is only available at certain times. And don't even get me started on Nintendo's voice chat app (short version it aint good). But the good out ways the bad.

    I one day saw our boy @zogman1 playing and was like man I would like to play with him. But there's no way to contact him directly. Luckily the game game me a handy button to join him which was nice.


    Sadly this button did not work cause he was probably playing single player or something I don't know Nintendo won't tell me the details  simmons.DFh9biGV0AE8Jwh.jpg

    But not all hope was lost friends cause thanks to the power of Amiibo I can have a stand in friend.


    Sadly my stand in friend that I brought to this world trough the power of a plastic figure touching a controller was only interested in taking selfies and had no interest in playing turf war .

    Long story short Nintendo you make cool games and a radd console but please let me use said console to contact my friends. Ps, Stay Fresh.

  • these are the jokes

    2 days ago


    This was when I worked in a nursery. A customer was purchasing a bunch of bags of mulch and we helped her load everything in her car. This is what she said before she left.

    Thank you very....mulch! 


  • Well, what a four years it has been

    1 day ago

    TaleInferno Words, words, words

    Well, well, well... It's definitely been a long time since I put anything on this website, so here's to fresh starts.

    It was four years ago when I last posted anything on my old profile, but after some jam-packed years full of senior finals and university I've finally been able to get back to the community that I love. My old username was Digemon and I joined up to this website six years ago, although I have been a fan for at least seven. I made some good friends on here and I was able to meet some of cast and crew from RT, but then life got in the way.

    But now I'm back with a new profile and a FIRST membership! So for anyone who sees this, let me give a recap on what has happened the last four years:

    I graduated from high school and received a good ATAR, which resulted in me being able to study the degree that I wanted. I planned on going on a gap year but found that I was too excited for the future and the opportunities in front of me. Instead, I jumped right into my double degree and am still currently studying it full-time, and by the end of next year I will have a degree in journalism and creative writing! Studying has provided me with some amazing opportunities and I am finding myself falling deeper in love with books, writing, words, and everything else.

    One opportunity that was mind-blowing was being able to study at the University of Oxford last year, where I completed a creative writing intensive course. It really opened my eyes to a whole new perspective on creative writing, and being able to connect with people as passionate about it was fantastic. It was also the first time I had traveled overseas, so all-in-all it was a great experience and I cannot wait till I get to go back. I also achieved a merit award last year for my hard work and high grades, so I guess you could say last year was quite a big year for me.

    I also changed jobs a few times and have been at my current job for nearly two years now. It's just a casual retail job selling dinnerware but I am loving the experience I am getting from it, and it has sparked a love for management and leadership I didn't know I had.

    I was able to attend RTX Sydney at the beginning of this year, which was such an amazing experience. It was astounding to see how much the community has grown since when I first joined up and I am so glad I was able to experience it. I will definitely be there next year and, although I am terrible at craft and sewing and all that cool stuff, I am definitely going to try and dress up.

    And lastly, and this has been quite a recent change in my life, I have started a book reviewing blog called TaleInferno (hence the username). It's all about igniting the story (very cliched, I know) where I take all the books I read, starting from the beginning of this year, and review each one. It's also a place where people can request/suggest books for me to read, which I add to a list that I have made, and I'll eventually read it and review it. It's been a fun experience starting it all up and it'll keep me out of mischief, so check it out if you're interested at taleinferno.com.

    So there you go, looking back on it, it doesn't seem like a lot has happened. However, I know that the stress from assignments didn't help, but I'm glad to be back and hanging out with the community.

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