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  • Hrm...

    18 hours ago


    Upon closer inspection of our rent renewal form, it looks like the direct rent increase is 1.55%, while the maximum permitted without making an application to the Residential Tenancies Branch is 1.50%. So they went and applied to increase our rent beyond the norm. And this is on top of the discount reduction. What to do about this...?

    Wish I hadn't left this for so long. I really hate myself sometimes. Only have nine days to try and get an amended agreement. It says we can object to a rent increase exceeding the guideline if we fill out a form and send it to the branch no later than 60 days before the proposed increase, which is September 1st. So...I dunno if I can make it for that. Just gonna try to send a letter to the local office and hope they have a heart, I guess.

  • WELLL HELLOOOOOO!!! I'm new!

    2 days ago

    Deianiera FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold Deianiera

    Have been Roosterteeth fan for quite awhile, but unfortunately never had money to become a first member so now that I do I became a double gold!!!  anyways just wanted to introduce myself!!! Hello!!!!

  • Cosplay Selling

    1 day ago

    sirenite Beta Tex

    I'm selling a bunch of cosplays. Why? The honest answer is a put on a bunch of weight from school stress and I don't fit most of them anymore. Sizes for most of them are 33-27-33.

    ASHLEY - UNTIL DAWN  $30 Bloody sweater, gloves, and hat. Will throw in shirt if I can find it. No wig.

    EREN - ATTACK ON TITAN  $30 Shirt, jacket, pants. Shirt/jacket home made, real pockets and glued on patches. Pants are from FXXI and have holes at the knees. Wig for $10

    FAITH - MIRROR'S EDGE $40 Pants, shirt, glove, arm band. All home made. Pants have real pockets. $10 for wig.

    LAPIS - STEVEN UNIVERSE $40 Top and bottom home made. Also includes resin gem, lightly used Snazaroo, and wig.

    JUNKO - DANGAN RONPA  $50 Jacket, undershirt, skirt, ties, hair clips, bra. Comes with two bras, two ties, and four hair clips for BOTH Junko and disguise Mukuro! Wig $20

    ROBIN - FISHEYE PLACEBO $30 Shirt and pants. Real pockets! $10 for wig.

    MIKAN - DANGAN RONPA  $30 Top, skirt, and blouse home made. Real pockets + buttons. Bandages NOT included!

    NAGISA - MADOKA MAGICA  $75 Skirt, petticoat, shoe/leggings, tube top, cape, hat, gloves, suspenders. Wig for $15.

    Wig prices only if bought WITH cosplay, otherwise add another $5. Can ship internationally!!! Fabric info and exact measurements upon request. Also I can bring it to you at RTX!!! 

    Photos: https://twitter.com/sirenitecosplay/status/877392013930283008

  • my past 3 months

    1 day ago


    .. have been totally wasted on Final Fantasy XIV

    regrets? maybe. cares given? none.

    (if any of you are on Exodus, hi :D )

  • Long time, no see...

    2 days ago


    Edit: username changes? Um. Yes. No more txbosox, hello dapprvilln.

    Hey all, been quite a while since I've posted anything. Was on the site since Camp Camp's back - figured I'd say hello. Funny, my last post was about E3, 3 years ago, this journal is days after E3 again.

    How's everyone doing?

    Still alive, can't complain too much. Turned 30 last year. Crazy that 1/3 of my adult life has been spent enjoying RT content. I know my account says 2008, but I did have an older account that I forgot the creds to. Meh, I'm not enjoying RvB as much as I used to, but their other creations, Camp Camp and RWBY I'm up to date and awaiting new episodes. Love the Let's Play stuff. 

    Been playing bass still, just goofing around with my buddy over in TN (on drums). Built a new PC recently. I'll post some photos later of the build or link my soundcloud for the bass stuff if this journal has any interest.

    I'll keep it brief for now, will try and update some more stuff later on. Explore the site more, a lot has changed since I really dug around.

  • Bleh bleh day

    2 days ago


    I started work today!

    It's where my mom works too so it's not that bad but I honestly wasn't expecting to do 12 hours since my regular hours would be 10 :O just gonna say I'm.super.sore. Well I'm trying to get some sleep snoozzzzzeeeeeeeeeee 

  • A DiRTy Game.

    1 day ago


    Now everyone has their favourite game series. My girlfriend's are Resident Evil, Tomb Raider and Mortal Kombat. My best mate has Bisohock and Fallout. 

    Now those of you who know me will know that mine are Halo, Gears of War, Crysis, Forza Motorsport and WWE. But there is one more, that is very special to me. DiRT.

    I have a lot of motorsport heroes, Nigel Mansell, Damon Hill, Ayrton Senna and Jenson Button are just a few. But this series involves a hero of mine called Colin McRae.

    Colin McRae was a rally driver who started his career in the early 1990s. His father Jimmy and brother Alistair were also rally drivers, and all three won titles around the British Isles. But Colin went even further and became the first British driver to win the World Rally Championship in 1995.

    He was spectacular to watch with his pedal to the metal, all or nothing style. so when Codemasters, who make some of the best racers today, announced that they were making a Rally game endorsed by the man himself for the PS1, I was immediately interested. Colin McRae Rally was released in 1998, and I got to play it in a Virgin Megastore, as they were having a contest for its release. I set the fourth fastest time of the day, but it was so much fun, I wasn't really bothered by that.

    I finally got the game that Christmas, and I played it to death. Throwing that Subaru World Rally Car into the turns and sliding around was great, and in my estimation, was the best rally game ever at the time.

    So you can imagine, when the sequel, Colin McRae Rally 2 was announced, I was more than willing to get it. And I wasn't disappointed. New cars and new modes, it improved on the original in many ways.

    The third and fourth games came out for PS2 later on. As good as they were, they would be surpassed by Colin McRae Rally 2005, which even my mates, who mostly weren't rallying fans like me, enjoyed playing too. One of my memories is my mate Mike taking a Peugeot 205 Group B car round a stage and losing all his tyres and finishing the stage on four rims!! I had a great time with it. You could even rally a Ford Transit Supervan!!

    With the release of the X-Box 360 and the PS3, the series received a makeover. As well as rallying, the new game would incorporate Rallycross, Hillclimb and other off road racing such as buggies and trucks. The new look would bring a new name for the series: Colin McRae: DiRT.

    I actually didn't own this game until a couple of years ago, as I was playing a lot of other stuff at the time, but it was an instant classic, as the new off road disciplines added a new depth to the gameplay. Stadium trucks, Dakar trucks, buggies, hillclimb cars and trucks, and Rallycross cars along with the different classes of rally cars which had been a staple of the series, made this a must play.

    But then, a couple of years later, tragedy struck. Colin McRae sadly died in a helicopter crash in 2009. It was a terrible blow, as another British rallying hero, Richard Burns, also a WRC champion, had died a few years earlier. For me, another of my racing heroes was gone.

    However, at the time, Codemasters were working on a sequel to DiRT, enlisting Ken Block and other X-Games personalities to appear alongside the man himself. Sadly, McRae's death changed those plans. Ken Block became the new face of the series, but the game retained the Colin McRae name as a tribute. Colin McRae DiRT 2 was released in 2009 and was a fantastic game to play. More new disciplines and cars, and the new personalities made it a fun game, but Codemasters also made it their tribute and thank you to the man who helped start it.

    By 2011, DiRT 3 was on the way. It would be the first game to not feature McRae's name in the title, but to everyone, it was still the Colin McRae series. The introduction of Gymkhana, which is fast paced stunt driving, was a fun if challenging addition. DiRT 3 is in my top four games of the series, as I just couldn't put it down.

    A year or so later, the series had it's first spinoff, DiRT: Showdown. This was very different to the other games as there was no rallying present. In fact, the only link to any of the other games was the inclusion of Gymkhana. It was mainly off road style racing with banger style cars, demolition derbys, and a lot of goofy style stuff. While I had my initial doubts about it, it turned out to be great fun. 

    The series went on hiatus for a few years after that. As fun as Showdown was, many thought that the series needed to be about rallying, not hooning. So you can imagine when I heard that a new game, simply called DiRT Rally, was out on Steam on early access, I was eagerly anticipating it's full release on console. (I don't have a decent gaming PC yet.) That day came in May 2016.

    The game was a return to the series rallying roots. Out went Gymkhana, land rush and other off road racing, in came pure rallying, hill climb and the FIA World Rallycross championship. The handling was also tweaked, to give it more of a simulator feel. In short, this game is tough, but it's tough in a very fun way. I finally got it for my last birthday from my parents. I watched some of the gameplay videos on Youtube by guys like Kurt J Mac, Tiermetmarduk and Conedodger, and it looked pretty easy. Oh boy, was I wrong!!! But I didn't care, and still don't. It's a fantastic addition to the series, and I love it. But there was more to come.

    I'd heard about DiRT 4 a few months back, but due to the fact that money is a bit tight, and I still Had DiRT Rally to play, I thought "Sounds good to me, but I'll wait." So you can imagine my surprise when my girlfriend, Hayley bought me a present for our first anniversary: DiRT4!

    This one brings back buggies, trophy trucks and some aspects of Gymkhana, but still manages to concentrate a lot on rallying. You can even choose between gamer or simulation handling. The best part is that you can build your own team, which builds on the team concept from DiRT Rally. I've been having a great time playing this, and I've barely scratched the surface.

    This series is one of my absolute favourites. I love playing it and I love the fact that they have kept the McRae name in through the inclusion of cars, championships and liveries. Would the man himself approve? I think so. The series hasn't missed a step. I still own all of the titles, except the first Colin McRae Rally, Colin McRae 2003 and 2004. I hope one day that I can find some replacements for them. My overall favourites in the series are Colin McRae Rally 2, DiRT 3. DiRT Rally and DiRT 4. But all the games have been great fun and as far as I'm concerned, are a fitting tribute to one of the greatest racing heroes of all time.

    'Til All Are One.

  • It's so close

    2 days ago


    I am all sorts of levels of excite.

  • {~}

    10 hours ago

    Nathan The Dark

    Seven months later and I'm a plumber now. Huzzah!

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