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    2 months ago

    Clarissa.Gonzalez RT Live Events Specialis


    June 1st, 2018 
    I know we're all excited to hear what the final decisions are from the Ambassador submission! Unfortunately, due to busy travel schedules for different shows, this has delayed our process. Please bear with us. We'll have results very soon! 
    xoxo Clarissa



    We’re back at it again with more Community news, and this is a big one!

    If you followed along with our RTX Sydney live stream or if you were lucky enough to attend this year, you may have seen a new addition to our program. For the first time ever, we launched our RTX Ambassadors as the hosts of RTX Sydney. We pulled from our talented hard-working members of the community to be the faces of RTX.

    As our first RTX Ambassadors, we were very lucky  to work with the crew from Boneyard Arcade -- Dan, Lucky, Chloe, and Josh -- who crushed it! If you’re not familiar with their work, make sure to check out their channel Boneyard Arcade and follow them. They were easily our “guinea pigs” since we were also learning as we went, but we couldn’t have been any happier with how hard they worked and the final outcome.  

    After the success of the Ambassador Program at RTX Sydney, as Burnie had mentioned, we plan on opening up the selection process to the community as a whole and it's finally that time!

    What’s expected from an RTX Ambassador?

    Ambassadors are considered our live stream hosts of RTX Austin over the three-day weekend. During our Center Stage programming breaks they will be on the Exhibit Floor visiting our exhibitors’ booths and interviewing exhibitors alongside some of our Rooster Teeth talent. Generally, they give our online audience a guide as to what’s happening at RTX. They’ll also jump into our larger panels rooms to introduce the special guests and get everyone excited.

    Who are we looking for?

    Are you a diehard Rooster Teeth fan and have been an integral part of the RT Community?

    Do you have experience on a regular podcast, have a YouTube channel, and feel very comfortable in front of a camera? Are you ready to work hard leading up to and during RTX weekend?

    Did you just say yes, yes, and HELL yes to all of that? Great!

    Now, let’s get to the good part, the rules.


    • Eligible participants/groups may enter the Ambassador Program by creating and submitting a video introducing  themselves and explaining why they should be chosen as the RTX Ambassador(s) by MAY 18th at 11:59PM CDT

    • The video must not contain obscenities or other objectionable content

    • All participants must have experience and/or feel comfortable on camera

    • Videos should be uploaded within the application (CLOSED) and should not exceed 1 GB

    • Submissions must be no less than one (1) minute and no more than five (5) minutes in length.

    • Teams (2 - 5) are highly recommended

    • Must be available during the RTX week for scheduled walkthrough prior and during the entire event (Thursday, August 2nd to Sunday, August 5th)

    • Must be able to arrange your own travel and lodging

    • Must be available for semi-regular calls to discuss requirements and setup


    • Qualification for the contest begins TODAY and ends on MAY 18th at 11:59PM CDT

    • Submissions will be reviewed, judged and approved by an internal team. 

    • Eligible participants accept and acknowledge that the decision of the judges is final

    We can’t wait to see all your submissions and to pick our next RTX Ambassadors! 

    Good luck!


    No Purchase Necessary

    Purchase does not enhance chance of winning

    Void where prohibited

    By virtue of submitting any videos or other content to Rooster Teeth, you agree and acknowledge that you transfer any and all rights in the submitted content to Rooster Teeth

  • Jurassic World: The Fallen Kingdom Final Trailer Shows A Whole Hell Of A Lot Of The Movie!

    2 months ago


    I'm holding out hope for the new Jurassic World film, mostly because I dig Chris Pratt in this universe and JA Bayona is a great filmmaker, but these trailers haven't been great. The footage itself is fine. I dig the moody, horror movie look Bayona is bringing to this universe and that he's clearly utilizing some practical dinosaur effects again. But the editing of these trailers have been head scratching at best. 

    This latest one has some really sweet footage, but all of it just seems jumbled together. That's not necessarily indicative of the final product, of course. Trailer editors aren't the ones cutting the actual movie, after all, but I am a little concerned that they're just shotgunning footage and seeing what sticks with people and in doing so have shown most of the movie at this point.

    Here's the trailer, let me know if you agree with me or not:

  • Physical Games are Hard :(

    2 months ago

    Chelsea FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold RT Community Manager

    I flew to LA this week to hang out at the Fullscreen offices and about twenty minutes into my flight, I realized I left Skyrim for the Switch at home because I bought a physical cartridge.

    Sadness erupted from me with the knowledge that at night I'd be in a hotel room, not tempted by a garden or housework, without Skyrim to fill my hours. Guess I'll just max out my heart level with everyone in Stardew... 

    And now I understand that I need to crochet myself a new special pouch just so I can travel with all of these cartridges for times like these. 


  • AHTV has more videos again

    2 months ago

    ebregman Programming

    It was not our intention to have 4 videos on repeat...and we have no idea how it happened. I just added 374 more videos, and they're all under 30 minutes long in hopes of giving you a better chance of seeing the beginning of a video (a comment we see often). 

    Thanks for the feedback on these, it's been a huge learning experience!

  • I introduced my young nephews to THE SHINING before watching Ready Player One. Here's how that went...

    2 months ago


    When I was sitting in the Paramount Theater watching the SXSW world premiere of Steven Spielberg's Ready Player One a thought ran through my head: the kids are going to flip their shit for this movie.

    Yes, that includes all children who like big, goofy, fun adventure stories, but “the kids” in this particular fleeting thought referred to my nephews, Max (7) and Rocco (10). One of the greatest joys of my life over the last few years has been introducing these kids to various movies, some obvious kid stuff, some a little more challenging, and watching Ready Player One that first time it felt like I had been building them up to this moment where it would all pay off.

    We've seen all three Back to the Futures on the big screen. They were intrigued by my Iron Giant poster hanging in the guest room of my house and saw that. I've had them on a steady Spielberg diet pretty much since the very first time their parents let me take them to the movies.

    On top of that, the oldest has been getting really into video games lately. I've walked him through some Destiny quests and more recently have been playing a goodly amount of Overwatch with him.

    So, they were ready for Ready Player One.


    There was one glaring omission from their cinematic education, a movie pretty adult even for these little monsters. Of course I'm talking about The Shining.


    Here's the deal. The older one's great with horror movies. Rocco watches them the way I did at his age. Open enough to be creeped out, but focused more on how fun and awesome they are. He flipped out for It last year and I've had the absolute pleasure of introducing him to stuff like An American Werewolf In London and The Sixth Sense.

    The younger one, Max, isn't so hot on horror movies. He loves big smash-em-ups and giant monsters and stuff, but it's tone that gets to him more than gore or something. He was there when we watched The Sixth Sense and I heard from his father a few days later that he had nightmares about “the boy with the bloody head.”

    So I typically save the scary stuff for when it's just me and Rocco, but I knew the second key quest wasn't going to land for them if they didn't see The Shining first... plus I honestly didn't want their first impressions of that film to be from the glimpses we got in Ready Player One.

    So I sat them both down on my couch yesterday, told them to buckle in because we were going to watch The Shining. They asked why we had to watch this movie. I said “I'll tell you after we watch Ready Player One.”

    Max was nervous. He only knew of the movie by title and DVD cover. Rocco seemed down, if not super enthused especially when I reassured them it's not “jump scare” scary. I said it's mostly a lot of people talking and that's true.

    I remember watching The Shining when I was about their age and I remember being engrossed in it, but that was before the Internet changed attention spans forever. Could a movie as talky and deliberate of The Shining work for today's youth?


    The answer is, as always, it depends on the kid. Rocco was in it the whole way through, but Max needed an escape. In that sense it worked a charm because the tone was getting to him. He wasn't antsy so much as he couldn't handle the tension so about halfway through I let him play Splatoon 2 on the Switch while Rocco and I stayed focused on the movie.

    That said I'd look over at Max from time to time and he'd be watching the movie, the game still in his hands, going unplayed. I think he just needed the ability to check out for a minute if things got intense.

    It was amazing to me to see how quickly they grasped the geek minutiae. The carpet pattern, the bloody elevator visions, the twins, Room 237, the hedge maze, redrum (they figured that one out much quicker than I did. “That's murder backwards,” Rocco exclaimed waaaaay before the mirror shot revelation), etc. 


    All those things they commented on. And, being young boys, they of course still snickered at a character being named “Dick,” but boy did they love Scatman Crothers. They kept saying over and over again how awesome he was, so you know they're wired right in the head.

    There were two moments I was worried about. I knew they could handle the deeper horror at play, that of a parent turning against their child. Jack Nicholson is cartoony enough and their real life dad is good enough that I didn't think any of that would get to them. But there were two things I wasn't sure about. One was the use of the “N word” in reference to Dick Hallorann and the other was the naked lady in the bathtub, which is pretty important they see because the whole point of watching The Shining at this moment was to give them a context for the sequence in Ready Player One.

    For the racial slur I was a little curious if they would know it and what it meant or if that would have be an uncomfortable conversation. When Grady utters the “N word” in the bathroom with Jack Torrance both boys instantly said “He's racist.” So they knew it and knew it was bad and that using it means you're a bad person. Phew.


    As far as the nudity, I gave them a little warning as Jack entered Room 237. “There's some nakedness coming up, so prepare yourselves.” They're at an age where I'm sure there's some curiosity digging in, but right now they're still embarrassed about sexuality, so they self-censored, looking all over the room and not at the TV while the naked lady gets out of the tub, stealing an occasional glance to see if the movie's moved away from the naked lady.

    When the big reveal happens next and the pretty naked lady becomes the creepy decomposing old lady ghost they were totally engrossed. I don't think they registered her body as something to be embarrassed about witnessing, which is interesting. Instead they were focused on the horror on display, with Rocco even commenting about how good the makeup was.

    Funnily enough the nudity to get the biggest reaction was Hallorann's giant-afro'd goddess portraits. It painted a completely different picture of the kind old dude they loved at the beginning of the movie and they're so of a different time and place that they thought they were the funniest things they've ever seen.

    When Hallorann met his fate they seemed a little upset... less that he died, but more that he went all that way just to get hacked up in the Overlook's lobby, which is a reaction I love because today everything is so streamlined and truncated that it really is shocking to see something where a guy spends 25 minutes of a movie trying to get somewhere and then almost instantly drops dead.

    We'll see if I hear any reports on nightmares from their parents but I don't think The Shining scarred them permanently. They were still curious why today of all days we watched this movie, but they figured it out soon enough.

    Going into Ready Player One they knew next to nothing. I told them it was kind of like Willy Wonka with video games and made by Steven Spielberg, the guy behind a ton of stuff I've showed them like Jaws, the Indiana Joneses, Jurassic Park, ET, etc, but they hadn't seen a trailer or poster or anything.


    They were so into the movie from the get-go, just like I thought they'd be. The constant barrage of references had them always excitedly pointing out stuff. Rocco went especially nuts when he saw Tracer from Overwatch because that's his favorite character to play.

    The whole movie played like gangbusters, the I was anxiously awaiting The Shining section. When they realized what was about to happen they both went “Whoa!” Which is exactly what I did when I saw the movie for the first time. They laughed at Aech talking to the creepy twins, they shook their heads “no” when Aech goes into Room 237, pointed at the July 4th, 1921 photo. They were in on the reference in a way they absolutely would not have been just a few hours before and it absolutely grabbed them.

    I could see their engagement go from passive to damn near interactive. In that moment they were collaborators with Spielberg. He was talking directly to them and you could see it on their faces.

    That is movie magic right there and I'll never forget it.

    I liked it so much that I had to share it with you guys. I felt compelled to write about this experience, which was so emotional and powerful to me that it refused to be kept bottled inside. I have no idea if anyone will give a shit, but it meant a lot to me. Plus it was an excuse to talk about Kubrick and Spielberg again!

  • The First-Ever Funhaus Weed-Play!

    2 months ago



    Friday, April 20. 2:00PM PST (ish).

    From the same innovative group that brought you "drinking and playing video games" comes a radical new idea -- getting STONED while playing video games! Because that is super legal in California now.

    But we're not just playing any video game. We're playing the MOST HARDCORE game ever made. Of course, we're referring to Nintendo Labo. Because who doesn't want to see idiots fail to assemble cardboard toys with the most basic of instructions?

    Here's how it'll work -- every five minutes we spin the WEED WHEEL. It'll have various slots on it that will instruct members of Funhaus to take vape hits, don themed clothing, or perform various mental and physical challenges. If you've never seen a man baked out of his mind wearing four different pairs of sunglasses try to play a single round of Jenga, well, now's your chance. All while trying to successfully construct cardboard fishing rods.

    What a world we live in.

    But here's the catch! We'll stream it live on our Funhaus channel, and the audience can trigger a weed wheel spin at any time by superchatting $420.00 dollars! 

    I realize that might sound a little scummy but here's my thinking -- I want to involve the live viewers somehow and I like the idea of making it a little Stanford Prison Experiment-y. Setting the dollar amount so high (lol) both gives the audience a chance to torture us but also makes sure we won't be dead in about twenty minutes.

    To be clear: the wheel will get spun regardless. But if you guys want to scrounge together some change and torture us even more, you'll have that ability.

    So please join us in a record breaking, monumental internet moment. And maybe have a little mercy on us.

    Any lingering questions? Leave em below and I'll address!

  • Warehouse Transition

    2 months ago


    Hey friends!

    We have some big changes coming to the RT Store that we wanted to fill you in on. Before we dive in, we wanted to take this opportunity to address some of the challenges we faced and explain why these changes are coming.

    Last holiday season, we experienced some issues with our warehouse and fulfillment center that impacted shipping times, led to the oversale of certain items, and resulted in a poor experience for many of you. On top of that, our Customer Care team was unprepared for the spike in inquiries as a result of the warehouse issues, which led to unacceptable response times. We are incredibly sorry for our poor communication and for not meeting your expectations this past holiday season. We’ve spent the last few months working on solutions to improve the RT Store shopping experience, and now we’d like to announce how we’re fixing it.

    Here’s the big news: effective April 19, we will be shipping from a new fulfillment center! We’ve outgrown our current warehouse and are excited to partner with a larger and more technically adept one. This was not a decision we came to lightly. We’ve been shipping with the same warehouse fulfillment team for over a decade, but as our business has grown we realize that we need to make some big changes to provide all our store customers with the best possible service. It’s a big step for us, but we know it’s the right thing to do.

    The new warehouse is equipped to  provide more shipping options and faster shipping prep times, which for many of you should mean merch hitting your doorstep sooner! They are capable of handling high-volume shipping times, which means you can order during sale times, holiday season, and Extra Life with confidence that you’ll get your orders on time.

    We expect for there to be a very short downtime during the transition, roughly from 11:00 pm CDT April 18 to 3:00 am CDT April 19. You will be able to shop with us right up until then and just after. After April 18, you may notice some items will show as sold out for a period of time before all of our inventory is in our new warehouse. However, the majority of our popular inventory will be available for sale on the April 19. We want to stress that downtime will be minimal. And trust me, you’ll want to shop with us on the April 20 **cough cough** Limited Edition Geoff **cough cough** Limited Edition 15th Anniversary merch from Rooster Teeth, RWBY, Achievement Hunter, and RvB **cough cough**.

    In addition to our new warehouse partnership, we’re addressing the communication concerns by growing our Customer Care team. @Chelsea has taken on a new role as Community Support Manager (congrats Chelsea!), working closely with the team to improve response time and ensure that we are providing helpful and accurate responses. We hope that you won’t need to contact us for issues with your order, but in the event you do, we are striving to respond quickly and resolve the issue with excellence.

    We know everyone living outside the US is thinking, “Cool beans but what about me?” We want to be transparent about the fact that we know the international shopping experience needs a lot of work. We have not done the best job keeping up with the UK and AUS store. We’ve faced challenges trying to produce items outside the US with the same quality and the same cost. As a result, we haven’t been able to get the same product in those stores. To address this, we’re working to improve the international shopping experience in the US store by adding more shipping options and the ability to track your shipments. We are also working to improve the product selection over the next few months in the international stores to better reflect the product mix we offer in the US.

    Since we are rolling out several initiatives to improve your shopping experience, we will be reaching out to you to ask you how we’re doing. People who shop with us over the next few months will receive email surveys asking how your experience was with shipping, customer service, etc. Your opinion matters and we really want to hear from you. We want for you to love shopping with us as much as you love watching our content.

    Here’s the TLDR breakdown:

    • New warehouse coming April 19 with better shipping options and faster shipping times

    • Customer Care is working to improve response times and the quality of support we provide

    • Don’t miss the April 20 Limited Edition launch – it will be epic AF

    Thanks for your support and patience with us as we work through these growing pains. We’re excited about how amazing this new store experience is going to be and can’t wait to get your feedback to make it as good as it can possibly be.

    <3 RT Store Team

  • Sana Rambles: Into the Breach

    2 months ago

    Sanaart RT Production Artist

    Hello, I've now gotten all of the achievements in Into the Breach, it's time for my disjointed ramble! I don't really know how to start this so, here we go!

    Also here to say that this game doesn't really have a narrative, so there won't be any story spoilers in this journal. However, I may spoil mechanics in this journal. So if that is important to you, go play the game for yourself first!



    I love the art in this game! I'm already a fan of pixel art already, but I'm also really impressed with how much they were able to pull off with so little. Now that may seem like an insult but it's not; it's neat to me how attacks can still feel brutal even though none of the characters have an attack animation for instance.

    I only noticed minor mishaps with the graphics (like for instance, mech and enemy sprites will appear under the volcano on two tiles), but they were mostly very minor. Overall love this style.


    Also love the music. Don't have too much to say since I'm not incredibly versed in audio. Loved FTL's soundtrack and likewise love this soundtrack.


    Obviously this is probably the game's strong point. Subset Games showed their skills as system designers in FTL and again have delivered with Into the Breach. It's inherently very simple with a lot of variety to it.

    Though I will say, I do wish there was a little bit more variety. I have a hard time making this critique, since I played this game for 68 hours despite this problem. But after a lot of play time, I noticed repeat missions, map types, etc. I don't feel I noticed it as quickly as I did with FTL, but I suppose it is to be expected; FTL had more world "types" whereas Into the Breach has 4 islands and a final mission. I think this is something that could easily be solved with a patch or DLC. It's very hard to know how variety is enough.

    I also feel the final mission is a bit samey in comparison to the rest of the game, which I think is both good and bad. One thing that I didn't like about FTL is that despite all of the endless strategies and missions the game employed, you were somewhat locked into a handful because the rebel flagship was so difficult. Into the Breach likewise has many many different strategies, and because the final mission is like the rest of them, these can still work on the final mission. Unfortunately this does make the final mission a bit easy. I never felt the same triumph as I did when I beat the rebel flagship. But as I described from this paragraph, it does have its pros and cons.


    At 15 dollars I think this game is a steal, certainly got more than my money's worth. If you like strategy games you should definitely pick this up! I'll also definitely be getting the soundtrack for myself.

    Next game I'm going to do is finish Night in the Woods!

  • Taking Jenga Seriously

    2 months ago

    BroadcastBryan Resident Beard

    We had giant Jenga at Rooster Teeth's 15th birthday party, but no shock collars since Cowchop weren't in town. We did have Jessica Vasami vs Drew Saplin play the tallest game of Jenga I've ever personally witnessed, and I took some pictures!

    The Jenga Action At RT15!


  • RvB is Back and It's Going to be Fucking Awesome (+ A Schedule Update)

    2 months ago


    Hey everyone - hopefully you’re already aware that the 16th season of Red vs. Blue is premiering for FIRST members on Sunday, April 15 at 8:00 a.m. CDT. It’s going to be our sixteenthiest season ever. The show is now old enough to drive a car or something. It’s going to be awesome, just watch.

    If you’re not yet a FIRST member, you should correct that, but in the meantime let me tell you about how we’re going to be releasing this show for everyone to see.

    We have a long history of trying out new things with Red vs. Blue. That sounds oddly sexual but it’s not. What I mean is, our most loyal viewers have a long history of watching it on the Rooster Teeth site. In fact, there was literally nowhere else to watch it until season 6. Caboose hadn’t even invented YouTube yet. I think Woodrow Wilson was still president. It was a totally different world back then. Possibly much better.

    So, things change, and then sometimes they change back again in delightful ways. With our new and improved site and mobile apps, there’s even more reason to watch Red vs. Blue right here at its original home. Because of that, we have decided to release Red vs. Blue episodes free to the public on the Rooster Teeth site and mobile apps a mere one week after they go up for FIRST members. They will be posted to YouTube at some point in the future, but the only way to watch them for free one week after their initial release is on the Rooster Teeth site and mobile apps.

    We are committed to making our new viewing experience the best it can be, and bringing our community together on the same platform is a huge priority for us. This new season of Red vs. Blue is the perfect way to experiment with that. As it stands, this is the only show with this release schedule – our plan is to leave RWBY’s schedule the same as it has been.

    If you have any questions, leave them in the comments below. If you have praise and adoration, you can leave a comment too. Or maybe combine both, like “How can you be so awesome?” Just go nuts.

    We’re excited about making our site and apps the best place to watch Rooster Teeth content, and your feedback is crucial in that process. Thanks everyone and can’t wait to watch the show with you this Sunday.

    - Matt

    P.S. - Along with having a new site and mobile apps, we'll be doing an hour long watch party for Red vs. Blue Season 16 Episode 1 at 10:00 a.m. CDT on Sunday April 15! Head on over to and watch with the rest of the community.

  • New Incredibles II trailer! New Incredibles II trailer!

    2 months ago


    Brad Bird is back in the super comfy Pixar saddle for Incredibles II, which sees Mr. Incredible having to grapple with his biggest challenge yet: being Mr. Mom. I dig the starting point here... Elastigirl being the face of the new renaissance of supers while her supportive, yet a bit disgruntled, husband handles the more mundane, yet personally more important, role of managing the day to day of the Parr family.

    It's just nice to see everybody back and I can't wait to see how it all comes together. Check out the new trailer below:


    in Forums > FAN ART FRIDAY CONTEST, PRESENTED BY BIGBITE! (ENDS 04.18.18) | Follow this topic

    Becca RT Torturer

    Fan Art Friday is back! Last week, we got some incredible art from you, and can't wait for you to see the winner this Friday! Just keep your eyes peeled on the front page of! One of your works of art will be featured in Rooster Teeth Poppycock!

    Read on for rules, tips, and more!

    In order to create more interesting content, we're going to ask that you give us a little background info on each piece, so we can write about it when you win!!! Please copy-paste the following into your entry and fill it out!

    • 1. What's your name?
    • 2. Where do you live?
    • 3. What do you do?
    • 4. How did you create this piece?
    • 5. How long did it take?
    • 6. What was your inspiration?
    • 7. What is your Twitter handle, if you have one?

    PROTIPS for the best shot at winning:

    • Maximize your votes. While getting the most votes does not guarantee victory, you must be in the top 5 to be selected!
    • Enter early (the earliest entries have more time to get votes)!
    • Join and follow the BIGBITE group to get a notification when we launch each new contest!
    • If people liked it, but it didn't win, enter it again!
    • Make sure the post shows up correctly--direct links tended to do far worse than embedded images.
    • Get on your social media accounts and tell your friends to vote for you! Don't forget to give them the direct link to your post. (That's the hyperlink on your post number, kids!)

    So, here's the rules (updates in bold):

    • Upload your fan art to this thread
    • Copy and paste the above background info on your piece and fill it out.
    • Need help uploading images here? CLICK HERE.
    • One entry per person, per week. If you submit more than one image in a single post, you will be judged on the first image. Multiple images of the same 3D item are permitted.
    • The fan art is to be of RT and Let's Play family topics.
    • Previous entries may be re-entered, provided they have never won.
    • You may win multiple times, and previously being featured in BIGBITE.Media does not preclude you from winning.
    • Entries must be received by 11:59PM CT on Wednesday, 04.18.2018
    • The top 5 modded posts will be selected as finalists (read: TELL YOUR FRIENDS TO VOTE!)
    • The winner will be selected by BIGBITE and/or RT staff. In the event of a tie in the selection committee vote, the piece with the highest number of mods will be selected.
    • Winner's art will be featured in Fan Art Friday on!

    If you have any questions, shoot us a message.

    Good luck, and we'll see you on the front page!


    Joe Dalton and Michael Hernandez

    CEO and SMD, BIGBITE Media

    Legal crap we should probably say so that nobody gets sued: By entering art in the contest, you certify that this is, indeed, your own work. BIGBITE and Rooster Teeth maintain editorial control of all art, and may deem any work ineligible at their discretion, for any reason. By entering art in the contest, you grant BIGBITE and Rooster Teeth full rights to reproduce and use your art, We may also share some of our favorite entries on our social media channels; however, you will receive proper attribution for your work. BIGBITE and Rooster Teeth reserve the right to alter, end, or cancel this contest for any reason at any time, without prior notice.

    1 reply

  • Looking Behind the Curtain (How Ad Reads Come to Be)

    2 months ago

    gus Elite Staff

    In the past I’ve thought about writing a journal explaining how some behind the scenes stuff works here at RT, and in light of recent concerns about a sponsor I figured I should give you some insight as to how ad reads happen. I think this is good background info to help shed light on the current situation because I’ve read many misconceptions about the process. I’m going to use Hims as my example in this journal.

    I want to start by saying nobody at Fullscreen or Rooster Teeth forces me to read ad copy for a sponsor I didn’t approve. Ads can come in a few different ways. Sometimes external agencies sell against our inventory, sometimes our internal sales team sells them, but regardless of who sells the ad, I deal directly with the RT sales team. When our sales team is talking to a potential new sponsor interested in advertising on RT Podcast they will let me know who the potential sponsor is and ask if I approve or have any concerns or objections. I normally look into the company or product and try to get a feel of how people talk about them online. I’ve disapproved many potential sponsors in the past and have never had pushback when I disapprove one. For example, here is the email I received from the sales team regarding Hims (the email was addressed to the decision makers for the shows listed below):

    One of our agencies reached out about this, so let me know if neither/ both or which one would make sense as a sponsor. (Same company, two products- hair loss and erectile dysfunction pills.)

    I made it very clear that it would be difficult for us to promote ED pills with a straight face, but apparently they have a sense of humor...

    Anyway- understand if this doesn't fit but looking at:

    AH Livestream, Heroes and Halfwits AHWU and Off Topic

    Always Open

    Glitch Please and The Know

    RT Podcast

    After doing my usual research I came to an easy conclusion (and I only make the decision for RT Podcast):

    I'm fine with both.

    Not every show producer was comfortable with this ad read, so some shows turned down the sponsor. Once the sales team hears from the show producer they move forward with getting the ad copy and scheduling the read. Due to the popularity of these reads there can sometimes be a large delay before we do the read. For example, I gave Hims a go ahead on August 14th 2017 but didn’t do the first ad read until March 5th 2018. On February 27th 2018 I had an on-boarding conference call to discuss the campaign with the external agency that sold the ad and the company itself. Normally on these calls we are given background on the company and go over the product and talking points for the product. This is a time for us to have our questions answered directly by the sponsor. We typically only do on-boarding calls for new sponsors but sometimes we’ll have refresher on-boarding calls with long time sponsors who may have new products or talking points. So much time had passed since I initially approved Hims that I had forgotten I approved them. After the on-boarding call I was actually concerned that this campaign had come in unapproved so I sent off an email to the RT sales team verifying that I had approved this campaign. They reminded me of our earlier conversation about this sponsor and I was ready to move forward.

    After the on-boarding call we finalize the copy that I will read and the graphics used for the video podcast. Sometimes the sponsor supplies the copy, sometimes they don’t. I don’t know where the Hims copy came from. I think it was written internally because before the second ad read I received a message from one of the producers in the Broadcast department. He was punching up the copy and since he was changing it he wanted approval on it. Here is the message exchange we had:

    Hey Gus - I'm punching up these ads for today, wanted to share with you a piece of this so (A) you can check it out and don't get blindsided by stage directions, and (B) so you can object if you hate it. Here's a part where i put a dumb little side comment trying to make these more conversational. LMK if you hate it:
    If you have this problem, check out, a one stop shop for hair loss, skincare, and sexual wellness for men. *(to panel-->)* I always wondered where you can get that sexual healing they talk about in that song. HIMS provides medical grade solutions, real doctors who offer quality generic equivalents to name brand prescriptions to help you keep your hair where it belongs!

    My reply was:

    Perfect. Thank you for this!

    About thirty minutes before the podcast goes live one of our other producers gathers up all the copy for that episode and preps it for me so that I have them all on my laptop to read during the show. I’ll review them and if I have any last minute questions I’ll pop into the control room to chat with the team. If you ever watch the live pre-stream and you see me in the control room with my laptop I’m normally asking a question about copy, ad timing, on screen graphic placement, or something else related to the ad reads. Then we go live and you see the rest. I try to space the ad reads out during the show so that there aren’t too many back to back and we don’t wait until too close to the end of the show.

    People often comment on the way I perform ad reads and they frequently have good advice, but I want you to know the methodology behind my approach to the reads. Some viewers ask why I don’t become more energetic or try to be upbeat and incorporate the copy into the show. I try to intentionally maintain a fairly flat delivery so that it is clear when I am doing the ad read and when I’m not. There have of course been exceptions in the past for bigger activations like the Smirnoff “Side Car” or Pizza Hut’s “The Feed”.

    Once the show is released I keep tabs on comments on our site and other social media avenues. Part of this is reading how people react to the ad reads. Recently someone contacted me via twitter because they took exception to some ad copy I read for a different sponsor. They felt the copy was worded in a way that was deceptive. I looked at the copy again and could see his point of view. I sent an email to our sales team alerting them to the concern. They looked into it, talked to the sponsor, and the copy was changed to address the concern.

    Ok, now that all that background and process is established I’d like to talk more in-depth specifically about Hims.

    The controversial reaction to Hims has surprised some of us at RT, including myself. I did my first ad read for Hims on March 5th and the second ad read on April 2nd. The first read focused primarily on the hair loss medication and the second read was the first to mention the erectile dysfunction medication. There wasn’t too much feedback after the first read, but there definitely was a lot more after the second. I wanted to address some of the concerns I saw posted online.

    The first concern was that our audience is too young for this type of product and we were marketing pharmaceuticals to teenagers. Some RT shows do have a young demographic but RT Podcast listeners are one of our oldest skewing audiences. An example of the fact that the audience is older is actually shown by the fact we have had alcohol sponsors in the past. In the United States if you advertise alcohol then no more than 28.4% of your audience can be under the age of 21.

    Another concern was that the products were “snake oil”. The products sold by Hims are prescription drugs approved by the FDA for the purposes they are advertised for. Finasteride is the generic version of Propecia which is used to treat male hair loss. Sildenafil is the generic version of Viagra which is used to treat erectile dysfunction.

    Some commenters were uncomfortable with the idea of this service helping a patient circumvent their in-person doctor visit and get pharmaceuticals through online consultation. I personally thought this was a super convenient idea and I wish I could have this type of regular consultation with my general doctor. I do think this is the future of medicine and doctor appointments. I can definitely see the cause for concern but I don’t want anyone to think that the service just allows you to order pharmaceuticals with no oversight. You do give your medical history to a real doctor via the service who reviews it and your overall health before determining whether or not you qualify for the medications. You can also provide a prescription from your regular doctor if you have one. Either way, you simply can’t buy prescription medicine in the United States without having a prescription from a doctor.

    From what I understand I think that the United States and New Zealand are the only countries in the world that allow direct to consumer advertising of prescription medicine. I think this fact is also what has caused some of the concern from our audience. In the US we are used to seeing medicine ads and ignoring the ones that are irrelevant to us. I also think that since the US doesn’t have a national healthcare system that most Americans don’t have a general practitioner that they see so this type of service is attractive to them. That last one is just a hunch I have, no solid proof on that one.

    In reading the comments about this topic I discovered one other bit of information I found interesting. Viagra is available over the counter in the UK I don’t bring that up as a justification for the ad reads, just as a bit of information to highlight how different countries treat medicine and the healthcare system differently.

    Why didn’t we say anything sooner? I actually wanted to address some of the concern on Monday’s podcast and told Burnie about it before the show went live but we never got around to it. I really wish I had talked about it then because there’s definitely been way more discussion in the community since then. Internally we’ve been talking about this and we have people on all sides of the issue. We couldn’t really make a statement or address this until we knew what we wanted to say.

    With this controversy swirling in our community, we realize the easy thing for us to do here would be to cancel our contract with Hims. We do need advertisers to support our podcasts, but we don’t need all of them. We turn down advertisers all the time that we don’t think fit out standards.

    However, we don’t want to make a reactionary decision here, because we genuinely do think this is a good service. Many men find talking to their own doctor in person about these issues and other health issues difficult and embarrassing. It’s a real problem. And yes, these issues do affect young men in not insignificant numbers. A service that helps men get past that embarrassment and get help is a good thing.

    Rooster Teeth tries to be a sex-positive company. We believe in addressing sex and sex-related issues in open and frank ways, and we think sexual health is important for everyone. If erectile dysfunction medicine helps some people enjoy their lives, then more power to them.

    Some members of our community have suggested that it is morally wrong to advertise any prescription medicine whatsoever. Burnie has commented on past podcasts that advertising for prescription medications in the U.S. is way over the top. And by and large, he’s right, especially when you compare the U.S. to the rest of the world, where most countries have no advertisements for it at all. It’s unlikely we will ever partner with another prescription medicine advertiser, it’s not something we seek out. However, we’re not ready to say they are all bad. The health care system in the U.S. is extremely convoluted, which is a much bigger topic than we can address here, but people still need to know about medicines that can help them. This subject just deserves a more nuanced conversation.

    Now that you have heard us out and understand our decision making process, we look forward to getting additional feedback from you. Like I said, we want to have an honest and open discussion about this, and one that is based on facts and not rumors or gossip. As the person that has the final say over this and all the other advertisements on the RT Podcast, I feel this is very important to get right. Our community is extremely important to us, and so is making decisions like these for the right reasons. Please leave your comments below and we also look forward to discussing with everyone on the next RT Podcast.

  • Hi, I'm Amanda - Nice to meet you!

    2 months ago

    awildamanda Amanda Erickson

    Hey there, I’m Amanda and as one of the newest employees of Rooster Teeth, I thought I’d take a minute to introduce myself! 

    I just started on the marketing team as social media manager, which basically means that I work with @shepard.maxine on getting allllll the RT content onto your timeline in creative ways. I’m super excited to work here and hope I can meet more of y’all online or at RTX.

    I previously worked at Hi-Rez Studios on SMITE for the past 3 years. I started out as xbox community manager, grew to lead the community team, and then transitioned to the marketing team for my last year there. It was a great job, with even better coworkers, but I jumped at the opportunity to work at one of my favorite places. 

    I’ve been a big fan of Rooster Teeth since college, after being introduced to RvB, but my other favorite shows are Always Open, the RT Podcast, and RWBY. 

    Besides Hi-Rez, I’ve had about X years of experience working in social and community. I also created a gaming fashion blog in 2012 called Console to Closet - where I created outfits that were inspired by video game characters. 

    A bit more about me:

    • I’m originally from Toronto, Ontario and moved to the US about 4 years ago.
    • I’m married to my best friend in the world. He actually introduced me to RvB back in the day!   
    • I have a 3 year old German Shepherd named Maverick and he’s the best boy.
    • I love video games, especially RPGs or anything quirky/weird. (Please send me your underrated recommendations!!)
    • I’ve been cosplaying since 2011 - I’ve done Bellona from SMITE, Lara Croft, Aela the Huntress, and more!  

    Well to end this thing, you can follow me on twitter/instagram at @awildamanda (not gonna lie, it’s mostly tweets/pics of my dog). I can’t say it enough that I’m excited to get know y’all so please don’t be a stranger online! 

  • testy mctesterson

    2 months ago

    Chelsea FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold RT Community Manager


    edit: the test has been complete. continue on with your ballicious day. 

  • Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain

    2 months ago

    dsaplin Dr. Drew Saplin


    Wanted to start being more involved in the community, thought I would say...Hey hi hello. Sup. I'm Drew Saplin-

    I'm a real dad when it comes to social media, thought I'm not a dad, but I'm learning. Miles is rull good about retweeting me, which makes me feel great about myself every time. 

    I was in that one episode of the Burnie Vlog where I helped Ellie make a leather belt. I also showran her show Skill Tree. I show ran/ directed Master & Apprentice, and directed about half the episodes of the last couple seasons of Million Dollars But...

    Anyway, that's me, who are you? 

    okay bye bye 

  • Meet Mask. The Enemy in "Go Nitro: To Stand Divided"

    2 months ago


    Intelligent, calculating, and mysterious. Mask is the most dangerous and effective thief to ever set foot in Lattice Light City. Hidden behind a pitch-black mask that even covers his eyes, he was able to gain a foothold in the city after the Nitros separated. Mask, unfortunately, knows exactly how good he is, which makes him feel comfortable enough to constantly run his mouth. Mask will joke and tease at every opportunity, taunting his opponents to no end. He will try to smooth-talk his way out of any situation, even knowing he can easily fight if needed. Armed with technology hidden within his torn-up leather jacket, Mask can emit a powerful blue lightning from his boots and fingertips. He can use this lightning as a ranged attack, to charge his strikes, to launch him to greater heights, and to burn through solid steel. However, the thing that makes Mask most dangerous, is his unpredictability. He has no affiliation, no boss, and no leash. Mask steals purely for the paycheck associated with acquiring and then selling high-level tech. The Nitros will need to find a way to band together once again if they want to stand any chance of stopping Mask from arming the worst side of Lattice Light.

    “You know, I came to this city for one reason. There’s tech here in Lattice Light that most people wouldn’t be able to imagine. They have no clue about the things that tech can do. The things it can create... and destroy. In fact, almost every dude and chick in this town would live happier lives not knowing it existed in the first place. Just waddle their coffee-filled asses from place to place, oblivious to the very conversation we're having right now. You and me. What makes matters worse, is that some jerk like me can swoop right in and just take this stuff. Take these weapons and sell them to whoever I want. That’s pretty messed up, right? A psycho like me running around? Any Tom, Dick, or Dante that has a check with my name on it can earn a gun in his pocket. My real name, that is, I don't think 'Mask' will fly at the banks. Some weird alias rule they have, I guess. Anyway, time's ticking. I have people lining up for miles, desperate to get their hands on this stuff and the police are absolutely on the way. Can't miss my chance to go shopping before the sale is over, can I, pumpkin? You know, this scene here, you on the ground and me giving you the classic 'I'm not a nice guy' monologue, it's funny, if I'm honest. I was actually pretty nervous that the world-famous Nitros would throw a wrench into my operations. I mean, when I heard the stories about 'the Earth's first superheroes," how could I not be shaking in my pricey, yet masculine, boots? So, it's good to see the stories I've heard about you guys are just that... stories."

  • SKILL TREE!!! WED 4/11

    2 months ago

    elliemainey Survivalist

    Hello you beauties!

    Today I have officially received word from the powers that be that Skill Tree is premiering WED 4/11 for First and THU 4/12 for public!!! Yes, THIS WEEK! T H I S  W E E K!!

    I'm so excited for you to see the show that this amazing team put together. We're gonna go on some video game orientated, apocalypse motivated adventures and I can't wait. Huge shout out to Drew Saplin and Chelsea Harfoush - the creative-dream-team-triad, and big thanks to Ben Powell, Dax Stringer, Jake Camitta, Sam Bennett and Simrell. You can see their beautiful faces in the banner on my RT profile, and you'll see Simrell's incredible work on the thumbnails of each episode! 

    And thanks to you guys for all your messages of support and anticipation for this project :) you rock and ENJOY THE SHOW!


  • Tech Gremlins are REAL - rough week

    2 months ago

    RTcastMichael RT Broadcast guy

    There are weeks where everything works exactly as planned....and some weeks you are lucky if the lights even turn on.

    With adjustments coming to Broadcast and new items coming in, I get nervous and check equipment over and over to ensure things run as planned. Some of these are outside of my hands and therefore have to hope everything falls into place as planned. That didn't happen.

    • New Fiber Line - used to transfer files between systems FASTER than basic connection
      • Transfers fast.....but not as expected under current gear so POST is not thrilled  frowning
    • TriCaster for Conference room streaming - To help boost quality and ease of small room streams we ditch a laptop for our TriCaster Mini
      • Gave it to Nick and 7 minutes before his stream is supposed to start the machine crashes and won't reboot  cry
    • Laptop for Video Playback - We had to use a nearby laptop to playback a video for commentary
      •  When all the cast arrive for the read the laptop freezes and won't reboot
    • Demo Camera to be new OTS intro - We have a camera in demo and would really like to use to tease new OTS intro as season finale and highlight for Matt and Burnie to see.
      • Camera wouldn't fit on Ronin and handheld just wasn't stable enough making the risk of error too high. The backup RED also wouldn't work once we found out the Ronin remote wasn't connecting and the thumb controls were missing  dizzy_face

    Yeah it happens. We do our best so the audience doesn't see the errors and the show isn't interrupted, and some weeks are easier than others (like when things don't break). But that is why there is always another week to fix those items and get things back in order.


  • Why the obsession with Spyro?

    2 months ago


    Okay, I've received this question a lot since the remaster was announced and I went on my crazy rant on twitter in excitement. I figured this would be a good place to explain exactly why this is such a huge deal to me. If you don't know what I'm talking about, the original Spyro Trilogy that started 20 years ago is finally being remastered and will be releasing sometime in September.

    Basically, there's a number of reasons. The first is simply that Spyro was the first game I ever played. It was the first game I owned, the first game I completed, and the first game that gave me a sense of accomplishment and genuine fun. So yes, a lot of my feelings toward it are based off of nostalgia.

    However, the secondary reason is definitely the more important one. I meet fans all the time that say something along the lines of "your content helped me through a lot of bad times. It made me smile when I was feeling down or sad." (Which I love hearing by the way, because it means I'm properly doing my job if people are smiling and forgetting their troubles). This content for me, is Spyro. To this day, and for the past twenty years, if I'm ever feeling sad, or upset, or stressed, or anything bad, I plug in Spyro and play it for a few hours to calm myself. I must have played the first game to completion over 50 times. It's what genuinely makes me happy and forget things that are upsetting me. Sometimes in my past, this has been super important. Spyro means so much to me, not just because I wouldn't have the career and life I do now without it, but because it was there when I needed it. It was the mindless, beautiful, silly fun that took my mind off of the things I couldn't help but worry about.

    Sure it sounds sappy, but it's the legitimate reason that I love these games. I can't wait for the remaster, mostly because I want people to play and love Spyro again. I'd be just as happy playing the low-poly original version until the end of time. I really feel like Spyro deserves it. Any posts, or tweets, or anything I do relating to Spyro that may seem like ads or sponsored, I promise is not. All I want to do is give back to a series of games that has given me so much throughout my life. 

    Hope that cleared some stuff up for you guys asking. Thanks! <3

  • This Week At ScrewAttack - 4/06/18

    2 months ago

    JoshuaKazemi @joshuakazemi

    Top Ten Numbers - Editor Notes 

    • What a fun list to work on. The guys have been wanting to produce this list since I started at ScrewAttack. This was another list that everyone came together to work on. Nick and I edited this list, Noel, Gerardo and I helped shoot in the intro and obviously Sam and Austin wrote and knocked this list out of the park. 
    • One thing I love about you guys is that even though this was a jokey/April Fool's list, a lot of you still had serious thoughts and comments about numbers we omitted. Amazing. 
    • Another comment thread I really liked seeing was anything along the lines of "For a joke list, this is pretty deep." 
    • I initially thought, "This will be a fun list but tough cause how are we going to visualize numbers." Then I remembered that The Count exists. Thanks, Count. 
    • One of my favorite parts of this script is anytime Sam or Austin say something like "That's why 16 is our 7" 
    • Did you know that there is a WordArt generator online? The internet is magic. 
    • At one point in this production I got to watch Nick direct Sam and Austin in the V.O. booth. It was such a cool experience. Nick is a talented guy and I'm really happy I get to work with him. 
    • Another deserving shout out: Our intern Noelle. She found a TON of great footage that I ended up using throughout the edit. I'm looking at you, #8
    • What a perfect way to bring back the recap right?
    • When I read that Triskaidekaphobia was in the script I immediately thought of that Friends clip. Nick edited that entry and found it on his own. Somethings are meant to beeeeee. 

    Watch the Video:RT | YT

  • RTX Austin Hotel Room Book!

    2 months ago

    Clarissa.Gonzalez RT Live Events Specialis

    Hi RTX Austin goers,

    Have you booked your hotel? Yes? Great, you’re ahead of the curve! One less thing to worry about.

    No? Don’t you worry we have you covered. Let us help make your experience at RTX easier!

    Where you stay is super important, and we want to make sure we give you enough time to book your hotel and set plans!

    Here’s what you need to know about our hotel room blocks.

    Fairmont Austin (101 Red River St, Austin, TX 78701)

    Rates: Standard Single $219; Double $219

    Block Cut-off: July 10th



    Hilton Austin (500 E. 4th, Austin, TX 78701)

    Rates: Single/Double $225; Triple $245; Quad $265

    Block Cut-off: July 10th



    JW Marriott (110 E. 2nd, Austin, TX 78701)

    Rates: Single $225; Double $235

    Block Cut-off: July 10th


    Don’t miss out on these deals. Rooms are going fast!



  • Yep, Rogue One's reshoots were a Hail Mary pass to save the picture, according to Tony Gilroy!

    2 months ago



    Credited screenwriter and guy brought on to finish Rogue One opened up about the the process on a podcast called The Moment With Brian Koppelman, being pretty frank at how dire the situation was when he was brought on board. 

    He reshot the ending and apparently ghost directed a significant amount of the movie. He did enough work to warrant a screenplay credit in arbitration. He wouldn't say how much of the movie is his exactly, but consider that Gareth Edwards had locked his director's cut before Gilroy came on board and Gilroy "easily won" arbitration to have his name added to the screenplay roster. What does that mean? According to the WGA's website you are given a screen credit if a WGA board, who goes over every draft, determines you have provided at least 33% of the final film's content.

    So, a panel at the WGA determined Tony Gilroy at rewrote at least a third of the movie and gave him the credit.

    To twist the knife further, Gilroy said when he came on "they were in such a swamp... they were in so much terrible, terrible trouble that all you could do was improve their position." Yikes.

    Still, I'm extremely curious as to what Edwards' original cut looked like. Was it really awful or just not going in the right direction? I guess we'll never know...

  • Is Steven Spielberg Finally Getting Around To Making The Talisman?!?

    2 months ago



    As a big fan of both Steves, I've been wondering what the hell Spielberg was going to do with The Talisman since I found out he had the rights to King's fantasy epic. And he's had the rights for a very, very long time. Universal bought the eternal rights to The Talisman and gave them to Spielberg before the book even came out, so we're talking 35 years here, people.

    Over the years there have been a few almosts with this property, some for TV, some for the big screen. House of Sand and Fog's Vadim Perelman was going to direct a film version at some point and truly awful screenwriter Ehren Kruger (all the recent Transformers) has taken a stab at a script. I've read some of these scripts and none of them have worked 100%.

    It seems like Spielberg might finally be revving up on this one again, though. He told Entertainment Weekly that he wants it to become a reality in the next two years, although he didn't necessarily say he'd direct it, which is a shame because it's about the most ideal Steven Spielberg-y story.

    The book follows a young boy name Jack Sawyer who embarks on a journey to visit his dying mother, sure that he can save her from the cancer eating her alive. The twist is he does it by jumping back and forth between this reality and a fantasy world called "The Territories" that is a mirror image of our own except they have werewolves and monsters and stuff. Each person that exists in our world has a twin in the other.

    It's a dark, but ultimately uplifting fantasy adventure and is so totally Spielbergian in its awe and fantasy and kid lead that I'm shocked it hasn't happened yet.

    Now, Spielberg isn't saying he'll direct it, only that he wants to usher it into being as producer, but I really hope he reconsiders. It's the perfect material for him and he's got such a great eye for these big, emotional set pieces. 

    Anyway, that's the news. The Talisman is back on Spielberg's plate. Here's hoping it comes together and comes together correctly!

  • RTX LONDON 2018: Ticket Onsale Dates, Pricing, Codes, and More!

    2 months ago

    Bethany Head of RT Events

    Hi lovelies,

    Who’s ready for some exciting RTX London 2018 news?!? I know I am! Please read all of the following info regarding onsale dates, badge types and pricing, and other fun facts before you ask us questions.

    RTX London - September 15-16, 2018 - ExCeL Centre London


    Monday, April 23 - RT Box Members onsale *Early Bird* rate at 10AM GMT / 11AM BST

    Wednesday, April 25 - FIRST Members onsale *Early Bird* rate at 10AM GMT / 11AM BST

    Friday, April 27 - General Public onsale *Early Bird* rate at 10AM GMT / 11AM BST

    *Early Bird rates will be available through Thursday, May 3 at 11:59PM GMT / 12:59AM BST or until sold out.


    If you would like to sign-up for RT Box or FIRST memberships, you have until Monday, April 16 at 12PM CDT (6PM GMT / 7PM BST) to sign-up in order to receive your early access code. Your membership status must be paid or in “trial state” to receive your early access code. You can sign up for an RT Box membership HERE, or for a FIRST membership HERE

    All RT Box and FIRST members will receive their early access codes on Wednesday, April 18. If you do not receive your code by Thursday, April 19, please reach out to customer support as soon as possible at: RTXEvent[at]RoosterTeeth[dot]com


    Platinum - (formerly referred to as VIP) - £385.00 (Early Bird) / £425.00 (Regular)

    - Access to RTX Saturday and Sunday

    - Exclusive attendee bag

    - Exclusive attendee lanyard

    - 2 Autograph Codes

    - Priority Panel Line

    - Priority Seating in Panels

    - Reserved Centre Stage Seating

    - Platinum Exclusive Party (all ages)

    - Non-Refundable

    Weekend - £50.00 (Early Bird) / £56.00 (Regular)

    - Access to RTX Saturday and Sunday

    - Exclusive attendee bag

    - Exclusive attendee lanyard

    - 1 Autograph Code

    - Non-Refundable

    Single Day - £30.00 (Early Bird) / £34.00 (Regular)

    - Access to RTX Saturday OR Sunday

    - Exclusive attendee bag

    - Exclusive attendee lanyard

    - Non-Refundable


    All badges will need to be picked up at Advanced Onsite Pick-up at the ExCeL Centre beginning Friday, September 14 2PM - 7PM BST. If you are unable to pick-up your badge during Advanced Onsite Pick-up on Friday, you will need to arrive early on Saturday, September 15 to pick-up before the exhibit hall opens and panels begin. Registration will open at 7:30AM BST on Saturday, September 15.

    Keep in mind we sold out in under 14 minutes last year so please, please, PLEASE do not wait to buy your ticket if your heart is set on attending!

    Take care!