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  • Best Christmas ever || December 13th 2017

    7 hours ago

    Evv KevinEverett

    Hey Guys, 

    So, recently I had told you guys that I had been accepted to my dream college that had denied me just months ago, but I persisted and got in for next semester. 

    Over the past few days I cannot fathom the amount of love and support I have received. Yesterday afternoon was one of the best days of the year and will be one of the most cherished moments on my life. 

    The past few days I have been getting a lot of love and support from family and friends via social media like instagram and twitter on my acceptance to Emerson and my dedication through the year. 

    Just yesterday Emerson UG tweeted at me welcoming me to the school (and have sent very welcoming emails). That night I had to give a Final speech for my Public speaking class and I absolutely delivered, in my opinion. It was about Suicide Prevention and mental awareness. I gave my personal story about my step brother Erin who committed suicide this October. I also talked about my personal issues with anxiety disorder, depression, Xanax, and I also came out as Bi-Sexual to the classroom. Before this point only one person knew about me being Bi... now I let a whole classroom full of strangers (classmates) know about it. Well, at the end of my speech the auditorium gave me a huge applause. As the class went on and other people gave their speeches they kept referencing me. I was brave last night. I did something I did not think I was going to do, but I got an overwhelming amount of support from my classmates and thanked god because I was thankful and hopefully for my future. 

    Later when I got home from class I opened twitter to see that my Highschool TV studio had given me their best wishes and congratulated me on my acceptance publicly. -- These guys have been a huge inspiration over the year and I would not be pursuing a career in film if I had not taken their class. It moved me a lot because it was the cherry on top of an amazing past few days. 

    -- I made a tweet during that night saying: 

    “How do I feel about 2017? 

    Well, I did it my way.” 

    and linked Frank Sinatra’s “My Way”. 

    It is true. I did 2017 my way. I persisted through greatness and hardship through the year but at the end of it, I had reached my goal. I also stayed true to myself, which is very important. 

    2017 may have not been the best year of my life, but it is the year where I can say I grew a lot and for that I can say it is the most important year of my life so far. 

    - Kevin Everett

  • Rooster Teeth First Double Gold Box - October 2017

    2 days ago

    Slurpasaurus FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

    Fuck Harvey Weinstein.

    If you're at all interested in subscribing to Rooster Teeth First, you can do so here:

    Twitter: >
    Instagram: >

  • HARD WORK PAYS OFF #HAPPY //December 8th 2017

    5 days ago

    Evv KevinEverett

    Hey everyone, 

    I got some amazing news. 

    Over this past year I had been waitlisted for my #1 school of choice (Emerson College) in April. Over the summer I had gotten declined acceptance. Directly afterward I scrambled to decide if I was going to stay here in Massachusetts at Community College or go to LA to go to Columbia College Hollywood.

    I ended up choosing Community College in Boston. I commuted 50 miles a day by car to attend school. For the past 4 months community college has been harder than I thought it would be, but I have good grades at the moment and my finals are next week. 

    Over the past two weeks I put my deposit down for Bridgewater State University. I was planning to go to this school and major in Secondary Education, but something just happened as of yesterday. 

    Yesterday I was filming with some of my really good friends when I received  an email from Emerson College with an update on my status. (I had reapplied for Spring 2018). I opened it while I was with my friends and I GOT ACCEPTED!!! I got accepted into my #1 school that I had been persistent with... It is acclaimed to be the #1 school for Journalism, #9 Film School, and #4 for Career Services in the United States. The school is really important to film makers in East coast because the other big one is NYU. -- Im so excited to have the opportunity to attend this incredible school. 

    I worked so hard and I am beyond proud of myself... I put so much effort into this school. 

    Emerson College ’21 || Media Arts Production, Film Production 


    - Kevin Everett

  • What Happened to Rooster Teeth?

    1 week ago

    Utukku232 FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold Utukku232

    I am not sure how journals work, who will read this or how they would even see it, but I felt the need to vent a bit about Rooster Teeth.  While I am somewhat new to the website, I am no where near new to the content that RT has produced.  I was fan way back in 2003 when I was introduced to Red vs Blue by a friend who knew I enjoyed Halo.  The line 'Is it a spider?' was the moment the series got its hooks in me.  I followed the series for years after that, also watching the other short lived RT series like Strangerhood and 1-800-Magi, plus following the regular comics done by Luke McKay that appeared on the old site.  But as I got older, busier and had fewer friends that were interested in the content, I dropped off RvB and RT around series 6.

    Around two years ago I stumbled unto Achievement Hunter without realizing at first it was part of Rooster Teeth but as soon as I heard Geoff's voice, I recognized it as Grif.  Pulled backed into RT content as well as Achievement Hunter, I binge watched tons of content from the years I missed asking myself why I had stopped watching?  I subscribed to the website, bought merch and even got a VIP pass to RTX Austin this past year.  Being a geek and gamer in a smaller community AH particularly made me feel like there were others I could relate to and that understood my sense of humor.  The last few months though, that has changed.

    Somewhere along the line, it feels like the focus of Achievement Hunter and Rooster Teeth has shifted off the content and more to the creators.  Now I love the team behind the shows, like I said in many ways I can related to them, but it has started to feel like some of them view themselves more important than the content they produce.  Either by screaming into a camera, showboating to get attention or otherwise focusing on completely on themselves.  Then there is the matter of content itself that is produced.  More and more of AH content is repeated or recut material.  Be it 'Best of the Month' or stream content that was on YouTube a week before or simply the 'Between the Games'.  I realize producing content is not easy and that it can be a busy workplace.  I tried to maintain a YouTube channel with daily game videos and it is exhausting.  But with nearly 20 people on the AH team it should be more do-able.

    At the end of it I feel conflicted about continuing to support RT and AH.  There are creators on the teams I like and want to support but like the saying goes, it only takes a few bad applies.  These bad apples spoil so much content for me that I stop watching stuff.

    That's it, I am done.  I just needed to vent if only for myself.

  • Simple Geoff may have too many chickens - Fan Art

    2 weeks ago

    Lixxieb Art person

    Geoff and his chicken farm in SkyFactory are an absolute highlight of the series for me! May come from my love of games like Harvest Moon! Chickens are so fun to draw but I don't think I'll be drawing any more for a while! 


  • My tshirt arrived and I LOVE IT!

    2 weeks ago

    Lixxieb Art person



    After paying customs (the bane of all UK RT fans lives) I got the tshirt I designed and I honestly don't think I could be happier, it printed so well and has such a great impact!

    It's my first time seeing one of my designs printed in real life and I seriously hope I'll get the chance to produce another tshirt for Rooster Teeth (my aim is an Achievement Hunter design next!) 

    ALSO if you head over to the product page you'll see my face!I'm so proud to be representing my art!


    If you ever happen to buy one of the tshirts I'd love to see!


    2 weeks ago


    Here's a post I just put up on my personal blog that I thought I should post on here, too, because it's relevant:

    "I have recently become a big fan of the YouTube Channel and production company, Rooster Teeth. This came to be after a series of events occurring in the YouTube world that I just happened to be a witness of. Long story short, I was a fan of the YouTube channel SourceFed and when it was shut down in March of this year, I continued to keep up with the hosts on their individual endeavours. Steven Suptic - who I have written about a bunch on this blog - was one of these hosts. His channel led me to FunHaus and FunHaus led me to Achievement Hunter and basically now I'm in deep. Suptic's channel was also picked up by Rooster Teeth so that helped too.

    I'd always known about Rooster Teeth's existence but I never checked them out, thinking their content wasn't something I was into. I was very wrong, obviously.

    Anyway, I bring this up because it is the greatest example of the industry I want to work in. I watch their broadcast team at work and I turn into the damn heart eyes emoji because that's what I want to do and Rooster Teeth shows me that I can do it. 

    I compare myself to the Rooster Teeth staff a lot. The other day I realised Gavin Free started working for Rooster Teeth when he was, like, 20 and I lost my mind. It sent me into an existential spiral where I just asked myself, "What am I doing with my life?!? How do I get hired by Rooster Teeth next year when I turn 20?!?"

    As a serial introspector, I've thought enough about this to know that the trajectory of everyone's life is different. I can compare my life to Gavin's or whoever else all I want but my life is on it's own path and there's no point in getting hung up on people reaching their goals before I do. I try not to get all hung up about it but I dwell on it enough for it to put a fire under my ass. So maybe I won't get hired by a massive production company at 20 but that doesn't mean I'm not going to try at all. It keeps me going.

    That's what is so great about Rooster Teeth to me. I've got an absurd number of people to draw inspiration from. I admire Gavin's work ethic. I am so in awe of Jeremy Dooley and his myriad of talents (host, rapper and author? uh, goals). All the women in the company - Ashley Jenkins, Elyse Willems, Yssa Badiola, Lindsay Jones and so many more - give me the hope that I too can do what they do. 

    Working for Rooster Teeth isn't the goal (though it would be incredible), I just want to be in the industry as soon as possible. That's why this post is titled 'Agitated'. Because I am. Very much so. I just want to do and create and create and create.

    And I am doing and I am creating and I am worried that maybe I'm spreading myself too thin but that's a problem for another time.

    Business Gianella is out here and she is not playing."

  • RT Box October 2017 Impressions (Plus three 50% off codes for Battlesloths 2025: The Great Pizza Wars to giveaway!)

    3 weeks ago

    gem_scheltema FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold RTBox reviews each month

    Well hey there! This RT Box took its damn sweet time getting to me from Sydney (landing on Friday and waiting almost a week is terrible postal service). I'm also still having some slight issue with sideways photos, but only some. So, there's that.

    The highlight of November is of course the Rooster Teeth Extra Life stream that raised a massive 1.2 MILLION DOLLARS for the Children's Miracle Network Hospitals. Once again the community has outdone itself and I'm ecstatic that we will be getting Achievement Hunter the Musical as a thank you. I was able to catch a good chunk of the stream live and enjoyed it immensely (about 12 hours of it; the second hour and then the last half), Michael with Iris was adorable and the Whose Spot is it Anyway segment was pure comedy gold. My internet held out spectacularly. Anyways, if you donated, shout out to you! 

    Getting onto the point, say hello to the 2 SPOOKY themed RT Box. Obviously this was for Halloween, but it's kind of late for that. 2 Spooky is a beloved ritual of the Extra Life stream though, so, let's pretend it makes sense for November.

    Let's take time to appreciate the greeting card that comes to us from Pikachu-spooky-boy Kerry Shawcross (who was sick and didn't get to participate in Extra Life this year, in case you didn't know). There are majestic gravestones that have the Achievement Hunter, Funhaus and ScrewAttack logos (shoutout to Chad, an MVP of the stream). There are also gravestones for Gus, died from grumpiness; Burnie (with a Tesla logo), burned; Barbara, punned to death; Gavin, couldn't be bothered. And as you can see, a fully sick coach and undead horses.



    What spooky items will go bump in the night? Look boolow!

    - one RWBY Grimm skull shirt (gray; with glow-in-the-dark art)

    - one RWBY Roman Torchwick candle (orange; pumpkin spice scent)

    - one 5 Nights at Rooster Teeth magnet (multicoloured)

    - one RWBY Blake Belladonna Papercraft (black; cat [get it?])

    - one 2 Spooky Skull Blaine pin

    - #9 of 12 of the Rooster Teeth Season 1 Gold Cards, featuring RWBY (about 20% were signed by someone from the CRWBY)

    - one Steam code for a free download of Battlesloths 2025: The Great Pizza Wars; as well as three codes for 50% off the game which I am happy to give to anybody that comments and asks!

    Holy moly, this box is full of RWBY...I LOVE IT!

    The shirt does not have a glow in the dark sticker nor does the card mention it, but it was on RT's instagram story a while ago and it was shown glowing. I tested it and it does indeed glow. As far as I remember the white print [sans the RWBY logo] is glow-enabled. As for the design, this is rad as hell and there's nothing creepier than a Grimm. Well, except for Raven, maybe. This is another lightweight shirt like the last RWBY one.


    And if you weren't satiated by that, take a look at this Roman candle! No, wait, Kerry specifically said it's a candle of Roman, not a Roman candle. Torchwick is [real spoiler if you've not watched Volume 3 of the show] dead but he was also kind of creepy, so that's spooky!

    My mother and sister LOVE this candle scent immensely! I don't know what's with Americans and pumpkin spice, but this is that in a candle. It reminds me of gingerbread, honestly it smells 90% of cinnamon, but it's more pumpkin-ey. Also, great colour, and it looks to be made in Arkansas (I also don't know why this is not pronounced like Kansas with an ar at the beginning). +1 for quality. The label application leaves a tiny something to be desired, but this is neat.


    Five Nights at Rooster Teeth, a play on the cult-popular indie game Five Nights at Freddy's, was an episode of Immersion. Gavin and Michael (and Barb and Lindsay in the FIRST bonus ep) controlled cameras inside the Stage 5 security room, watching evil versions of RT characters such as 'demented' Pongo the puppet (from the RT Short 'Pongo!'), an Ursa Grimm from RWBY, former Achievement Hunter Ray Narvaez Jr's wrestler Mr. Diddlez from the Let's Play of WWE 2K14, and of course a murderous Rooster. 


    There's a shirt with the same art, if you like it and were unaware, and it's on sale! This is a big magnet, about hand sized, and my hands are not small. It's quite thick, almost 1cm, and the magnet portion of that is about 1/4 of that. This is in the same style as the Michael Jones bottle opener, which I just now realised is also a magnet.

    To go with last month's Yang Papercraft, a little black cat (spoopy!) made her way into this box. Blake the cat Faunus goes great with Yang, because I have to remind you that they're definitely gay, and also, we can forget that nothing bad happened in RWBY ever. Just like with the previous papercraft, you gotta be careful not to rip tabs off. They're quite sturdy, but the little tabs are vulnerable, especially if you're angry like I was when I put it together (unrelated to this). They are cathartic, though. Once again though, an edge was a bit off in the body area and the one of the head tabs doesn't quite fit in its slot. This is a carbon copy of the Yang model, just with the print changed. The picture I got ended up sideways so I'll leave that out.

    "SPOOKY!" - Blaine Gibson  blaine

    This pin is an amazing tribute. The foil trays and the green skull are spot on and I love it. I won't ever look at it without hearing "spooky!". The shiny part is the actual metal part of the pin, with black, white and green enamel accents. Can I say spooky one more time?


    I will admit, I've been waiting for the RWBY Gold card to show up. It makes sense for it to be in October's box to coincide with Volume 5's premiere, and I did expect RWBY to show up in this box, but I was spoiled. I will mention that this one seems to have less effort put into it than others, as it's just a regular ol' background with the in-show models of the characters instead of special art. Also, the text is pixelated. Anyway, here's the back of the card; I just noticed it says 1/12 instead of 9/12 so maybe they rushed this one. RWBY scores 10 in attack; 4 in colours because that's the joke; 7 in arms...TOO SOON! #LetYangBeHappy

    The description is quite clearly taking the piss. FYI Blake doesn't have a tail because Faunus only have one animal trait. Stop giving her a tail, fandom!


    And last but not least, there's a free copy of Battlesloths 2025: The Great Pizza Wars on Steam for me. This game is published by Rooster Teeth, so they're handing out 50% off codes! As I mentioned earlier, just comment if you would like a 50% off code. I already used my code, and the others are blanked out to prevent any unauthorised use...actually they weren't when I posted, because I swapped a photo out, so one might be used - but I doubt it. I fixed that up so there may or may not be three, oops! I also still don't think I used my Warhammer code from last year but it might have expired. If anyone wants that I can find it and see if it's still valid.


    Don't forget you can check out the photos again, any of them, if you want, in my images > RT Box [insert month/year] album.

    And that wraps up the dead body- I mean, this post. To my American friends, I hope you have a lovely holiday season as Thanksgiving is coming up and idk I think there's other things but I'm not sure so I'll be generic. On top of that, who knows whether or not I'll get next month's box before the post office craps out for Xmas, so, well wishings to y'all for that and whatever you celebrate. I'm wearing my Thanksgiving/Christmas themed shirt from last year's box, and it's almost time to get out my ol' Relient K Christmas record to pretend I'm cheerful!

    Let it snow baby, let it reindeer.


  • We Need YOU to save Net Neutrality

    3 weeks ago

    Xuelder Some Sort of Art Boi

    Guys, this is a very serious issue coming up.  Ignoring 22 MILLION comments and opinion of the American People, Head of the FCC and former Verizon Lawyer Ajit Pai has arbitrarily decided that Net Neutrality has to go. This is unacceptable and we the American people need to do something about it.  

    Here is what, as a lone person, what you can do to help:


    Many businesses, mostly ISPs and Cell Phone Carriers, are in support of appealing Net Neutrality.  Call them up and tell them you are cancelling your plan in favor of companies that support Net Neutrality.  If your area has a local ISP, a CO-OP ISP, or heck maybe you can get Google FIber, switch to it.  Cancel Hulu, support Netflix; Cancel AT&T or Verizon and switch to T-Mobile, [who's CEO is now a supporter of Net Neutrality](  Make it hurt where it hurts the most, the corporation's bottom line.


    Call your local Representative and your state's Senators offices and tell them about your disapproval of this action being taken by the FCC.  Be polite, but stern.  Do not get into a shouting match with an aide, that solves nothing, stay civil.  Use in plain English why net neutrality is bad for you and potentially bad for your business.  Go to their town hall meetings if they still have them.  Write them a letter, or write that letter as an op ed in your local paper, cause apparently they use that as a barometer for issues still.

    If you need help with this use this site:


    While we still have Net Neutrality, we can still use social media to spread the word about the injustices of them trying to repeal it.  On twitter, use the #NetNeutrality to spread the word.  Get your net friends to share their displeasure by retweeting you and makidng their own tweets.  Also, tag your Congress Persons as well as your Senators', bombard their dashboard with your mighty tweets. While your at it, tag Ajit Pai as well, just so he has a clogged up dashboard as well. Snapchat pictures of Net Neutrality support, do the same on instagram.  Go into a long diatribe in a Facebook wall post.  Blot out the front page of Reddit with Pro Net Neutrality posts and articles.  Do not let this go away.


    Two ways to do this one.  The first is low effort but at least is something, sign a petition on the White House petitions page, in support of Net Neutrality.  All it takes is 100,000 responses before the White House has to respond, and considering we got 22 Million comments to support it, I don't think this should be an issue.  Second is the more traditional picketing kind of protest.  Organize a protest with others outside your congress person's office, but be civil about it.  Do not curse, do not insult, just stand there with signs and come up with catchy pro net neutrality jingles.  If you live in the DC Area, directly protest at the FCC.  I am pretty sure there is already a protest being planned, but its still in the early stages, keep an eye out for that on sites like the Net Neutrality subreddit


    Everybody and their mum uses the internet now.  Its Thankisgiving tomorrow, even though the taboo is politics, religion, and sports on family occasions, this is too important for that.  When you bring it up, try to frame it in a way that will affect your relative.  Remind your crazy uncle he still needs an open and fair internet to be allowed to view the president's tweets or read Drudge, or listen to Pandora.

    In conclusion, there is plenty you can do alone to help support the cause.  Real human interaction is the key imo, as apparently just signing a form letter has done nothing so far.  Do not give into despair over this.  Fight for what we all believe in, a fair and open internet.  Protect Net Neutrality people, for us and our posterity.


  • Post RTX London & Japan

    3 weeks ago

    AlintheaYoh FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold RTX London Guardian

    Well, I'm certainly late posting this, due to as soon as RTX was done on the Sunday, I flew to Japan two days after. 

    I've finally found time to sit down and write about the epic even that was RTX London. I was fortunate enough to be selected as a Guardian and I was assigned to the Signatures team. Firstly, I couldn't have been luckier to have such an amazing team (sorry everyone else, but Sigs FTW). We all gelled instantly and worked together extremely well. 

    The first session on the Saturday, in my queue, was Barbara and Lindsey. I remember thinking it was so cool seeing them in person and everything being so surreal, but at the same time, I was not there to see them, I was there for the attendees. I allowed myself a little excitement moment inside for a few seconds, then back to being professional and there for the fans. This session lasted AGES because, and I'm sorry if they see this, they don't stop talking! It isn't a bad thing for the fans and the talent, but when we have a schedule to keep, they need to talk faster! :P However, running over wasn't a problem in this instance. 

    The day carried on, getting people hyped up, including making sure everyone had their tickets out, ready to give to me once they were at the front of the queue, which meant I was the one jumping up and down, getting people to put their tickets in the air and wave them around. It was pretty entertaining and, even though I looked like an idiot, people told me after that it helped them get over their nerves and calmed them down, which was the most rewarding thing about the entire event. After people told me that, I made it my mission to make sure people were calm, had ideas of what they wanted to talk about/ask their selected staff and to take as many pictures as I could of them interacting, so they could remember it to the fullest extent. 

    I think it was honestly more fun that if I were waiting to meet the talent, which is nothing against them, but seeing peoples faces light up (some even crying) with joy at meeting their idols, was reward enough. 

    I've worked many cons and events like this before and I have to say, this was the most fun I've had; it totally didn't feel like work. I think my team leads (Sole and Pockets) were incredible. The head guardians Arileya and Jason did themselves proud in organizing everything running up to the event and during. I have extreme respect for them and would happily help them out if they ever needed it. If there is another RTX London, I would 100% apply to be a guardian again. I'll apply every time there is one, even if I don't get selected. 

    I must stress to hopeful new Guardians, it is an extreme amount of work. I paint a pretty picture of fun and happiness, which is all true, but there is a lot of work included in that. I barely sat down both days, I never stopped helping attendees and hardly interacted with the talent, but that all pails in comparison to what I got out from it. As I said, being able to help everyone was the best. 

    RTX London was, in my eyes, an incredible success. Yes, there were some teething problems, but it was the first year and I think the mass majority had the time of their life. You can't please everyone, but you can do your damnest to try.

    If any attendees remember me, or if I helped you in anyway, let me know! I'd be great to hear how the rest of your event went!

    Thank you RT for the event and allowing me to meet so many amazing people and make new friends. I hope to be apart of such an event soon. Even if I don't get picked, I'll be there attending!!!


  • Extra Life 2017

    1 month ago


    Hi everyone!

    I just wanted to say a HUGE congrats to everyone at Rooster Teeth and all involved in this years Extra Life.
    1.2 million dollars from the stream is ridiculous!
    Congrats to everyone who donated, watched, spread the word, lost sleep to stay up to date..... whatever you did to be part of it and help raise awareness for the cause, i applaud you all.

    The best community in the world doing what they do best..... being better than the rest!!

  • Mediocre News from A Less Than Average Girl

    1 month ago


    Well, it seems that in the short amount of time I have been alive that I have experienced more than some individuals. I found out on Tuesday, May 10 that I have MULTIPLE cysts on my kidneys. It is an odd thing for a teenager to develop these cysts when they are most commonly found in 50 year olds. They doctors said that I have to follow up so the cysts can be watched . This medical finding coupled with a recent sexual assault has been making my life a little harder, but I am learning quickly that I have the strength to push forward. I am receiving all the help and support from my family and close friends that I could ever need. On a much happier note, a friend and I are going to be starting a big project for a contest that Panic! At The Disco is holding. We have to create a music video for their song "Victorious" and submit it by July 11th. Thank you to everyone at Rooster Teeth for inspiring me to get into the film industry and a big thank you to Josh Flanagan.

  • Lazer Team 2 (Texas showings)

    1 month ago

    onyx_hellfire OnyxHellfire

    is there any possibility the movie will show in theaters in towns as small as Longview, Kilgore, or Tyler(maybe Henderson or Overton)? Have no clue if it'll be around here, but I hope it will be

  • Update on me (The fuck have i been??)

    1 month ago

    AgentTank I AM KROGAN

    Hey there everyone! Hows it going with you all? Just wanted to give you all an update on whats been going on in my life! 

    Lets start off with the sad news. my dog lola sadly, passed away almost 4 months ago. She was the cutest and sweetest dog that you could have. I had her since i was like 17 or 18. Its been kinda hard on us and a little harder on our other dog maddie. I meant to update here a while ago, but i couldnt because i was still dealing with her passing. Things are okay and are slowly getting better though. Click the link below to see her


    Now, on the brighter side, for halloween, my sister dressed up as ruby rose! Made her own costume and everything including the scythe! A friend of hers dressed up as Qrow! Made me feel real happy and proud that i got her into the show Rwby. 

    my sister and her friend as ruby and qrow

    Other than that, things are going good. Hope all is going good with you all! Hope to hear from you!

  • RT Box September 2017 Impressions

    1 month ago

    gem_scheltema FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold RTBox reviews each month

    Well, hi there! This one took awhile, but it did make it before the end of the month. I'm going to apologise in advance for all my photos being sideways but I can't seem to fix that issue. In addition to things I didn't do right, I totally forgot that last month marked a whole year of RT Boxes for me. Time flies!

    Let me start off by saying that I recently used my Burnie Burns packing cubes (from way back when) and my AHWU repair kit (from last box) on my latest trip. The packing cubes are very handy indeed, and the first aid kit was helpful to take care of my busted toe when I was short on supplies. Oh, and the AH Cocktail shaker is pretty fun to use now that Spring has sprung. A+ to the RT Boxes of the past.

    Moving on to the present, this month's RT Box is coming at you from the man, the legend, Joel Heyman! joel

    I think it's GOLD themed, which is ironic, but it definitely suits Joel's interests. He's giving us a quarterly portfolio report, and I think you might be interested in the gold-based assets I've just acquired.

    Complete with their worth, the gold I scored looks something like this:

    - one Heyman Holdings, Inc. (SHRT) ↑ 9.16% ......... shirt (black [and gold])

    - one RWBY Papercraft, LTD. (RWBY) ↑ 0.04% ....... Papercraft kit of RWBY (Yellow [Yang])

    - one Golden Gus Beverages (GUS) ↑ 3.14% ......... Golden Gus silipint (black [and gold])

    - one Monarch Laboratories (KING) ↑ 6.66% ........... Mad King Ryan pin (gold)

    - one Funhaus Group (FNHS) ↑ 0.69% .................... Funhaus license plate (white)

    - three The Ramsey Corportation (GRIF) ↑ 0.22% ... Geoff stickers (black [and gold])

    - #8 of 12 of the Season 1 Rooster Teeth Gold Cards featuring Let's Play

    Right off the bat, Joel's throwing down some intense shit. He hasn't slept in 79 hours and also blacked out the other day and established a financial consulting firm. Heyman and Co. recommend you buy gold. Also, nice toweryou got there. Shout out to the dude that cosplayed it at RTX London and got signed by Joel! This is a nice design, very eye catching. This one's a lightweight material, good for me.


    Time for another obscure RWBY item. I present to you, a square Yang I built all by myself. Yang is yellow, and so is gold.


    I unfortunately ripped off a tab on one of the arms but managed to fix it with a bit of tape. The construction of the body seems a bit odd in one place but the whole thing is pretty well made, with sturdy 'paper'. Insert joke here about how inaccurate this model of Yang is now.

    I've been blessed (or cursed, as my sister thought) with another cup. Remember the Golden Gus from On The Spot? Now he's on a cup. Silipints are much less expensive to ship than a gold pint glass, so this is what we got. Silipints are also pretty pricy (for a cup) so it's nice to see something other than the usual plastic.


    Getting sick of the sideways images? I AM!

    Or how about X-Ray & Vav? Remember that one? Mad King Ryan makes his RT Box debut in GOLD! It's a King pin! Get it? It's shiny like his golden crown.


    You probably haven't forgotten about ol' Funhaus over in the Golden state, California. This is a golden state plate. Fun. It's metal, maybe tin, I can't be sure. It's got nice embossed letters and the lettering is top notch.


    What's that, Joel? You had a dream about a puppy? And it told you that people like the Geoff Ramsey shirt designs? They do. And Joel likes stickers, and puppies. Pat the dream puppy. Pat these three Geoff stickers.


    Grif is also orange, I believe. Orange is kind of like gold.

    Last but not least, #8 of 12 of the Season 1 Rooster Teeth Gold Cards. This month's card features Let's Play, with 20% of them being signed by members of the frankly, huge, Let's Play family. I managed to get none of them to sign mine. Take a look at this old school Bejewled design - none of that Candy Crush nonsense. Let's Play scores a nasty 0 on friendship; an abismal 1 on collaboration...and a whopping 80085 on NSFW. Somehow, I don't think that even covers it.


    With that, I bring you to the end of my portfolio report. Gold is abundant in this box and I'm all the richer for it! Except that I'm not, and I'm actually poorer.

    Don't forget you can check out the photos again, any of them, if you want, in my images > RT Box [insert month/year] album.

    Get some sleep, Joel. Pat the dream puppy.


  • RT Box August 2017 Impressions

    1 month ago

    gem_scheltema FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold RTBox reviews each month

    Howdy folks!

    A sincere I-hope-you-haven't-been-affected-by-a-natural-disaster message, and well, if you have...a sincere I'm-sorry-you-have-been-affected-by-a-natural-disaster. Today I've gotten about five bushfire notifications so at least you're not alone. Australia sucks when it gets set on fire! You'll even notice that my photos have returned to being taken in sunlight again, because we've been getting a lot of it now we've hit Spring.

    Getting back on track to something a bit more lighthearted, August's RT Box looks to be survival themed. Hey, I only said it was a bit more lighthearted, right? This one is perfectly timed for me since the Day 5 season 2 finale is right around the corner, and if you're unaware, that show is all about surviving the apocalypse. If you haven't seen Day 5, I highly recommend it!

    It's coming from Josh Flanagan, who is a key component of what makes Day 5, literally! He learned that it's best to be prepared for the end of days from his neighbour; these lessons long surpassed that man's ability to avoid jail.

    Now, whether your apocalypse is a sleepy one, or otherwise, get ready to pack some useful items such as:

    - one Day 5 Sandman's Oasis glow in the dark shirt (light blue, with parts that glow!)

    - one rechargeable Day 5 flashlight (bright!)

    - one AHWU first aid/repair kit (red)

    - one 'Headlight Fluid' flask gavin (transparent red)

    - one RWBY Dragon Grimm sticker (matte finish)

    - one 'Vault Boy' Geoff Ramsey pin geoff

    #7 of 12 of the Season 1 Rooster Teeth Gold Cards, featuring Day 5 (20% were signed by the survivors that make the characters in that show somehow not dead yet).

    - one Steam code for Serial Cleaner from iFun4All S.A.

    We have our first glow in the dark shirt this month! While it's not the first glow in the dark item (I think last October held the glowing RWBY pins), it's certainly still 100% cooler than non-glow in the dark items. I do like the design and I love the show so there's nothing to lose here, and the shirt is quite thick in terms of material. Apparently the glow gives a hidden message...



    Look at that bona fide glow! I got a way better picture of the glow - but it's sideways and I either can't fix it or can't be bothered finding a fix. It's sneaky and says Day 5 instead of 'day or night'.

    The flashlight is a really handy item! This one says 'do not fall asleep' on it, the standard Day 5 mantra, and it's super duper BRIGHT! A rechargeable one is also way better than using batteries, as per one of my preferences for the Dualshock 3 and 4 instead of the Xbox 360 and One controllers  wink you charge the LED lights by squeezing the trigger on the side, which can be popped out at your convenience, and then switched on or off. Lovely!

    Let's Play...with this first aid kit! Because Achievement Hunter love to break things, this AHWU bad decision repair kit will make sure you're good to go if you too, like the AH crew, love to play with sharp things. It's got gauze, bandages, swabs, needle and thread, other shit, and wow will you want this if you're as dangerous as Gavin is with a grappling hook.


    Now, here we have a flask that you can fill with sterilised pee, filtrated water, or whatever the hell you like to drink. But, I direct you to one of the most loved RTAAs ever, Gavin's headlight fluid story, if you've somehow not heard of or seen it. Because it's making a comeback right now!


    Mind you, I'm partial to wiper juice myself.

    Have a cool-ass RWBY dragon Grimm sticker! It's great to decorate your cold, derelict-looking bunker with. This Grimm appeared in Volume 4; Blake and Sun fought it on the high seas, and it was some anime-style fight alright. Flying all over the joint and there was a lot of falling and catching. But at least you'll catch more eyes with this than Sun ever will with Blake! blake It has a matte finish which is a first for the RT Box stickers. I also can't read Japanese so I've got no clue what the text says~

    Hey, you! Do you like Fallout? Do you like Geoff Ramsey? Well, my answer to the former is no, but to the latter, fuck yeah I like Geoff! In fact, this is "the coolest thing I've ever seen in my entire life" which I'm pretty sure is Geoff's favourite thing to say about everything.


    And last, let's not forget the Gold card. This one has stylised art of the Day 5 promotional art I often see on the front page. About 20% were signed, but I didn't get lucky this month either. Ally, Sam, Jake and Ellis stare into the sleep apocalypse wondering whether or not (warning if you haven't watched the show or the latest few episodes definitely do not look at that spoiler!) they can trust Australians.

    Their ratings seem to be a little censored. We all know they used hardcore drugs to stay awake, not energy drinks and coffee...well, they did until they ran out.


    Oh, by the way, there's a Steam game this month - Serial Cleaner which is like the aftermath of Party Hard from June's box. Clean up dead bodies. Achievement Hunter has a let's play for this if you missed it. The card art is nice, although it's only on one side which is a shame; you can look in my album. Don't bother trying to redeem my code, I already did!

    Here's what your survival kit should look like:


    Welp, I hope you're still alive, or awake. Don't forget to tune into the Day 5 season 2 finale... whenever that is. I don't do dates, okay?

    Don't forget to check out any photos, if you want, in my images > RT Box [insert month/year] album.

    Most importantly, remember...


  • "First!"

    1 month ago

    crinklekitty Crinklekitty

    So, erm... was really happy to see the first episode of the fifth Volume in RWBY, and couldn't help myself but get here and watch the second episode. So guess who just got a Rooster Teeth First subscription. xD

  • Piracy IS NOT a Crime! (When money is over people feelings)

    1 month ago


    For financial reasons, Rooster Teeth began to block all their podcast to all non-members, alleging false reasons for security and copyright protection, when in fact, the money is putting over fan's feelings. So many peoples cannot leave of satisfy their basic necessities for pay for Rooster Teeth to watch any podcast of their inerest, because it is block to non member of this "social closed club" when only enter who can pay.

    I defense the free share of all artistic production around the world to poor peoples that wants, sample, see a good film, series, listens a good singer or music band, no leave of eat. My country is the real sample when all of us always downloading all what wants. My last time i buy a music CD was 10 years ago. The albums of my fave singer or rock band costs literally the “eyes of face”.

    And so many independent artists share their works free on digital platform to attendant this necesity of be acessable to a major part of their public cannot pay for a physical CD. My authoral mangá i share on my Google Drive account to y’all to read and download no costs. I think the artist don’t must impose dificulty to their target public to acess their artwork – it’s a big dishonesty and a deep rascality. The money never will be the priority; the priority will be the people wants for Rooster Teeth podcasts, new albums, new book, whatever…

    You like a artist, must leave you fan has free acces of your artwork – no matter what. You must allow peoples cannot pay for a signature play on a podcast website (like Netflix) to watch a series, or cannot buy a song album and die hungry. And don’t give me that ridiculous excuse – i said RIDICULOUS! – to combat the world piracy. We says "it's a big PLEONASM, because ALL intelectual propety are shared on web on many ways, it's turns PUBLIC DOMAIN under author consent - In sometimes, the author intentionally do it. I wanna Rooster Teeth review this decision to exclude all the non members to watch all the podcasts with financial reasons. If the intention is money, please closedown the home page. 

    The Piracy IS NOT A CRIME. The savage capitalism is really a crime, because you put the money over humans feelings, over a smile of a fan when is listen a new song of fave band/singer, or read a new book of fave writter.

    I allways have this opinion about the free share of intelectual propety.

    Glauber Gleidson Peres
    The Spirit Of Panthanal’s mangá author

    Pindamonhangaba São Paulo Brazil

  • RTX London

    1 month ago


    It was amazing being at RTX London this year, an experience I'll never forget. The main highlight was of course the Funhaus panel but loved Always Open, Off Topic and all the gameplays on stage. (Here's looking at you Gus and Geoff during the catwalk portion of 1-2 Switch...)

    Can't wait to do it again next year!

  • About Me

    1 month ago

    SydneyBitters FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

    Hi everyone! My names Sydney!  I enjoy anything Rooster Teeth, obviously otherwise I wouldn't be here. My dream is to work for Rooster Teeth as a Video editor/Writer/Actress.  I know it's a thing that's said a lot, but here's my reason.  

    Rooster Teeth has brought so much joy to my life, I was in a dark place for a long time.  It really wasn't until my friend showed me a Rage Quit video that I found something funny and cool.  I've been a fan of Achievement Hunter and Rooster Teeth for almost 8 years.

    I used to be very shy and couldn't manage to speak well with people.  To be honest I still think I have trouble talking with people.  After seeing Rooster Teeth, I decided to try Theater.  By my Junior year in high school, my school offered Theater.  I stayed in Theater for the rest of my years in high school.  I was grateful to be cast in Everything I learned I learned in Kindergarten and Little Shop of Horrors as small parts, but large singing parts.  During my Senior Year I was going to play my first lead in Proof, this would have been my first non musical role.  Unfortunately my school couldn't get the budget for the show and so we couldn't put in the show.  I did help with building the sets for the four shows we could perform, as well as being House Manager for one of them.

    After high school, I tried to audition for different places for 3 years as my work allowed.  I couldn't land anything.  I decided to go into collage for Theater and helped for a couple performances.  I also took a Voice class to bring my voice back after 3 years of not using it.  Before this I had been in my school Choir for 4 years as a Soprano and had many solos.  I was very fortunate during this year to be able to perform at Cine Con in Las Vegas, with my voice group.

    Now I don't have the finances to continue school, so my friend and I work on our video game channel THOTSI (Two Halves of The Same Idiot).  We play games in spit controls and see how far we get.  I am also the primary editor of our channel.  We would love to one day play against Achievement Hunter!  Who knows?  We might win and gain some awesome friends or we could lose and still get some cool friends.  I also do a lot of writing, I only show my Fanfic's on Wattpad under the name NobodyXidel.  I have a couple of original stories, that I'm uncertain when they will ever surface.

    Rooster Teeth and Achievement Hunter has given me so much joy and inspiration in the years that I've known them.  My dream has always been to make others feel something from my stories and performances.  Rooster Teeth has been doing this for me for many years.  I would love nothing more than to help them to continue bring everyone laughter and joy! 

    Thanks for Reading!

  • My FIRST Post! / RTXLondon

    1 month ago

    deadskulldec Dec

    Hey there!

    So this is my first post on here, I don't really understand how the journal works but I feel that this is worth something sharing as it's my first time on here! So hello and welcome to my page!

    RTX London

    So i've just got back from a very long weekend at RTXLondon, I just thought i'd share some of my opinions on the event and also some suggestions for it's return! This is going to be a very constructive and positive post as I don't see any reason to shit on event organisers, guardians or the venues at all. Where is that going to get us? Nowhere. But I will obviously bring up the negatives with a positive outlook on how they can be adapted.

    So the first section... The Queues.

    With this being the very first time RTX has came over the pond to the UK, I knew it was going to sell out very quickly as the RT community over here is very big. When entering the convention it was immediate that there was a hell of a lot of people here. Now I'm not saying oversold levels but a very large amount of people were queue just to get into badge collection, which is understandable but this was almost 3 hours since the doors opened so waiting an additional hour just to get in was a bit of a poor start to the experience. TIP: Tip for next year, create an additional set of booths for badge collections so more people can get through the gate and off into the convention with smaller wait times. The queue was stretched between two exhibit halls so for me it would of made sense to have badge collection in both halls  thumbsup

    Panel Queues 

    I think by far the hottest topic on social media around the event and also the first thing most attendees said to each other whilst waiting in line for panels. It became very clear that if you wanted to see something. You'll be waiting upwards of 2 hours. But thats not to say you are even going to get into the panels, it was very much of a timing mixed with luck and a bit of strategic planning to get into the panel of your choice. Accounts of the weekend seen Guardians enforcing a rule that you can only begin to queue ONE HOUR before the scheduled panel of your choice, however... once the tweets and word of mouth spread about the "Million Pounds But" panel being capped only 5 minutes into the suggested queue arrival time everyone began to go to panels upwards of 3 HOURS before the scheduled queuing time. So when a few thousand people really want to see a panel, they are going to make sure nothing stops them. After seeing Guardians "try" and enforce that queueing only starts an hour before the panel, attendees would simply stand around where the queue was likely to form in a kind of sub queue format. We are British, this shit is what we do, we love queueing so there was no hesitation to congregate in a line and wait. But as you expect if you are queueing 3 hours for something, you are missing 3 hours of other things you most likely wanted to see. The issue was (which has no answer too) we are all fans and we wanted to see everything. There is no fixing that, however here is what I would personally do. TIP: Bigger venues, the main hall section hosting the "Centre Stage" seen a total seating capacity of 250 SEATS and at one time around 8,000 PEOPLE were trying to watch the RT Podcast. You are asking for it really at that point. What I would do is move the signing upstairs to the platinum room where Lazer Team 2 and Always Open were held, this way you can see your favourite members of the cast without having to walk through thousands of people trying to watch something. 

    Additionally to this point I would push the main stage to where the singing was have the exhibition in the middle section of the venue and have an additional stage to the right mimicking the size of the original main stage. With correct audio set up the two talks wouldn't overlap or possibly you could have one panel with a 30 minute break and then a new panel on the alternative stage. One more idea I did have would be a boxing style stage. No not with ropes and a referee but a square stage surrounded by chairs with 4 way projection screens in every direction. Allowing a 360 view of the panel allowing for more seats and better views  thumbsup

    The Guardians vs Badge Holders.

    Another hot topic was the Guardians. Some good. Some bad. Some not knowing what the hell they are doing and just wanted to get into the convention. From my point of view, these guys are just trying to give us the information we need for the convention to become more enjoyable. Sadly this was met with thousands of people complaining about queues and taking it out on the Guardians, which is obviously understandable for both parties here but the way some of the guardians handled it seemed like they thought they were higher than you. For example at the Off Topic panel, myself and friends were waiting for possibly two hours before the panel, of course there was no seats so we were on the sidelines standing. Enter Guardian. The layout of the centre stage seen a block of seats with a walkway of green tape around it so people who needed special access could gain entry. My foot was possibly 3 inches max over the green line and yet most of the guardians were totally cool about the situation by saying "Hey bud, how's the day going? I just need you to try and step back a little bit, I know it's something so small but it's just for everyones safety". I'm cool with that and without a peep I tried my hardest to allow people behind me to see and reaming reasonably comfy as we have been standing for hours. So at this point (I'm not going to name the person but it was apparent that few of your fellow Guardians felt the same way as I do) said person walked over to me and said "If you arn't fully behind the line you will be asked to leave". At this point, obviously no one is in a great mood after standing for hours on end and missing panels, I simply said "Look, you are talking a few inches, it's fine. I've paid a lot to be here and you are going to ask me to leave over a few inches. I don't think so." At this point said Guardian raised his voice stating that "I should not disrespect him and follow what he says". Okay robocop. But i'm not moving here. Everyone around me is commenting in disbelief and after he leaves we all turn around to comment if thats how he's spoke to me about a few inches, how is he going to speak to someone who is less chilled out and or is their first convention. It would ruin the thing. So where is the tip? Here it is. TIP: Guardians are trying to do their job. Badge holders are trying to enjoy themselves. Don't be rude, voice your opinion in a calm manner because at the end of the day we are all here to enjoy ourselves. Some Guardians to me felt a little power heavy, looked down on people and could quite clearly work out this is their first time doing the job. Maybe some more trained staff for the next RTX or at least some prior background in operating traffic flow and large crowds. 

    There are loads of other topics i'd pick up on but I believe these points were the most talked about and I just thought I'd share my opinion on the matter to hopefully help towards a more organised less problematic convention in the future. With all of this said, what I did see (Always Open, Off Topic, RT Podcast) was great. Loved every second of it and it was inspiring to say the least to see your modern day heroes on stage, people we watch every day over our screens live in person and if you were lucky enough you got to meet them too which I think made some peoples weekend who couldn't get into the panels they wanted to see. 

    Thanks everyone!


  • Too Much RWBY, and That's a Great Things!

    2 months ago


    Last year was a strangely awesome year for board games! Let's be honest. Sites like Kickstarter and Indie GoGo have helped bring forward the Age of Board Games (Yeah, I know. Board games have been around for a long time, but wow! Has the surge in popularity for card games and board games sky-rocketed the past couple years!). 

    With that said, it was awesome to see Rooster Teeth take a stab at the genre with Million Dollars But... The Game. Of course, I had to be a part of that campaign, and then shortly after, we got RWBY Volume 4 and MDB The Game arrived shortly after that. 

    Now here we are in 2017, and what do you know. Rooster Teeth is at it again. But this time, it's in a co-op tabletop game based on the RWBY franchise! It's currently still Kickstarting, but it has well exceeded its goal and will be getting lots of extras. After the lackluster video game, I'm really hoping that RWBY Combat Ready brings the RWBY franchise outside the anime world in a really positive light! Super excited to get my copy next year. 

    And then, we are a mere few days away from RWBY Volume 5! Oh, man. Is there such a thing as too much RWBY? I am super-pumped!

  • New York Comic Con 2017

    2 months ago

    manjamanse10000 Adam Merrigan

    I went to New York Comic Con to learn how screenwriting is made and the marketing behinds movies and tv series.  I also went there to draw my favorite Rooster Teeth staff and they all liked my work that they signed them.  I am even surprised that Gray and Barbara recognized me after RTX2017.  But the reason for them was for me to show them how much my art skills have developed so that I can one day become a part of Rooster Teeth Productions as a screenwriter and a concept artist.  I used this opportunity to them how important Korean studies are for our Asian studies in American schools so that one day they will create characters based on history and mythology not just K-pop and not just focusing on Chinese and Japanese references for characters (I told them the creation myth of the first Korean nation, Gojoseon and that October is the birth month of my Korean people around the world).  I may have a long way to go but I will find a screenwriting and art mentor within Rooster Teeth once I successfully apply there after I graduate Montclair State University next year.  Maybe one day Kerry or Miles would be my tutor for screenwriting and my acquaintance Rachel Doda can be my art mentor.

  • The Problems With RWBY

    2 months ago


    Now, before I get down to it, let me make one thing clear; I LOVE THE SHOW. I enjoy its story, its characters, the music, the unique animation, etc. I am not just “mindlessly hating on it”. Constructive criticism is given BECAUSE I love the show and is done in the hopes that Miles and Kerry will read it and improve on it. I do not want to hear fans whining about me pointing out the show’s flaws just because they can’t see them or accept them. If criticism is not given, people will not improve.

    OK, with that out of the way, LET’S BEGIN!

    The first flaw RWBY faces is also the first rule of writing that it’s broken: Show, Don’t Tell. RWBY tells us a bunch of stuff, but never shows it. The one thing that comes to mind, even as you’re reading this, is the alleged racism against Faunus. We’re never actually shown true racism against Faunus within the show. No, Cardin and Roman don’t count. Cardin is a jerk to everyone around him regardless of species, and Roman’s just evil. He belittles everybody under him except for Neo. We’ve never seen anyone be racist to Faunus within RWBY. The World of Remnant video also doesn’t help, as it’s just telling us about it instead of showing us it. At this point, we could just as easily say that the Faunus are all prejudiced against Humans, as we’ve seen more of THAT than we have of Humans hating Faunus. We need to see more racism within the show, instead of it being told to us. It needs to be subtle, no over-the-top ridiculous displays, something more real. Say a Human buys some Dust for some Lien and leaves, then a Faunus tries to buy some too. Have the Faunus charged more than the Human was. Show racism, but make it look and feel real. Otherwise, there’s no point in this imaginary hate against Faunus. Another issue is the "controversial labor forces" that the Schnee Dust Company utilizes. So, when we were shown Weiss’ father and brother, why never bring that up? SHOW, DO NOT TELL. NEVER JUST TELL.

    Another issue RWBY faces is its characters. Namely, how they’re handled. I’ll be taking a crack at a few, so bear with me. First stop; YANG. She lost her arm to Adam, and I theorized back at the end of V3 that she’d face some difficulties, probably have PTSD. Now, know that not everybody who has a traumatic experience will suffer from PTSD. However, Yang showed signs of it in V4, and to RT’s credit, they did it rather well. My mother, who does suffer from PTSD, commented on it (Yes she watches RWBY too), saying that RT managed to do it right. However, as Yang got her arm on and started training, her PTSD looked like it disappeared and she seemed almost right as rain again. Now, I’ll give RT the benefit of the doubt and say that Yang may NOT be over her PTSD and may be forcing herself upwards and onwards. My mother certainly thinks so, as she did it when she was younger. The result, however, was that it made things worse for her later on. IF Yang really is pushing herself, we need to see proof of it. Little scenes here and there to show that she hasn’t recovered. Heck, have her see a flash of Ruby’s cloak, make her think it’s Adam, and have her almost attack Ruby. I mean, I’d personally like to see it, but my point is, if Yang still suffers from PTSD, show us. Don’t sweep it under the rug, because you don’t recover from it, you just learn to live with it and try to move on. This is coming from someone who sees it every day with his mother.

    Next up: Blake. Hoo boy, what most critics will say is the biggest disappointment in Volume 4. After Beacon’s fall and Yang’s cripplement, Blake seemingly did what she vowed never to do again; ran away. She either did it so Adam wouldn’t target her friends anymore, or because she was scared. Who knows? The issue here is it’s not clear. If she ran away so Adam wouldn’t attack her friends or loved ones, why return to her family? Adam swore to destroy EVERYTHING she loved, and you better believe family is on that list. Did she think Adam wouldn’t know she was on Menagerie, or did she think he wouldn’t target her family? She even hints at this to Sun, saying “This is why I left them all behind” after Sun was hurt. So, why return to her family? HOWEVER, she also told Sun on Chapter 8; “I told you, I'm not here to fight the White Fang, I'm not here to fight anyone. I'm here to rest, to figure things out, and to see my family.” So, which is it? A character’s reasons for running need to be clear and easily understood, instead of contradictory and confusing. Another issue everyone seems to have with Blake is her family; namely that her father was the former leader of the White Fang. While I don’t mind it, and it even clears up just WHY Blake feels like it’s solely her responsibility to stop the White Fang, as well as I just hate the old “Blake’s an orphan” theory, another issue with her family is Ghira himself. So,why did NOBODY, not even Ozpin, make mention of Ghira? She shares the same last name as the founder of the White Fang, Belladonna, so why did nobody comment on it? It’s not like the White Fang were created in secret either, Blake herself outright tells us that the organization was formed to bring peace between the two races. You can’t do that in secret, and if Ghira DID hide in the shadows, then that should have been made clear LONG ago!

    With Ruby, the problem lies in how little character development she’s gotten. Yes, we’ve seen her change from a shy girl who didn’t want to make friends to someone who DOES, but that’s about it. Outside of crying for Penny, and going Mary Sue on Cinder after Pyrrha died, Ruby hasn’t shown much of a reaction to their deaths. She’s pretty much the same character, albeit with a little less energy and love of weapons as she used to be. She’s the main character, the show’s pronounced after her name, show us how she’s coping. No long letters that honestly aren’t that good (Sorry, but that letter was pretty bad) and no telling us about it. Show us how the death of two friends has affected a 15-16 year old little girl.

    With Jaune, it’s how MUCH development he’s getting. Yes, I get it, he’s the Deuteragonist, the second protagonist, the Hero to Ruby’s Heroine. However, at this point he’s becoming more like the traditional main character than Ruby herself is. He’s had the Love Interest (even if he never knew it) who died, he’s the audience surrogate, he was made leader of his own team, we learned that he cheated his way in, etc. etc. Now, I’m not saying that what he’s been through is BAD, but the issue here ties in with Ruby, namely that she hasn’t gotten as much attention or development as Jaune has. I like Jaune. In another story, he WOULD be the Hero. But the show is called RWBY because it revolves around Team RWBY. It’s time they took the spotlight back.

    Another issue that the show has is its sense of time. Before it was retconned, Miles and Kerry said early on that Volume 4 took place 6-8 months after Volume 3. They then decided to change it to avoid plotholes. Unfortunately, this just created more plotholes. How long were Blake and Sun on a boat? How long was Weiss cooped up in her room? Yang said she and Taiyang were training for weeks. The only thing that makes sense is RNJR’s journey on foot, as it WOULD take quite a long time to go from one country to another like that. (A minor plothole with THAT is why didn’t they get transportation there, when Oscar did? If the answer is no money, where did they get the extra ammo at the end of Chapter 1 of V4?)

    Something I personally have a problem with within the show, though some would argue against it, is the Grimm. We’ve been shown Grimm that wiped out whole villages, Grimm that rule the seas and are huge, and yet students who haven’t even finished their first year were able to kill. The Grimm as a whole are also disappointing. We’ve been told that they wiped out all life on Remnant except for four Kingdoms where life exists, but we’re always seeing them mowed down so easily and quickly that it’s kind of pathetic. The Nuckleavee Grimm, in particular, showcases this problem. This is something that wiped out three villages and could not be defeated, yet RNJR took it out no problem. The Grimm have been getting the Worf Effect pretty badly, and they’re not the scary monsters that we’re told they are. I, at least, want to see more creepy looking Grimm that aren’t defeated on the first encounter with our heroes. Grimm are supposed to be unnatural monsters of darkness, not cannon fodder.

    The lack of foreshadowing is also a problem here. We had only one line of dialogue about Ruby’s silver eyes, and that was it. One line, in the very first episode, and it was never touched upon again. Blake’s family was never hinted at, neither was Weiss’ little brother, Whitley. While I understand that some things are meant to be a surprise and kept secret, common things like family need to be at least mentioned. You don’t need to reveal any big secrets about them, just a mention is enough, like Winter in Volume 2. For something as big as Ruby’s silver eye power, foreshadowing is a must have, otherwise it’ll come out of nowhere and feel like a Deus ex Machina.

    There are probably many other things I’ve forgotten to add in that I meant to, but I can always address those later, or edit them into this post. These are the biggest flaws though that are dragging RWBY down. I still enjoy the show, and I will keep watching it, but it could always be improved, and there are some things in it that require attention and fixing.