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  • RT Has it changed?

    4 days ago


    Am I the only one who feels like RoosterTeeth has changed. Now obviously RT is going to change with time but i really feel like it's changing and not for the best. I'm not going to bash RT as I still love them and think that the company is great but I feel like some stuff has kinda made me grow distant from the company and made watch a lot less of their content. I feel like the golden years of RoosterTeeth as a whole were 2010 - 2014 in 2010 they really started branching out with their youtube channel. Also Red vs Blue was getting better and better! in those 4 years I believe RoosterTeeth was as it's absolute best! we had many great shows back then like RT Life and RT recap the podcast was amazing not saying it isn't now. But the number 1 thing I believe that made Rooster Teeth amazing back then was that it wasn't as big and not as formal. Now most of you are going to say RoosterTeeth is everything but formal which yeah is kinda true but I'm saying it grew bigger and bigger. 1 big way I feel like RoosterTeeth changed was the office which I think represents the changing that I didn't like very well. back in the smaller office it felt like a small company that was just having fun. Everyone knew each other. Achievement hunter wasn't super big and neither was animation. but when they moved offices and achievement hunter moved from the main office to across the parking lot which it should seem like not a big deal but to me it is. I feel like no one really knowns each other anymore. I feel like Burnie, Gus. Geoff, Joel, Matt are a lot different now. Constantly at the Founders of RoosterTeeth panels at RTX which have always been some of my favorite panels, They always say that they barely ever see each other anymore. Now of course I can't say any of this with evidence as I've never worked at RoosterTeeth before but I feel like with the smaller office and way less employee's they all would see each other a lot and everyone was a lot stressed and happy. One last thing is one of my favorite parts about RoosterTeeth was the people. Back in 2013 I could basically name all the employees who worked there but now I barely know anyone there. Which could of course be me just not watching as much anymore. I feel like the people I watched back in 2010 - 2014 grew up. Just take Achievement hunter for example, all of AH has changed drastically, Go watch one of their older Minecraft letsplays from the first 100 episodes. I guarantee you there will be screaming, laughing, craziness all around. But now it's a lot more tame. I feel like thats obvious as Michael, Gavin, Geoff, Jack, Ryan, have all grown up in their own way I feel like no one at RoosterTeeth is having as much fun as they use too. I feel like the company just got too big which is maybe a very hipster thing to say but that's just how I feel. I'm just a guy who likes seeing the smaller company and everyone knowing everyone. Everyone being by each other. One reason I love the RT Doc Why We're here is that it shows the history of RoosterTeeth and shows how they evolved and I don't blame RoosterTeeth for becoming a bigger company they had too as they growed more popular especially with RUBY. But It kinda just makes me sad knowing that I'll never get to relive the Experience of that small company and everyone having fun. No one will probably ever see this maybe I'll make a youtube video about it but hey if someone else is reading this thanks. Also if somehow someone is reading this that works at RoosterTeeth please don't take this at hate or take this as hey be a smaller company again, It's just me expressing myself and it also doesn't mean I will stop watching Roosterteeth just again me saying my thing

  • So Many Projects to Manage

    1 week ago

    marettiready Bryan Maretti

    Hi everyone,

    I've had another busy week with many other projects that I didn't get much time to work on sound editing for my film project.  I had to work a special effects video project for an event for a museum and I was getting ready for SacAnime by creating fanart for the RWBY crew to sign.  Hopefully, I will get to edit sound later this week for my short film.

    Otherwise, I have more drawings to share.



    Geoff On Hardcore Tabletop


    I made it to 600 continuous days of drawing




    Donald Duck


    Michael Jones and Sun


    Jen Brown and Pyrrha


    Shannon McCormick and Professor Ozpin




    The Nomad


    Canti from FLCL


    Wreck-It Ralph




    Lindsay Jones and Garbo on her birthday






    Homer Simpsons


    Thank you and I hope you have a great week.


  • Been Too Long

    1 week ago


    I joined the community over 5 years ago, and yet, I never felt a part of it. I never wrote journals, I didn't comment on videos, I just sorta ghosted the company and community, but I want to change that starting today. I want to be more involved with the lovely people in the community, the incredible people at RT, and make friends in the process.

    I should probably introduce myself then. I'm Jordan, I'm 20, from Birmingham, UK, but now live in Cardiff, Wales. I love comics, PS4, archery, pop punk music, RT (obviously), Mr Robot. I'm sure there's more but I can't remember

  • Looking for friends

    1 week ago


    Yo! After 5 years of watching and enjoying RT content I have finally decided to be a little more in the community and I'm looking for some friends to talk with about any Rooster Teeth content, games, comics and so on and so forth.

    Heads up I'm a 19 year old arts student from Portugal, which, in case you're wandering, only makes it harder to find people that watch rooster teeth content.

  • Blep, Hello again || 9-3-18

    2 weeks ago

    FiskJr KevinEverett

    Hey Y’all, 

    I have not done a journal in months. I have not been actively watching roosterteeth as well. It has just been a weird time in my life. I came out as Bisexual, publicly, over the summer, I started anti-depressants prior to coming out, and I just moved into my apartment in Boston so start my sophomore year of college at Emerson. 

    I wanted to make this post before I start my school year because I may get back into journaling again. I wanted to know how y’all were doing and see if the community was dead on this website yet. 

  • showing my appreciate

    3 weeks ago


    hello RT community 

                    I have been a fan rooster teeth from 2005 and join the web site in 2013 but I never did anything with it. I been watching all of the content with out giving back but I feel that need to change. this feeling of need to give back hit me when I was watching the RT doc why we're here and I realize that rooster teeth gave me so much over the years. rooster teeth hook me back in 2005 when it pulled me out of my depression give me a reason to get up go to school and do it all over again the next day and I did just so I can watch a funny video online. they even gave me the passion to start my own YouTube channel called NorthEastGaming in a hoping chance that maybe I could work with Rooster teeth or even be the start of there northeast branch. that when I realize that rooster teeth would be nothing without there community and the best way to give back to the people that make up rooster teeth is to give back to the people they care about the most ',the community. I guess what I'm trying to say is I want to be a more productive member and add to what we have here.

    loyal fan Miguel Hernandez 

    p.s. I'm not the best grammar Nazi so please be kind. see you in the forums

  • Day 1st!!

    3 weeks ago

    Lordraviel01 SS Baby 725

    FIRST day of Rt 1st!! So far addicted to your Hardcore Tabletop series, can't wait for Episode 3 to air! 

  • Hidden Treasures

    3 weeks ago

    Lyrican the strong?

    Why didn't I check out this site more before? I had no idea that the roosterteeth site had become essentially another social media site with an emphasis on videos. I have to say I'm genuinely impressed with the quality of the site, the videos, and the surprise element of ways to connect to other members of the Rooster Teeth community. Well done and well played, I officially like this site more than Youtube and I definitely plan to get a lot of my content straight from the source from now on! 

  • Persona

    4 weeks ago



    I am unsure if these get read, but I want to try and reach out more to this community. I love Achievement Hunter and Rooster Teeth and all that it stands for. The community is fantastic and the creators supportive. As a gamer and someone who works for a non-profit, it is nice to find ways to make helping the world better through entertainment. If anyone has any advice for how to get more active in the community, please feel free to let me know.

  • this newbie's fitting in realllll well

    4 weeks ago


    This community is so amazing. Everyone here is so chill and love to share their love for RT. I've found a discord group called RT Alabama (because I am from Alabama) where theres tons of people who live in the same area as me that loves RT! I've found so many new people through this community, so thank you everyone at RT! I wish I could meet all my favs from RT because they're all so inspiring to me and their content is off-the-walls amazing.

    Also can I just take a moment to say the season finale of Camp Camp was freaking awesome. The writers of that show are comedic geniuses! This is my new favorite show and I've even got my parents into it.

    My mom and I watched The Ten (and Eleven) Little Roosters together and she thought both series were pretty hilarious. So you're welcome, RT, you've got a new fan who just so happens to be my mom. 

  • Community Feature Wishlist (Version 2)

    4 weeks ago

    BlackPenguin Guardian x8; Panel Lead

    It’s been a while since I’ve consolidated my thoughts on what I’d like to see in the new community site, so I figured I’d collect them all again in this journal. Some are new, some are previously mentioned suggestions. Also to whoever would be handling it, if there is ever a beta for the new site, I’d be more than happy to give it a spin.

    I also want to say, to whoever is working on the new site, we really appreciate your work and effort.  I know it ain't easy to freshen up a house this old and so lived-in.

    Feeds & Notifications

    Notification/Feed Customization

    Currently, there is too much overlap between notifications and feeds. I’d like the option of choosing what types of content appear in each, or at least the ability to make something appear in my feed without getting a notification for it. There are many things I’d like to see passively in my feed, without getting a notification. Similarly, there are also things I’d like to get a notification for but not see in my feed. I’d like to see a facebook approach to this area. Passive content in the feed, with the option for specific things in my notifications.

    Friends’ Likes

    A feed which shows posts and content that your friends or followed users have liked. It’s a great way to see what’s popular among your friends and the community as a whole. In the past there were many projects, artists, and events that I would not have even heard about if it wasn’t for this feature.

    Tag Filtering For Feeds

    The ability to filter out/in posts from the users you follow. Applied either to individual followed users as part of our follow settings, or to our followed feed as a whole. I think I’d prefer the latter.

    News Feed 

    The old site had a feature where staff could post their journals to a centralized news feed. Now any news posted on the site has to be done with journals, often by staff members many people don't know they should be watching. An official news feed would be great for bringing people back to the site by giving them a place to stay up to date on the latest from RT, rather than forcing them to visit twitter, Reddit, Facebook, etc.

    Revamp "Popular Content" Feed

    Not only would it be nice to see different types of content, but it would be cool to filter out staff posts and only see community content.

    Final Confirmation on "Dismiss All Notifications"

    When "see all notifications" and "dismiss all notifications" are so close, an extra “are you sure” would be nice.

    Notification Time Stamps, Proper Sorting

    I wish notifications had time stamps. Either an actual time & date or “minutes/hours ago”.

    Notifications also need to be sorted with most recent on top. Currently, there is no rhyme or reason to the order.

    Better Notification of Replies

    Unless replying to a parent comment, subsequent replies do not trigger notifications. Meaning, if person A comments on my journal and I reply to that comment, and Person A makes a second comment in reply to my reply, that comment doesn’t send a notification to me. Or, more clearly:

    -A Comment on My Journal (notification)

    -My Reply to Comment

    -Reply to My Reply (no notification)

    Sharing on RT

    Many times I see a friend’s journal and wish I could share it on RT. We need the ability to re-post journals within the RT site itself. Essentially the same thing as a retweet or reblog.

    Journals, Posts, & Profiles

    Save Draft Option For Journals

    Similar to Tumblr, a feature that lets you save a draft journal or post. I like to write up journals over a couple days, so I end up having to save word docs on my computer.

    Journal Previews

    The ability to preview what a journal will look like. Helpful in double checking layouts, image placements, etc. I know I would use it.

    More Text Options

    I wish we could use colors, underline, bullet points, and other text options in our journals. Especially the actual color black.

    Pinned Comments

    The ability for journal authors to select a comment to pin at the top of their comments section. Sometimes you have to add something to the journal after posting it, and would rather not edit it. Other times it would be nice to feature or spotlight a funny or relevant comment from your friends or followers.

    Auto-Post on Other Social Media

    The ability to make a post on RT, which auto-posts a link to it on other social media (twitter, facebook, etc.). It could take the form of checkboxes when submitting journals or images, with icons for various social media sites.

    Twitter Feed on Profile

    A small box next to a user's profile of their recent tweets (for a linked twitter account). Scrolling down can load older tweets.

    Post & Profile Details

    It'd be cool to see the precise date and time something was posted. Also views. Each person’s profile used to have a section that listed their total views for journals and photos. This was a great metric for seeing how much reach and engagement your content garnered. There was also the currently online indicator. When enabled, a profile would say “currently online”. It would also give a user's status. For example, in the corner it would say “currently browsing the forum” or “currently reading a journal” (or something similar to that).

    Mod History

    The ability to see who likes or +1s our posts. Either on the post itself, or on a separate page for all of our posts. Seeing as Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, and other popular sites let you see who likes your content, it'd be nice to see this feature return. In addition, a breakdown of the individual mods on posts would be cool to see. A similar example is Facebook, which shows how many thumbs, hearts, or emojis a post got. In RT’s case, for a +45 post, it could be a mouse-over list that shows “+20 cool, +30 ditto, -5 lame”.

    User Log

    This was an old feature that let you see a two-week log of all the public activity of a user, including their recent journals, photos, and forum posts. It was a great way to gauge the activity and engagement of your friends. The feature is similar to that of other forum and board-based sites, which allow you to see the history of a user. One example is Reddit, which allows you to see the full history of a user’s public posts.

    Stats & Milestones

    It was cool to be able to go to a page that showed my lifetime number of journals, mods, photos, and forum posts. There used to be a page where you could see this. You really got a sense of your history on the site, and how much you contributed. There were also global site stats as well.

    Milestones were also little awards that you got for participating on the site. Similar to Reddit's Trophy Case, it showed your achievements and history. I had a milestone for being one of the first 10,000 people to sign up on the site. There were also neat little awards that staff members could give you. The staff member would see your content, and choose to bestow upon you their award. Back in the day, everyone was on a mini-quest to get the founding fathers’ awards. You would try to post something cool on your profile or show a cool project you completed, in the hope they would see it and give you their award. The only award I ever got Gus’s, which was an icon of a whiskey bottle. I think I got it for my interaction with him at RTX 2011.

    Stream Embeds

    This would probably be an additional technical headache, but it'd be cool if users could embed their Twitch/YouTube streams on a profile tab. Profiles could have a "live" tab, or something. Such a feature could help users in establishing a home on RT. And if that's too much free rein, then perhaps streams could only come from urls/accounts linked to that RT profile, which can be approved by staff.

    Old Content Carries Over

    This goes without saying, but man I really hope all of our old content (journals, photos, profiles) carries over to the new site.


    Collaboration on Albums

    The option to share upload privileges within individual photo albums. For both individual users and within groups. Owners of an album could invite users to collaborate. Useful for events and projects.

    Event Galleries

    There used to be photo galleries that users were allowed to contribute to. Moderation was probably a lot easier back then, but people were able to access public galleries for the various events RT was at and upload their own photos. There were galleries for RTX and other popular conventions in which RT had a presence. Since the RTX app has the feature of allowing users to upload photos, it’d be cool to see this type of feature return to the main site.


    A New Groups Home Page

    Groups need some love. I would also like to see a map regional community groups, or events calendar. A better group search is also sorely needed.

    Group Admin Alerts

    I don’t really manage any groups nowadays but when I did, I would have to keep an eye on the forum to see if anyone created a new forum thread. I could follow threads to get alerts on new posts, but I could not get alerts when someone created a new forum thread in a group I managed. It would be great if a group admin could get alerts for new forum threads in their group, or for other activities as well.

    Forums, Threads, & Comments

    A New Forum "Front Page"

    On the forum landing page (which needs to be re-worked badly as well) there could be an additional section that pulls threads from every forum. The section would visually operate like a Reddit homepage; a sortable/filterable list of individual threads from the site's forums. Without hunting through each forum you could get an aerial view of the popular, controversial, and newest threads. Just a way to spotlight individual new threads, highlight what's hot in the community, and show people the threads that stay active over time across all forums.

    Sort Function on Comments

    I wish we had the option to sort the comments on posts. Newest, oldest, highest rated, etc.

    Differentiation on Parent/Child Comment Threads

    When scrolling through comments on journals, it’s hard to spot and differentiate conversations. A little line next to threads, similar to Reddit, would be cool.

    Videos and Content

    Personality/Game Sort Options

    I’ve seen a lot of people mention this, so I thought I’d include it. The ability to sort/filter videos based on the talent/personalities in it.

    And equally important (perhaps more important), sorting/filtering Let’s Plays based on the game being played. Both for title/franchise, and genre (puzzle, FPS, trivia, etc.). That’s a feature I know would get a lot of use.

    Individual Blogs For Each Series

    A blog section on each series page, where staff can put relevant news. Users could put it on watch, and get alerts for it. I suggest this for two main reasons.

    First, to give the relevant posts a consolidated home. For example, Jon Risinger has routine journals for On The Spot. If you didn't follow him, you would miss it. Also I don't watch On The Spot, so as someone who follows Jon on the site those journals are irrelevant to me. Another example would be Eric Vespe. He write articles for The Know, but they don’t get posted anywhere other than on his profile.

    Second, decluttering staff and talent profiles. I follow staff on this site because they’re interesting and funny. Not for commercial promotion of the various shows and videos (even though I do consume them). This suggestion also kind of plays into the sentiment of staff using the site more, outside of promotional purposes.

    With Series Blogs the people who need that information would have a landing page, and the people who don't want that information from the personality get less clutter in their feed.

    Miscellaneous Features

    More Awareness of When Notifications are Disabled

    Sometimes notifications are disabled. When that happens, it’s usually signaled by a small graphic near the notifications tab. But that goes away so quick, and is very easy to miss (especially on mobile). When this happens, I suggest something like a persistent yellow square with “!” in the middle where the notification number would be. Clicking or mousing on that could then bring up the message. This system could also be used when there are important site-wide alerts.

    Service Status Page

    Just like the XBL Service Status page, it’d be cool if there was a go-to place to see if RT is currently experiencing any disruptions in its various services or functions.

    Community Perks for FIRST

    The reason I originally became a FIRST member (back when it called sponsorship), was for the community site perks. We got stuff like custom text colors, access to profile stats, and more. Nowadays we get a little star next to our name (which is still cool), but it used to mean more to your site presence. It was a badge of honor. It signified your dedication to the community. And it gave you incentive to engage and use the features. I’d like to see a return of that. Features and functions on the site that are unlocked for FIRST members that they can use in their interactions on the site.

    Better Staff Follow Functionality

    Currently, if I want to find and follow a staff member I have to:

    1. Go to one of two specific pages (cast or staff, which are hard to find)

    2. Scroll through the cumbersome list

    3. Click each profile individually

    4. Click follow on their profile

    Seeing as RT employs hundreds of people, it’s really hard to follow all of them this way. I think the process could be easier. Perhaps the list could have checkboxes next to each one, and a “follow all” function (a feature that would be cool for user searches too).

    Furthermore, while I’m at it, it’d be real neat if the staff page listed people by the department/show they work in/on. Like for instance, if someone wanted to follow people involved only in live action (crew, actors), animation (animators, writers), achievement hunter (talent, editors), or even corporate/marketing.

    Edit Bug

    Also please fix the edit bug. I wish I could edit an old journal without it notifying everyone.

    Bug/Improvement Submission Area

    We need a place where users can submit issues. Preferably with a way for mods and admins to review them and either act on them ourselves or escalate them to developer level.

    Mobile App

    A mobile app for the community. This would be the bee’s knees. Screw it, let’s have “stories” too. Everyone is doing stories now. They work. I think that could bring a lot of people back. Especially when paired with a mobile app.

  • Blood Fest Screening

    1 month ago


    I got to go see Blood Fest tonight and I absolutely loved it! The script was original and funny with lots of fun Easter eggs. I think one of my favorite things about all of Rooster Teeths productions is that it looks like everyone involved has fun with the projects which just makes it that much more fun for the audience.  (I definitely went wearing my RT t-shirt and my RT blanket.)

  • Writing Portfolio

    1 month ago


    I just wanted to post real quickly about the portfolio of writing that I share with my twin brother! We have a bunch of really cool screenplays that are available for your reading pleasure. It has years of work from us that we have built and we are incredibly proud of them. I hope you will give one a read, take your time as they will be there a while! 

    Also if you didn't know we stream as a duo, so check out our channel on twitch to watch us be goofy idiots a few times a week! We are friendly so feel free to join us for some gaming and IRL shenanigans. We are aiming to do a podcast called Critical Twins once a week to talk about upcoming films and our current favorites each month! We would love to hear what other things you are watching, as cinema inspires us all in different ways. Thanks again for your time RT fam! 

    Screenwriting and Content Portfolio

    Twitch Channel - ImLividTV

  • The Rooster's Home -

    1 month ago


    Hey Guys! This is the offical Rooster's Home profile on the RoosterTeeth Community pages! 

    What is The Rooster's Home?

    The Rooster's Home is a fanmade Discord server where fans can enjoy everything they love about Rooster Teeth, including roleplay! We offer something for everybody including: Roleplay, NFSW, Music, General Discussions, Memes (everybody loves memes!), bots, and more! If you don't see something you like, let a staff member know! Chances are we can add it!

    Discord is an amazing platform that allows people to connect from everywhere in the world instantly (or nearly), but with that comes complications. Discord's main way of communicating, is via channels! Adding channels, adds to the clutter, so we rely on bots to help both Staff, and YOU out! When you join, you will see a basic setup. By using a bot command ?rank (rank desired) you can get a fully customizable set up! All Rooster Teeth shows are offered for you to customize your feed! 

    If you have any questions, please comment below, or talk to Venom#8618, FlyingAlligator#5046, MorieMax#4815, or Alpha#3275 on Discord DM's for a quicker responce. The link is below (and in the title)


    The Rooster's Home is not affiliated with Rooster Teeth Entertainment in any way, this is completely fanmade! All characters and rights belong to Rooster Teeth.

  • what a newbie

    1 month ago


       I discovered Rooster Teeth a LONG time ago, but never bothered to watch their content. This summer, I met a boy who is obsessed with Rooster Teeth; and he got me interested as well by showing me a ton of RTAAs. I had realized that the youtube channel he was showing me was the exact same one I skipped over years ago. Let's just say the rest of my summer consisted of lots of sleepless nights watching everything possible on the RT channel.

       To be quite honest, my favorite thing on this website and the RT channel would be the podcast. This summer, I started walking 10 miles a day to get more physically fit; but also because I found this to be fun and it gave me a chance to explore my surroundings. Every time I started my walk, I pulled up an RT Podcast and listened to it...the entire walk. My walks would be very long, lasting up to 2 or 3 hours and sometimes even 4 hours if I walked more than 10 miles. All those hours were spent not only walking, but listening to the podcast. I would go through, at the most, 3 podcasts during my walk. It entertained me and made my walk more interesting. I had a few laughs, and even learned some new things from listening to the podcast. My absolute favorite podcasts are the ones that Gus is on, which is the majority, lol. But with Gus on the podcast, it feels well led and the majority of the new stuff I've learned has come from him. Also, Gus is just one of my favorites from Rooster Teeth. :) 

       Besides the podcast, I have fell in love with the shows RT has produced. My all time favorite, Camp Camp. I could watch that show on repeat if I had to; it's that entertaining. I also like X Ray and Vav, but I can't get into it as much as Camp Camp. I finished seasons 1-3 in about 2 days and let me tell you, it was an emotional rollercoaster. I felt so connected with the characters and they're literally cartoon and fictional. But that just shows you how well written this series is. My favorite character would have to be David or Space Kid. Not only am I fascinated by the character design and script of each episode, but I'm also loving the way each voice actor uses their talent. Each character is phenomenally voiced by such talented human beings, it's almost hard to put into words. The voice actors have done such amazing jobs unleashing the personality of their characters just by using their voice. One person in particular, Miles Luna, stood out to me. His character, David, is a cheery, peppy camp counselor that loves the outdoors. Most might find this character to be hard to voice, but Miles nails it every time. I'd say both him and Gus are my top favorite people on the Rooster Teeth crew. 

       Rooster Teeth is one of my all time favorite youtube channels now. Not only because they're funny and entertaining, but also because their content is so original and there's so much of it. When you finish one series, RT always has another ready and available to watch. It's almost as if their content is never ending. I could watch it all day long and still have more to watch the next day. That's why they're such an amazing group of people. You can tell they work hard on what they do, and their channel deserves so much more recognition than it has right now. I may only be a newbie to this, but I can tell that this is a fandom I won't ever leave! 

  • Born again Rooster Teeth *Mature Content*

    1 month ago


    I was introduced to Rooster Teeth back when I was in high school, and watched RvB season 1. I think I remained a follower for about three more seasons then I graduated in '05, and I just kind of stopped.

    Then at the back end of March 2017, I was in an auto-accident. Long story short, I rode a moped, was heading to work, idiot tailgated another driver in an illegal left-hand turn against oncoming traffic, I was oncoming traffic, wound up with a compound fracture in my Tibia.

    For more details, click here.

    Wound up out of commission for four-and-a-half months.

    Ran out of things to watch in the first few weeks and get a strong nostalgia itch that I have to scratch.

    Decide to do it with some ol' fashioned RvB!

    'They're on what season!?! They have how many other channels?!?"

    Been hooked ever since.

    Absolutely love Achievement Hunter and RT Podcasts among other things.

    They kept me (in)sane while I hermit healed in my bedroom.

  • My First Geoff Ramsey Shirt

    1 month ago

    marettiready Bryan Maretti

    I just got my first Geoff Ramsey shirt and I'm really digging it.  And I included a bit of my art style in the picture.


  • Hello to everyone!

    1 month ago

    hbk0012 FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold hbk0012

    Heyyyy everyone!


     I'm new to posting journals on the RT site, so please forgive me. I just wanted to introduce myself to all the people of Rooster Teeth and all the people of the #RT Community. My name's Anthony. I'm 27 years old and I've been a big fan of #Rooster Teeth since 2005. I'm looking to find new friends who enjoy Rooster Teeth content as much as I do! I mainly watch content from #Achievement Hunter and Funhaus but I also watch RvB, RWBY, Day 5, RT Podcast, On The Spot and a whole lot of other content. 

    This year at #RTXAustin2018 will be my 2nd #RTX which I have attended and I'm super excited about it even though I'm going at it alone this time. I had a lot of fun last year but I'm hoping to have even more fun this year!

    I've lived in #Ohio all my life, mainly in the Dayton area. Graduated high school in 2009 and I've currently have an Associates Degree in Business Administration. I decided to put my schooling on hold for personal reasons but hopefully I will able to go back and finish in a couple of years.

    I've always been fascinated in film making. Way before I even started watching Rooster Teeth content. And to let you know, I'm a super nerd for anything that's Sci-fi and Fantasy. Star Trek, Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Stranger Things, Jurassic Park.

    You name it, I've seen it and loved it!!!

    Also, I'm a huge nerd for video games and I've got a very nice collection of video games. I own all current generation of video game consoles and I have most of past generation of consoles going back to the original Nintendo.

    I became a fan of Rooster Teeth when a friend of mine from high school introduce me to #RvB Season 4 and but I didn't really start to watch a lot of RT content until I discovered the Achievement Hunter channel on YouTube back in 2013. I became a First member a couple of years after and now I'm all about Rooster Teeth.

    If anyone would like to know me more and want to become friends than just send me a friend request and message me! Twitter is @JediTony21 and my Instagram is anthonysutton1350. I hope to see you all at RTX tomorrow!

  • We did it (Step 1)

    1 month ago


    It's crazy how much has happened in the last few months. I told myself I was going to be consistent with my posts here, but with the production planning it's been difficult to find time for anything other than sleep and working my job to pay the bills. I feel like my life is like a river, it's moving down stream and for the first time I'm not hitting any debris on the way. 

    We were able to create the teaser trailer for Volly!! and I could not be more proud of the cast and crew who helped us film it. 

    The truth is that most people don't have a twin brother to collaborate on all their projects. We spend every single day being creative and working towards the same goal. My entire time at college, years of screenwriting and experience on film sets has helped me to prepare for this film. The first of many more to come. 

    I hope you will take a look at our project and help us make it a reality. At the very least, I think you will see how passionate we are as content creators. After all, this is what we were put on this planet to do. Thank you again, for being patient with me:) 

    VOLLY!! Indiegogo and Teaser

  • It's To Hot To Work

    1 month ago

    marettiready Bryan Maretti

    Hi everyone,

    So far this week, it has been really hot in Sacramento and it's been kind of hard to work on my computer.  Not just because of me getting hot as I work, that I can handle, it's just a matter of taking care of my equipment so that it doesn't malfunction on me as I'm getting close to finishing my work.  I'm am close to finishing my work and I don't want my computers to crash on me because of the heat.  I am working on multiple projects at the moment and the only time I can work on them is at night when everyone else is asleep.  Just simply put, the heat sucks when I work.

    Status update on the short animated project, I am still working on sound editing.  I have everything needed, it's just a matter of syncing it together with the film.  I have the duration time of the film done, the last part is sound.  After that, I will be creating a studio logo for the credits in the beginning and end.  And I'm going to include/make a small animation when the end credits are done.  I have the idea in my head, it's just a matter of working on it and making it real.  I just have to push through.

    In the meantime, I have more drawings to share.



    Yuffie from Final Fantasy 7


      Vincent from Final Fantasy 7




    Michael Jones doing an improv character while being On The Spot






    Thank you and I hope you all have a great week.


  • Who I am and Who I want to be.

    1 month ago

    willibombago Willibombago

    This is an interesting question. I am. Me. 

    Billionaire, Genius, Playbo-

    no that's Tony Stark... I'm just a wanna be Animator and Film Maker from a small village in the middle of god damn nowhere. 

    I didn't grow up surrounded by friends, I did however have the best family and parents I could ever ask for who supported, and still do, where ever I went and wanted to do. I wanted to be a Chef, an Historian, Actor and Film Maker to name a few.  But most have come and gone really. It's been a whirlwind the last 3 years of university studying Film technologies and Visual effects. Of which, I just graduated.  

    This now leaves me with a conundrum. Where do I go now. For the most part. I have that answered. I love Animation and Animating. I really discovered this during my second year at Uni during the *two months* I was taught, absolutely nothing mind you, and found that I really really enjoyed it. Far more then I had realised before. 

    I had known and watched Rooster Teeth productions and RVB for many years before uni but never thought that much about it as a career option. but then I met a friend at Uni who was a huge fan of the Rooster Teeth and we jelled. Talked and ended up living together for our Second and Final years. sharing the interest and sharing the goal of working at Rooster Teeth among many other places as well. Do I think that is going to happen for Me. Realistically. I don't know. I want it to be so. With Gen Lock arriving soon and RWBY being as amazing as it is. There really is no other time to start. Before long I might not even have a chance. Which is why I stopped pulling pints and started push- no wait that's the Royal Navy advert. *Cough* which is why I started to push myself. I worked hard. Produced a 10 minute short film in Latvia and got my First with Honours from Birmingham City University. 

    But that's not where I stop. I pushed my animation drive into maximum and started practising as frequently as possible in my free time. I want to be better. I want to advance my skills. I want to study again. Be Taught how to be better and where I can improve and given that guidance that my course so badly lacked. I've watched RWBY and Red Vs Blue more times then I can count. Monty and the entire CRWBY and RT Animation teams are huge inspirations. Just as Dillon Goo is as well and the amazing people who pioneered 3D animation at Pixar. I want to follow in their footsteps. To walk where they walked and walk even further if possible. 

    I have no doubt that I am not alone in my goal. Every day there are people advancing and getting better then me by the minute. People who may go on to be the next Monty level animator. I have to push myself to be like that. To reach out and take my chance at that goal. Only I can control where I go and how I get there. I will fight with nail and tooth to get myself somewhere. 

    You can be sceptical. Trust me. I am as well. 

    Rooster Teeth inspires me. Monty, Miles, Grey, Burnie, Kerry. Everyone. I only hope that I can be worthy of working with them someday. 

    I'm gunna leave a link to my latest culmination of my work so I can carry on animating but I had to let this out of my mind. 

    If you made it this far i'm impressed. Honestly thank you. 

    Let's keep moving forward shall we?


    "My Drill is the Drill that will Pierce the Heavens!" -Simone the Digger. 

  • Always Dreaming Out Loud

    1 month ago


    Christopher Reeve once said, "So many of our dreams at first seem impossible, then they seem improbable, and then, when we summon the will, they soon become inevitable." 

    I once heard someone say that if you dream out loud, then it likely won't come true. I myself, find this to be not true. If you are following your heart and you are screaming to the world to hear you. Eventually someone is going to scream back. Passion is what keeps us alive. We all have a reason for what we do, what we love. I happen to be a lover of creativity in every form. I'm always trying new things. Trying to be a better writer, a better actor, a better me. I know that everyday I am closer to that person. Closer to that goal. Life is a series of events and I know that my event will happen. It's only a matter of time. Your time will come too. Just keep dreaming out loud. Be heard. Never give up. 


    Trevor Dylan Benoit

  • Journey Through 15 Years #6

    1 month ago

    spriiing Jericho

    Finally back home from visiting family, and hyped as hell, because a week from tomorrow I leave for RTX! Not looking forward to the 19 hour drive there, and the 40 hour round trip, but it's all gonna be worth it!


    Completed Series

    Alternative Lifestyle: Maybe it's just me, but after Akrasia and the killing of Parker, this series felt a little too into its continuing storylines. I know that I was praising that last week, but this kind of half scripted, half off the cuff just became grating after a while. Don't get me wrong; I've started to love Sugar Pine 7. But I'm glad that I'm not watching this series anymore.

    Amazon Prime Time: However, unlike Sugar Pine 7, I have no love of Cow Chop. And Amazon Prime Time did nothing to help that fact. I've never liked grossout humor, I've never liked mean-spirited teasing for a laugh, and I've never liked random bullshit for the sake of random bullshit. This seems like Cow Chop's ENTIRE deal, which has led to an executive decision I've made, detailed in the updates section.

    Current Series

    Backwardz Compatible: Now THIS is a series I can fall in love with! Achievement Hunter doesn't have a whole lot of Full Plays, so Miles (my fav RT employee) and Kyle fully playing some great games is a series I can get behind. Loving every second of it so far.

    Current Episode: Fatal Frame #4 - Big Sexy

    Generic Updates

    So let's go ahead and start with the update that actually APPLIES to this marathon: I'm removing everything from Cow Chop. Bitch at me all you want (though no one will, because no one reads this journal anyway), but I can't stand Cow Chop. That's not to say they're bad. What I'm saying is that Cow Chop is a very niche demographic. And I hate that niche. While this does remove (to my calculation) 10 series from the marathon, it's become a far better quality marathon now, at least to me.

    But, this hasn't changed the AMOUNT of series in the marathon by that much. Because I'm splitting AH Let's Play even more, into a few other series. Cloudberry Kingdom, Mario Party, Worms, Rainbow Six, Git Gud, and Uno: The Movie. To mix things up a little, I've decided to reorganize the AH Let's Play categories based on the game - otherwise, they'd all be in a row. This adds 6 more series to the marathon, so it balances out with Cow Chop's removal. 

    In other news, we're less than 2 weeks from RTX! I decided to buy floor tickets for the Jeff Williams concert, so I'm looking forward to that. I also managed to get a session for Gray and Kerry's autographs, since Miles was already unavailable by the time they opened for non-Platinum members. HYPE!

    Remaining Series 

    Backwardz Compatible

    Battle Buddies (within Achievement Hunter)

    Burnie Vlogs/Barbara Vlogs/FIRST Vlogs

    AH Behind the Scenes

    Between the Games/Shenanigans

    Board as Hell

    Buff Buddies

    CRWBY/RWBY Rewind

    Camp Camp

    Captain Dynamic

    Cloudberry Kingdom (Let's Play)


    Crunch Time

    DBX/One Minute Melee

    Death Battle

    Day 5

    Death Days

    Demo Disk

    Esports Ejects

    Evil Craig/Evil Craig 2

    Fails of the Weak/Game Fails

    Five Facts/Five Fun Facts

    Four Play

    Free Play

    Game Attack Fun Stuff

    Game Night (within Achievement Hunter)

    Grab Bag (within Achievement Hunter)

    Theater Mode (Funhaus, and AH) 

    Funhaus Shorts

    Funhaus Let’s Play

    Git Gud (Let's Play)


    Guinness World Records

    Funhaus Gameplay

    Great Moments in Video Game History

    Happy Hour

    Heroes and Halfwits

    How To

    Imaginary Achievements


    In Review

    Is It Good?

    Lazer Team/Lazer Team 2

    Let’s Build (within Let’s Play)

    Let’s Pine

    Game Attack Let’s Play

    Garry's Mod (Let's Play)

    Grand Theft Auto (Let's Play)

    Let's Play

    Let’s Play Live: Life On Tour

    Let’s Watch

    Master and Apprentice

    Mario Party (Let's Play)


    Metal Gear Ben

    Million Dollars, But…

    Minecraft (Let's Play)

    Nature Town



    Nomad of Nowhere

    On the Spot

    Open Haus/Your Comments



    Presented With Comment

    Play Pals

    Rainbow Six (Let's Play)

    RT Pilots


    RT Docs

    Rooster Teeth Inter-Office Smite Tournament (within Achievement Hunter)

    RT Shorts

    RT Life

    RT Podcast Play

    Sponsor Cut

    RWBY Chibi


    Rage Quit

    Random Awesomeness

    Reasons We Love/Open Letters

    RvB: PSA

    Relationship Goals

    RouLet’s Play


    Screw Attack Illustrated

    Screw Attack Shorts

    Sex Swing

    Social Disorder


    Sunday Driving

    Tap That App

    Ten Little Roosters/Eleven Little Roosters

    The Number One Show/The Best Ever

    The Armory

    The Gauntlet

    The Industry

    The Lab

    The Slo Mo Guys

    The Strangerhood

    The Woods

    Things to Do In…

    This Is…

    Top 10

    Trials Files

    Tuesday Night Game Fight

    Twits and Crits/The League of Extraordinary Jiremen

    Uno: The Movie

    VR the Champions


    Video Game Vault//Reboot or Retro

    Who Is?

    Worms (Let's Play)

    X-Ray and Vav

    Red Vs. Blue

    132 series remain

  • Sound Editing Is A lot Harder Than Expected

    1 month ago

    marettiready Bryan Maretti

    Hi everyone,

    First of all, I really need to write more in this blog.  I missed last week's blog update because I have been busy with my big projects.  Working on my digital projects has given me more motivation to push through and to keep learning new possibilities when it comes to creating videos, animations, and digital drawings (or maybe a bit of graphic design).

    Second, status update on the short animated project.  I have completed the timing of the music for the rendered shots so that they follow through with the video and I am still editing the sounds for the time lapse.  It's a bit hard when it comes to finding the right sounds for animated shots because in your head, you know what you are looking for.  But later on when sound editing, you start to realize that certain sounds don't work for certain animated shots.  So I had to explore outside of my household to find the sounds I need and get them recorded.  Luckily, I have what I'm looking for, but I'm just keeping my ears open if something better comes by.

    Third, I am still working on a side abstract animated project for a band to be played at an art museum event.  I have the idea, it's just a matter of relating the animation to the band playing.  I still have time to get this completed (it's a few months away), I'm just getting ahead of the project.

    So many projects, yet much to learn and gain from this.  Just have to keep moving forward.

    Aside from that, more drawing to share.

     Mariel Salcedo from Rooster Teeth and Always OpenNNNVJAs.jpg

    Makoto from The Girl Who Leapt Through Time  IiNp64L.jpg

    Cloud from Final Fantasy 7


    Wakka from Final Fantasy X


    Vivi from Final Fantasy 9


    Zidane from Final Fantasy 9


    Mister Fred Rodgers


    I got a new shirt from the Rooster Teeth store and I'm enjoying the Zwei shirt.  And I also included Zwei in the picture.


    Barret from Final Fantasy 7


    Sephiroth from Final Fantasy 7


    Ken from Street Fighter


    Ryu from Street Fighter


    Akuma from Street Fighter


    Juri from Street Fighter


    Beavis and Butthead


    Thank you and I hope you all have a great week.