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  • ​ 008 Update #34- RTXCited 2018: THE THREEQUEL (Part 4- Take-Aways (#RTCommunityDay))

    15 hours ago

    AgentWashingtub008 FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold Crackpot of Coffee


    For the uninitiated, I get #VeryExcited for #rtx and for the past three years I have made a series of journal entries covering my thoughts and experiences.  This is the series for #RTXAustin2018 and the rest are likely to be found under the #RTXcited tag on the site.  Join me, won’t you?



    This is not just a swag post.  That said, I got a lot of nice things this RTX which I’m going to tell you about in the miscellany that is this post.


    The first, and probably most important thing to mention is my Badge.  It’s been added to my small collection, but we’ll go on a little journey to find it.




    Tucked away behind my jeans, jackets, (jean jackets,) and nicer shirts is a little organizational hanger with all my ties for the occasions I wear fancy clothes.  And on the other side of that…




    … is where my badges from conventions, school, and other lanyarded things I want to keep are kept.


    It is a safe place for my great memories, but it isn’t much of a display.  It’s not fair to the buttons and pins I get.  So I have a solution.




    As you can see, the badges are pretty bare.  They are in themselves wonderful keepsakes and that is why I have them but in my mind, pins and buttons as just as much for display.  I also don’t know about you, but I want to be able to remember RTX every day with other people.  Wearing a con lanyard in public makes people ask questions though…


    So I migrate the decorative bits (with purpose)! 


    Every year at RTX I but or bring something that’s going to be that year’s RTX thing.  Last year it was the Epsilon jacket which has my RTX 2017 pin secured front and center under the top button.  This year I intended it to be the RT Letterman Jacket which I’ve been needing to get since I got that Double Gold patch way back when, but there was also a sweet RTX Snapback in the RTX #RTBOX which is now half this year’s RTX thing.




    See, cool pins all along the hat (First, Extra Life, and Side Quest).  I put it on my head and remember the good times.  (I also, the day I got home, went out to get comics with my brother and the comic-shop guy saw it and asked if I went.  We talked for two hours.  I think the hat has earned its keep.)


    The jacket still will be an RTX thing.  It’ll be covered in patches I got this year (and before) and as soon as it’s done you can bet I’ll show it off.


    Speaking of showing off, here’s the rest of the merch I got in the RT Store.



    Some pretty cool stuff.  I just can’t not get an RvB thing each year, but it is true Camp Camp took up more of the budget than my jacket.  I really love that show, almost as much as I think the Ice Queen can be Best Girl when she puts her mind to it.  Maybe putting her hear back in a Cib headband might help her concentrate (I doubt it, but I needed to mention it somehow).  You can see here all the patches I got from the store and The Coop.  I really liked the Coop and its merch but that stuff was EXPENSIVE and I’ve still got some tin posters to buy.


    But, maybe by favorite thing of all is the RTX exclusive “Never Stop Trying” shirt.  It has that great cartoony style I love from this year’s RTX branding.  It has the positive other half of my favorite line in the show.  It’s very comfy.  And it has some actual importance to this post I’m writing on #rtcommunityday right now.




    For all the fun stuff I get from RTX, what I take away from it every time is a reinvigorated sense of just how much the #rtcommunity means to me and a passion to do my part in it.


    RT asked us on twitter for pictures and favorite moments from RTX to retweet over RT Community Day.  You all have seen the pictures (I wanted to attach them all, but twitter only allows 4) but here’s what I wrote:


    It's hard to pin it down because every moment of #rtxaustin is a reminder of the welcoming, talented, and just best community ever (of all time) that I have become a part of. RTX is coming home to these people and that keeps me very excited for every year.


    Maybe I’m being a little sappy, but there it is.  I may get a lot done at RTX and all of it gets me #VeryExcited , but a greatest moment?  I am immersed in the RT community from the moment I put on my daily outfit and funny socks to when I flop into my bed then have to get back out and turn on my light to find my eye cover so I can actually sleep a few hours for a whole weekend.  It’s pretty hard to top that.


    Yet I think I’m gonna try. 


    I planted the seeds of this all the way back in Part 1 of this threequel.  RTX 2018 marks the start of the Year of Participation for me.  I’m getting more involved with groups.  I’m gonna finish this pass at Red vs Blue Rec0very.  I have enough RT shirts now to wear one every day of the month (if I so choose).  I’ve got some actual video content actually in the works.  Where this year will take me is unknown, but there’s one key to getting there.




    Remembering where I came from to this community and applying that.  If I don’t do anything else this year I’m going to do my best to have one 008 Update* for every calendar weekI’m a writer.  I have thoughts best conveyed in words that I want to share with other people.  They aren’t all going to be 20+ page behemoths and not all of them are necessarily going to be directly RT related.  The connection will be I’m writing them for you guys, the RT Community.  It’s stuff I’m making because I’d want to read it and I’m hoping a bunch of like-minded friends on the internet will enjoy it too.  That sounds kinda familiar…


    *I really mean I’ll be doing “A Written Post” every calendar week.  Scripts for Rec0very and review posts count for that, as do other fictions I may decide to share and a planned series I have that isn’t just a blog but might start under the 008 Update banner.



    It’s a little ambitious but this community is worth it to me and I can always use the practice writing.  By calendar week I mean every Monday-Sunday and that is so I can visualize all of this on my calendar easier and make a checkmark.  It also gives me the leeway of more than seven days on occasion. 


    Again, I don’t know what shape this year is going to take.  I also may miss a few.  I’m not perfect, but what’s important is I’ll never stop trying.  This community and this place means a lot to me, so I will keep coming back.  I hope you will too.


    Happy #rtcommunityday

    -Max (AgentWashingtub008



    You can also expect, along with part 5 of RTXCited 2018: The Threequel a lot of fun shenanigans and doodles, like me achieving a nice lunch or little doodles to up my word count by a couple thousand (metaphorically) and explain some stuff about how I see myself and the world.  I even got a new set of markers.

























  • Big Life Changes (TM)

    1 day ago

    pingpongsong pro dog petter

    I haven't posted on here in a year, which is, yikes. I guess thats how it goes around here for me, every once in a while I'll update my journal in which no one will see. That's fine, it's for me. 

    I'm moving to San Marcos from Dallas on Saturday where I'll begin my journey in Electronic Media at Texas State. I'll be closer to the democratic South, the fun of Austin. And I won't have to book an airbnb to go to RTX or ACL. So that's fun. My dog is about to turn 3, so I'll be throwing him a birthday party with my roommates, but that means I'll have to get every dog a cake that's in my cottage (there will be 3 or 4 others, which im so fuckin stoked for). 

    Anywho, I hope I can find some people down there into RT so we can go to RTX next year. I was sad to miss it this year, and almost bought a Sunday pass until I partied the night before and was dead afterwards. But it's fine.

     I'm seeing Twenty one pilots in November in Dallas. I'm stoked about their return and somehow became an even bigger fan in the fast 4 months. 6th times a charm, and hopefully I'll meet them this time; the last time i saw them was at Hangout fest last year when it got rained out and ended early. It's always a blast seeing them live, it's like they give me my soul back lmao.

    okay bye bye

  • RTX 2018 Photos are Up (Part 1)

    2 days ago

    DarkBowler Photographer

    Hey Everyone,

    So that wonderful time of year known as RTX has come and gone and you know what that means…..Connor has a lot of photos and a lot of work ahead of me. Well this time I worked on my pipeline and workflow and thus after shooting RTX for 7 years I finally have been able to get photos out within a week of the convention (or at least the first batch). So here you go, I will post more journals as I get more done but here are the first 2 batches of photos from Friday and Saturday of the Convention. I still have Sunday, The Jeff Williams Concert, Booze Cruise, Sidequest, and a ton of videos to do so stay tuned.

    RTX Austin Friday photos

    RTX Austin Saturday Photos

    The photos will be free to download until the next RT Community day Aug 15th  and then I will lock them for view only. While they are free and I am so glad people enjoy my work if you want to throw me a few bucks to keep the website running I would be very grateful. If you can’t then that is fine too and I hope you enjoy the photos.

    I know all of you amazing people are wonderful and wouldn’t do anything like this but I must put it in black and white so here is the legal mombo jumbo. These photos are for personal use only and may not be used for any promotional or commercial purposes without the express written consent of Connor MacRae Media. In addition while sharing is encouraged any modification of the images including (but not limited too) cropping, removal of watermark, post processing, and/or claiming of work is strictly forbidden. If you wish to use any material for promotional or commercial purposes please contact me using the “Contact Us” link at the top of my website.

    Hope you all enjoy the photos.

    -Connor MacRae aka DarkBowler

    That Crazy Camera Guy at RTX

  • The Austin Experience and the Future!

    3 days ago


    So, it has been two weeks since I touched down at Austin, TX!

    And it has been a week since RTX Austin!

    To perfectly sum my first ever experience in the US, I can honestly say this...

    Everything about the eleven days I was there was a whole new world!

    It took a while to get used to how the US does things, but it was legendary!

    RTX Austin was absolutely amazing to experience the main event at where it all began!

    Now a 4x RTX Guardian, because of 3x RTX Sydney Guardian and now the 1x RTX Austin Guardian!

    It was an absolute pleasure to be a Guardian at my first RTX Austin and it will not be the last!


    This is my Volunteering Cycle for 2019...

    - RTX Austin (Round 2 for Guardian FOR SURE!!)

    - RTX London (if I wasn't moving to Melbourne, I would have done it this year. BUT, the plan is to do it next year)

    - PAX Australia (because I still have a few left in me and it's still awesome)

    That's what 2019 looks like and I can't wait to do it all again next year at Austin!

    LET'S GO!!

  • RTX 2018

    3 days ago

    SailorTweek FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold RTX Head Guardian

    It's been a week since we closed the doors on RTX 2018.

    I can say that not only was this the smoothest RTX ever, but it was also the smoothest show I have EVER worked. 

    I wanna gush for pages, but I'm exhausted IN THE BEST WAY.

    Thank you all for making RTX so terrific. The Guardians who worked their asses off and showed the world how powerful and wonderful they are - the attendees who emit the essence of convention positivity- the content creators coming together to bring substance to the show - the RT Events team and the other planners and check-signers for RTX - Mixer for streaming the action and those of you who watched from home. I'm forgetting departments/teams, but know that my heart is full of love and appreciation for you all.

    EVERYONE who has their hands in RTX made this all happen. THANK YOU

    Thank you to @sirNARVY and @mrarcys for being my rocks, our logic center, and the weird levity in between serious discussions about bullshit.

    I love this show more than I can explain. RTX is the most important event in my world. I'm so happy that this year was stellar. I walked out of the ACC upright, proud, and almost ready to do it all over again the next day. 

    I felt the very same pride, community love, and appreciating that I did walking out of RTX 2011.

    Thank you all for the BEST RTX EVER...

    ...OF ALL TIME.

  • RTX 2018 - I Am Restored

    4 days ago

    Tropes Dead Set On Adventure

    This year everything was different, and it was definitely for the best. 

    As some of you already know, last RTX was why I stopped drinking. I was in a dark place at the time, and I essentially browned out for four days. 

    That led to my decision to go sober. I went too hard for too long and I realized that I was coping with my problems in an unhealthy way that could hurt people. I decided to quit, and also to be a better, stronger person than I had been.

    And that... led to the best RTX, possibly the best week, I've ever had.

    You all took me back with open arms. Despite the fact that the last time you saw me I was a sloppy, sad mess. If talk of my sobriety came up at all it was to be encouraging and congratulatory. 

    Despite the lack of alcohol I still made a point of causing as much chaos as possible, to bring up the energy in any room I was in, to be ready with a kind word or joke wherever one was needed, and everyone responded in kind in a massive feedback loop of friendship and joy.

    RTX is the start and end of my psychological year. It's where I take stock of my last year's worth of choices and decide the course of my next one. I think I made mostly good choices this time, because I knew I wanted to be deserving of your friendship, so last year was the Year of Emotional Redemption. I'm still not in a perfect place, and we are still living in a hell world that's careening towards capitalist dystopia. But you guys are why I'm strong enough to deal with it. When I need a reason to get up in the morning or hit a low point I think of you. When faced with a choice I consider what would make me worthy of you. So this next year is going to be the Year of Moving Forward, where I take my good choices and build on them. The me from RTX 2017 is dead, and now I'm going to improve the me that took its place!

    Thanks to you I'm completely revitalized, and ready to take on the world! If you ever need a kind word or shoulder to lean on, come find me - it's the least I can do! 

    See you in 2019, as even better and stronger people than we already are!

  • A thank you from Dungeon Drunks

    5 days ago

    OboeCrazy Freelancer

    4 of my closest friends I only see in person once a year. Thanks to this little D&D podcast we do I get to also play games with them, and do extra special things like play that game in front of a live audience for charity.

    Thank you Jack, Jonathan, Juls, and John for being my friend and filling my RTX with D&D joy.

    If you missed our live game, you can see the archive of the video here:

    Eventually that game will be in cannon in our podcast, which you can find here:

    And thanks to our Patreon we got new art commissioned by Luke McKay:


    Thank you everyone. Let's do it again next year.


  • RTX 2018

    5 days ago

    r3mus3 Cat Lady

    I'm so glad I was able to make it out to my first RTX. It was more than I could've have imagined. Seeing my first Rooster Teeth personality, I literally shook as I asked Miles Luna and Ellie Main for a photo. My nerves definitely got the best of me. And rightfully so, as this was my first interaction with any RT people since I started watching RT content in 2011.

    While waiting in line to enter the exhibit hall on Friday, I was next to two very lovely people. Jennifer and Anthony were very kind, gave me some tips and tricks. We traded rainbow goldfish and nature valley bars while we waited. And then in queue for the first panel I attended, I met Ben and Steven. These guys were fun to hang out with. We ended up playing some Jack Box on Steven's Switch while we waited to enter Hall 1. Luckily, the panels they were going to were pretty much the same as me and so we ended up hanging out for most of RTX. I'm not a terribly shy person in general. But I definitely felt like I could push my boundaries of meeting people since I know I had much in common with the rest of the attendees. 

    The only regrettable thing all RTX was that I never got a photo with Anthony and Jenn or Ben and Steven. I hope that next year we all see each other again, and I can finally get a photo with my new friends. Guess, I have more to look forward to next year. 


  • Help! Cosplay rtx 2018

    5 days ago

    ItalianChick KingQuint

    so I totally forgot to get any pictures of my beast boy cosplay from RTX austin 2018 but quite a few people took pictures with me so I was wondering if anyone has them that they could send me?! I would really hope I searched instagram to no avail. :( i was fancy beast boy with a purple button up and grey vest!

  • Just started using my account!

    1 week ago


    Just got back from RTX and was so impressed by the community, I figured that I'd start using my account again! Will this be a permanent thing or will I quickly forget about it? Let's find out together!

  • RTX 2018 Wrap Up

    1 week ago


    Hey friends!

    Surprise, I'm writing a journal!

    I have so much to unpack that can't be contained in one journal. There's stuff say say about RTX, the community site, the community projects I'm involved in, and the future of my involvement with the community. Some of it will have to wait for a future journal.

    First off, RTX was great. There were highs and lows, and in betweens or "neutrals". I've had higher highs and lower lows, but it was an above average experience. As I have done in past years, during the previous iteration of the community site, I will break it down to each individual day with a brief summary of the highlights and obnoxiously tag people. The search functionality on this site is impossible to find, but I'll do my best to get everyone.

    Album (since image hosting is broken here)


    I'll probably write a journal soon about my journey in the world of Magic: The Gathering, but how it currently relates to RTX is I got home late Monday night from traveling to a Magic tournament out of state, and had only one day to rest and get ready to go to Austin. Gina had to check on her research project at school on Wednesday morning, so in the early afternoon, we packed, dropped off the kids at my mom's, and drove to Austin.

    This year our condo consisted of: Alex @kaosblack21, Tristan @Shagrazir, Bree @WomanFriday, Tony @tonyski, Matt @ALousyCopilot, Connor @DarkBowler, and a few others whose RT usernames I don't know: Brett and Haley from RTLV, and Krys the Guardian. We ate Russian cuisine with complimentary vodka shots (I may have had a few extras), then walked to Amy's for ice cream. By then it was getting late so Gina began the trek home. It's just as well, because when we got back to the condo we busted out Jack Box on Tony's Xbox and played Quiplash, Drawful, and Murder Trivia.


    While the Guardians headed in to prepare for the convention, a group of us walked to the RT World Summit for community admins. Brett came to represent RTLV and Matt and I represented BIGBITE Media. This was one of the major highlights of the weekend and I want to personally thank @kriss (who I finally got to meet and is now one of my favorite people) and @Chelsea (who was already one of my favorite people) for organizing it.

    The long and short of what I got out of the summit, other than making some new friends, is I am excited for what the future holds for the community portion of the RT site. More on that in a future journal.

    Before leaving for the summit, I realized I had left my suit bag in the car that was now 2 1/2 hours away. I let Brian know at the summit that I would likely be late to setup for SideQuest due to this issue. Once it concluded, I hopped an Uber, bought some dress pants at JCPenney, and arrived fashionably late to help finish up setup for the Charity Gala.

    Over the course of the SideQuest events this year, I didn't see many of my friends that I have grown accustomed to getting to hug, high five, or talk/drink with, but the most important thing is we raised $15,000 for charity and everyone had a good time all weekend. This was my third year as a Spectre and fourth year attending SideQuest (I didn't know about it my first year and could only afford to drive down for a few hours to do the Player 4 Podcast panel in 2016), and I hope to continue to volunteer for this amazing organization.

    After the gala ended, I met up with some RT World admins at Shakespeare's, bought a $5 pitcher of whiskey + coke (none of my university students follow me on here, right??), and partied with the SideQuest folks. Also, it is always great to talk to @Josho, one of the few friends still with me since my old RT account. I look forward to your album when it's finished!


    For me, the first day for RTX was dedicated to preparing for the Camp Camp press roundtable, knocking it out of the park, and that's about it.

    Last year I don't believe I had an RTX badge, focusing instead on working at the SideQuest booth and working at their events. Having a press badge this year for BIGBITE was a new and great experience. I've been hesitant in the past about applying for one, mostly because of the time investment, but the new roundtable format (when properly enforced) was a good idea.

    At the Camp Camp presser, Matt and I did just that: we knocked it out the park and asked some awesome questions. After having noodles with Bree and Hayley, I decided I would cook for the condo. About an hour and a half later, my HEB groceries arrived and I set to work cooking a giant shepherd's pie for anyone who wanted it.


    This was the morning of the BIGBITE content creators panel. Most of us had never met, or had only met in passing, but we did our best and got several compliments on a well run panel. Shoutout to all the BIGBITE folks whose usernames I don't know.

    After lunch, I had a pretty quiet day leading up to SideQuest. I don't remember an awful lot from the Barlympics, but I do remember sitting at the nametag table, making a lot of friends, and drinking everything set in front of me (no seriously, none of my students follow me here, right?).


    I started off Sunday with a splitting headache. After resting for a bit, I had lunch and watched Nomad of Nowhere with Matt to prepare for our press roundtable, which we crushed once again (strong arm emoji). A few hours later was the ... shall we say "interesting" Founding Fathers roundtable. Don't get me wrong, I love Matt, Burnie, and Geoff. Great people.

    The presser was poorly run/moderated and resulted in 2-3 people asking most of the questions. Matt and I barely got a single question in at the end (thanks to Burnie, who let us get in our question because he's a class act), and I recall at least one other journalist not getting a chance to ask a question. All that said, we asked our top question and got a good answer. Afterwards I shook Matt Hullum's hand, and was pleased and surprised that he remembered me from our conversation about music at SideQuest 2014.

    As I walked out of RTX 2018 for the last time, I stopped by @lukemckay's booth, hugged my awesome friend @OboeCrazy, and bought some comics and greeting cards.

    As we do every year, @lttlecaboose and I met up briefly to say hi and have a drink before she went to RS and I went to SideQuest. As she has done in the past, Kristen also attended my panel. We all need supportive friends in our life, don't you agree?

    The RTX SideQuest wrap-up party was, for me, far slower than it's ever been. I ended up only seeing about 4 people I knew outside the SQ staff. I made sure everyone else was having fun by monitoring various parts of the upstairs area, and chatted with a few people like my good friend @Matt317, Dominic, and Brian of SQ (who will be on Player 4 Podcast soon). After midnight, when the event was officially over, I wandered off and returned to the condo.


    It was a slow morning as everyone gradually woke up and got ready for the day. A few of us from BIGBITE had a short meetup at Starbucks - Matt, Sean, Sean's friend, and I. Eventually, a large group met at Rudy's to have our annual BBQ lunch. If photo sharing was working, I would show the pictures we took, but you can find them at the link above (the big group photo was taken after I left to put the kids in the car).

    Gina came with the kids to join us and eventually take me home. I bought enough BBQ to last us well over a week because why not? The process of packing everything and cleaning the condo took around 2 hours, so the kids made sure to be as loud as possible and make friends with everyone.

    Finally, it was time to say goodbye. We only live 2 1/2 hours away, so we could have left at any time during the day, but everyone was ready to check out of the condo and go their separate ways.

    In 2016, it wore on me all year that I hadn't been able to see my friends for longer than about an hour (a little longer with @xcalante and @Nabohs at Gus's Chicken). I basically showed up to do the P4 panel, ate some food, and went home. It was rough.

    This year, while I didn't see everyone I wanted to hang out with, I saw pretty much everyone I talk to online on a regular basis, like my P4 co-hosts, BIGBITE family, Minecraft crew, and others. I even made some new friends, which I'm not exactly the best at offline.

    Almost every year I've come home from RTX, I've returned with renewed purpose, direction, and inspiration. I hope to continue this trend again in 2018.

  • Back From RTX

    1 week ago


    Just got home a bit ago from the drive from Austin, TX back home to Utah. This year's RTX was my first, and will DEFINITELY NOT be my last. I had an amazing time with my friends that I brought with me. Met some amazing new friends and people I hope to collaborate with soon. Ran into people that I have only talked to online. And honestly just had the time of my life.

    I am excited that sooooo many people liked the Tucker cosplay I worked very hard on. I love to cosplay and always want to show something that everyone will enjoy. Despite the numerous issues that I ran into, I am happy with how well everything went. And this has only motivated me even more to work on something big for next year, blargh!

    Some truly amazing things happened over these last few days, and I don't think that my life will ever be the same. I hope everyone else that attended had fun. And hopefully a few more people feel exactly the way I do.

  • Great RTX

    1 week ago

    cyberdork117 FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold TheQuestCrafter

    This was the best RTX I’ve ever been to by far. Met with some amazing community members and got to make some excellent new contacts at the community summit. We’ve got some really awesome and cool things coming down the pipeline for RT LGBT and just myself as well. Really can’t wait and I’m look so forward to next year!

  • RT Community

    1 week ago


    This past week I got to experience RTX for the first time and it was the greatest thing I have ever experienced and it also made me realize that i should be more involved the RT community so i can have a chance to meet even more incredible people

  • The Post RTX blues & what could have been. (Story Time)

    1 week ago

    isaac89tx Shy/Awkward/Anxiety.

    If I could have a moment of your time & tell a bit of a story, I'd appreciate it. My 1st ever RTX & 1st ever con was fun. Met a few of my favorites. But at the same time I didn't get a chance to chat with or meet anyone from the discord servers or Facebook group that I'm in. Or chat with anyone in general. The social anxiety is real. It also doesn't help that I'm bad with faces & names so you'd have to remind me who you are.

    I wanted to chat with people but I also didn't want to feel awkward or weird about it or give off any bad vibes. Just going up to random people & trying to introduce myself & talk to them middle of a conversation or something. I also don't know Austin all that well so I didn't go out much after hours except the rave. I hung around at the Marriott in the lobbies with everyone but again, didn't really chat with anyone. I just kept to myself most of the time. I stayed at the Marriott & was at the Labinnak & Mangoloo Cosplay RWBY PJ party at the Marriott lobby by Starbucks if anyone saw me there. Big guy with a DBZ backpack, glasses, beard, and cap. That was me but again I didn't know anyone there so I didn't know how to just strike up a conversation or get something started. I wandered the show floor alone all weekend. Didnt go to any pannels even thought I wanted to. I didnt really go up to anyone & strike up a conversation because of social anxiety & didn't want to make it awkward or give off bad vibes or somethin negative.

    So despite having the time of my life, it was a "even in a crowd I feel alone" type of situation for me mixed with a bit of jealousy & depression. Like, I got a bit jealous seeing people together. Whether it was a couple holding hands & spending time with each other or group of friends all hanging out together having the time of their lives. I didn't know what to do so I just wandered the floor all day all alone just taking it all in & trying to have my own fun.

    So to anyone reading this journal entry, whether it be RT staff, RTX attendee, guardian, site member, etc. I did have the time of my life. 1st ever RTX & 1st ever con for that matter. But there's also a down side to it. Everything I just explained. Sitting here at home on my laptop it leaves me wondering what could've been. And how things could've gone better. Hopefully next time I'll have a group of friends to hang around at RTX & go places with. I guess I can try to be more active here & on Twitter & anywhere else I have the opportunity to make friends.

    I guess I'm done venting & explaining my story. I just needed someone or some people to listen as I ramble on & hopefully reach out to me. I hope next time at RTX is even better & filled with friends. Thanks to anyone who read this journal entry. Gonna go listen to my sad boys club playlist now. Bye.

  • Goodbye RTX 2018, and thank you for all the memories T^T

    1 week ago

    Cricket RT Games Community Mngr

    Catching major feels today after my first RTX.

    First, I want to give a big shout out to RT Community Managers and mama duck Jackie Izawa, Chelsea Atkinson and Barbara Dunkelman for introducing me to a room filled with community leaders at the RT Leadership Summit. What an amazing event. The leadership ambassadors from all over the country and beyond were incredibly warm and welcoming. I learned so much about the various subcultures within the RT Community, the incredible work being done all over at local meetups, and how the unifying love for Rooster Teeth has created a platform for awe-inspiring charity, outreach, and humanitarian work (above and beyond being an awesome excuse to come together over gaming, animation, and internet-culture.) I want everyone who attended to know I took detailed notes of your thoughts and ideas how to take our communities to the next level, and I am so pumped to follow up and take action on our conversations.

    Another big shout out to the Sidequest team. It was such an honor to meet all of you, and thank you for taking me in with open arms at, bar-none, the best community thrown events I have ever attended. (It's almost as if you guys have done this sort of thing before? :P) Your passion for the RT Community gives me life, and your commitment to making RTX weekend special for people of all walks of life keeps my head in the game.

    Next- I got to see the Rooster Teeth community in full force on the show floor and at panels- and y'all are a legit force to be reckoned with. I felt so at home and comfortable at this event in a way I haven't at other live events. Thank you for the warmest hugs, the highest of fives, and for being so damn good to one another. Thank you for being so courteous to the staff and talent. The world would be a better place if it was made up of all RT fans. Your patience with other attendees and respect for one another's safety was impeccable. Consent was king at this con, and the cosplay was one of my favorite take-aways. For those of you who brought your art, props, and cosplays from near and far- thank you for toughing out the heat and logistics of bringing your work to life. Thank you for taking photos with me and sharing your passion for your respective fandoms.

    NEXT, I want to give a huge shout out to the staff and talent who worked their bun-buns off early in the morning and well into the wee hours. The team-player mentality was real, and the commitment to community safety, comfort and enjoyment was always top of mind. I feel very fortunate to work with a team who values their community and fans as much as Rooster Teeth and the RT extended family.

    Finally, what can I say that hasn't been said about this group before? The RTX Guardian crew is beyond words amazing. My heart is so full right now, and tbh tears are welling up thinking about how much care the Guardians I worked with showed me. What a capable and kind bunch. I made connections and friendships with so many Guardians that I hope to carry with me for years. Live events can be tough work, but when you share the burden with such a beautiful group of people who are as passionate and fun loving as you, it makes for a bonding experience like none other.

    Thank you for an amazing first RTX and for raising the bar on my expectations of what a con should and can be. I can't wait for my next RTX. After I'm done catching up on sleep, I can't wait to start planning for the next!!!

    Much love my babes and potatoes,


  • After Off Topic Bevs

    1 week ago

    abaczek Rollingface87

    If anyone is interested in meeting up after the Off Topic panel to gets some bevs and talk about their time at rtx, hit me up.

  • RTX noob here

    1 week ago


    Hello all! This year, 2018 is my first RTX and I'd love to meet and make some new friends. Between all the activities id like to meet up! I am not active on the site as much as I'd like but I'm here at RTX to meet and make some new friends! I'd love to meet up with people from the community!

  • Noob at RTX

    1 week ago


    So this is my first RTX and I'm here alone, all my close friends either arnt into rooster teeth like more or couldn't go. So since I could afford it this year I couldn't skip it even if I'm by myself. However I have no idea what I'm doing, so any RTX veterans want to reach out and help me out would be great. I don't know what to expect, what I should do about parking (I drove here from another Texas City should I just Uber?) And just tons of questions in general. So if anyone feels like chatting with me to help easy my nerves I'd really appreciate it! I'll try to check this often but it maybe easier to tweet me @garretmccauley . Hope everyone has a great RTX and I hope mine goes smooth!

  • Little Bean

    1 week ago


    Sad the be missing both RTX and Gen Con as well as making new friends and gathering the merch this year, but the reasoning is good.  Say hello to my newest bean, Auri. ❤️ 

    Edit: For some reason won't let me upload any photos. :/

  • First RTX

    1 week ago

    thepatrick69 FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold ThePatrick69

    hey everyone first time posting a journal ever so excuse me if I dont do it right lol

    So here we go, I'm looking forward to meeting new friends and people who enjoy rooster teeth as much as I do if not more I'm even more excited to just want to experience austin as a city. If any one is wanting to do the same or if just want to come and show a tourist around then by all means please let me know, my Twitter is @thepatrick69 give me a follow and let's get pumped for #rtx

  • Hello to everyone!

    1 week ago

    hbk0012 FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold hbk0012

    Heyyyy everyone!


     I'm new to posting journals on the RT site, so please forgive me. I just wanted to introduce myself to all the people of Rooster Teeth and all the people of the #RT Community. My name's Anthony. I'm 27 years old and I've been a big fan of #Rooster Teeth since 2005. I'm looking to find new friends who enjoy Rooster Teeth content as much as I do! I mainly watch content from #Achievement Hunter and Funhaus but I also watch RvB, RWBY, Day 5, RT Podcast, On The Spot and a whole lot of other content. 

    This year at #RTXAustin2018 will be my 2nd #RTX which I have attended and I'm super excited about it even though I'm going at it alone this time. I had a lot of fun last year but I'm hoping to have even more fun this year!

    I've lived in #Ohio all my life, mainly in the Dayton area. Graduated high school in 2009 and I've currently have an Associates Degree in Business Administration. I decided to put my schooling on hold for personal reasons but hopefully I will able to go back and finish in a couple of years.

    I've always been fascinated in film making. Way before I even started watching Rooster Teeth content. And to let you know, I'm a super nerd for anything that's Sci-fi and Fantasy. Star Trek, Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Stranger Things, Jurassic Park.

    You name it, I've seen it and loved it!!!

    Also, I'm a huge nerd for video games and I've got a very nice collection of video games. I own all current generation of video game consoles and I have most of past generation of consoles going back to the original Nintendo.

    I became a fan of Rooster Teeth when a friend of mine from high school introduce me to #RvB Season 4 and but I didn't really start to watch a lot of RT content until I discovered the Achievement Hunter channel on YouTube back in 2013. I became a First member a couple of years after and now I'm all about Rooster Teeth.

    If anyone would like to know me more and want to become friends than just send me a friend request and message me! Twitter is @JediTony21 and my Instagram is anthonysutton1350. I hope to see you all at RTX tomorrow!

  • 008 Update #32- RTXCited 2018: THE THREEQUEL (Part 3- But More About Me)

    2 weeks ago

    AgentWashingtub008 FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold Crackpot of Coffee

    For the uninitiated, I get #VeryExcited for #rtx and for the past three years I have made a series of journal entries covering my thoughts and experiences.  This is the series for #RTXAustin2018 and the rest are likely to be found under the #RTXcited tag on the site.  Join me, won’t you?



    Because, after all, I’m going to #rtx and I know about what I’m doing better than anything else.


    I’m also posting this one a tad earlier than my usual “last minute” ones because that’s just the way things are.  I am #VeryExcited and #VeryPrepaired .





    I’m gonna drop a taft…


    Y’all might remember that I got that #fakeahcrew piggy bank in the AH #RTBOX back when it was called #DoubleGold and that’s where I put all my extra bunce leading up to RTX.


    Well I heisted that money over to the coinstar and got a fair amount for one or a few special gubs to be determined once I arrive.


    Though I do have a list.




    Hey, remember how I said I only had one cosplay this year and it’s another Top Secret Elaborate Shenanigan?  


    Yeah, while packing my “themes for days” idea turned into one EXTREMELY themed outfit and another that has been influenced heavily by what I’m doing on Sunday (the panel I’ll plug soon).


    So here’s a “Cosplay” Schedule like all the kids are doing: 




    This isn't just very important to me because I'm going to be actually on stage at RTX, something I never really thought would happen on my third trip, but because what me and my OCC friends are talking about is important.

    My fellow members of the Oxford Comma Café are going to be discussing how we've lasted and become the most active group/thread/subforum of the community site.  Our bend is full discussions with level heads and care to what we say, but over all what we'll be talking about can apply to all sorts of community groups and discussions.

    It's gonna be great.  We have some real fun things planned.

    Join us, won't you?



    Just on the off chance you don’t know what I look like, now you do.


    I will have floofy ginger hair, a hat, glasses, a beard, and a ridiculous smile all weekend.


    2 4 1 10


    If you want to send me some encoded message or just say hi, I think it’s important that you know the best way to contact me is here on the site, through twitter ((a)pinkgeek008) or Instagram (same as twitter). 


    You know I’ll be making a whole bunch of RTXcited blogs upon my return, but there may be a few updates on those other socialmedias too.


    That all said, everything else is going dim because I’m going down to experience as much of RTX as possible.  If this is the last time we talk for a few days I hope you all have a great week and weekend.



    The coffee tracker will be in effect again this year in a MUCH BIGGER WAY.


    A whole lot will be kept track of, like Dr. Pepper, and things I can’t tell you yet directly, though technically I have already shown my hand.


    Just gotta be #CrypticAllTheTime



    And that’s it, I’m just too #RTXcited to be able to think of much else to say.  My phone has been cleared of all debris and my bags are packed.  I need to be going to bed soon.


    Looking forward to it all,

    -008 (Max) 


    No, this wasn't also an excuse to make sure imgur's latest version worked with edge and the site...

    Not completely.















  • It's Happening!

    2 weeks ago


    I cannot believe I am finally going to RTX. I have wanted to go since the first year and I have tried and failed for a few years and now, I am getting ready to travel to Austin tomorrow for a weekend with the greatest community ever. There are so many things I am beyond excited for so many things this weekend but the thing I am most excited for getting to meet and being surrounded by other RT fans given I do not know many at home.

  • RTX Guide to Austin - UPDATED FOR 2018!

    2 weeks ago


    EDIT// This site is not working and keeps cutting off my list, so I published it on medium instead.