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  • Over six...

    3 days ago


    ...hours I streamed last night. Having some bevs and playing games until 2:15 am. Got up at 6 am. I am tired and have been consuming Tylenol and coffee.

    How are you guys doing?

  • Streaming

    4 weeks ago


    I love streaming. It makes me wish that I had faster internet long ago... but then again, I always wished that, nothing could have been done. But since I've started, I just seem to only get better, more followers and, viewers each day. And as cliche as it sounds, the best part is the viewers, those who chat and interact. The viewers are fun, they play along, encourage me and just a great time. Don't get me wrong I get the occasional "I'd love to punch you square in the face u fat c*nt." but honestly even when I get those, it doesn't bother me at all, I laugh and respond with kindness, honestly I'm feeling spicy in which I might burn them back but in playful way. An hour after I wrap up the stream I think, I should get back on, but of course I need to rest and recharge the batteries (and do my day job). Maybe one day I can do this for a living, whether it's for Twitch as a partner or, Achievement Hunter (yes most of us wish that) or, some other company. But I felt like I just had to write this somewhere and frankly no better place to write this than the company that has arguably influenced me more than any other. So thanks Rooster Teeth.

  • Streaming Multiple (of the same) Games

    2 months ago


    I've been looking far and wide on the internet to find an answer to this, but nobody seems to be asking my exact question. 

    Achievement Hunter sometimes streams games to Twitch with multiple people and multiple game captures, with you as a viewer being able to switch between the different screens with a click of a button all while staying on that one stream. 

    So - multiple screens, same game, same stream.

    My boyfriend and I stream often but are limited in what we can play together since it would need to be a split screen/couch multiplayer game.

    I only find work around answers that have some crazy setup with no screen switching capabilities. 

    Let me know if I need to specify more, or if you have any advice at all for me. 

    Thank you!

  • Being in the modern era with proper internet is amazing.

    2 months ago


    Since I have proper internet for once in my life, my friend and I have been streaming on twitch. Tomorrow (4/22) around 5/6 PM PST we will be streaming. Please stop by give us a follow, chat it up with us, give us some feedback. We're there to entertain you and enjoy ourselves and perhaps drink a little, hopefully we do all that.


    3 months ago


    Come check it out.

    Stream Channel - >

  • Starting a Stream

    4 months ago


    My boyfriend and I have recently started a stream highly inspired by all of the stuff that AH produces. I've been a huuuuge fan for years, and since we've been dating he has also fallen in love with the content that is created by Rooster Teeth. 

    The first show I remember being introduced to through a friend was Animated Adventures. Which was great, because hearing things out of context and still finding them hilarious made me dig deeper to find out where this little stories came from. From there I discovered Let's Play. I've always loved video games. Since I was a little kid. My mom had an older laptop that had this game where you would ski down a mountain and a yeti would pop out and eat you. I was probably 4-5. It scared the crap out of me and I loved it. 

    Discovering Rooster Teeth has probably been one of the most overall life changing experiences yet for me. Everything I saw resonated with me, it inspired me. Somebody is doing for a living what I've had a passion for my whole life. It gave me hope that someday maybe I could get into this wonderful career path. Which brings me to the main topic of why I'm posting for the first time. 

    Playing games for an audience, regardless of how big or small, has become so much fun for us. We don't know how far our stream will go, if it will pick up momentum or if we'll stay at 42 followers for the next 12 years. At this point it doesn't matter to us though. We've found a way to have fun, entertain at least 42 people, and just be ourselves. 

    This post became more of a ramble than I had anticipated, but I don't want to go back and edit it. It feels nice to say these words to people who I think will understand them. 

    Thanks for listening if you read this far.


    Rooster Teeth is cool.


  • Online Profiles

    4 months ago

    muggybear31 FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

    Hey everyone!

    I hope this journal finds you well :) 

    I just wanted to post on here (if anyone even reads this!) and update it with my current profiles.  My new years resolution was to get into creating some content, and I actually followed through on it!  So if you feel inclined, please check them out :) My streams will consist mostly of trophy hunting in PS4 games, but also some other streams.  My YouTube is a mix.  Right now, it's mostly PUBG clips, but it will continue to grow with other games, and some IRL stuff as well!

    I like to consider myself a friendly Canadian gal, and I'm hoping to make some new friends and have an awesome gaming community with me!

    Here are the links:


  • Shamelessly Plugging My Twitch

    4 months ago


    I started streaming on twitch 2 weeks ago. It's been a few hours of Monster Hunter World (I'm actually kind of okay at it, I think) on Friday nights at 8pm Pacific.

    Here it is

  • Streaming!

    5 months ago


    Streaming CoD over at

  • Streaming some Amnesia!

    6 months ago


    streaming amnesia with my friends come join us at 

  • Caffeine TV

    6 months ago


    Since I'm faced with a bit of downtime this evening, I thought I'd take a moment to talk about this new streaming service I recently discovered, called

    Most people these days are familiar with what Twitch is and how it operates. I want to preface this with stating that Caffeine is nothing like Twitch, and doesn't aim to be. Essentially, the aim to is make interaction between the streamer and the viewer easier and more real-time, as well as making it easy to use in general.

    There are not streaming keys needed, no widgets or modules to set up, no need for third party software such as OBS. Caffeine's client (available on Wins 10 and iOS currently I believe) bypass the need for all of that hooking directly into the game when you start it up.

    With roughly 400+ games currently supported, this allows for a wide variety of quick and easy streaming. If you're not the streaming type, that's fine too, because the main site is a great way to check out real-time gameplay footage from titles you love and may be curious about.

    Here's a quick Pros/Cons list:


    - Quick and easy to use

    - Supports 400+ games without need for third party software.

    - Zero delay between streamer and viewer; conversations can happen in real time.

    - Embedded camera support, if you wish to use it. The camera can also be moved around the screen by viewers.

    - Comments by blocked individuals (aka trolls) cannot be seen by your or anyone in your stream anymore.

    - Great and helpful community.


    - This project is still in BETA version, so there will be the occasional hiccup.

    - Not every game is supported currently.

    - Requires Win10 for desktop use

    - Minor latency issues

    With all that being said, I've been using it for a few weeks now and even though I'm not very serious about streaming, I'm enjoying it. For me, I stream to show gameplay for games that people might be curious about or want a preview of, and to have fun.

    So if you're an avid gamer, feel free to check it out at

  • Stream Update

    7 months ago


    Updated my Stream to I've been streaming some Skyrim quite often.  Mainly waiting for Dragon Ball FighterZ.  Sometimes stream games like Overwatch & wow too!  feel free to check it out!

  • "Walter" ... 9 A.M.

    7 months ago

    celtichorn Jack of Most Trades

    The guys are enjoying a quick beverage or two before Thanksgiving when suddenly a guest comes to visit.

  • "Lasers"...9 A.M.

    8 months ago

    celtichorn Jack of Most Trades


  • 9 A.M.: Streaming

    8 months ago

    celtichorn Jack of Most Trades


    While watching one of his favorite podcasts, Pat learns a new respect for people who stream live.

  • Extra Life 2017 Stream

    8 months ago


    My 24 hours solo stream will be kicking off at 5 CST!!! Just half an hour a way drop by to say hi and donate For the Kids!!! to UC Davis Hospital.


    8 months ago

    overkill2009 FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold Wanna-be Pro Streamer

    recently i have been struggling to get people to watch my streams, but recently i got affiliate on twitch, and things have been doing great! thank you to everyone who has seen my streams and if you havent, go to and follow me

  • Extra Life Is Back!!

    8 months ago

    LoZelda Supposedly An Adult

    Last year I didn't get to do Extra Life because I was barely 24 hours out of surgery, and I was super bummed. This year I'm going to be back at it again, with all kinds of ridiculousness for the kids! I am unable to stream on the actual Extra Life day, but have a few things planned over the next couple of weeks.

    This Thursday, Nov 2, is my 1 year Cancerversary. It's the day I had my surgery to finally kick it in the butt, so I've been planning on celebrating it in style. I'm still doing Tiara Thursday, but it will be dedicated to the kids and will be a playdate bonanza with my community! I'll be playing Move or Die, Jackbox, Golf With Your Friends, and any other multiplayer game we can come up with. The stream will start at 3pm and go until 7pm so be sure to come hang out with us, join in on a game or two, and party for the kids! You can even set yourself a reminder by going to this event page!

    You asked for it, LoLink said no, and I said "well what if it's for charity" and he couldn't say no to that, so we're bringing Dream Daddy back! On Nov 9 and Nov 16 we'll be busting out the silly voices and exploring the remaining story routes, because what better way to raise money for kids than to spend a few hours going "oh my gosh what even is this"? Don't want to miss it? Just like the playdate, you can set reminders for yourself here and here.

    After all that I'll still have about 12 hours of Extra Life to cover, but don't worry! I have some plans for that too  blush Right now I'm waiting on some other info before I can solidify them, so you'll just have to sit tight for now!

    Like past years, I've got some prizes to raffle off for donations! Custom string art, games, a custom character painting, and more are up for grabs. Every $5 you donate equals one raffle entry AND is cumulative, so it's never too late (or too early!) to donate and win yourself some neat prizes.

    You can find my Extra Life page here, and I'll be updating my Events page on Twitch as I slot in new streams #4TheKids. Hope to see you guys in the chat!  purple_heart

  • 2Bean Salad's twitch stream

    8 months ago


    Hi guys, my friends and I are going to be doing a twitch stream of The Evil Within 2 starting on Thursday. I've set up an event for the first stream if you'd like to check it out with the link below!


  • Extra Life

    9 months ago


    I just joined the Rooster Teeth team for extra life this year.  I'll be streaming 24 whole hours starting late November 3rd (time TBA) and ending on November 4th.  Continue on for personal things!

    I chose to support UC Davis Children's Hospital.  In 2010, I was in a pretty bad car accident and after having been transported to two different hospitals that finally brought me to UC Davis.  I was so lucky they brought me there.  I was given some of the best care from the doctors and their students. Davis is a learning hospital so the future doctors of our country are getting actual hands on experience there while they are still in school.  

    I'm lucky to have healed as well as I have and I can't wait to give back to the hospital that made it happen!

    Hope to see a bunch of people on the stream even if you can't donate!


    9 months ago

    LoZelda Supposedly An Adult

    It's been a while since I've posted here (but I am keeping up with updates on FB, Twitter, and my website!) BUT tomorrow is going to be a thing and I don't want anyone to miss it because I have personally been waiting for this for like a year.

    Danganronpa v3: Killing Harmony releases tomorrow! AAAAH!

    I fucking love this game series. I love streaming it and reacting along with people and sharing the emotions it brings because hot damn it is so full of twists and ridiculousness. I greatly enjoyed the first two games of the series, and I've been waiting since we completed them last fall for the next installment to come out. There was a whole bunch of confusion about if they were going to pull a Persona 5 and restrict streaming (that's a story for another time), but now they've given the all clear, so we're going to party!

    Tomorrow as soon as the game arrives on my doorstep (I'll post updates on Twitter while I refresh the tracking every 8 seconds) I will be kicking off a stream and going pretty much all day for the next several days to plow through it. In honor of my SHEER EFFING EXCITEMENT I'll be wearing my cosplay of Kyoko Kirigiri (my favorite character from the first game) for at least the first part of tomorrow's stream. 

    I feel like it goes without saying, but obviously if you're concerned about having the game spoiled for your don't watch the stream! But if visual novels aren't your thing so you won't be playing it but are still interested in the story (or will play it anyways because it's so good) you should come hang out! This series is one of my favorite things to play with my community  blush

  • Mixer for Twitch

    9 months ago

    SailorTweek FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold RTX Head Guardian

    Good news: I have been streaming more!

    Weird news: NOT over at Twitch!

    I created a Mixer account during PAX West. I did it initially for the free pin and fidget spinner (*sad trombone*), but it turns out that I really enjoy the service and the communities within. I gotta give a shoutout to @kriss for introducing me to some of her buddies at the Mixer booth!

    In an effort to curb my rambling, here are my thoughts in bullet points -

    *  I prefer Mixer over Twitch

    *  I'm NOT deleting my Twitch account and will continue to watch my friends over there!

    *  I'm still rocking my Twitch hoodies <3

    *  I'm focusing my streaming activity to Mixer

    *  This isn't a brand loyalty's all about liking the service features and the intimate atmosphere. 

    If you happen to find yourself over at Mixer, look me up!

    I even have interactive buttons that you can press to make cartoon characters yell at me!

    AND did you see the amazing new banner I have? That's all @Rogzilla <3 I have it up on my twitter banner as well  <3  I mean, you know that Stitch and I will give Rick back his spaceship when we are done joy ridin'  caboose