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  • Mixer for Twitch

    15 hours ago

    SailorTweek FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold RTX Head Guardian

    Good news: I have been streaming more!

    Weird news: NOT over at Twitch!

    I created a Mixer account during PAX West. I did it initially for the free pin and fidget spinner (*sad trombone*), but it turns out that I really enjoy the service and the communities within. I gotta give a shoutout to @kriss for introducing me to some of her buddies at the Mixer booth!

    In an effort to curb my rambling, here are my thoughts in bullet points -

    *  I prefer Mixer over Twitch

    *  I'm NOT deleting my Twitch account and will continue to watch my friends over there!

    *  I'm still rocking my Twitch hoodies <3

    *  I'm focusing my streaming activity to Mixer

    *  This isn't a brand loyalty's all about liking the service features and the intimate atmosphere. 

    If you happen to find yourself over at Mixer, look me up!

    I even have interactive buttons that you can press to make cartoon characters yell at me!

    AND did you see the amazing new banner I have? That's all @Rogzilla <3 I have it up on my twitter banner as well  <3  I mean, you know that Stitch and I will give Rick back his spaceship when we are done joy ridin'  caboose

  • Twitchy

    1 week ago

    zeitgeistzest (~‾▿‾)~

    Sooo I apparently do have a Twitch account, too, and I should be able to stream with Xbox1 via that one as well.  sweat_smile

    Anyway, if you want me to check out your channel / follow it, maybe follow back (I haven't streamed via Twitch yet), thennnn well guess what my username is. xD (zeitgeistzest)

  • A New Twitch Adventure!

    1 month ago

    Hnnolch Dat Guardian Lyfe

    Hello friends! It's been a long time since I've posted here, but I thought I would update y'all with some exciting new things I've been up to and ask for any support you can give :)

    I've begun a new Twitch channel with my boyfriend of 6 months now, Hal, called ACoupleStreams. He's pretty fantastic and a lot of fun to play games with, and we have a pretty hilarious on-screen dynamic (at least, I think so XD). We've had 2 streams so far and both have gone really well! 

    We're trying to make this something we do at least 3-4 times a week and would love any support you guys can offer, whether that's a follow, playing games with us, or simply lurking in the streams every once in a while. Our goal is to create a community, and I know how strongly this RT family values community! 

    So please, feel free to hit me with your Battle Tag and/or your stream link! I want to be more integrated into THIS community, and hopefully that'll help me build my own :)

    TL;DR We've begun a new thing and we want you to be a part of that thing in any way you can! Also, here's a pretty funny clip of a D.Va totally fucking up her ult.

  • Back from Africa... So many photos

    1 month ago


    Just returned from my first (and hopefully not last) Safari to see the Great Migration between Tanzania and Kenya. It was an incredible experience and between myself, my dad, and a couple others in our group, we amassed about 5,000 photos. Many of which are probably duplicates, and only 3k or so are actually editable as RAW images. Anyway, this is gonna be a lot of fun to go through eventually.


    I finally have time to start doing proper edits from RTX 2017. Doing some pre-processing at the moment, but I'm planning to stream the my selection and edit process on my twitch: shadyguy0057. It'll probably be boring, but it'll be far less boring if you drop by and chat with me!

    No idea when I'd start and I have no regular streaming time yet, but I'll probably put it out on my twitter when that happens. Hope to see some of you join!

  • Hello From The Other Side

    1 month ago

    LoZelda Supposedly An Adult

    Hey. Yeah, it's me. I'm still here, believe it or not!

    The last several weeks (months?) have been insane, and that whole "oh man now that filming for Day 5 season 2 is over I can get back to a normal routine" thing went out the window immediately. I've been trying to keep up on updates, but between doing that here, Facebook, Twitter, and my site it's been...difficult. 

    RTX is a thing that happened. I'm going to break from previous year's traditions and not write out thoughts or a recap or anything like that. I am somehow still processing everything and don't feel like I can write something fair. Just know that if you were a Guardian, regardless of team, I love the fuck out of you and appreciate you busting ass. 

    I've been working a lot of freelance shenanigans since Day 5 ended, a good bit of it actually at RT. I'm part of the Tuesday Night Game Fight crew (PS. thanks for sticking with us as we figured that out between weeks 1 and'd be surprised how prepared you can be for something of that scale and then things go bonkers once you hit the go button), and float in on almost every other show as needed. I think the actual RT Podcast is the only thing I haven't been pulled in for! I've also had the pleasure of doing some editing for The Know, which has been a crash course in an entirely different world than I'm used to. I am so grateful to all the groups I've been able to work with for the opportunities to learn from them and pick up new skills. There's still a ton to learn, but getting my feet wet has been an incredible experience. It's also given me a new appreciation for how hard people here work. I always knew it, but Jesus Christ you guys give it up for Broadcast and The Know crew.

    I've resumed working on cosplays, which is good because with three in progress I have two more I'd like to do. Kyoko will be done first, with minimal work left to go on her; I still need to find boots, but I have all the other pieces which require very few alterations. From there I'm going to move on to the Twilight Princess Zelda dress with my SPIFFY NEW SERGER. I am seriously so excited about that machine, like whoa. I still need to find the fabric for the dress itself, but I have the lining and overlay fabrics already so I can at least start with those. Breath of the Wild Link will follow and shouldn't be too difficult, but I've been surprised before. If I can successfully complete all of these by PAX South that would be baller. Why PAX South? Because I'm going to it!

    I haven't attended a convention since 2013. I've been to many, but I'm always working as either a volunteer, full blown staff, or an exhibitor. Many people have made the joke that I will look wistfully at lines I can't cross or attendees I can't help corral, and at first I thought the same. But damn guys, I am so burned out from working cons. I just want to see my friends and actually go to a panel and learn things and cosplay and actually remember why thousands of people flock to these things. I have zero solid plans for it beyond the fact that I've bought a badge and I'm going to cosplay the fuck out of the event.

    Streaming has been phenomenal lately. My community rocks and has made getting back into a consistent streaming schedule a ton of fun. I've got a ridiculous backlog of games that I'm starting to work through, and Workshop Wednesdays have been a fantastic creative outlet and great avenue for conversations with my chat. That connection is my favorite part of streaming and why I tend to do that over make videos, so being able to dedicate real time to actually talking with everyone again has been awesome.

    Short version: I'm still magically really busy, I'm exhausted, I'm learning new stuff, my community is fabulous, even if I don't spend a lot of time here anymore you're all wonderful, and someday I will figure out how to work on a reasonable number of things instead of all of them.

  • RetrospectoScope

    1 month ago


    As I get further into my "real adult" life, it's so strange for me to think about my relationship with video games, animation, and basically any content...  It's all things that most people attribute to children or younger people and boys especially.  My brother used to be all over video games and computers and whatnot, and, as I'm obligated to do as older sister, I teased him about it and told him it wasn't going to get him anywhere in life.  Oh, how the tables have turned.  I'm graduating this upcoming December with a degree in English without a clue as to what I want to do other than write content for.......something.  I spend all my time playing games and watching cartoons, most of which are actually meant for children.  

    I'm trying to get into streaming now to move forward with something in gaming, hopefully...maybe.  It is not easy to get into,basically, a whole new field.  I don't really know anyone in the gaming community due to lack of funds and all sorts of other reasons.  I have one person who watches my streams pretty regularly and that one person honestly makes my day, because I personally don't know why he/she is watching my poor quality streams, but that's neither here nor there.

    And what the true struggle is, is that I am not tech savvy.  I have a microphone from 2011, I think.  And I can't afford anything new.  But this is something I really, truly enjoy regardless of my lack of qualification and understanding of anything computer/technology.

  • Cheesecake

    1 month ago

    LoZelda Supposedly An Adult

    Yeah that got your attention. Did you know this weekend is National Cheesecake Day? Did you know I'm kind of a master at making cheesecakes? Did you know my community had the opportunity to make me do a baking stream for them and share one of my recipes? DID YOU GUESS THESE ARE ALL RELATED QUESTIONS?

    On Saturday starting at 1pm I'm doing a stream showing from start to finish how I make one of my favorite things, the fudge truffle cheesecake. If you want to do a sort of bake-along with me, the rest of the details and the ingredient list is chilling over here. While it's baking, we're going to finish building some LEGO and play with the pups, so pretty much it's going to be the best stream ever smile

  • Stream tonight!

    2 months ago


    hey guys, streaming some mass effect 1 on hardcore with my friends tonight if you want to drop by at

  • Sub Button Hype!

    2 months ago

    LoZelda Supposedly An Adult


    It happened! IT HAPPENED! I have a sub button on my Twitch channel!

    *continues screaming in the background*

    While I still have work to do to reach Twitch Partner, having a sub button on my channel is a huge milestone for me. It feels like part of a rite of passage, a major point in this journey. It is still a journey, though. This is not the final destination, and while I'm excited about it I don't see it actually changing anything about how I stream. It's just really effing cool to have this addition. I haven't decided what to do for the two upper-tier emotes yet, but the base level one is being worked on RIGHT NOW and will hopefully be in for approval into Twitch's system soon. Raids are gonna get a whole like more sparkly.

    With the addition of the sub button will come a much needed overhaul of my Patreon rewards. I'm drafting up a revamped version and getting feedback, and will launch the new perks next month. If I had known we were going to get the button I would have been prepared, but the last
    thing announced was "oh it'll be soon" and then it was "HEY LOOK IT'S HERE!" Don't worry about losing access to anything; nearly every change will mean you get more stuff at each pledge level!

    Thank you all so much for watching my content. Whether you're a Patron, sub, or someone who just likes to watch and hangout with us, you're why I get to keep doing what I'm doing. <3

  • D5S2 Is Over...Now What?

    3 months ago

    LoZelda Supposedly An Adult

    Filming for the second season of Day 5 has been over for a little while now (psst it premieres on August 6th!), but I've only been actually away from it for a week due to all kinds of post activities. Turns out when you film for 13 weeks and have a lot of actors and crew and equipment all coming in and out at various times there's a lot of loose ends to wrap up. I joked about my newfound "freedom" when I left the office last Friday, leaving behind 14 hour days (on a good day...don't ask me about the length of the worst) and practically living in the office since January, but in reality I wasted no time getting back to my usual grind.

    In other words, be ready to see a lot of me  smile  No not like that! I mean see me more often. Geeze, bunch of perverts. What all am I up to? Glad you asked!

    E3 Coverage

    The Constantly Calibrating crew is doing a lot of E3 coverage over the next several days, and I'm joining them for the Nintendo Direct on Tuesday. For any of the conferences, tune in on Twitch 15 minutes beforehand to get some pre-show goodness of predictions, expectations, and general commentary before the real heavy-hitting news starts. I'll be live with them starting at 11:45AM Eastern/10:45AM Central for Nintendo's session Tuesday. 

    Bell of Lost Souls

    BoLS is a tabletop gaming news outlet that's been doing their thing for 12 years, keeping tabletop gaming fans up to date on the latest in miniatures, board games, and D&D. Traditionally operating in written media, they've started branching out into video representation of their content. Their latest experiment is joining the world of Twitch, showing off tabletop games with an awesome studio set up that both introduces new players to the game and brings ridiculousness to the interwebs. This coming week is the big launch, and I will actually be joining them! Every(ish) Tuesday from 5PM to 8PM Central I'll be part of the board game contingent (no D&D from me...yet) bringing you news, instruction, entertainment, and probably some creative not-swears.


    Putting out my own videos is definitely what suffered the most through Day 5 production. LoLink and I finished Train Valley, so now it's time to tackle a new game that tests the limits of our marriage. I've also started filming a solo-series again, which I'll hopefully be able to start releasing after RTX. I'm not-so-patiently waiting for the Steam summer sale as well, eyeing some more good games for recording purposes...


    I semi kept up with streaming during production, but it also slowed down a bit. No more! I'm shifting my schedule to better compliment my new endeavors, but I'll be back on a pretty regular basis now.  My new schedule is (all times in Central):

    Stardew Sunday - 2PM to 5PM
    BoLS Tuesday - 5PM to 8PM (on BoLS channel, but also hosted on my own)
    Creative Wednesday - 7PM to 10PM
    Tiara Thursday 7PM to 10PM

    Creative Wednesdays (yeah I know it needs a better name) will be a mix of cosplay, painting, and LEGO streams. There will probably be extras of these types of streams mixed into the week as I work on things, but this is your guaranteed music-request-and-chill slot!


    Some of you may have already seen my name popping up in weird places because of this one. I am taking on various types of freelance work in order to learn new things, keep my current skills sharp, and have new ways to help bring you guys content that you enjoy. I'm doing video  editing, production assistant gigs, jewelry commissions, you name it.  I'm all over the map! I've already had the pleasure of working with some fantastic groups and learning a bit about camera op, and I'm looking forward to practicing that and picking up some new skills.


    The dreaded R-word...lots to do to prep for RTX still, but the cool thing is I have a fabulous team that kicks butt. I also have half of a "helpful tips for attendees" post written up that I'm hoping to get posted later this week. How did RTX get so close without me noticing?!


    So, yeah! I'm a busy little bee. How are you all doing? Are you ready for RTX?

  • Streaming Day 8

    3 months ago


    Starting off the stream tonight with some CS DM warmup into some solo/squad pubg!

    Nocte Army

  • Twitch Streaming Day 7

    3 months ago


    Streaming on twitch tonight! Starting the night off with the usual pubg to start!

    Nocte Army

  • Train Valley - Part 16

    3 months ago

    LoZelda Supposedly An Adult

    That's right.  We're still at it with this game. 

    At least it's the final level, right?

  • Streaming tonight!

    3 months ago


    It is going to be a long stream tonight! Starting off with some pubg and seeing where it goes from there.

  • Twitch Streaming

    3 months ago


    I have recently been let go from my job; as much as it sucks to be let go, I was also not overly happy with my career choice.  I am doing a lot of career exploration, workshops, career counselling and everything in between to figure out more about myself and what I want to do.

    The one thing I have always wanted to make a reality was to become a Twitch streamer (either hobby or occupation).  Through my depression, some of the people on Twitch have been the only ones capable of bringing a smile to my face and giving me something to do when I feel down.  It would be a dream to be able to pass that same energy and happiness to other people with my own stream.  I had started a channel and tried streaming here and there a few years ago but I am finally ready to give it a real try.  I am in between jobs and am putting effort into a new possible career and also the Twitch streaming option.

    I will be streaming on Twitch at least 5 days a week or more and aiming for 6+ hour streams.  I will be starting most streams with Player's Unknown Battlegrounds (pubg) solo and then potentially switching over to Dota 2 or CS:GO.  If new games come out that I can stream on PC, I will definitely try out as many games as I can.

    My channel needs some more work such as the information panels beneath the video player and I am in the midst of getting a green screen and lighting to improve my webcam quality.  If anyone stops by, say hi and if you have any pointers, feel free to let me know!

    My channel link is Nocte Army

  • Streaming on Twitch!

    3 months ago


    Going live on twitch! Streaming PubG to start off the night.


  • Outlast 2 Stream on BEAM

    4 months ago

    IAmVeryMoist Rebel Scum

    Hey everyone, it's your friendly neighborhood Moist boy.

    I'm going to be streaming Outlast 2 tonight at 10pm CT. So that's... like really soon.

    Be sure to come by and say Hey and cheer me on in this SPOOKY game. 2Spooky4Mii.

    Miitomo am I right?


  • A Lot Changes In 6 Months

    4 months ago

    LoZelda Supposedly An Adult

    6 months ago at this exact moment I was going into surgery for my hysterectomy, relegating myself to weeks of little to no activity and helplessness.

    Today I'm sitting in a production office helping make Day 5 season 2 amazing (spoiler: it's going to be fucking awesome, you should all be excited). @LoLink and the pups have sent off the moving truck full of our stuff and gotten on the road to drive down here to Austin to reunite with me after a few months apart. We close on our new house in a few days and move in this weekend, officially becoming Texans. I qualified for the Twitch Affiliate program. I've been invited to the crew of another production and am possibly on deck for two more (non-RT).

    Craziness, you guys. Craziness.

  • Little help guys

    4 months ago


    Hey guys I was just hoping some of you in the RT could support me on twitch at follow or watch it would be a huge help for a newbie streamer like myself. Please and thank you guys :) 

  • Streaming Live now come join thy

    4 months ago


    Coming LIve with anew setting WIll it work?

  • Just a Little More Time

    5 months ago


    Hey all. I apologize for my absence as of late on Twitch. As most of you know I am going through a bunch of personal crap at the moment and needed a moment to get back on my feet. I plan on returning soon. Very soon. The idea is to be back starting Monday April 9th. It gives me about a week to kind of finish getting my head back on straight and get some shit sorted out. Thank you so much for everyone who has stayed with me through all of this and I can't wait to start putting out content for you guys again soon. Hit that follow button to know when I go live! <3

  • What I love

    5 months ago

    KistyNocturn Gaming Cat Girl

    I love Rooster Teeth and Achievement Hunter Content, I love that my favorite show is coming back for it's 15th season and I can't wait to see what happens. 

    What I also love is my friends and the support I have gotten from so many of you these past few months/years. Thank you, I can't say it enough. 

    I love my little Pokemon Blubby, yes that's the name of the bulbasaur laugh if you will. In fact I encourage you to laugh because when I say it, it comes out as "Bubbles." Hmm maybe I should change it to Bubble the bulbasaur, yeah that has a good ring to it. No Blubby is better. 

    Anyways, back to the reason for this journal if you have read this far down. I LOVE to Stream games. I love older games, and well today is no exception. I am going to be playing Fable II yes that over 10 year old game that was my first fully played through Xbox game ever. I mean like I played that game from beginning to end before I knew what DLC was. Yeah don't start with me on that missed content... I figured if I am going to be streaming regularly on a set schedule. Since I am now getting my work schedule at least a week in advance again I can plan accordingly. 

    Today stream will take place at hope you come and watch it starts at 1pm PDT, or 3pm CDT, or 4pm EDT, if not sure what time that is here I will give you a tool that has helped me keep track of time for people and content so I never am late...well I am late all the time but that's because I don't plan I mostly just do!  

    Okay now I am going to go stream prep...aka clean my office in case I decide to play some games that require standing and so you can all laugh at me looking like a big goof, or idiot, or what ever. *shrug* 

  • Breath of the Wild First Impressions

    6 months ago

    LoZelda Supposedly An Adult


    I still have plenty left to play, but I wanted to share what my initial thoughts are on Breath of the Wild. Spoiler: it's unpopular opinion time!


    6 months ago

    BalfourWong Bluhdrain

    Streaming some Halo today!!!

  • March Madness - Farming Style

    6 months ago

    LoZelda Supposedly An Adult

    A few weeks ago one of my community, @gamenut_1 , came up with a brilliant way to have a point system in Stardew Valley and proposed a friendly competition. We all took an afternoon and did a short run of it while in a voice chat and had a load of fun. For a game that's not supposed to be competitive, it was an interesting twist on the game. Of course, if some is good more must be better, right?

    We're going to do it again, but in a much longer form. All of my Discord community who want to participate will start new files and have the entire month of March to complete the first year of the game on the farm type of their choice. At that end everyone will tally their scores based on the scheme that Gamenut came up with, and the top three scores will get bragging rights as the best virtual farmers and a prize! I've got a couple things lined up to be for grabs that the 1st place winner will get to pick from in addition to 1000 rupees (our in-chat Revlo currency), while 2nd place will get 500 rupees and third will get 250 rupees.

    I wish I didn't have to limit it to my Discord peeps, but trying to expand it outside of that makes proper tracking nearly impossible.  Too many opportunities for cheating. Maybe sometime in the future, because I'm sure we'll do something just as ridiculous again at some point. That said, if you want in on it, you gotta join the Discord! It's available to Patreon backers at the gold level and is also a Revlo perk for time spent watching the stream/following on Twitter/subbing on YouTube.

    I'm pretty excited for this because it's such a neat idea. I give my community total credit for this being a thing between coming up with scoring, setting up rules, and designing the whole competition set up. They're kind of great  purple_heart