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Batman v Superman: WILL IT SUCK? - #24 will be available:

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Batman v Superman: WILL IT SUCK? - #24

Dude Soup: Batman v Superman: WILL IT SUCK? - #24

So we've been in our office for a little less than a week now, but I think this is the first video we've uploaded to the channel where we're IN THE NEW OFFICE.

What do you think It's WAY bigger than our last 2, and it's awesome for us to all be in the same room. That way, Spoole and Joel can just shout out shit while the rest of the idiots talk. And Peake can stay in the back, quietly working, as always.

Anyway. Let us know what you think of the setup - if you have any suggestions to make it better, or if it's too confusing, or something. I dunno. You're the audience, we're the video-making-dudes.

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    2 years ago

    Shoutout to Joel, a fellow desk stander! James has great taste in 90's nick cartoons also. Also Adam sounded a bit pretentious when he was talking about superhero's and movies. I realize I sound like an asshole for saying that. Oh well, George Clooney was a great Bruce Wayne.

    P.S. So Roosterteeth cheaped out on your building (location-wise), guess they need more sponsorship haha

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