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FUNHAUS vs. E3 - #20 will be available:

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FUNHAUS vs. E3 - #20

Dude Soup: FUNHAUS vs. E3 - #20


Look. It's 11:15 pm as I'm writing this, and the first day of E3 is slowly winding to a close. Parties are cranking up. Developers are sloppily knocking back red bulls and vodkas. And I'm here, at my computer, typing a fucking Dude Soup description.

Well guess what The joke's on you!! I have NIGH UNLIMITED FREE DRINX at my house, and you guys are stuck in Downtown LA! HAHA! I'm AT HOME uploading this video, while you SUFFER at the hands of crappy sliders and small bites from indifferent waiters. I PITY YOU, FOOLS, for I have achieved E3 fulfillment.

Oh - and we talk about some of the E3 games in this podcast, I guess.

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    2 years ago

    D: who is using ad blocker to record the stream? OH GOD, THE HUGE TRICHECHIDAE!

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