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Should MODS Be BANNED? - #14 will be available:

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Should MODS Be BANNED?  - #14

Dude Soup: Should MODS Be BANNED? - #14

We've got a real problem in the office, guys. Our air conditioner doesn't work.

"OH, wah wah wah," you say. "These dicks get PAID to talk about games for an hour while they play stuff, and they're complaining about the AIR CONDITIONING! WELL CRY ME A FUCKING RIVER"

Lemme tell you something: this is a real problem. We have 5 dudes at their desks in there. 7 PCs running hot. 5 Xboxes. 12 monitors. And everyone outside the office complains when we make noise, so the door's gotta be closed.

It gets pretty muggy in that office, let me tell you.

It truly becomes...

Dude Soup.

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