WRONG About Half-Life 3? - #26

Dude Soup: WRONG About Half-Life 3? - #26

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Ohhhh, I'm back, birches. Bruce's reign of description terror is over, so you know what that means: time for a shirtload of text that has nothing to do with the videos. Doesn't it feel good Doesn't it feel right Aren't you glad that you have something to do while you watch the mandatory 30-second unskippable ad

Anyway, in this podcast we talk about some carp that happened while I was away in Hungary. Some news thing, I dunno. I was all OVER the place in Hungary: a buncha historic places, and we ate a lot of food, and I toured like 5 different wineries. We also drank a lot of wine. And we went to a lake and everything. Only problem was, it was really hot the entire time I was there - like 95-100 degrees. That's like 35-38 European degrees.

Oh, and we went to the mountains and then into like these crazy caves. And Budapest was flicking rad, too! I guess what I'm saying is that Dude Soup is disposable, but Joel's Hungry Trip is forever.

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