YouTube VS Copyright - #33

Dude Soup: YouTube VS Copyright - #33

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HUUUUGE news this week, everyone!! Looks like YouTube finally lost in court and Fair Use laws are being upheld finally! We can upside anything we want and claim fair use! No more copyright strikes!! That's great news for content creators everywhere, and it's going to allow us to execute something we've been wanting to do all along.

Starting tomorrow, all Funhaus uploads are going to be old episodes of Hey Dude, the classic early 90s Nickelodeon comedy. That's right: tune in every day to keep up on the (mis)adventures of the entire gang at the Bar None Ranch: Ted and Danny, Brad, Melody, even crazy old Mr. Ernst and Buddy! Thanks to the Fair Use ruling from the 9th Circuit court of appeals, we can do whatever the fuck we want!! Yippee ki-yi-yay! (Yippee ki-yi-what! hahahah!!)

Also, Gus and Barbara are here and we're in Austin and sorry this upload is late.

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