Funhaus on Let's Play: PORTALS in GTA 5!

Hello, and again, welcome to the Rockstar Science computer-aided enrichment center. Before we start, keep in mind that although fun and learning are the primary goals of all enrichment center activities, serious trainwrecks may occur.

Excellent! As part of required test protocol, we will equip you with a Rockstar Handheld Modification Portal Ball Device.

We see you have modified your appearance to look like an employee of Black Mesa. Ha. HaHaHa. The joke is on you, Black Mesa is a failure company full of failure employees. HaHaHaHa.

This experiment is nearing its conclusion. Please meet me in the back alley for cake and rockets.

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  • la_li_lu_le_lo

    2 years ago

    I didn't know Half Life 3 - Portal V Edition was out already!

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