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    • Android release 1.2.3

      1 month ago

      Official Web Development Group

      Hello!  The Android release 1.2.3 has a bug where watching a live video crashes the app.  We're fixing now, so thanks for your patience!  We should have a fix in the next 24 hours.

    • Spam and Ham and Facebook

      5 months ago

      Official Web Development Group

      Hello!  You know there has been a lot of spam lately.  We implemented part 1 of a 2 part spam fix today.  Hopefully it gets rid of a majority of the spambots.  There is another one that will implement some simple machine learning that we'll talk about in the RT Engineering group at some point in the near future.  If you're having any comments blocked that shouldn't be, please let us know in the comments (and @mention me).

      As for troubles with logging in via Facebook - those should be sorted out now. There was a change on the Facebook API that broke logins because the version (2.2) was deprecated, then turned off.

    • What is going on @ RT Engineering?

      5 months ago

      Official Web Development Group

      We are super excited to start talking with the community about what is coming out of Rooster Teeth's Product and Engineering team!

      Rooster Teeth Engineering not only works on the website but also builds a lot of backend systems and apps (like iPhone, Android, AppleTV, XBox, etc.).  We also decide what those should look like and how they should function.  

      We have been designing a video experience that allows you to watch videos with your friends.  This is more than just making clicky boxes that show a video.  Its building all the tools that make Rooster Teeth a fun place to be!

      Building a better platform for you, requires writing a bunch of services.  Some of these will facilitate better account management, while others will allow for better video processing.  The really exciting services will allow you to communicate more easily with one another.   All of these will come together to create a new, faster, and simpler video experience.  They will also give us some of the framework needed to make a functional and speedy community.

      Over the next few months we'll start showing you what we're building.  The first set of changes are going to be an overhaul of the video viewing experience.  If you want to have early access to these changes, please sign up via this form.  

    • CloudBleed

      6 months ago

      Official Web Development Group


      You may want to change your password everywhere on the internet.  CloudFlare had a bug that leaked some session info.  While the risk was microscopic (0.00003%) there could be a chance that your session was leaked.

      At the current time we do not believe performing a forced password reset on all of Rooster Teeth is necessary given the incredibly low likelihood of impact, but we are continuing to evaluate as we wait for CloudFlare to provide us directly with the full level of impact.

      To change your password on

      More info:

      Update: per cloudflare, was not affected by this bug. 

    • Homepage Changes!

      11 months ago

      Official Web Development Group

      We have updated the site with some really cool changes.  Dark theme, Carousel for recent videos, faster load times, and an inline search so you don't have to leave the page.  

      Since the Reddit has been blowing up about the "missing" recently added items.  Its actually on the right of recent videos, and is no longer in the dropdown menu.

      We've also updated branding that are cleaner and fit with some other really cool stuff thats coming your way in the near future!  

      If you like the changes, send a message to @lazy9669 - he'd love to hear from you!



      Carousel for recent videos


      And a search that allows you search without leaving the page you're on


    • Video Player Updates

      1 year ago

      Official Web Development Group

      cross-post from here:

      Its been a long couple of weeks since we first unveiled the new video player and we've heard your feedback loud and clear. 

      Here is an overview of the changes included:

      • Video quality selector
      • Video binge watching on/off switch
      • Video volume saved and persisting across videos
      • J,K,L video hotkeys added
      • Audio only streams now working

      And here is the more detailed version:

      Manual Quality Switching

      The video player now lets you manually select your video quality in certain browsers. Our video player is using a technology called HLS (all the nitty gritty on that HERE) which automatically selects the quality based on your device and connection speed. We've added the option in some browsers to override this tech and chose the resolution manually. Some browsers and OS' support this technology natively (list HERE) and on those you will not be able to select quality. 

      Note: You couldn't select quality on those OSs/browsers with the old player either...


      Note2: Any quality changes you make will not take affect until the current buffer is depleted. Your last requested video quality is saved and will persist across the site so once a new video loads it will take anywhere up to 30 seconds to take affect. This is because HLS has to load a chunk of the video initially to know what resolutions are available


      There is now a binge switch on/off in the bottom right corner of all video info blocks:


      This setting will be saved across the site. If you turn it off, you will not see the Up Next popup at all. If the Up Next popup does pop up, you can close it by hitting the x button (this button previously just stopped the countdown)


      Here is an updated list of all the hotkeys available for the video player. Due to popular demand, we mirrored some other popular apps by adding JKL support.

      • J, L skips back and forward 10 seconds
      • arrow key <,> skip 5 seconds back and forward
      • arrow key ^,v for volume up and down
      • K/P/space bar to play/pause
      • F for fullscreen
      • Number keys from 0-9 skip to a percentage of the video. 0 is 0% and 9 is 90%
      • M key toggles mute/unmute
      • Double-clicking with the mouse toggles fullscreen off and on


      This update is for all of you! tucker-32.png 

       microphone-32.pngLet us know what you think!

    • Comment Ajax-ness

      1 year ago

      Official Web Development Group

      tl;dr - You can go to different pages of comments on videos without reloading that page! YAY!

      For the full post/rant, check out @Dave's post here.

    • RT Tech Updates.

      1 year ago

      Official Web Development Group

      So many changes over the last month, it's been a while since i made a post.

      I'm going to cover some of the overarching huge changes, and leave a lot of the small stuff out.

      Feedback Reminder; The Best place to submit feedback is via the RTv2 Feedback Thread.

      Highlights for the last 30 days

      • Sponsorship is no longer required for the Android Rooster Teeth App! (We're still waiting for iOS to approve our iPhone update) -- This update also included several quality of life fixes.
      • Massive pass over the forums; fixed a lot of forums that broke.
      • The Inbox got a huge style overhaul.
      • Super Huge-Shows got fixed, performance improvements coming.
      • Style updates on all episode pages, cleaned up a lot of weird button placements.
      • The notification system for forums now properly directs you to the new content.
      • The notification system no longer randomly shoves people to
      • Notifications for mentions no longer send you to a weird intermediary page.
      • Tuned down the auto-censoring system that was causing some posts to get "eaten" via spam blocker.
      • Fixed some pretty massive SQL performance bugs, dropping load nearly 80% in some occurrences.
      • Updated player version, fixing a number of playback issues.
      • Posts & Groups can now be followed so you get notifications for updates.
      • Groups can now set their profile & cover pictures.
      • Accept all friend requests button is in;
      • We also closed 145 other issues & bugs.

      Known High Priority Issues at the moment

      • Player is still not good for a lot of people. To help with this, we are doing three things. First, we are switching the adaptive bit rate system from HLS to MPEG-DASH. This will allow us to switch the player from Flash, to HTML5, which should be a pretty substantial improvement for most folks. Lastly, we are reviewing our encoding settings to find better settings for playback and we're going to re-encode all 11,000 videos in our back catalog, once we get a standard defined.
      • iOS RT App Update; Removing Sponsorship requirement and some SQL fixes.
      • XHR issues (AJAX requests like comments, likes, clearing notifications) -- this is due to the HTTPS/HTTP changes that have been happening. We're still ironing out some kinks related to those.
      • Global login intermittent failures.
    • RTv2 Feedback Post

      2 years ago

      Official Web Development Group

      Lesson learned with the Feedback thread;

      Forums are a terrible place for Feedback. Swapping to a general group post instead.

      To submit feedback; Comment on this post. If possible; look through the other comments first and if your bug exists; mod +1 ditto that issue instead, which will allow us to easily find the worst offending issues. By using comments instead of forums; it will allow ongoing conversation (replies) to actually nest instead of continuing our current situation of having 50 pages of posts that no one is reading, and then for every 1 actual bug report, 5 people reply, which was never the intended purpose.

      Ground rules;

      1. Please create ONE comment per feedback / bug report. This makes it a lot easier for us to delete things when they've been fixed.
      2. If a bug report; explain as closely as possible what you did. Extra points for attaching browser / os information if it could be related to that.
      3. We might not be able to address everything, but this gives us a single place to look for feedback and suggestions.
      4. Make sure to use the mod system to indicate what is the most & least important feedback, so I can set priorities.
      5. Also, shitty bug reports will be deleted with irreverence. ♥

      Top Issues Right Now;

      1. Episodes not playing with a cross domain issue.
      2. Forums not loading properly with a "whoops" error.
      3. Notifications firing to strange destinations (ie /index.php/index.php/index.php/forums/ect)
      4. Notifications not going to paginated content.
      5. Notification counting is off.
      6. Global Login seems to have broken once we enabled SSL requirement.
      7. Intermittent Image Uploading Issues.
    • Web Dev Update

      2 years ago

      Official Web Development Group

      Small Update before I head out;

      So -- As i'm sure most of you have seen over the last few days; we got hit pretty hard with a spam attack. This detailed some of my dev team and made it so we didn't get a few things in place in time. We've put in a new system effective today that we hope to see a significant drop in spam content, and we have some more stuff coming down the pipeline, such as community flagging of inappropriate / spam content, so Forum Mods, Site Admins and Staff can handle these sort of issues quicker.

      The Short List;

      • DONE: Contact Us & Careers Pages not functioning properly.
      • DONE: Private Groups are not displayed on one's own user profile.
      • PROCESSING: Migrations (Forum Posts, User Images, User Messages)
      • DONE: Notifications directing you to another site. (and by thus, logging you out.)
      • DONE: Shows being displayed in UTC instead of your user-specified timezone.
      • DONE: Creating a new forum post redirects you to back to the front page, instead of the page you were on.
      • DONE: Live Stream "LIVE" bar isn't noticeable enough.
      • DONE: Fixed a security whole for private groups.
      • DONE: Fixed a shitload of old site 404's, more to come.
      • DONE: www subdomains becoming RT content bug. (@geoff 's Bug)
      • Plus ~50+ other tickets (full patchnotes coming on monday)

      Top Priorities for weekend/early next week.

      • Search isn't linking properly.
      • Fix super-huge-broken-shows (achievement hunter ಠ_ಠ )
      • Site Admins & Forum Mods getting Admin powers again. (needs final UAC auth sweep, making sure you can't do stuff you shouldn't.)
      • Notifications for forums taking you directly to the new content, instead of the first page.
      • Playback & Player Issues. (namely it refusing to render HTML5 and breaking opera ).
      • Single Sign On (Sign into RoosterTeeth; You're signed in on AH, TK, FH, ect).
      • Sponsorship Control panel (manage auto renewal, billing sources, billing history, quick links to latest sponsor-only content, ect)
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