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    • December Meetup

      3 years ago

      RvB Los Angeles

      October's come and pretty much gone, and November looks to be busy, so I'm going to go ahead and look to a December meetup/holiday party! (If you want to plan anything for November, please do! I'll put it up in the news.)

      Unless there are any strenuous objections, the meetup/party will be at:

      Dave & Buster's at Hollywood and Highland
      Saturday, December 13th
      12 PM to 6 PM

      On top of that, we'll have a blind gift exchange. Bring a wrapped, gender-neutral gift to the party and we'll exchange them randomly, likely by numbering them and drawing numbers out of a hat. The upper limit on gift price is $15. This is not a white elephant gift exchange; please bring something you think others will like!

      As always, please click here to RSVP. See you in December!

    • September Meetup Dates and Times

      4 years ago

      RvB Los Angeles

      Guys, I wasn't kidding about having the Community Day meetup at a Denny's. So guess where we're meeting on the 15th. smiley0.gif

      The meetup on the 15th will be at the Denny's at 5525 N Sepulveda Blvd in Sherman Oaks at 7 PM. Wear your RT merch and come prepared to meet other RT fans! If you plan on coming, please RSVP here »

      We're also having a meetup on the 27th! We'll be at the Dave & Buster's at Hollywood and Highland on the 27th at 2 PM. Again, wear your RT merch and come ready to play! (And yes, the D&B at H&H is open now. I checked. We're good.) If you plan on coming to this meetup, please RSVP here »

      Feel free to use the comments below to plan carpools. Looking forward to seeing you guys!

    • September Meetup Ideas, Etc.

      4 years ago

      RvB Los Angeles

      Let's try planning this more than a week in advance, shall we? |Db

      The 15th on September is a Monday. I'd like to propose doing two different meetups: a shorter, casual one on Monday night (keeping in mind that people might have work or class the next day) and a larger Saturday meetup later.

      For Monday, I'm thinking someplace to get dinner/drinks. The Cat & Fiddle in Hollywood? Timmy Nolan's in Burbank? Where do you guys want to go? (If there's no input, I'm picking the place and I swear we will meet at a Denny's.)

      For Saturday, I'm thinking afternoon on the 20th or the 27th, EDIT: Saturday the 27th for sure, and I'd like to go to Dave & Buster's again. The one at Hollywood and Highland is supposed to open August 25th (that's what their phone message says, at least), so it should be open by then, and I think it's a bit more centrally located than the one in Howard Hughes. How does everyone feel about D&B?

      Additionally, I would like to have a better mode of communication with everyone. Turns out the RT site doesn't push out notifications when the News page is updated, so people are missing things. To that end, there's the News and Updates thread in our forum, which I try to keep updated - please comment to it so you receive RT site notifications when things get updated.

      We also have a brand new Facebook group! Feel free to join, put up posts, and comment - I'll put discussion posts and events there as well.

      Questions? Comments? Suggestions? Leave 'em in the comments and let's discuss!

    • August Meetup and Additional Admins

      4 years ago

      RvB Los Angeles

      Hey all!

      Gonna be honest here: July absolutely destroyed me. Two cons in a month always does, and yet I do it every year. How was everyone's July?

      Community Day this month is on a Friday. Does anyone have any suggestions? (If you don't, we're going to end up at a Denny's. I will legit hold this meetup at Denny's.)

      Also! Would anyone like to be an admin of this group? It's pretty obvious that I don't always have my stuff together in time to plan an event, and I really could use some help. Let me know if you'd like to step up!


      Looks like we have a place to go! We'll be meeting at Doghaus in Pasadena at 7 PM. Doghaus' website is here. If you're planning on coming, please RSVP here.

    • July Meetups! Anime Expo and SDCC

      4 years ago

      RvB Los Angeles

      Oh my gosh how is it July already. That doesn't seem physically possible.

      There's a fair few events going on in July. For those going to Anime Expo, there's a RWBY cosplay meetup on Saturday. If you're not cosplaying, we're also meeting up on Saturday night! We'll be meeting at the SmashBurger at LA Live (exact same area as the convention center) on Saturday the 5th at 7 PM. Please let me know if you're planning on going - either PM me or comment below.

      Also! If you or a friend have a table at the con, let me know! I'd be glad to put up here so we can support each other!

      As it is, I'll be helping a friend with her table in the Artist Alley at L34. Feel free to come by and say hi!

      SDCC also comes around at the end of July, and RT usually has a booth there. I know RvBCA usually plans an annual meetup; unfortunately, I haven't seen anything out of them this year. I'm half-tempted to plan something of our own if they don't say anything before the beginning of July. Thoughts?

      Community Day this month is on a Tuesday. Do we want to do anything that day, or on the preceding Sunday (the 13th), or is two meetups a month enough? Thoughts?

    • June Meetup Brainstorming

      4 years ago

      RvB Los Angeles

      Holy cow it's the first day we can actually have a meetup on Community Day! The 15th is a Sunday this month, and I'm thinking dinner/drinks. I'd also love suggestions, as I know I don't know every great hangout in Los Angeles. The only rules are that it must be able to accommodate large parties (just in case!) and it cannot be 21+, as we have members who are younger than that. Leave suggestions in the comments - I'll put up the RSVP post when we figure out where we want to go.

      My suggestions are Fantasia Billiards and Timmy Nolan's, both in Burbank. Anyone else have any places they'd like to go?

      Current suggestion list:
      Fantasia Billiards (Burbank)
      Timmy Nolan's Irish Pub (Burbank)
      Mel's Diner (Hollywood)

      EDIT: Boy, time sure got away from me on this one. Dang.

      Sunday night! 8 PM! Timmy Nolan's Irish Pub in Burbank/Toluca Lake! I'll be making reservations for 10 just to start (namely because I'll be away for most of the weekend and need some form of placeholder). Please comment below if you plan on going!

    • @Midnight Taping Results

      4 years ago

      RvB Los Angeles

      Holy hell was it hot yesterday.

      That said, the taping was a ton of fun! I know a good number of people got into the audience; I was with the group of 20 that just missed the audience cutoff but was lucky enough to watch it from the green room. We missed a few pickups because the screen wasn't always working, but it was still a blast.

      Afterwards, we stayed outside and waited for the guys to come out - which they did!


      (Let's be real here, the best part of this was Gavin reacting to Burnie groping him.)

      After that, a bunch of us - including some people new to the group - headed out to Planet Dailies for food and drinks and very loud discussions. @deutschtard, @spacealot, @AnthonyZomb, @TheRecreator, @InterPlace55, @KassandraBeltan, @MissCaliBeatz, @warhead2k89, and all of you great people who didn't have site accounts at the time: you're all awesome. End of story.

      Thanks to everyone who came out and waited in 102-degree heat to see the show! I'll have another post up in a few days talking about planning and June events - keep your eyes peeled for that one!

    • May Meetups - RvB LA at @Midnight!

      4 years ago

      RvB Los Angeles

      For those of you who're new to the group or haven't heard, @burnie, @gus, and @gavino are going to be guests on the Comedy Central show @Midnight! The taping is May 14th at 3:15 PM, with more info here.

      Tickets are already sold out; however, there is a waiting list, and I know a few people in this group have extra tickets. If you have an extra ticket to offer up, need a ticket, or want to arrange carpooling, please discuss on our forum thread here.

      After the show, we'll be going to Planet Dailies near the Grove for dinner and drinks. The restaurant is all-ages (I checked), and coupons are included with the tickets. If you plan on going to the restaurant, please RSVP here! I plan on making a table reservation, and I want to make sure we have the right amount of seats.

      Because this event is on the 14th and it's kind of a big one, I'm not planning anything for Community Day on the 15th - I figure we can do things a day early. If someone else would like to plan an event, let me know and I'd be happy to put it up here for people to see and attend.

      As always, feel free to comment or contact me if you have any questions or would like to help out and/or plan an event of your own. See you at the taping!

      EDIT: We now have table reservations at Planet Dailies at 7 PM. With any luck, the taping will be out before then. If you still need a ticket, please talk with people on this thread and figure things out!

    • You guys are AWESOME.

      4 years ago

      RvB Los Angeles

      A huge thank you to everyone who came out for the S12 premiere party this Saturday! We hit up the Dave and Buster's at the Howard Hughes Center for food, drinks, and a ridiculous amount of tickets won at arcade games. (Seriously, how many separate jackpots did we hit? Five? Six? It was a lot.) On top of it, we recorded an AHWU intro and got a bunch of ridiculous swag to send to the new RT offices.

      Thanks to @p0ssums, @bobberton, @leethalarrow, @krumbalina, @niriall, @spacealot, @therecreator, @superficiallyhip, and @warhead2k89 for coming out! (Thanks also to the four of you whose user names I didn't manage to catch - comment and let me know who you are and I'll add you up here!)

      And, of course, pictures!

      It was Pump It Up, not DDR. Oops.

      Fun and silly pictures! ...until we realized we were missing two people.

      So then it was Some Assembly Required.

      But we did get a lovely group shot!

      And then answered some gloriously ridiculous questions in the trivia contest.

      Before recording our AHWU intro.

    • Fifty Members and Four More Days!

      4 years ago

      RvB Los Angeles

      RvB Los Angeles officially has 50 members! /Insert Kermit Flail Here

      One final set of reminders for the Kickoff Party this weeked:

      Dave and Busters house rules dictate that nobody under 18 is allowed in without a parent or guardian. I don't make or break those rules. If you're under 18 and planning on coming, please get a parent or guardian to accompany you this weekend. (I can't be either, for obvious reasons.) If they just want to hang out at the table and read or whatever, that should be just fine - you just can't get in the door without one if you're underage.

      I highly recommend carpooling! I don't know what parking is like down there, so the fewer cars we need to worry about, the better.

      I'm going to be there early and will do my best to get a table and put signs and whatnot on it. I'll have name tags at the table - be sure to grab one so we know what to call each other.

      Aside from that, it's the usual stuff: event starts at 3, door prize drawings are at 4:30, no set end time, y'all are responsible for your food/drinks/games, wear your RT gear so we can recognize each other. Cool? Cool. See you guys Saturday!

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