I'm copying my response from another journal to here, to those offended I hope you read and think about this before you make your hasty decisions.

"Talking out of my ass here, meaning I haven't seen the episode.

I'm not arguing or imposing here just stating my opinion on this.

When someone makes a joke on something that could be offensive to people, those people who may have gone through being the butt of that joke sort to say, have all the right to be offended. The thing is though RT has made these jokes before and have constantly said they aren't out to offend anyone by it, it's purely a spur of the moment joke.
They also put warnings on a lot of their videos explaining how some of them can be offensive and if you are offended by the aforementioned things you should avoid the video. Now by all means when a trigger warning is in a video I personally ignore it and I assume others do too and brush it off, but that is entirely your decision and not at all the fault of the makers of the video.
Being offended on things like this can be tricky, emotional situations to some, but in the end you watched the video and brushed off the warnings because you love these guys and the videos they make for your entertainment.
So don't you think it'd be better to try and move on instead of overreacting and deciding to leave because of one joke that you may have a bad experience with. It's understandable that it may be hard to brush it off as a joke, but c'mon leaving that bad mood there to linger is not helping anyone. "

Leaving this site and causing a so called "flame war" in an attempt to attack these guys because of a joke is plain distasteful. It's like when a good friend of yours makes a joke that may be offensive to you and you break your friendship with them because of that. It's an overreaction.

So if you're one of these people that was maybe offended with this video I suggest that you either calm down and ask yourself this "Do I really want to leave because of one joke that offended me?"