Monty, well Monty can't be described in words. In fact, he rarely said many words. But he didn't need to, Monty let his actions speak for him: whether it was coming out on the Internet Box panel in a rice patty hat, to ripping keys off his keyboard, to making his dream of RWBY a reality. Monty, you were an inspiration to anyone who had a dream.

I only spoke with Monty once, when he did his AMA on Reddit, I messaged him thanking him for all the work he's done. He said thanks. Typical Monty, so few words, so much emotion. I remember first seeing him walk past me in the Internet Box panel carrying Chinese food and wearing a rice patty hat, it was spectacular.

Monty, you were amazing, and you will be missed so incredibly much. But I know you're in a better place now. I know I can say that from me and all of the RT Family, we love you Monty! Rest in Peace!