I honestly can't think of anything that could be helpful in any way at this time. Monty was like a driving force in my life, whenever I fell down and wanted to stop chasing my dreams I would see Monty living out his and making it a reality. He inspired me to try harder and harder until I couldn't try any more.
I can't say personal words towards him because I never got to meet him, I really wanted to meet him too. Monty Oum was an inspiration for so many people in the world though he may not have known it he helped people get back on track with their lives and gave people hope that their dreams may come true if they work hard enough.
Hopefully we can celebrate his life and think of the things he done by watching some his works.
It's hard to even believe though, that one of my idols could disappear like this, but then again it's happened before. You just can never really get used to it though can you? The very idea of that scares me.

Goodbye Monty, We will always remember you. Rest In Peace.