Hello there. I'm talking to my 5 year old RT account, I'm good at this writing thing.

So hi there new RT family. If we have yet to meet I'll do the first round of introductions. I'm a long time RT/RvB/AH fan, so much so I made friends with all these wonderful people over the years and now I work for/with them. For the past 9 years I worked a similar (but much, MUCH - oh god so much) different company called Machinima.

I always knew I would be leaving the big M at some point and after having more and more interaction with the RT folks I started to get an idea of where I wanted to go. If you go back you can kind of see the evolution: friendly meet ups at conventions, panels, RTX, Gauntlet Season 2, RTX again and finally last years Extra Life Charity stream. I guess this part just makes sense, we love RT, RT loves (tolerates?) us, so lets make a baby and call it Funhaus.

There are far too many people to thank but you know who you are; I'll be giving you sweet hugs in Austin next week, then again on the 20th, then again at PAX East and then - well, you get the idea.

To all of our fans old and new, thank you for supporting us on this weird journey. If you made it this far and still have NO idea who we are, maybe this will help: