Just got back from the grocery store, series of thoughts rushed through my head and I felt I needed to post them in case the world is ever destroyed and there is no record of how lucky I am as a human on this big floating rock, hurling through space with our very own MOON(!)

Anyway, yesterday we did a livestream with Rockstar for their new DLC, business as usual. Today is dawned on me "Holy crap, I just spent 2 hours with Lazlow and team."


Videogames, they have always been a part of my life. It's something I know deep inside I should have grown out of but I don't know, they're just in my DNA or something. I'm not just talking about playing games, for whatever reason I consume videogames like no other type of media. I'll binge on books, movies and comics but for some reason games cross over into my real life more than anything else.

When I was in highschool I had shitty grades, actually, not bad - just not great. I always liked creative writing, history and video production but flat out failed in math and science. In either case, my mom (bless her) tried to figure out what my problem was. She would go through my backback and try to find the drugs that she assumed I had to be on (I never drank or did drugs in highschool for fear of having my dick fall off or something), ban me from TV, friends and of course the biggest hurt: videogames.

Anyway, that's a much longer and in depth part that I started writing then deleted because I'm trailing off from the original purpose of this post.

One of my favorite things to do was rip or download the GTA soundtracks and listen to them in my car. Somewhere, I still have a CD labeled "Chatterbox FM", a mock talk radio station in GTA III hosted by none other than Lazlow.

So now it's coming full circle. I know Lazlow and Rockstar aren't exactly Hollywood level celebrities but to me they are. I'm in a weird position and profession where it's best to not fanboy out over people. Being on both sides offers an insane, surreal perspective. I think it's really cool when fans or casual viewers recognize us and say hi (just last night a very nice guy at the movie theater knew Blaine and I by name and respective production groups, still surreal).

Anyway, rant is getting long so here's the point of the story. I'm 30 years old, I work with amazing people at an amazing company and get to do cool things like hangout online with a guy who I used to listen to in my car when I wasn't allowed to hear him in the original medium he was presented (fancy attempt at me saying Chatterbox was never meant to be listened to in an actual car but only on game consoles/PC -- I'M REALLY SMRT).

I've seen a lot of people get a real big stick up their butt about working in the games industry and I just want to express that I am extremely grateful for what I'm allowed to do on a daily basis. So for every person I see get upset over DLC or some other PS4 vs Xbox thread I just stop and think: "I have a job where I got to play with Rockstar, hang out with Rooster Teeth and play Star Wars Battlefront early. I have no right to complain about anything ever."

Anyway, random thoughts over, love you all and hope to meet every single person who supports what we do.

Thank you <3