Hey everyone! Adam here writing words in...word form. You’re probably saying, “Hey! Don’t you just say words and are borderline illiterate?” Personally for me, I can’t stand blogs that spend the first four paragraphs going on and on and on about what cereal they had that morning or what the weather was like blah blah blah...JUST REVIEW TED 2 ALREADY! Welp, looks like I’ve become what I hate most.

So yeah, RT was all like, “Hey Adam, recap Sunday at PAX East, would ya?” To which I responded with, “Okay, but I think most of us fly out Sunday…” “JUST REVIEW TED 2, ASS.”

Sunday, the day of our Lord, Star Lord that is. We started things off with a 10:00 a.m. Funhaus-style booth signing. The show floor opened up at 10:00 a.m., so it became more of a 10:15 a.m. signing. In either case, James, Elyse, and I SLAYED that line. Throughout the week we had been coming up with code words for when a fan would want us to pose for a photo. Sunday’s was “DUECE,” which was mild compared to our earlier expletives “SNATCH” and “GASH.” Gross.


Meeting a bunch of you for the first and 10th time was, as always, an amazing experience. Most of us consider ourselves to be complete nobodies, so it’s always surreal when a twentysomething asks us to sign his (allegedly) clean underwear. Not me, though; I know once I leave this planet those chonies are gonna be worth at least $2.34.


After our signing we took the booth stage, now joined by Bruce, Lawrence, and Peake (/\). Lawrence led us to believe he was going to be reading some news stories; instead, he chose to cite trivia for random vacation spots. Bruce then took to the whisper-quiet audience to field questions. We had some laughs, some tears (lots), and plenty of confused dads silently judging their young kids’ life decisions.


We wrapped things up an hour later, at which point James, Elyse, and I checked out the LawBreakers booth to play a quick round or two. The rounds were so quick, in fact, that we never got to play. Sadface, game looks dope. Fresh, even.

In our final attempt to do something PAX related, the three of us went offsite for lunch in the Overwatch Uber truck. No, I did not just have a stroke and write three random words together. We hopped into a Soldier 76-themed Ford 650 and sloooooowly made our way to food happenings before our flight. We ended up at a random sushi restaurant where the waiter exclaimed that he recognized us from our IGN days. Pretending to be Greg Miller, I insulted the waiter’s entire family and demanded multiple refunds.

Sadly at this point we had run out of time, and we headed off to ye olde airport to catch our flight. I watched The Prestige and Filth. James watched Minority Report while Elyse chose Jurassic Park.

I’m pretty sure Lawrence just stared at the back of a retired boat captain’s head for five hours. In any case he refused to share a cab with me, so I think he was affected in some way.

Bruce stayed behind like the good soldier he is, so I’ll leave it to him to catch us up on the four hours of PAX East I missed. Bruce?

Hey guys, Bruce here. I slept underneath a table, signed for five hours and then broke the booth down. I watched Aliens and Room on the plane. I like PAX.

Thanks Bruce! And there you go, our little romp through a little town we like to call Departed-ville. Thank you to every person who came to our booth, panels, and get-togethers. I hope we got to meet and talk to each and every one of you who attended, but hey, I know that’s never going to freakin’ happen. Fact is we have too many people who like us enough to get up and drive or fly to meet us in person just so Lawrence or I can make them cry when we don’t sign their Dragonzord the way they wished we would have. You have to specify these things, Derrick.

For anyone we missed, hopefully we can still grant your wishes at RTX, Kinda Funny Live, Let’s Play Live, or RTX Vietnam.