Hey everyone,

I’m Evan, and I just started as Director of Programming here at RTHQ (can I call it that?). I’m ridiculously excited to be working here, and I thought it was time to introduce myself to you guys.

A little about me: I just moved to Austin from Los Angeles, along with my wife and our dog. Digital media is my passion and always has been – I graduated from a program at USC that was all about interactive video, and as a side note we were definitely watching RvB! Then I worked at NBC for a bit before working in the digital division for the parent company of CollegeHumor, and then for the company that makes YouTube Rewind. All along the way I was making web videos, like this one, and this one (that’s me as Rich Uncle Pennybags).

My challenge here is to make sure all the different platforms where we distribute content are working together perfectly, telling the Rooster Teeth story across all our different shows and channels and making sure you can discover it and enjoy it as easily as possible. Some of my work will be visible to you and some of it less so, but overall, we’re still going to make everything you’re used to seeing from us, and it’s all going to keep expanding. I’ll keep you updated along the way!

That’s all for now. Leave a comment and I’ll try to respond throughout the day, but I’m still running around just meeting everyone who works here!