Well everyone, RWBY Volume 4 is here! Now that it's begun, I feel like I should talk about something that I've been worried about for months now: Yang's character development, or in this case, lack thereof.

As we know, Yang got shafted the first three volumes. As a main character in the show (HER NAME IS IN THE TITLE!), you'd expect her to get a high level of character development, right? Well, that never happened. Instead, we had arcs focused on Jaune, Pyrrha, Blake, Weiss, and Ruby. But what about our Sun Goddess? Nothing.

Oh sure, we get a two minute speech in Volume 2. Okay, well that did give us more character development than all of Volume 1 combined, but it still wasn't much. Think about how much Blake or Jaune has got. Then look at Yang. Her name is in the title of the show, yet sidekicks like Jaune gets arcs for themselves. It made me feel like Miles and Kerry just didn't care enough about Yang or consider her important enough to deserve character development. Then we got the Volume 2 after credits scene.

That had me SO excited that she would finally get something! HER MOTHER?!?! That's got to be important and that'll certainly be an arc, right?! RIGHT?!? Nope. Volume 3 comes around, we get a thirty second back and forth between her and Qrow (my mom showed up. Yep, thought so. K. Bye), and THAT WAS IT! A complete waste of potential on EVERY front. What could have been a defining moment for Yang was squandered because they don't care as much about our busty blonde as they do characters like Jaune or Pyrrha. It's not like Yang is part of the main team or anything!

Sigh, sorry, getting off track. So, for the first three volumes, every chance Yang had to get character development was squandered, and we never saw her really grow. Now, Volume 4 is around, and it's the perfect time for a Yang arc! To see this incredibly bombastic and charismatic person suddenly brought back to Earth by this crushing blow from Adam sets up SO many good conversations we could see play out, both with herself internally and with Taiyang. Hell, even Raven could show up! So much potential to see our Yang get the character development she so desperately needs and undoubtedly deserves.

However, I can feel my hopes draining with every second at this point. After looking at the Volume 4 intro, and the fact that Yang has the least screen time of ALL the protagonists of Team RWBY (everyone gets a fight sequence and Yang is ignored) is troublesome. Could Miles and Kerry screw the pooch again and fail to give Yang the development she is set up for? Possibly, as it's not like we haven't seen potential for Yang's character growth ruined before. I mean, at this point, we've gotten more characterization about Yang from RWBY Chibi than we have from the actual show. And that's not even canon!

What I'm trying to say is, Miles and Kerry, please don't squander this opportunity. Yang is so perfectly set up for an arc that looks deep into her psyche and her personality! We could finally see Yang grow as a person, both mentally and physically, if done right! Please don't ruin that opportunity by either ignoring it entirely or making it thirty second scenes where you constantly cut away from her. Yang is a part of Team RWBY, too. Yet she's been ignored for the last three volumes, pushed aside for the side characters like Jaune and Penny. I hope this volume changes that.