Well it’s looks like I’m the FU...


FU too! Now, go away or I shall taunt you a second time!

Er, I mean... 



So, if this is your first time here, or you just stopped by to say, “congratu “Hello” to me and my perfectly reasonable ego, here’s a nice little run-down of the things that go on here (a clearly worded version of my banner image):


-I am an Eight Year Site-Camper.  Sure I’ve had active and quiet periods over that time, but odds are if I had decent internet and some time, this tab was open. I am very hopeful for the future versions and if you came here by link, I need to ask, #WhyAren'tYouHere?  (Really, open discussion is the first steps to learning and bettering things.  I also know myself and others are more than willing to help you around.)


-I write blogs here.  They are roughly every two weeks in some form or another.  These forms include:

--Popculture-filled reveals of my personality and thoughs

--Elaborate Red vs Blue theories (and some RWBY)

--Elaborate Shenanigans that (usually) take advantage of copious amounts of pictures.

--FUNboxings of interesting things (mostly RT related but sometimes not).

--Long form creative type fan-projects like Bleepbloopopolous Travel Logs (on reboot hiatus) and Red vs Blue: Rec0very (1 &2)

--Guttermouth Comic (and comic related media) Reveiws/Reactions/Discussions (there’s no link because these too are on the verge of a “rebirth”).

--A special post every #rtcommunityday special for the RT Site

--And more!


-You can usually find me in the forums too, talking about Red vs Blue (to FIRST!s and members(without spoiling things (because I’m nice like that))) or with my friends in the Oxford Comma Café.  There are other threads too, but you’ll have to find me because I have too many tabs open while writing this already!


-My Question Tab is ALWAYS OPEN and if you ask me a question you’ll get an interesting one too.  I used to do AMA’s every Tuesday, but then I got a job.  I am considering doing Question Days again soon though.


- I am on twitter as @ Pinkgeek008 (without the space) and the same thing on Instagram!

-I've got a PS4, I'm GEEK-008 on PSN and I have Destiny, Minecraft, and RWBY:GE for multi-player. (Single Player: Kingdom Hearts II.8, inFAMOUS Second Son/First Light, & Firewatch)

--I main a Thorn toting New Monarchy Voidwalker (fight me (or help me get loot)).

--Wanna see Bleepbloopopolous?

--ruby is best girl in the game.


-I am a core member (no real responsibility I just show up and help often) of the RT_Seattle community group (Facebook and Twitter).


-I am a Men’s Medium member of Team Fat and otherwise lurking Kinda Funny Bestfriend.


-I may or may not have Links Disease (not the real one).  And if you get that reference, good for you!  Same for all my references and links, they’re here to spice things up but don’t worry if you don’t get them.


-I’m a writer.  That’s my main art.


-I like Coffee. #MugLife #CoffeeTillItHurts


-Though I am of the philosophy that there’s enough negativity on the internet and I’m not going to try to be responcible for any of it so I present myself as a  cartoonish and hyperbolic trickster and verbose ego maniac I am here for my friends.  If you’re on the RT Site we’ve got at least one thing in common and I consider us friends. If you ever want to talk about something (if you just need someone to listen, or want some outside consideration) I WILL TALK SERIOUSLY WITH YOU and help as best as I can.  Do not be afraid to come to me.  It’s what I like to call a “Knockable Door Policy.”  If I can, I will let you in.  (And yes, even that has a small joke to it (but don't let that undermine the sincerity).)


-And if you haven’t guessed a lot of my posts take inspiration from one of my favorite RT Shorts!


-Oh and, I like to be #CrypticAllTheTime but on this occasion, I may as well tell y’all I’m working on Video Content!


And that’s the run down I have ready.  The RT Shows I’m REALLY into are on the banner image.  You can go looking through my previous posts or pictures (I don’t mind),  Money for a pizza is by the phone.  If you have any more questions, well you certainly know how to get them answered. 


 green_heart-U All, old friends or new, you’re why I smile.

-008 (Pronounced/read as Zero-Zero-Eight)


That profile image of me was done by our very own @SailorGirl81


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