It's (almost) June, which means your resident high-functioning alcoholic has crawled out of his cave to deliver these rules unto you, ye sober, sad masses.

So let me bid you an official welcome to the Funhaus In Excess LIVE Drunk E3-kend Extravaganza (powered by Fruit Crate™ (sponsors TBD))!

First up, here's the schedule. We'll be going live on the first conference for a given day and staying live until we fall asleep / vomit on ourselves / decide to stumble home. All times PST, all streams on our YouTube channel --!

Saturday, June 10

  • EA, 12pm

Sunday, June 11

  • Microsoft, 2pm
  • Bethesda, 7pm

Monday, June 12

  • PC Gaming Show, 10am
  • Ubisoft, 1pm
  • Sony, 6pm

And now, the reason for the season -- the DRINKING RULES! Here's this year's reference card:


Rules this year are simplified, divided into what we call One-Shots and normal shot rules. One-Shots can only be triggered once per conference. Normal shots must be done every time.

ONE SHOTS: Take one shot per conference when there is any mention of...

  • Death Stranding
  • Shenmue III
  • Kingdom Hearts III
  • Red Dead Redemption 2
  • Sonic in any capacity
  • Virtual reality

SHOT RULES: Take a shot every time…

  • You see a blazer over a graphic tee
  • There are production problems of any kind
  • A woman enters and exits the stage without saying anything
  • You hear a lone whoop or scream from the crowd
  • A dead franchise is revived
  • You see a game-related tattoo
  • You see anyone crying
  • You hear The Chainsmokers

And finally, we have a special game for the Scorpio price! If the console is cheaper than $400 or over $600, we must take TWO SHOTS. Otherwise, just one.

Finally, will there be a video if you can't watch live? Yes! BUT. We are currently planning to upload the whole, unedited stream as a FIRST member exclusive.

We look forward to spending E3 with you guys! We had a great time last year, from what we can remember anyway. If you have any questions, leave 'em below and I'll answer!