This is one of those stories where I'm the calm in the storm of stupidity.

Back in my high school days, every where you looked was a roving pack of idiots. In essence that's what's school is and my biology class was no exception. In my school the popular kids were also the biggest idiots and I was somehow looped in with their classes. 

For biology we had a push over of a substitute. When I say push over, I mean everything under the sun happened. When word was slowly getting out some of the honors chem students tried selling their shitty meth. Cursing left and right, students taking out class equipment and pretending they were in an episode of House staring a down microscope saying "It's not Lupus, it's r-pox", students being fingerbanged, flashing the class, not acknowledging the substitute, and many other things. So sooner or later the sub quits right there on the spot and leaves the school. But before she left out of stress and anxiety she wrote down a small letter with one name on it.

The next day our original teacher comes back. He than directs me to go do a few things for him to prepare the rest of the class day. I knew exactly what he was doing when he sent me to grab a stack of detention notes. So I come back with packets, laptops, extra glassware, and textbooks. I told my teacher I had a doctors appointment and left school early ,to which he responded "Good, I don't want you here when I rip this class a new asshole and give them detention". So I go to the doctors, come back to school the next day, to find out that I got detention. The only teacher to serve it was my bio teacher.

So I show up with the other rabble rousers and he's looking at me sideways and says "I never gave you detention. Why are you here?"

My response: "Yeah, I keep forgetting to turn in my release note saying that I was at the doctors so they gave me detention ". 

My teacher: "That's how they get ya if you forget. But to my knowledge your the only person the sub mentioned by name that didn't give her trouble. So you can go ahead and go home before the rest of the class shows up".

Who knew being good paid off.