On Friday I began a challenge that's dumb for me. It's this challenge:

Basically, you do (ideally) 80 specific reps x5 as a workout or as part of your workout every day for a month, to gain greater core stability and strength. When your abs are good, you can get through the entire routine in less than half an hour. My abs are bad. I get through two rounds in half an hour, and then have to stop because my abs are dead. But there's 28 more days left, so hopefully that will change.

If things go very well, then by the time I'm done this challenge my left oblique will be all healed up, and then I can focus on building my obliques and maintaining my abs, rather than on building all of them at once. I don't know whether that's a good way to move forward, but it's certainly a way to move forward, which is better than standing still. So I'm doing it. If anyone wants to join me in this endeavour that is equal parts fun and terrible, I look forward to sharing our pain with each other.

Edit: Just did today's workout, and I got through 3 rounds in about 30 minutes. Measurable improvement is a good thing.  grinning