Even with Emma being a special kid, she's extremely different than her littermate sister, Sam, in so many ways that continue to fascinate me.

When on the bed, Sam will step over us and, at most, sleep with her head on us. Emma will step on us and sleep draped across us... or with her rear in our faces.

Sam like to lay spread-eagle on the floor. Emma lays only on cushions.

Sam sits like you would expect a Labrador to sit. Emma sits like Bill the Cat.

Sam's ears flop forward like you would expect of a Labrador. Emma's flop to the side and back.

Sam's all about food and car rides. Emma's all about whatever Sam's all about.

Sam has to be close at all times. Emma will go lay on the couch while we're in the office room.

Sam has to be underfoot when my partner eats. Emma goes and lays on the couch.

Sam barks at any unusual noise. Emma doesn't.

Sam is a fast runner. Emma's much faster.

Sam waits for her sister to get the stick and, then, takes it from her on the way back to give to us.

If Sam doesn't get the stick from her sister, Emma will stop halfway back, lay down, and just gnaw on the stick.

Sam will bring stuff to us and take it away if we reach for it -- the tease. Emma goes find her stuffed, squeaky dinosaur and lays on the couch to gnaw on the toy.

Sam doesn't play with toys anymore. Emma still does.

Sam makes no other noises than barking at strange noises. Emma squeaks, grunts and huffs.

Sam has a "kick button" on her tummy (not unusual). Emma has a "kick button" on her back (very unusual).

Sam sits patiently while you pet her. For Emma, you might as well just hold your hand steady as she pets herself with your hand (a little bit cat-like).

Sam rarely lays on her back. Emma's often on her back wriggling around like a little puppy or half-asleep -- pretty much the only time she'll lay on the floor.

Sam knows boundaries in the house. Emma only knows them if Sam's sitting at the boundary, otherwise there are no boundaries.

When feeding, Sam is more interested in eating. Emma is more interested in getting pets.