Hi everyone!

This weekend we'll be kicking off Extra Life with our 25 Hour RT Community Extra Life live stream! It'll be running from November 4 8:00 a.m. CDT to November 5 8:00 a.m. CST here on Rooster TeethYouTube AND Twitch!!

Along with the stream, we will be promoting two very special items. The #ForTheKids pin as well as the RT Land t-shirts - available in men and women's cuts. Check 'em out below!


Every hour we will be patching in a different group from around the world to stream with us for an hour. Many are local community groups that you could join! See below for the full schedule and  links to where the groups now live. 

------------------- Nov 4 -------------------

08:00 AM CDT   Rooster Speak
09:00 AM CDT   Beta Cats
10:00 AM CDT   Sour Grapes
11:00 AM CDT   RT NJ Community
01:00 PM CDT   Constantly Calibrating
02:00 PM CDT   RT Houston
03:00 PM CDT   RWBY Nation
04:00 PM CDT   RT New Vancouver
05:00 PM CDT   Rooster Buckeyes
06:00 PM CDT   Rhode Island Rooster Teeth Commmunity
07:00 PM CDT   The Cartographers Guild
08:00 PM CDT   g1 Gamedays
09:00 PM CDT   RT: Nova Scotia
10:00 PM CDT   RT Austin / Side Quest
11:00 PM CDT   RT Michigan powered by Ladylike Gaming
------------------- Nov 5 -------------------

12:00 AM CDT   Team Oklahoma
01:00 AM CDT   RT Ontario
02:00 AM CDT   RTUK powered by Argentstreams

02:00 AM CST   RT NorCal
03:00 AM CST   RoosterTeethDFW
04:00 AM CST   RTNY Community
05:00 AM CST   RT Georgia (FB Group)
06:00 AM CST   RWBY Cosplayers of South East Florida
07:00 AM CST   RT Florida

Check us out and remember...

It's For the Kids!! So check out Jack's BIG Post for all of our double weekend shenanigans!