Edit: All done! Final Rating 9/10, good experience, good food, just a little pricy.

I've been eating out of this recently: 


It's a German 24-hr MRE.

So far, I've had two meals' worth of food from it, and the food has been pretty good and filling both times. Even after this, there's certainly enough food left for another two meals. 


Contents(slashed out means eaten):

Minced Steaks with Rice and Vegetables 300g - Tasted good; good when either cold or warm

Pork Goulash with Noodles 300g - Good and hearty

Dessert Hazelnut pudding 60g - nice taste

Canned bread 170g - Tastes very grainy, strong grainy smell. Not bad, but better with butter or something else. 

Hard biscuits 125g

Sausage spread 48g - sausage in spread form, good

Tuna with lime and pepper 85g - Good, tuna as usual

Bread spread natural 25g - "natural" butter, odd tasting, not so good 

Instant muesli 80g - heavy oatmeal, not too grainy or nutty, filling

Jam apricot 1 x 25g - Good on crackers

Coffee 2 x 3, 5g

Cappuccino beverage powder 1 x 10g

Tea extract 2 x 1, 2g

Sugar 4 x 12, 5g

Creamer 2 x 3g

Salt 2 x 3g

Powdered drink exotic + grapefruit + Orange + lemon 4 x 32, 5g (all flavors were good)

Energy bar 50g - delicious 

Chocolate 50g - dark, quality chocolate(half eaten at this point)

Chewing gum 10x(8x) -  slightly better than Chiclets in US MREs

4 pieces of water purification tablets

4 sheet multi purpose paper

1 x refreshing towel

20 piece matches

The MRE is a bit pricy, $65 at it's lowest I found, as it's fairly hard to find for sale, but I wanted to try it out at least once and see how good it was compared to all the US MREs I've had in the past. It's been cool trying it out and looking at all the German words for things. Example: "pork" being "Schweinefleisch." (Sounds like a super metal way of saying it; pretty cool!)

Found it here: http://www.mrezone.com/index.php/store/international-ration?view=product&p=P97V0S911