I think I'm already headed towards a turkey coma...

We get catered lunches here at RT every Monday because they're surely slowly fattening us and filming it all in secret so one day they can launch the biggest weight loss content program ever. Today, because it's Thanksgiving week, we got Thanksgiving lunch. 

Now, for those of you unfamiliar with a standard American-sized-Pilgram-invented-meal... it includes:





Mashed Potatoes

Green Beans



Pumpkin Pie

And usually some other stuff. But we had that for lunch. I'm ded. And sleepy.

And I'm doing Thanksgiving for @RTcastMichael and I on Wednesday, and then again on Thursday for the family, and probably joining in for a Friendsgiving Thursday night... 

Do you know how many turkies, hams, stuffings, and mashed potatoes that is?! A GORGEOUS AMOUNT.

I need all the stuffing. 

What's your favorite part of a Thanksgiving meal? (And for everyone else... what's your favorite part of a fourth Thursday of November meal?)