So last week, @RTcastMichael shared a story with me about @IowaHawkins and their interaction during setup for some broadcast show. 

It was time to get ready to shoot the next show, which would be airing after Turkey Day, and Cody (IowaHawkins) is one of the lighting guys. He was going around, doing his thing and making things illuminate. Illumination included pulling out Christmas lights and other set stuff. 

Apparently, every time someone would say, "But, Cody, Thanksgiving hasn't even happened yet!" or something along those lines he would just hold a finger up to his lips (or theirs, if they were within touching distance) and respond like so: 

"Nu-nu-no-no," he says, "Just Christmas," he finishes in a whisper and a jolly grin. 

I've taken it upon myself to inflict my house with holiday spirit and cheer - some of it prior to Thursday's Turkey feast. And every time Michael (RTcastMichael) would tell me it's not time yet, I was able to respond with that exact sentiment from Cody.


So, here's a photo of some of that cheer. I made the wreath, decorated the hell out of a tiny tree, and I also made the weird Russian/Scandinavian Christmas Gnome. His name is Petyr.