A lot of you have asked if Dude Soup live would ever come back. The answer is still a definitive "who knows," but in the meantime...


But what is Funhaus Live? I'm glad you asked!

If you've ever been to one of our panels at a gaming convention (RTX, PAX), you already have an idea: a series of sketches, heavy on improv and absurdist comedy, connected by a central theme. Throw in some audience involvement and a small but measurable chance of serious personal harm, and you got yourself a show, baby!

We're not ready to share specifics of the show yet, but we'll tease it out more and more over the coming weeks.


Where: The Regent Theater in Downtown Los Angeles
When: Thursday, January 18 - doors at 7:30pm, show at 8:30pm.
What: Screaming, mayhem, and a secret plot to find Adam's absentee father.
How much: $30 general admission, $100 VIP


We're doing this a little different than we have in the past. For this show, VIP will have early seating (doors at 6:00pm) and have access to an intimate Q&A session with the cast. This is an opportunity for us to talk more personally and more at length with everyone as opposed to a rushed 30-second picture opportunity in a line with several people.

In addition, we're still working on adding more goodies and perks to the VIP ticket, so hopefully it'll be an even better experience than it already is.


We want to make sure the show works, first!

This is very experimental, as we haven't ever done a show like this before. While we're confident we can deliver a great evening of entertainment, this is also a prototype for a show we plan to develop, refine, and potentially tour around the country.

In that respect, this is also an opportunity for you to see the first edition of a show that could continue and change form over years.

We'd like to share this experience with you in person, so we hope you come out and see what weird and funny ideas we've been developing for a while!