Hey guys,

Before I get started, I’d like to introduce myself. My name is Ryan Quinn, and recently, I took on the role of VP of Consumer Products at Rooster Teeth.  I am extremely excited to join the family here and look forward to what we will be able to create in the future!  

I wanted to write this post in response to some of the issues we experienced over the holiday season.  Since we are a growing company, we are constantly looking at best ways to scale and meet all of your needs throughout the process.  Unfortunately, we experienced a few issues that started during our big Extra Life weekend and continued throughout the holiday season. You’ve read Barbara’s and Chelsea’s posts over the holidays addressing some of the issues, but I’d like to further explain what exactly occurred.

We saw such great support for Extra Life that we had to go back and place additional orders for products to keep up with the extra demand.  This caused a major back up for our third party warehouse going into Black Friday and Cyber Monday.  Once we went into the last week of November, we were having issues getting accurate inventory reports from the warehouse.  These two issues started compounding the problem, and we were experiencing many instances of packages taking a few weeks to even get out of the warehouse.  Unfortunately, once we understood the extent of these issues, it was too late to remedy them. We were all working around the clock to do everything in our power to work on customer service issues, work with our third party warehouse, and make sure things were running smoothly; but we fell short of what our goal was and did not provide the service to you that we were hoping for.

In the coming months, we are going to be making some changes to ensure that we plan better and avoid a similar situation at all costs. As we make changes, we will be more vocal and transparent as to what they are.  The first things we are doing immediately are to make changes around pre-selling items and stock issues.  If we ever have to pre-sell an item again (like the extra life pin) we will communicate pre-sales more clearly so you know when you can expect your item.  We are also going to put in a more extensive buffer on inventory. Since the warehouse does not update us fast enough on inventory levels, we will put aside enough to cover any large sell-through rates.  

With all that being said, we are still extremely proud of the team that worked so hard to get everything out this season.  We issued over 100,000 orders throughout the season and experienced issues with items being out of stock or major issues on only 2% of the orders.  We also got through 12,900 customer service tickets as we were getting through the issues.  

As of this afternoon, the customer care team has responded to nearly all of the tickets. We recognize that some of you are still having issues with your orders.  All remaining open tickets, where either the team has been waiting for a response from you, or you have been waiting for a response from us, will continue to be worked on through the next couple of days.

Lastly, for the people we have identified as having orders shipped with missing items, we are going to refund you for any item not received; additionally, we’re going to give you a $25 coupon to buy a shirt on us.  For those of you who placed your order by the holiday cut off (read here for more info) and didn’t received your order by the holiday, we will refund you for the shipping and give you a $25 coupon.

As I’m just getting to know the community, I am amazed by how supportive and excited everyone is to be part of the Rooster Teeth family.  Thank you so much for your patience and we absolutely appreciate your understanding.