Hello everyone!

After many months of hard work from everyone involved, we are finally ready to launch onto the Rooster Teeth website! Our content will go live this Tuesday, February 13 at midnight CT (AKA Monday night)! 

But who are we? Well, it's in the name, JT Music. We make music specifically about video games. It's been something we've been doing for nearly 10 years and have created a catalog of almost 250 original video game themed songs.

So with JT Music we have two people: John and Timothy, hence "JT", though Timothy actually goes by Christian (confusing right?). Our online aliases are also Skull (skullkruncher on the RT site) and Pat (Christian and John respectively). Christian handles the music creative process producing all the songs from scratch with writing, recording, mixing and production. John (me), runs the ship and produces the music videos themselves.

One key thing to mention...we recently rebranded from JT Machinima to JT Music. So if that rattles your memory as to who we are, there you go.

We're on this site now so let's talk about the content. Our video game music videos will come out on Saturdays at 11 a.m. CST for FIRST members and then 11 a.m. CST on Sundays for everyone else. These music videos are our main piece of content and what we pour everything into. Additionally, we will put out live recorded versions of our songs and behind the scenes videos.

Topics and games we make music about cover a wide breadth of genres and concepts. We have Overwatch songs, AAA game songs, indie game songs, general comedy songs, parodies...everything. If you like video games, nerd culture and music, there's a good chance we've made at least ONE thing to your fancy.

Lastly, we are doing a FIRST drive to kickoff us being on the site and to bring our longtime YouTube fans into this community. You'll find a video announcing that on our YouTube channel shortly. One thing of note is that it includes the potential of a RWBY/RvB song!

Anyways, that's all folks. Please peep around and listen to a few songs! Let us know what you think. We're so excited to be apart of this website and community. Please feel free to reach out to us here or on whatever platform you prefer to chat and ask some questions.