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    • Dream Journal Entry 1 (conclusion)

      3 years ago


      Wow, a whole year, huh? Well, I'm back (for myself, because who else reads this?) to quickly jot down some new things about my original God dream. I had some questions to answer for myself, and I think I can safely do that now. So, my first question:
      How did they suck him up the first time after he killed the slavers, and, if they can do that at will, what is to stop them from doing it one he is back on Earth?
      Answer: They figured out where he was because when he killed the slavers he used a power specific to himself. Maybe some kind of god magic specific to him. And the reason they can't do it once he is on Earth the second time is because he isn't using his own god powers. He is using his father's. So, when he and the other god (the strong one, yeah, still no names) use magic or whatever, it seems like the God King is doing it, and they know exactly where he is already, so it kind of tricks the system.
      Question: What are they going to do on Earth? I mean, they are weaker than the gods are, what is the point?
      Answer: There are gods on Earth who have long since left Heaven (which is what I will call the god's domain, for lack of better name). The God king told them about those fallen gods before they left. They were told to seek them out and ask for their help. Also, he taught them how to absorb powers from other gods. (which is what happened to them) Because a lot of the fallen gods are just that, fallen. Evil, corrupt, ect. So, they go hunt down a couple of them, gain their power, get stronger, and then go back and fight the final boss up in Heaven.

      There we go. Now in about another year I'll check my journal and see this, and maybe write something new.

    • Pantomime pt. 3

      5 years ago


      6:07 - Hero takes the sword, fully unsheathed, and holds it up, admiring it. The Grandfather looks pleased, but worried. Hero sheathes the sword, and lays it down.

      6:20 - Hero then embraces his grandfather, and they have a bittersweet moment. The Hero is excited and scared for his quest, and the Grandfather is proud but worried for his grandson. They sit back, and the grandfather motions that he approves of the Hero's quest, and is proud of him. The Hero is sad that he has to leave, but understands his duty. The Hero stands up, and the Grandfather, who was watching and saw which way that the Villain had gone, points the way.

      6:40 - Hero leaves the house, no one else is on stage. He begins to walk across the stage, this way and that, going up stage and down stage. This is signifying his long quest. There may be a bandit or two he has to fight on his way, but nothing much. The most important thing is to show his internal change. When he left the village, he was scared and excited. As he walks, he gets more and more relaxed with what he is doing, and holds himself more dignified and bravely. His face, which starts off weak and innocent, begins to get harder and more determined as he goes on. This is a long part in the music, so make sure to have the Hero seem like it is taking a long time, and that he is struggling with his journey.

      7:30 - The Villain and his Henchmen appear on stage, the Hero sees them. The Daughter is with them, hands and legs tied. the Villain sees the Hero, and sends laughs at him, and sends one of his Henchmen at him to fight him. The Henchman attacks, but the Hero quickly beats him with his sword. Then, the Villain, surprised at this, sends his second (or second and third, depending on how many you cast) Henchman at the Hero, and he fights with both of them until he beats them at 8:20.

      8:21 - The Villain then takes out his sword, and approaches the Hero. They fight, with many sword flourishes and such. Make it nice and showy. The Villain is as show offy a fighter as he is a person. They go on to battle, having clashes of their swords at 8:36, 8:39, and 8:42, along with the music. At the last one, they lock swords, pushing down on each other.

      8:44 - They push off of each other, and the Hero is knocked to the ground. He stands up slowly, they are both noticeably tired and hurting. They are on their last leg, and bolster up the strength for one last attack. The Villain, who has never been so close to defeat, is furious, and rushes in with a stab. The Hero, who is more level headed, side steps it, and hits the Villain in the back with the hilt of his sword at he goes past, knocking him to the ground. He jumps up, enraged, swings his sword over his head, and at 9:07 brings it down on the Hero just as the Hero is swinging his sword at the Villain in one final move.

      9:08 - Black out. Everyone but the Hero exists the stage. The Vendors and towns people come back on. Everyone goes back to where they were in the beginning.

      9:14 - Spot light on Hero, who is in his bed, tossing and turning, dreaming. He jumps up in his bed, scared, then looks around. He realizes it was all a dream, lays back, and smiles. It was a good dream.

      9:20 - Spot goes off of Hero, lights come back on the stage. The market square is happy and buzzing, like in the beginning. The Daughter is talking to people, and trying to get to the Hero's house. The two Henchmen are arguing, so she breaks them up before getting there. The Hero pulls a shirt on, and runs to the window, and sees her coming. He ducks down again, afraid. Then, he shakes it off. He builds up his courage, and stands up.

      10:09 - He walks over to the door and swings it open, just as the Daughter was about to knock. She knocks on his face. She is surprised and embarrassed, and apologized. The Hero just laughs, and waves down her apologies. She smiles, they look at each other for a bit.

      10:20 - The Hero waves his arm, motioning the question "Want to walk with me?" The Daughter agrees, puts her arm in his, and they walk into the crowd, talking and laughing, and enjoying themselves.

      10:31 - End. Black out.

      Well, I hope you enjoyed that. I never said it was an original story, but it is a tried and true one. And what can I say, a Legend of Zelda song was used, what other kind of story would it be? Anyway, I liked it, and that's all that matters. I hope you take your own interpretations, after all, it is all about imagination after all.

    • Pantomime pt. 2

      5 years ago


      1:25 - Daughter makes her way to Hero's house, and knocks on the door. Hero looks out the window to see who it is. When he sees it is her, he ducks back down away from the window and hides, looking scared. Daughter knocks again, then turns away, looking disappointed, and walks back into the crowd. Hero peaks back over the window sill, and watches her go. He looks upset with himself, and seems like he is working up the courage to get up. He finally does, looks out the window, right when the Daughter is about to turn around, and he ducks back down again.

      1:56 - Daughter sees two people (Henchmen) arguing over something. She breaks up their argument and makes them calm down. They each look angry, but decide to walk away. The Daughter looks happy that she stopped the argument, and walks off stage. Hero sees her leave, and gets up from where he is hiding, obviously disappointed with himself.

      2:13-2:25 - Everyone makes their way off stage, Hero walks out his door into center stage, and begins to act out his own little Pantomime.

      2:28-2:45 - Hero is jumping between two arguing people and the Daughter, emphasizing their actions and making it very over the top. He then makes the arguers be mean/violent to the Daughter, and makes her cower.

      2:46 - Hero jumps in place, making a heroic pose. He then pretends to sword fight the attackers, protecting the Daughter. Then he helps her up, and does a big, dramatic kiss, and is does this around 3:00, when Villain walks on stage from behind him, and sees what he is doing, and places a foot on his back and kicks him on the ground, laughing. Hero then, at 3:03, tries to get up, but is pushed/kicked down again by Villain.

      3:06 - Lord enters. Villain sees this, and quickly helps Hero up, pretending to be helpful. Villain starts motioning to Hero like he is is friend, and acts surprised when the Lord walks up. Villain makes motions like he was just helping his friend, and the Lord looks pleased, but then looks stern like he has something very important to discuss. Hero slowly walks backwards, and jumps behind one of the crates or stalls to hide, every now and then peering over it, but always ducking down before someone looks at him. He is making facial expressions of their conversation, and when they start talking about the Villain marrying the Daughter, he looks very upset. (Since no real words are used, he just has to look upset, but the audience won't know why. They will figure out later. Also, the Villain and the Lord can make some gestures alluding to marriage, such as the Villain motioning to his ring finger, or miming pulling out and opening a ring box.) Villain and the Lord talk, and seem to be very friendly. The Lord starts motioning to the Villain, and he starts puffing out his chest, looking very noble and important, make it obvious they are talking about him.

      4:05 Daughter walks on stage from behind the Lord, but the Villain sees her. He smiles a very "I think I am the greatest and everyone else should too" smile, and she looks disgusted at him. She does not like him. This is also when the Grandfather (I'm using that for stability's sake) comes on stage, and watches out the window. He gives expressions according to what's going on. But he can't hear what they are saying, so he doesn't react to every little thing, just the big actions. Then the Lord turns around at 4:09 , and she changes her expression to a smile, and runs up and hugs him. They share a very sweet "Father Daughter" moment, and then the Lord makes a motion to the Villain, and he goes on a knee and takes out the ring.

      4:24 - The Daughter pulls away in surprise/disgust and shakes her head no very enthusiastically.

      4:26 - Villain stands up in anger, grabs at her, she pulls away.

      4:28 - The Lord grabs the Villain from behind, trying to keep him away from his Daughter.

      4:30 - The Villain knocks the Lords hands off of him and in one motion turns and back-hands him in the face. The Lord falls, unconscious. The Villain looks offstage and waves, and his Henchmen run on stage, grab the Daughter, and run away with the Villain following, triumphant smile on his face, looking around to make sure no one saw. All the while, Hero is watching in terror.

      4:45 - Hero slowly comes out from behind the crate and goes to the Lord, shaking him to wake him up and see if he is ok. The Lord wakes up, and pushes Hero off, jumping to his feet. He calls out looking back and forth, looking worried and angry. Hero stands up, but the Lord points at him and is blaming him for what happened. Hero gets back on his knees, begging the Lord to believe that he did nothing, but the Lord won't believe him and turns his back on him. Hero then offers to get his Daughter back, and the Lord spins around, looks at him, and then gives a rude scoff and turns back around.

      5:15 - Hero stands up, proudly, and bravely. He then makes big motions that he will get the Lords daughter, and grabs his shoulder and spins him around to face him. The Lords stares at him sternly for a bit, then accepts. The Hero bows in front of him, then stands again. The Lord puts his hands on Hero's shoulders, and says a few things to him. Then, he bows to the Hero, and leaves.

      5:42 - The Hero then goes to his house. Before he enters the house, the Grandfather, who had been watching the whole thing, exits the stage. Inside, he starts acquiring what he'll need on an adventure. Puts on on gloves, boots, a hat, ect.

      5:50 - Grandfather walks back on stage, with something in both of his hands. It is a sword, sheathed and wrapped in cloth. He walks over to his grandson, who has seen him, and starts unwrapping the cloth. He takes the sheathed sword, and lays it in his hands.

      6:04 - Hero takes the sword, and looks at it, then slowly unsheathes it. An amazed yet excited look is on his face.

    • Pantomime pt. 1

      5 years ago


      Right, so I am and actor/director, and a passion of mine is writing and acting in plays. I have done this for many a year, and have something of a reputation for it. Not to you, obviously, you don't know who I am. But where I am from I do. And, since you have no information proving other wise, you'll have to believe me. I was thinking of writing down one of my plays here, then remembered that no one actually reads this stuff and it would take a dreadfully long time. As such, I have decided to write down one of my recent Pantomime ideas, because they are shorter and easier to write.

      (The background song is "The Wind Waker Symphonic Movement" by Koji Kondo. Link for it is in the Links tab. Or, you could not be such a lazy bastard and take the three seconds to look it up on youtube.)

      So, here we go.

      CHARACTERS: 11-16. 3 males. 1 Female. 7-12 Either.

      Hero- Main protagonist. Male. Shy, and a bit clumsy, but aspires to be more. Known in the town as a weak, wimp of a man. "Has his head in the clouds." Has a very active imagination. Often day dreams.

      Daughter- Main protagonist. Female. She is a wealthy lords daughter. Very respectable. Everyone likes her. She is kind and caring. Likes the Hero, because she thinks he is sweet and caring, but he is afraid to approach her. She is very out going, and always speaks her mind.

      Lord- Male. He is a very respectable (and rich) man in the town. He is kind hearted, but often acts before thinking, letting his emotions take control of him. He loves his daughter more than anything, she is the only family he has left. He isn't old, but he isn't exactly young. Around mid 50's.

      Villain- Main Antagonist. Male. He is the town stud, and is very arrogant and self-centered. (Think "Gaston" from Beauty and the Beast) He likes to show off how great he is, and recently asked the Lord for his daughter's hand in marriage. The Lord, thinking that this strong, well known man would be a good husband, agrees. He often terrorizes the weaker men of the town, like our Hero.

      Grandmother/Grandfather- This is the Hero's Grandmother/Grandfather. They are wise, in their 70's. Slow, kind, loving of the Hero, and wants the best of him. The Hero is their only family, so they love him dearly. as the name suggests, this role can be either male or female. Either way, they have to make sure they show the loving, caring gestures an old person would make.


      Henchmen- Can be male or female. Two or three. These are the Villains lackies, and help him with his nefarious deed.

      Villagers- Four to eight back up characters. These are the people in the back ground giving the town its life. They are buying, selling, and interacting with their environment, some can be nice, some can be grouchy, some can be drunks, it doesn't matter. These characters are up for the actors interpretation of them. They can be whoever.

      First off, the stage for the beginning of the pantomime is split. About 4/5ths of the stage is used as a market square, where people bustle around here and there, buying and selling, and the Daughter, who is very kind and loved by all, walks around, interacting here and there, giving the impression she is liked by all. The other 1/5th of the stage is the Hero's house. Here he lays around, looks out his window (which is a bit upstage from his door, which is about 2/3rds of the way down stage.) There are one or two "stalls" for Vendors located farther up stage, and beside one of them are some "crates". (I use quotation marks because being a pantomime, obviously they aren't really there. But, hopefully I can help you paint the picture in your head.) Remember where these crates are, and have one or two characters interact with them, making sure the audience knows what and where they are. Maybe have two men carry them on, while a Vendor yells at them, then, when the men leave, the Vendor can open one or two up, sort through them, and lay things out at his stall. (remember, I am just laying the ground rules for the background characters. What they do is totally up to the director's interpretation. Maybe for somebody there are a group of people stealing from the crates, who knows. It's all up to you.) Now, the scene is set, let's begin.

      0:00 - Stage dark, Hero is lying on the floor in is "bed" and no one else is on stage. There is a spot on him, and he is tossing and turning in his sleep.

      0:09 - Brown out on stage, low lights, one or two Vendors enter the stage and begin preparations for the days sale. It is Market Day, and the Vendors need to look busy getting ready. (Again, they could be excited and happy for the money they will make today, they could be tired and sluggish at having to get up so early, they could be irritated about the people they will soon have to deal with, ect.)

      0:30-0:50 - One or two people will walk on stage every ten or so seconds. After a while, the stage needs to start looking cramped. Everyone except the Mains are on stage by 0:50, making a big commotion about Market Day. All the while, as the activity on stage increases, Hero finds it harder and harder to sleep. Tossing and turning, covering his ears, ect.

      0:50 - Full stage lights come on, spot on Hero goes off. Finally, Hero gets out of bed. At the same time, Daughter walks on stage and starts being greeted by everyone. She is carrying something to sell in the market, and is happy to see everyone and to be here. She walks through the crowd, trying to make her way to Hero's house, but is stopped every few steps to be talked to by someone. All the while Hero is getting ready in his house. Dressed, combing his hair, making his bed, ect.

    • Second part

      5 years ago


      So, I know I ran out of space with my last one, and that may cause you to think "But Spe- *Cough* I mean 'Filet' *wink* if you ran out of room last time, why waste space with these stupid intros?" The reason is Fuck you.

      So, I left off the boy had just entered the house. Good, almost done with it. So, he enters the house and starts asking all kinds of questions. "Who are you? Where did you come from? Are we to die in our beds Haggar?" (And if anyone gets that reference you are awarded 10 cookies, your choice of flavor) Anyway, he asks a lot of questions, and the god finds out he can tell this boy anything. He makes the boy swear not to tell anyone, and who would believe him if he did? He's just a kid. So, he explains his whole past to the boy. Now, I have a confession. I altered this from my original dream. See, in my dream, it started from the boys perspective, asking who the god was. Then, when he started talking to the god, then the whole arena battle stuff is explained. Anyway, he tells the boy everything, and day after day the boy returns to talk with him. The god is very happy, because he has never had a friend before. Not one of man, nor god. So, the god is content, and all is well. Then, one day the god awoke to hear screams, and smell smoke. He left his house to see the whole village burning down, and men with swords taking everyone and herding them towards the center of town. "Slavers" thinks the god. And he was right. He watches it happen, knowing he can not help. He took a sacred vow not to interfere with the lives of man, and although it pains him, he stands by, helpless. Then, he notices the boy running towards his house. He knows that if the boy makes it, he will be able to protect him, because the slavers would attack him, and he would be able to retaliate for his own well being, not for the sake of man. But then he is ripped from that thought at the sight of the boy being cut down on the path. A slaver had followed and killed him. The god watched as his only friend was slain before his eyes, and a rage came from within he had never known before. As I said before, even the weakest god was stronger that the strongest man. He went to the boy, and the slaver attacked him. He killed the slaver with out any effort what so ever. He then knelt by the boy, holding him in his arms, crying for his death. He then makes the decision to break his vow. His anger knows no bounds, and he rushes in the town, and kills every slaver there. He brings the boy back to his family, and gives him to them. A village elder approaches him, and asks who he is, and if he is, in fact, a god. The god says yes, and tells him that he is sorry he couldn't have acted sooner. Just then, the skies go black. Lighting strikes all around the village, and thunder roars. The skies open, and the god is pulled up through, into the skies. He is knocked unconscious during this. He awakes to see he is in a crude, greek-like court house, surrounded by gods. They all knew what he had done. Once you break a sacred pact like he had done, the current god king is notified. It is here he learns the changes that have taken place since he left. The government of the gods has changed from a monarchy to a sort of totalitarian Oligarchy, with a small group of gods in control and no one else getting a say. The arena challenges are gone, and the leaders have to now be voted for. Of course, the polls are always rigged, and the same ones always win. Imagine, if you will, a scene from "1984", and there are the upper class who are super rich and have everything, and then there are the proles. Well, every god is basically a prole now, except for the few in command. Anyway, the one big strong god from the beginning who fought with our hero (I really need to name these people) now has nothing, and is very ticked about that, but we'll get to him later. Anyway, our hero is convicted, and thrown in prison. Another new addition. There he finds his father, who, after being found out as the cheat and having not executed his son, was over thrown and put in prison. Also, he finds the big strong god, who was thrown in jail for being too much of a threat to the new leadership. Our hero learns that the strong god had gotten his godly powers taken away. Now, he was wasting away in prison until his death. After a while, the jailer comes and takes our hero away to another room, a small one, full of the leaders of the gods. They decide that they are going to take his powers away, forcing him to become a normal mortal, saying "Now you can be just like the pathetic humans you love so much." After the process of taking his powers away, (I don't know how, I guess gods can just do that. It WAS a dream, alright?) they threw him back in jail. The big strong god sees that he is weak, and barely alive, and takes pity on him. Eventually, they have a grudging "The enemy of my enemy is my friend" kinda thing going on, and they both agree that the new leaders are their enemies. They start to plot how they will get out. All the while the old god king looks on in silence. Finally, he tells them what to do. He says he can create a gateway down to the world below, freeing them from their prison, but he can not get them back up again. They understand, and, seeing as how they both are basically humans, understand the difficulties the will come with trying to get back into this world. The old god then goes to them, and gives them each half of his godly powers. (Making them both Hercules like people. Not quite gods, but stronger than humans also.) They are then transported to earth, and their quest for vengeance begins. This is also where I woke up, so I haven't thought up an ending yet. It is open for suggestions.

    • Dream Journal

      5 years ago


      I've always wanted one of these. But I didn't want to look like a twat. Only one man can have a dream journal and be cool, and that is Charlie Kelly. Anywho, I always have very vivid dreams, and, like most people, think my dreams are "Absolutely the shit man, like, THE coolest thing ever!" and what not. So, I decided to just kinda write 'em all down. And will I do it on paper? Fuck no. Because if I do, people will see them. I could do it in a word doc, but...I'm already here and all...and have already written this much...and it would certainly be a shame to waste it all. Without further adue...aduo? Adou? Adeu? Oh well. Without further delay (nailed it) my dreams.

      So it started off in this big Colosseum like place. (Imagine a gladiator style arena) and there were lots of big, strong people. Now, the back story that my mind came up with told me that they were all Greek mythology-esque gods. Now, they weren't ACTUALLY Greek gods, but you get the point...I hope. Anyway, all of the gods are immortal, and have amazing powers, but after infinite time of being generally awesome certain ways have developed. The way for the gods to elect their king is for all the strongest fighters to duel it out to see who wins. A current king can only reduel to keep his crown a maximum of 5 times. After all, they have (sorta) democratic rules. In the very least they have their rules. So, the current king has ruled for his allotted term, and can't enter the arena. But he has a son. For a god, he is week and scrawny. Never wanting to fight, not liking violence, that stereo typical protagonist who finds his inner power and wins in the end. Except he didn't. The dream went on, and the son was entered to fight for his father's title. (None of these people had names, mind you) The king realizes that his son would loose, and maybe even die. Back story time: no one liked the son. Being the son of a king, he had entitlements and rights that no one else had. Others had to work for their worth, and try at what they did, but for the son, everything was just put in place for him. He had everything he needed without doing a thing to get it. So yeah, people resented him for it. Anyway, the other challenger, the biggest, strongest new god, was going to kill him in the arena. But, the god king pulled some strings and cheated (in some way, I can't remember) and the son wins the fight. Everyone is outraged. They call foul play, but they can't go against their king's word. He said there was no cheating, but the son knew that someone had. He called his father out on it, saying he wasn't afraid, that he wanted to fight his own battles for once, and for the king to stop controlling his life. Every other god heard and agreed, and the king, regrettably, was forced to punish the son. The only thing to do in this world was execution, they had no other form of punishment. Gods can't feel pain, and they have no real possessions. Plus, you can hardly put a god under house arrest. So the king took his son, and instead of killing him thrust him into the world of the living, in some ways, a worse fate than death. You see, the gods have rules, and the rule most sacred to all is this: To recognize the entity that is Humanity, and not interfere. (In fact, in my dream before the big arena fight took place, all the gods bowed and said their rules. This was the last rule spoken, and always hit me with some wonder. Why would they say that? Didn't Greek gods screw with humans all the time? Why would my brain make them say that? I dunno, I just kinda like it.) So, in a sense, exiling to the land of Humans was like cutting off someones arms and legs and leaving them alive. Sure, they aren't dead, but they can't do anything. So, the young God prince finds himself at the entrance to a small desert village. The people find his unconscious body and bring him to their elder. No one knows who, or what, he is. So, they heal him, and in time he integrates himself along with them, making sure never to give an opinion, never helping with affairs, and never giving anyone ideas that they didn't have themselves first. You see, no interfering with Humans doesn't just mean he can't control them, or bring a flood on them, or make them starve or anything, it also means he can't shape their society, help them build houses, grow crops, or anything at all. So, people eventually learn to accept his strange ways, and leave him to his own. Years go by, and a young village boy asks his father "Who is that man on the outskirts of town? (The god lived well away from the other villagers) Why doesn't he ever help bring in the harvest, or build the town like all the other men?" The father replies "No body knows. He showed up one day when I was just a boy, with no explanation. Some say he is a messenger from beyond, an angel to help us along." And it was true. Ever since the God moved to town, the winters and summers were milder, and less people were dying of disease. This was because while the god wasn't allowed to interfere with Humans, he had convinced himself that he was changing the climate around the town to suit himself. And, in helping himself, he couldn't help but for it to change the people's world. He wasn't directly doing anything to them, after all. But, with better weather came less sickness, and a better harvest year after year. And people started noticing it had happened a little while after he arrived. So silently thanked him, but never to his face. He was always the first to dismiss such claims. And even the weakest God looks quite powerful and fearful when compared with a human. No one wanted to anger him. But the young village boy had more questions that his father could not answer, so he approached the house himself. When he knocked on the door, the god opened, and asked what he wanted. The rest of this dream will be in my next entry. I ran out of room with this one. smiley2.gif

    • 2018 years ago

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