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    • Spook-tastic

      2 years ago


      Oh god what an over used phrase but what yu gunno do

      Happy halloween!! I carved a pumpkin of Flowey from Undertale ^_^ //theres a bad imagine of it in my gallery but idk how to post images on this new editor, ive been gone so long lmao

      I roasted the seeds from it too, no use letting them go to waste c: There's not a lot of trick or treaters where I am but I think it's time for a horror game marathon (god help me im not going to be able to sleep tonight because of this)

    • Gud Stuff

      2 years ago



      //cries at Undertale//

      I love games like that, the humour was gr8 and it's one of the only games I've been like 'I NEED to buy this' because I'm a cheap fuq that only gets games if they're free/given to me

      Oh! Also name change, HolliM to Aegisynes because I'm lame~ If I start making videos I'll go by that name, I mention this because I recorded a undertale lets play and it ruined me

      I so so badly want to do a genocide run to get to the sans fight, it's insane?!?!? but how could I kill all those characters :C I've grown attached to them, smol lesbian dino weeb is a very relateable character 11/10 wud watch anime with

      flowey took me so long to beat too, the fact these guys are changing timelines and save files makes me so attached to the game tbh its such a rad concept im in love

      Also if you like MGS please watch this it's such a shame you cant play as ocelot or take him out as a buddy but eh w/e im happy with quiet ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) i love dd too. don't really have much use for d-horse or d-walker though (tried to have d-walker in intercept mode for the sahelanthropus fight, tbh i think he just shot tranqs at it, thanks d-walker, its not like you could've used those rockets I had upgraded specially for you to do some damage to sahelathropus, not at all, gg

      in other news i set my helicopters stereo to snake eater, so its so much fun just being a scrub and calling in air support, because then i can just carelessly murder dudes to the sound of explosions and snake eater and then i spot an s rank just as pequod murders him and i regret every life decision

    • Growth

      2 years ago


      First thought: Dear god I need a new profile pic

      So I haven't been on in a couple of months?? The first part of this is going to be talking about a lotta old stuff so yakno. (Edit: ok nvm ill chuck different topics in a new journal, all this is boring serious shit feel free to ignore~)

      I managed to get to a doctors and I'm now receiving medication and therapy for multiple disorders/illness', anyone who's read like a single journal of mine will know how much that has affected me in the past and I'm so so happy I'm starting to get past it, I also found out I had autism which kinda made sense after I was told it O_o I'm starting to get my rhythm back but it's hard trying to adjust to some things that can't be recovered from. Also I didn't realise how much treatment cost holy shit

      I dropped out of college second year in because it got so bad and I doubt I'm going to go back, I found out I much more prefer learning for fun than pressured to do it for a grade. And I hadn't managed to draw anything since last time I updated 4 months ago i seriously thought it'd been longer than that but w/e

      But onto progress now that updates out of the way.

      I'm currently preparing myself to start afresh in 2016, probably a phrase that's overused and not followed up on but the schedule I've given myself for it is currently in use, the only difference will be I will actually be posting the stuff in 2016, I chose it so I'd have time to stock up on content and wouldn't lag behind if I couldn't draw a certain day etc. I didn't just want to jump in the deep end and end up at square one again huehue

      I'm considering starting to do let's plays and streaming??? I never considered it before because it went way over my head and I was worried of people I know finding them and thinking how lame I was, of course a couple of influences have given me the mentality of 'well at least I tried it' because really, who knows how its going to go, if I suck, who cares, I may even get better in the future but its still something I've done so~

      I used to think that to do something, you had to immediately be popular, stupid I know, I'm not going to get 1,000 followers overnight without reason, especially if all I've done is a couple of drawings, there's no way to find me that way. I still go back to that sometimes, of course it's not something you can just decide to change at any time since that's your minds default, and it's hard to keep telling yourself different, but it's not impossible.

      I always said 'I want to work for Rooster Teeth, I want to do this, I want to do that' and I thought I was doing the best I could but a vital thing I completely ignored was growth, okay so I'd draw something, note things that looked back and looked for a way to improve, what I didn't do was study things, I didn't attempt complicated backgrounds, how could I? I couldn't draw that, hell I was even telling myself that I needed to attempt them otherwise I'm not going to improve, here I am, with still no experience in drawing them, I don't know how old me could even think of applying somewhere without examples of stuff like that.

      I think it all comes down to my obsession with trying to be the best, trying to get attention and approval from so many people that I ended up relying on others acceptance than focusing on my own work.

      People make mistakes, other artists will make mistakes, I don't have to be perfect, and I also don't need to rush to get my work out there (jeez looking back on it I always rushed them so much near the end 'I have to hurry up so I can upload it' I'd say, in anticipation for likes, comments, anything, I still do that now and end up having to lecture myself)

      And I think what made me realize is this is an old DeviantART friend from about 2009 recently found my patreon and subbed to me, I literally cried, I was so focused on getting a crowd of fans, but here was someone who wanted to support me for my old and new stuff, they're happy to pay me to see my art in its messy sketches, in its ideas and wrong proportions, it took me so long to realize there are people that will find and enjoy my art without me having to restrict myself to only draw things to gain followers and lets face it, that ideal didn't work at all The fact it took for someone to give me money to realize that kinda shows I haven't changed that much at all tbh but I'll learn lmao

      aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa this boring word dumps gone on long enough, I'm way too serious in my journal posts but I'll just say that I've had a lot of support that I've never recognised, especially on here, how'd yall deal with my whining, so many of you commented nice things ily all<3

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    • kiworange

      3 years ago

      thanks for the add and cool cosplay !! smiley9.gifsmiley9.gifsmiley9.gif

    • Speedypuppy

      3 years ago

      Gasp! Wow! Such art! Much cool! :D

    • jp4464 FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

      3 years ago

      I absolutely LOVE your designs!
      You're super talented, and I wish you the best of luck in all your future endeavors.
      Happy Belated RT Community Day! :P

      • Aegisynes Ace Ace Baby

        3 years ago

        eeeek thank you so much ;o; I don't know what to say but that really means a lot to me you're so nice >o< Happy elated RT Community Day to you too!!~

    • LadyOddDuck

      4 years ago

      Happy Valentine’s Day, Holly! Welcome to the community! If you have any questions about how anything works, please don’t hesitate to ask!

      This comment brought to you by the Warm Fuzzies Project. Now go spread the love. smiley12.gif

      • Aegisynes Ace Ace Baby

        4 years ago

        Ahk I'm sorry I saw this so late! Thank you very much for this comment, it's really nice of you ^_^

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