Back on the PS3, Wanted:WoF was one of the first games I platinumed. According to PSN profiles, it took me two years and three months. I started playing it May 2nd 2010 and completed it on killer on August 16th 2010 (I didn't play it for a long time in between). I didn't get All in the reflexes or Shrapnel Storm Expert until August 13th 2012, almost two whole years later. There's a very good reason behind this - two trophies/achievements seem to commonly glitch. How did I get those two eventually? Deleted my save file and played through again.

Now, I've migrated to Xbox 360. I wasn't much of a "trophy hunter" and I think I've joined the Xbox ecosystem a little late to get a significant gamerscore any time soon, however, I do like to get achievements, and specifically hunt them out. On the PS3 I had platinumed four games (Wanted:WoF, Mafia II, The Godfather II, and L.A. Noire), and before getting too stuck in to other Xbox 360 titles, I intend to complete those games all over again. Currently, of those four, I've only obtained Wanted. In the space of two days, I got 48/50 achievements. However, two of them aren't unlocking, despite me completing the required actions. How familiar this sounds. 'At least' there's some variation in the glitching, as it's two different achievements, this time being Heart Breaker and Punishing Subordinates. So, I'm likely going to go down the path of wiping my save and playing through all over again to get those two. Unfortunately, they both require the Killer Difficulty (hardest) and if I recall correctly, you don't get the Immortal character until completing it on Killer. To make my situation even better, Killer difficulty, 'of course', isn't available on a new save, you have to complete it on Assassin (medium) first.

I used to enjoy this game, and got so good at it that I could realistically get the time trial achievement legitimately. The prospect of playing it all the way through a further two times doesn't really appeal to me though.