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    • Writing Workshop Live Stream

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      Me and a few other people have talked about this on Reddit, but of course (as things usually go on the internet) it seems that nothing is going to come of it.

      The idea (stemming from an idea from Reddit user ExiledApprentice) is have a group of writers to edit a written piece in a live stream. Each stream will be a different writer's writing. Prior to the stream, the piece that is going to be work-shopped will also be posted so the viewers can read it and offer their own input.

      The visual aspect of the stream will a Google doc or one drive doc of the written piece. The person hosting the stream will then control the doc, moving it to whichever section is being talked about.

      I figured it would be an interesting, podcast like show that has viewer participation and multiple levels of engagement. It will also be educational for those watching, and a good way for the writers to get their names out there.

      So what do you guys think? Anyone interested?

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    • Creative for Monty

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      Hi guys, my name is KayRed. Long time sponsor first time poster.

      The thing that stood out for me most when I learned about Monty's death was Matt asking the community to be creative in his honor. I thought that was a very fitting way to honor a man valued creativity so much.

      I for one am about to bang out 1000+ words in a novel that I've been working on but have been currently experiencing some writers block.

      I want to know what you guys are going to do, and then I want you to share it on here when it's finished.

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    • Writing Trades (Again)

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      I posted about this already, but circumstances prevented the original trade from working out. Any one interested in a writing trade for editing purposes? I've been working on a book for awhile now and I would like another set of eyes on it before I start sharing the finished chapters. So I am looking for some one who also loves writing and is working on a project of their own so we can edit each other's work.

      I do want to say that I'm going to put a lot of effort into editing a piece. I am shit at grammar, but I make detailed comments about what I think works and doesn't work and I annotate like a mother fucker (because they are known for doing that). I'd want someone to edit mine who is going to put in a similar effort; no reading it and then writing a short paragraph saying it's good or bad.

      I should also say that I am averaging about 4,600 words a chapter. A lot of it can be split into separate sections, but other chapters cannot. And I write mostly science fiction and fantasy. This particular project is sci-fi. If you're not interested in sci-fi, you might not want to subject yourself to this (but considering this is RT, I don't think that's gonna be a problem). Just a few friendly heads up.

      Reply if you're interested.

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    • Timothy Zahn Based Star Wars Prequels

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      Ok, for those of you who don't know, Timothy Zahn is the writer who essentially made Star Wars the franchise it is. In the early 90's people were starting to forget about Star Wars when Zahn released his Thrawn Trilogy. The prequels, the tv shows, the video games, all that expanded universe wouldn't have happened without him.

      When Zahn wrote the Thrawn trilogy, he pretty much had free reign and created a lot of back story for the Star Wars universe. It was in his book that Coruscant was named and appeared, and he was the first person to name the emperor as Palpatine (I'm not sure if he came up with the name, but still).

      More importantly, he had free reign on deciding what the "Clone Wars" was, and his ideas were pretty awesome (if not entirely fleshed out). First off, it was not one war, but multiple wars, and they took place over a much longer time period. There were no droids. One side started using clones, then the other side used clones, and then they just started throwing clones at each other. There are other little things that too that were cool that I can't remember.

      I used to be a defender of the prequels until I read this books and realized all the shit that George could've done had he took from Timothy Zahns book. I want to know what you guys think of a Timothy Zahn based prequel, and if you haven't read those books talk about how you would want to redo them.

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    • Writing Trades (for editing)

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      I'm working on a book right now. I don't know if it's going to be any good, or if it will actually be published (it would be cool if it was), but I'm having a great time writing it. However, I am not comfortable sharing it with the public without another set of eyes looking at it and critiquing it.

      What I am looking for is some one who is also big into writing and also working on a book so that we can trade writing and edit each others work.

      I am writing Sci-Fi right now and might be the closest thing to an expert in fantasy, so if you're writing Sci-Fi or fantasy, then that's even better.

      Also, you should be some one who is willing to go indepth with the editing. You know, comments in the margins about the specifics, not just reading it and saying "Yeah, it's good."

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    • Highest grossing actor next 10 years

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      Who do you guys think will be the highest grossing actor in the next ten years?

      Personally, I think it's going to be Andy Serkis, which would be awesome considering how little his face is seen on screen.

      Think about it. He already has three Lord of the Rings movies and a Hobbit movie, three of those four have earned a billion dollars or more. The Apes have done fairly well, so he already has a solid foundation. Now, he's gonna be in Avengers: Age of Ultron, which should earn more than it's predecessor, and will have at least one more marvel appearance after that. Then there is Star Wars. The first movie in the trilogy is expected to break Avatar's record (their trying for it at least). They keep on saying Serkis' character is important in the movie, so it's not unreasonable to think he'll appear in the other two movies in the new trilogy and will potentially have a spin off. I think he'll take the top spot easily.

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    • Mindless Games

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      I'm sick and tired of Minecraft, show me another game that is nice and mindless that I can play while listening to a podcast or watching a show...Thanks.

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