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    • Why does this site still not work?

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      Why does this "New" site still not work properly? Worse its the same issues as when it first launched, videos appearing but when you slick on them there is no video player, the "FULL SCHEDULE" not working have the time(Only showing today, not being able to look at earlier in the week). These are the same issues. Worse is that they ask you to try to watch the videos here, sponsor only content is here and i want to watch it but half the time it's impossible.

      Why are these issues still here?

      Is anyone else having similar issues?

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    • Where to watch online.

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      I want to watch Lazer Team but because i live in Aus i cant get youtube red. Im a RT sponsor so is their a way for me to see the movie?

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    • Response to The Know video.(Rant about gaming community)

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      Recently The Know posted 'You're Opinions Don't Matter'. In the videos they talk about how devs don't bother getting player or community feed back and instead tend to trust large reviewer's.

      In the comment section people were only saying that its because devs only care about money and don't care about the community.After looking around at places that gather large amounts of community feed back, like metacritic. I can totally see why this happens.

      You will struggle to find a major released game that has positive user reviews. FIFA 16 has a critic score of 84, user score of 4.6. Fallout 4 has a critic score of 88 and a user score of 6.6. MGS V 95 and 7.2. Halo 5 84 and 6.6. Black Ops III has a critic score of 83 and a user score of 3.9. I'm sorry while some of these games aren't the best none of them deserve a 0. Rise of the Tomb Raider got a 0 from a user review because it didn't give him enough ammo. Half of the 0's for BO3 came from people mentioning other games and the other half came because they addressed problems from those previous games. I'm sorry but the maps are small because everyone complained about the large maps in CoD Ghosts. One review said it took to long to kill and the review right below it said it was to fast. Whether you like CoD or not you have to admit that it highlights a lot of problems with the video game community. They complain about something and when it gets addressed they say they liked it how it was, or critic something else. And while yes i can see how some people way not like the yearly release of games like CoD or AC. Nobody is forcing you to buy it or even look at it, so why you would go out of your way to trash it i have no idea. I was watching a video about Fallout 4 and somebody was complaining about a problem with it and even said that they had never played the game, they are complaining about something they had never played. Why do we accept this toxicity from people. I don't like the final fantasy but I would never click on a video talk shit about it in the comments and leave, you know what I do I just move my mouse away from videos about it and go watch something else. I don't get why people want to spew hate. I also don't get why people jump on the bandwagon of these haters and act like they have the same ideas as the majority. Like arguments between PC and console players. Most people don't care. People need to realise are not the majority you are the minority a vocal minority, yes, but are still the minority

      Why should devs have to sort through waves and waves of just troll and hate filled comments, from one-eyed and biased idiots. When they can get feedback from people that look at the whole game and judge it as a whole.

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    • Funhaus vids not early for sponsors

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      For the last couple of weeks Funhaus' videos haven't been going live early for me( Im a sponsor). Is it just me? Is it a glitch? Or are their videos not going early anymore?

      All the other videos (Achievement Hunter, RoosterTeeth) have been going live early for me just not Funhaus.

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    • 2015 AFL season discussion.

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      This is for all things footy. Enough said.

      For those of you how don't know what AFL is, it is the most popular sport in Australia.
      For information on the rules and what AFL is generally about watch this:

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    • I'm new-Help Me

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      I'm new to the rooster teeth website and only just joined, I really want to become a active and contributing member of the community.
      Can anybody please give me some advice on what can help me?
      I also became a sponsor today and cant seem to find exclusive content so can I also please have some help with that.

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    • Minecraft-Being Annoying is Fun

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      I play Minecraft on Xbox with my friends and every time I play I always seem to piss people off. Is it me or is it just fun to mess with people in minecraft.
      I have never really done anything destructive to anybody's things but to mess with them is really fun.
      I think I know what it is like to be anybody in Achievement Hunter.
      Does anybody else think that Minecraft is funnier when you try to mess with people?

      Post edited 9/30/13 7:14AM

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    • Just became a Sponsor

      5 years ago


      I excited to finally feel as though I'm contributing to something that has given so much to me smiley0.gif .
      I really hope that I can continue to contribute in a positive way.

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      Welcome to the community!

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