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from Haslet, TX

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      6 years ago


      The best thing that has ever happened to my life is apparently, having a birthday on November 16th. i shall be in a hole watching Red vs Blue season 9 and playing halo ce anniversarry all day. It shall be the best day ever. Of all time.

    • Halo CE anniversary...

      6 years ago


      So i just found out halo ce aniversarry will be released a day before my birthday, I remember getting when i was younger, butof coure it was a step up from super mario/ crash bandicoot/ sly cooper,so i walked around, died a bunch, and basically, threw it away as i saw no interest in it. Of course now that i'm old enough to play and into halo, i think i might go back in time and kill myslf for doing that. of course, that was when evreyone that didnt play them, thought video games were "3D magic" and had only heard myths of the rare right analog stick, plus, did not understand ratings, so why not give to a kid? (oh right, the constant screaming on xbox live...) Anyways if you be so kind as to mail me a copy of Halo Ce anniversary, that wuld be great! We're all looking forward to it!

    • 2018 years ago

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    I've been here a long time, might as well update this. Hi, my name's Austin. I'm at university for video game design, animation, modeling, and special effects. Currently working on a RoosterTeeth themed game called "Cock Fight" (It's a WIP name, don't yell at me.) Gamer, creator, self proclaimed badĀ ass at anything and everything

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    • MrGlitch

      5 years ago

      Dude, Love the Display Picture. So funny :D

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