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    • 2 years ago


      To all my fellow students out there, both High School and College, best of luck over the next few weeks. The last stretch of the semester is never easy, but we'll all (probably) make it! Keep on keeping on.

    • 2 years ago


      There any fellow tennis fans out there? It's unfortunately not too popular here in the United States and I don't have a lot of people I can talk to about it!

    • Monty

      3 years ago


      I never met Monty Oum. But daily, I can see his incredible work in all of the Rooster Teeth productions I watch that he was involved with. Through his few appearances on camera and what I have heard by word of mouth, Monty was a member of a rare breed: a true worker. And his artwork further proved it. He slaved over what he loved, but he was never satisfied. He constantly drove towards perfection and innovation.

      In moving forward, what I can do to honor Monty is try and strive for that same perfection in all components of life. He was truly an inspiration. His family is in my thoughts and prayers.

      "Though I never met you, and we spoke not a word, I'll never forget you through the stories that I heard."

      Rest Well, Monty

    • What is this?

      3 years ago


      I have no friends on this site, I've been on here for over a year now, and I am just now beginning to master navigating the many things it has to offer, but in light of something I read recently, I felt the need to get something out there. I love Rooster Teeth and all its many vessels of entertainment. There is so much content every day that is extended to us fans, and I can not even keep up with it all. I try, but it is not easy. And that is something for which I am eternally grateful.
      That being said, the thread I stumbled upon on reddit today tore my heart to pieces. Geoff took the time to respond to a fan accusing Achievement Hunter of "Biting the Hand that Feeds It". I will not go in to too much detail, and will post the actual thread from reddit at the end of this if I do not forget by the time I am done writing. Anyway, once you near the end of a well written, articulate response, Geoff informs us, the fans, that the Achievement Hunter office will be empty for some time, possibly extending to this upcoming September. While the nature of the post Geoff is responding to would seem to indicate what the cause of this exodus from the office is, I am not an insider and only see what is being presented to me. There could be more going on, it could be as transparent as presented, or maybe they just don't want to admit that they need a month long vacation (which they fully deserve).
      All this to say: They know what they are doing, and I hope when this time without AH content comes to a close everyone is well rested and at peace with life. I feel like I should be apologizing to AH for something, even though i'm not sure what. I hope everything works out for the best. I have nothing but love and respect for everyone at Rooster Teeth, and especially, under the current circumstances I just want to sing the praises of Achievement hunter all day. I hope we all get some more news, and clarity on the situation soon, but if we don't, I'll trust the powers at be for why they chose to keep said information under wraps.

      Keep the faith,

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    • goldguy81

      4 years ago

      Welcome to the community! Was BeardedGeoff already taken by any chance?

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