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    • New service lets you sell Steam games

      1 month ago


      A new platform that will let you resell Steam games is launching soon. Robot Cache says it will let you resell games - oh, and its got its own cryptocurrency called "Iron" for use when you buy and sell your games.

      According to the site, selling a game will get you 25 percent of the money, while 70 percent goes to the developer. The remaining 5 percent -- presumably -- goes to the site. 

      The platform is the brainchild of inXile CEO Brian Fargo and former Atari exec Lee Jacobson. It's expected to launch later this year. 

    • Big Switch sale

      2 months ago


      It looks like Nintendo has rolled out its first holiday sale for the Switch. 

      There are a bunch of good games on sale currently, like the excellent SteamWorld Dig 2 for $15, and Overcooked: Special Edition for $16. There's also Shantae: Half-Genie Hero for $13.39 and Party Golf for $10. Party Golf!!

      Head on over and check it out for yourself. We don't know when the North American Sale ends but the UK eshop sale ends on Dec. 28. 

    • World of Warcraft guild beats boss after wiping 320 times

      2 months ago


      A top World of Warcraft guild beat the final boss of World of Warcraft: Legion -- Argus The Unmaker on mythic difficulty -- and, um, it sounds like a bit of a chore. 

      Guild officer George Georgiadis of the EU-based guild Method tweeted that they accomplished this after wiping 320 times. Which, I'm not sure if it's amazing or horrifying. He tweeted that Argus wasn't quite as hard as Tomb of Sargeras boss Kil’jaeden but he added that it was “still quite a tough one—heart was going BOOM BOOM BOOM.” 

      The victory came after the mythic version of the boss had been released for about a week -- and of course all the top guilds were racing to see who would be first.  

      Here's a Twitch clip of the Method crew screaming in nerd joy after beating the boss.

    • Player Unknown's Battlegrounds out now on Xbox One

      2 months ago


      If you don't know a gaming PC and want to know what all the fuss is about, when it comes to Player Unknown's Battlegrounds -- today is your day. Well, if you own an Xbox One, that is. 

      A port of the game is now available on Xbox Game Review (meaning that it's still unfinished) and reviewers say that it's clunkier than PC, but still worth a shot. 

      The Verge said: "PUBG is one of the most brilliantly designed shooters of recent years, and that design remains intact on console. You don’t have to be an experienced online shooter fan to have fun with PUBG. It certainly rewards skill, but the way that each game has an element of luck keeps you coming back to see if you can do better next time."

      But yeah, it's definitely not as smooth of an experience on the console. Kotaku said: "The console’s more casual feel benefits players who prefer a more strategic, slow-moving pace, but that’s in part because the game’s signature jankiness is significantly jankier here—it’s hard to play ambitiously when everything from switching weapons to jumping off the airplane is just a little more finicky. If you were hoping for a more polished Battlegrounds experience, I’m sorry." 

      Still, most agree that it's worth playing if you haven't checked it out on PC. You can buy the preview version for $30 starting today. 

    • Breakdancing game 'Floor Kids' now out on Switch

      2 months ago


      The Switch has been filling out its lineup of games nicely ever since it released in March. And now it's getting a genre that you didn't even know you needed -- a breakdancing game!

      Floor Kids is now out on the eShop and it's described as "a unique freestyle game featuring fresh rhythm challenges and multiplayer sessions." 

      Here's a trailer if you want to check it out

    • Super Mario Odyssey beaten ... without jumping?

      2 months ago


      We've already seen some crazy Super Mario Odyssey runs, but this one might take the cake. 

      Youtuber Gamechamp3000 posted a video showing off the seemingly impossible task -- finishing the game with your jump counter at zero. No jumps, no double jumps, no triple jumps, no backflips, side flips or long jumps! Basically nothing using the jump button while Mario is on the ground. 

      Amazingly, Gamechamp pulled it off, making liberal use of cap jumps -- only to discover at the end, that the game (for some ungodly reason) counts the act of talking to NPCs as a jump. What the hell??

      But like a true champ, he ran through it again -- this time, without talking to NPCs -- and finally got a zero. 

      Check out the video, it has to be seen to be believed.

    • Latest Hearthstone expansion is here

      2 months ago


      The latest expansion to the popular card-playing game Hearthstone is here. Kobolds and Catacombs, which features 135 new cards and a new mode called "Dungeon run," introduces some new mechanics like Spellstones to the game. 

      That's a welcome addition for the community, who have been complaining for awhile now that the game has gotten too reliant on luck and a few popular decks.

      You can learn more about the expansion on the official Hearthstone website here

    • Ubisoft won't take Russia out of its Olympics game

      2 months ago


      Russia might be out of the Olympics next year, but not the video game version! 

      Ubisoft says that, despite being banned for cheating, Russia will stay in its winter sports game "Steep Road to the Olympics." It's an expansion to the 2016 game "Steep" and it was released just a few days ago -- on Dec. 5th, which coincidentally was the same day that Russia was banned from the Olympics for widespread doping. Talk about bad timing!

      Ubisoft told Kotaku, though, that "there are no existing plans to patch Russia out of Steep Road to the Olympics." 

      It's worth noting, though, that some Russian athletes still might compete in the Olympics, just under a neutral uniform and without the Russian flag or anthem. 

    • Dark Souls remaster coming to the Switch?

      2 months ago


      The Nintendo Switch is getting all kinds of ports lately, from Doom to Rocket League. And the latest rumor is that a remastered version of the first Dark Souls is on the way, as well. 

      That's according to games writer Marcus Sellars, who tweeted that Bandai Namco will be hosting an event on Dec. 15th where "5 unannounced games will be shown off." He added that Nintendo will have a "big presence at the event." 

      And then in a followup tweet that is now deleted, he added that one of the games announced will be a "Dark Souls One Remaster" and he added the hashtags #DarkSoulsSwitch #DarkSoulsPS4 #DarkSoulsXbox, which seems to indicate that it would be coming for all current gen platforms. 

      No word yet on whether or not this is true, but if it is, that would certainly be a welcome addition to the Switch.

    • Capcom announces Mega Man 11

      2 months ago


      It looks like the long-rumored Mega Man 11 is finally happening. Capcom announced today that, yes, the game is under development and will release next year.

      It released a trailer that definitely shows some influences from Mighty No. 9, the crowd-funded game launched by Keiji Inafune after he and Capcom split ways. Still, the new Mega Man looks cartoony and great -- with 3D sprites moving along a 2D world. 

      The game is coming late next year for all consoles -- including the Switch -- as well as PC. 

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