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    • Achievement Hunter

      1 year ago


      Question for anybody who can answer this, how do you propose a minecraft idea to Achievement Hunter? cause I  have a Halloween themed area in my creative world that I'm willing to let them use.

    • Good News

      1 year ago


      I get to graduate college this spring. I'm so glad its finally over. All the stress is finally gonna be gone

    • CAN WE BE BFFs?

      1 year ago


      @caleb said to tag him for this so he can read


      Username: CWilsonLPC

      From: Lompoc, CA (for anybody that doesn't know, northwest of Santa Barbara about halfway between Los Angeles and Monterey)

      FIRST member: Yes

      Date Joined: October 25, 2014

      Last Signed in: always

      Rooster Teeth Content:  

      First Rooster Teeth Video you saw: Ten Little Roosters Episode 1

      Last Podcast you watched: I do not recall at the moment

      Favorite member of the Rooster Teeth Cast & Crew: Barbara, Brandon, Chris, and Burnie (for RT), Ashley and Kdin (for The Know), Lawrence and Adam (for FH), and Craig (for Game Attack/ScrewAttack)

      Did you watch a RT video today: Yes

      If yes Which one: Sorry, no spoilers

      Favorite RT Series: On The Spot

      Favorite RT video: Immersion FNAF

      RT Site:  

      Current Number Of Notifications: 4

      Name of first Journal: Opening Day of Account

      Name of you latest Journal: Happy 21st

      Last Photo you uploaded: Current profile pic

      Last Thread you commented on: RTNY vs. The World

      First group in your group list: RTNY

      Last Private message sent to: I think it was Josh Flanagan (in regards to 10 Little Roosters being awesome) or somebody in the RTNY community

      Achievement Hunter:  

      Gamer Score/ Total Trophies: GS: less than 10,000, but more than 5000

      Team Lads or Team Gents: Lads (pre-Ray and post-Ray) 

      Favorite Achievement Hunter: Gavin and Jeremy (for laughs in regards to fails/trolling), Jack and Ryan (In regards to gameplay), Geoff and Michael (for commentary), Trevor and Mica (for guest spots), Matt and Lindsey (for hosting) Overall Favorite: Tie between Michael and Gavin

      Minecraft Skin: Tuxedo Steve (temporarily, want to change the skin, too lazy to do it) 

      Favorite AH show: Let's Watch, with VR the champions being very close second

      The Community   

      Favorite Group: I don't know many groups, so default would be RTNY 

      Have you gone to a community event: No, but I would like to organize one in the future, like a RT barbecue/wine exploration since I'm where Sideways was filmed

      Favorite Fellow Community member: I don't know many community members, apart from the ones I befriended, so probably @sneedse since I talk to him every now and then

    • Happy 21st

      2 years ago


      Sorry I haven't been posting often, been swept up in college. but I just thought id say I'm enjoying the 21 life, thinking about making an Achievement Hunter vs Funhaus themed Sangria when I figure out a good recipe for it

    • Youtube Hate

      2 years ago


      I just recently watched the uploaded live stream of the Achievement Hunter panel on the Sunday of RTX, and I find it really funny how much hate I'm getting just for asking the AH guys for high fives at the panel. I'm just gonna say that I originally had a completely different question which would culminate in a money bet with Gavin (I was originally gonna do some future telling because out of everything I predicted with my friends for the next year, everything was right, something good happened to Burnie (The Amazing Race), Jeremy (Now part of the Main 6), and Gavin (Being Promoted), Jack lost something (The beard shave during Extra Life), and someone would leave Funhaus just as Ray left AH (Spoole) as examples) , but I chickened out at the last second and settled for asking for high fives.

    • RTX 2016

      2 years ago


      As much as I want to go, I will not be attending RTX 2016 due to priorities with college. I was very lucky to go last year cause I planned the trip way back in October, but I will hopefully make a return to RTX trip sometime when I finish college

    • Game Proposal

      2 years ago


      I was watching James' twitch, and I made a comment regarding that everybody in funhaus would transform into their favorite video game character, and then take on the adventures of that character. One proposal someone said was Master Chief Adam, while I proposed Shenmue James

    • Update

      2 years ago


      For anybody that's wondering, my fall 2015 semester is finally wrapped up. Managed to get a B in my engineering physics class (I needed a 98% on the final to accomplish that), a B in Anthropology, a B in Physical Geography, and an A in building construction. I got my RT store in the mail back on Thursday and my bed is a lot warmed with the AH and FH blankets on them, and ive been keeping warm with the FH beanie I bought that came Thursday, and the AH scarf that I got back at RTX. I cannot wait for Spring 2016 though, because I am taking advantage of my creative writing skills and taking a film/tv show writing class to broaden my scopes instead of relying on stories and poetry. I am also currently working on a megacraft project, and am working on an achievement city replica to the northwest of the world center, having already finished a similar city for Funhaus

    • RT Store

      2 years ago


      I'm probably gonna buy myself the Funhaus and Achievement Hunter blankets for Christmas since its getting frickin cold here in California

    • Can't access videos on main site

      2 years ago


      Does anybody know what the white triangle in the middle of the video means when you watch it from this site? because I am unable to watch anything since it has been persisting for the past few days

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